CFSL confirms Nithy and Ranjitha in 2010 sex video – Ananya Bhattacharya

Nithy & Ranjitha

In the latest development in the notorious sex scandal, the Central Forensic Science Laboratory has confirmed that Nithyananda and Ranjitha are both present in the video. –  Ananya Bhattacharya

A sex scandal that rocked the country in 2010, is back to haunt controversial godman Swami Nithyananda. Seven years ago, a video that allegedly showed the godman in a compromising position with Tamil actress Ranjitha was aired by several Tamil channels.

However, the godman, nicknamed “Sex Swami,” and the actress, had both vehemently denied that they were part of the video. Ranjitha had claimed she is not the woman performing the act in the video. Swami Nithyananda had gone to court.

She had called a press conference and announced, “The video is fabricated. I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram. I blame myself for this. It has affected my career though some people still have faith in me.”

Ranjitha had then filed a case in a Bengaluru court, which ordered a CID investigation into the sex tape.

The Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Bengaluru [and the CID] had already confirmed that Nithyananda and Ranjitha indeed were the two people shown in the tape.

In 2012, Nithyananda had refuted the claim and said that four independent US-based experts had analysed the tape and concluded that the content was “fake” and “morphed”. He gave copies of the claimed US research reports to the Crime Investigation Department in Karnataka, which was investigating the case.

In the latest development in the notorious sex scandal, the Central Forensic Science Laboratory has confirmed that Nithyananda and Ranjitha are both present in the video, several Tamil websites reported.

Self-styled godman Nithyananda has filed a criminal complaint against Sun TV Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hansraj Saxena and eight others for airing what he termed morphed visuals, showing him in a compromising position with an actress.

In his complaint filed with city police commissionerate, Nithya Atmaprabhananda, Manager of Nithyananda’s Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust, levelled charges including extortion, criminal intimidation and assault, among others, against Saxena, his aide Ayyappan and Tamil bi-weekly Nakheeran Editor R. Gopal, among others.

Atmaprabhananda alleged that they had demanded money to stop airing the video footage purportedly showing Nithyananda and Ranjitha. He also charged that he had been attacked by Aiyappan.

Ranjitha had also filed a complaint back in 2011, alleging her pictures were morphed and that some persons had demanded money from her to stop airing the video. The original video was then sent to the central forensic sciences lab in Delhi for ascertaining whether it was tampered with. – India Today, 22 November 2017

Nithy & Ranjitha
Nithy & Ranjitha

The controversial video has been taken down allegedly by Nithyananda or by his representatives who have claimed copyright infringement—and thereby admitted the authenticity of the video’s contents! They have brought lawsuits against Sun TV, Nakkheeran magazine, and others. The lawsuits are still pending.

Nithyananda & Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra and other Hindu intellectuals and activists viciously attacked this website administrator for publishing news and articles critical of Nithyananda’s conduct. This administrator now stands vindicated by the CFSL findings!

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  1. I am not impotent: Nithyananda Swamy – Jagran Post – 10 Mar 2011

    Bangalore: Disgraced spiritual guru Nithyananda admits having sex with more than 15 women but does not remember their names.

    While last month, Swami Nithyananda and actress Ranjitha categorically denied their role in the alleged sex romp captured on camera, the former confessed before Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sleuths that he did have sex with his disciples, but with consent.

    In the interrogation report recorded by the CID, a copy of which is with MiD DAY, the disgraced swami admitted that he had sex with the actress. Initially Nithyananda claimed that he does not get sexually aroused as he is neither man nor woman, but after the CID screened the controversial video for him, he told the investigating officer that it was indeed him in the video.

    The self-styled swami said that he was not impotent, but only had an erectile dysfunction, swearing that whatever he told CID officials during the interrogation was only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Elaborating on his sexual life at his ashram, he admitted that, apart from the actress, he had sex with more than 15 other women, but did not remember their names. He admitted that what he did was wrong and that sometimes he chose female devotees to have sex with, and sometimes they were already willing to do so themselves.

    Justifying his misdeeds, the disgraced swami said that he had done nothing illegal, although his deeds might be socially and religiously wrong. He said that he might have had sex with many people, but never did he force anyone and all the encounters were voluntary. He also said that he just wanted to come out of the present mess.

    It may be recalled that Ranjitha, at a press conference held in Bangalore last month, denied that she was the woman in the video with Nithyananda. She added that the details had been fabricated and also lodged a case against Lenin Karuppan, Nityananda’s former driver who taped the act and later released it on the Internet. Ranjitha also claimed that she had no recollection of any kind of sexual exploitation by Nithyananda.

    The Other Side

    Speaking to Ranjitha’s advocate, Gajendra Naidu regarding Nityananda’s confession, we asked him what the confession meant and how it would stand in a court of law. He differed on the confessional statement, saying that it would be unacceptable in a court.

    Explaining further, he said, “When an accused confesses his crime before the investigating authority, they should recover facts related to the crime, which are permissible in a court of law and not just a confession made before cops. This is generally considered to have been made under duress and does not stand in court.”


  2. Nityananda has taken ‘ Sanyas ‘ on his own volition and not under duress. Indian public respects and honours all true Sanyasis. So, That gives him a special status and many privileges.

    So if mentally he is not a Sanyasi and doing acts of common people, its amounts to cheating of public. he loses face in public because of this.

    Rape or not is another matter.


  3. It is not so simple as described above.

    Nithy has already perjured himself inside and outside of court, and, if he continues down the path he is following, will continue to perjure himself every time he opens his mouth.

    There are also various legal cases to be resolved, including the cases he has brought against his original accusers.

    And there are the charges of rape, at least one case in India and, allegedly, one for statutory rape in California. The Americans take statutory rape by public figures very seriously (see Roman Polanski’s case) and if the charge against Nithy is true, could ask for his extradition to the US to face trial.

    Sadhus are human and make human mistakes. Their acharya gurus (and the mandaleshwars of the various sampradayas) have tested ways to correct the mistakes and sexual misadventures. But nothing can be done until Nithy abandons his pretensions, drops his preposterous titles, and starts telling the truth.


  4. Having sex with a former actress is not a crime even if it is a Swami. Only if the rape charges stick does he go to prison. He may lose followers for pretending to be a Sanyasi. The people who should also go to jail are those who set up cameras in the private rooms of others.


  5. Nithyananda shocked with forensic reports – – 23 Nov 2017

    Latest reports from the Delhi forensic officials say that the videos of Swami Nityananda’s escapades with actress Ranjitha are original and unmanipulated. The 2011 videos brought out by ashram driver Lenin have been examined and verified by the forensics team. The official report to this effect is also ready. Nityananda, who has alternated between denying that it is him in the videos to claiming that he is impotent, now has no defence left.

    Swami Nityananda had testified before the investigating team that he was innocent and the video was part of a political controversy to defame him as he had denied to give a Rs 100 crore ‘donation’ to some politicians.

    Even after the video was leaked, creating a media hullabaloo, actress Ranjita has been spotted numerous times in Nityananda’s ashram in the outskirts of Bengaluru.

    Meanwhile, Nityananda’s ‘devotee’ Arati Rao has alleged that the godman had raped her. This case is still pending.

    Swami Nityananda, who has been denying all allegations so far, is now caught lying by this new development. It is now nearly impossible for Nityananda to escape judgement and prison.


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