Know Amma’s will for Hindu unity – P. Narayana Kurup

P. Narayana KurupDirect and quite often brutal onslaughts on Hinduism or Indian identity had given place, in history, to an indirect and subtle, often diplomatic pursuit of denigration. It is constant as it is aimed at eventual death of a civilisation. As suggested by Justice V R Krishna Iyer, this change took place during the colonial days.

The fact that missionaries have had only the last compartment during the train journey of West to India was a move to hide conversion interests to avoid public gaze.

Yet the last compartment was overcrowded. What the missionaries did in India and abroad to deplore India’s age-old vision and to establish their ‘superior’ religion ‘the only path to Godhead’, is part of the history.

The main target of western religious enthusiasts were Hindu leaders who identified nationalism with native culture, that is Hindu Dharma.

To divide the people was the strategy. But for Gandhiji, there would have emerged a separate nation for scheduled class!

Swami VivekanandaA picture of the concerted attack on Hinduism, and all it stands for, is dramatised in Swami Vivekananda’s experience in his attempt to re-awaken India.

On many occasions, a sanyasi like him with all his will-power, had to seek the help of friends to prove his authenticity, to support him. He wrote to his disciple, “Essential that I get the total support of Hindu society for my work. If this is possible we would perform many a work. You should pull down all treacherous fellows. Children, our success is assured.”

The present challenge is definitely more grave. The armada of westerners got strengthened by a second array of gunners possessed by Islamic interest. This camp is enriched beyond measure with the contribution of ‘progressive’ elements who brought a third fashionable ‘holy book’ — The Communist Manifesto.

They are glad to come in line with anti-Indian stance. Therefore, the present challenge to solidarity of our nation – to Hindu Dharmic vision is all the more wide-spread and multi-faceted, yet acting hideously and in a comparatively subtle way. It explodes occasionally only through Islamic extremists as we have seen at Godhra, Marad etc.

AmritanandamayiAn agent provocateur creating scenes within Hindu sacred precincts calling out a slogan which means ‘Islam the only way’ and dashing towards a Hindu saint, such an incident is the latest demonstration of the anti-Hindu agenda aiming dissolution of unity. Being a true mother, it goes without saying, Mata Amritanandamayi does not favour any confrontation ‘as all are her own children’.

Earlier, Vivekananda directly faced the confrontation, gave fitting reply, and won the affection of his countrymen. He could command ‘Enough of that’. Although the Mother may not call for help from her children, it seems she knows that god will convince them the need of the hour. Let every devotee, that is every Indian, understand Mother’s will and declare that each of them stands behind the Mother, as here is the only positive way to preserve freedom of the nation and prove our identity and unity. It has become their duty to bring to book any criminal anti-social element.

Nay, not for the sake of any religion, not to oppose any religion, but to retain human approach that all religions proclaim in one way or the other. The act of interrupting a peaceful assembly of all Hindu sects seeking unity under the feet of an all-loving mother where every person seeks benediction is a shame to humanity and the perpetrators behind such outrageous act are to be dealt with in the interest of national stability. Peace is bliss, is spiritual. It is sensitive too and no violence against it could be tolerated. Reluctance to act on grounds of political interest will prove detrimental to the very concept of ‘Nation’. – The New Indian Express, 19 September 2012

» P. Narayana Kurup is a renowned Malayalam poet.

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