The A to Z of Congress scams – Subramanian Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy

A — Ardarsh Scam

B — Bofors Scam

C — CWG Scam

D — Devas-Antrix Scam

E — Employee Guarantee Scheme Scam

F — Fodder scam, Food Security Bill Scam

G — Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam

H — Harshad Mehta Stock Market scam, Hasan Ali Hawala Scam

I — IPL Scam

J — Junior Basic Trained Teachers’ Recruitment Scam

K — Ketan Parekh Stock Market Scam

L — LIC Housing Scam

M — Madhu Koda Scam

N — Non-banking Financial Companies Scam

O — Oriental Bank Scam

P — Punjab State Council of Education, Research and Training Scam

Q — Quest for Gold Scam

R — Ration Card Scam, Rafale Jet Fighter Procurement Scam

S — Satyam Scam, Fire Prone Submarine Scam

T — Telecom 2G Scam, Temple Collection Scam, Congress President Travel Budget Scam

U — UTI Scam, UBS Illegal Accounts Scam

V — Volkswagen Equity Scam, Vadra DLF Scam

W — West Bengal Telecom Scam, Westland Helicopter Scam

X, Y, Z   (Still cooking at 10 Janpath)

Corruption begins at the highest level and goes down: Subramanian Swamy — DNA

Can corruption be curbed in the country by abolishing personal income tax for the next 10 years?

An anti-corruption crusader and senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Subramanian Swamy believes this could be one of the ways to curb corruption which is spreading like virus in the country.

Swamy corroborates the view that corruption can be curbed if we remain positive and walk the extra mile.

In an exclusive conversation with Ameesh Devgan of Zee Media in Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’s ‘Mudda Aapka’, Swamy pitched for making people believe that anyone can be booked for corruption if found guilty.

He said, “Corruption begins at the highest level and goes down the line. We need to catch big fish to send right signal down the line to end corruption.”

Swamy suggested three ways to curb corruption:

  1. Finish discretionary powers of officers as much as possible; abolish personal income tax at least for the next 10 years.
  2. Catch big fish and punish them so they also fear from any wrongdoing.
  3. Get away from the growing trend of praising people on the basis of their money.

But, do we also require tough laws to curb corruption in the country?

Swamy believes that anti-corruption laws that are already in force are good enough. He said, “There is no problem with the present laws. In laws available, anyone found guilty can be booked for corruption. When I raised the 2G matter everyone said that no one will be arrested but in the end the Supreme Court cancelled 122 licenses.”

Swamy also called for changing the attitude in dealing with things. He averred, “We should enthuse people that corruption can be curbed instead of spreading negativity. We should also encourage the people to join politics which is not considered as a good profession since independence.”

Swamy called donation to political parties as dakshana. He said, “We have a ritual in our country that people pay dakshana to saints. Similarly, people fund parties because we work for them.” – DNA, 26 August 2013

UPA-2 Scams

Scams from 1948 to 2010

5 Responses

  1. Yes Swamiji says all truth.




  3. Dear Friends,

    The Supreme Court just boldly ruled to kick criminals out of politics — a landmark step to clean up Parliament! But now those same gangsters are trying to overturn these rulings. And only we can stop them.

    In any other serious democracy the Supreme Court bans would be a base line — politicians convicted of crimes should lose their seats and if you are in jail you cannot stand for election. Basic stuff! But according to reports, 30% of our parliamentarians have criminal charges against them. Some MPs are fighting back to cling to power and now the Attorney General is doing them a favour advising they change the Constitution. It’s our people power vs criminal politics – lets block them now.

    The AG’s Constitutional reform could happen in days. We can’t let this extraordinary chance to finally clean up Indian politics be wrecked by the crooks. Let’s massively support the Supreme Court and directly slam the Attorney General and MPs. Click now to sign this urgent petition to cast out the criminals — Avaaz will deliver it directly to all three arms of government:

    An incredible 30% of parliamentarians have some sort of criminal charges against them. They’ve managed to hold onto power because of a major loophole in the law and remain in office if they simply appealed a conviction within three months of receiving a guilty verdict. This new Supreme Court order means that anyone convicted from now onwards loses their seat immediately — making this a monumental step towards cleaning up the criminalisation of politics.

    Looking at the shameful disruptions of Parliament sessions on TV, it’s clear that parliamentarians love to debate and disagree. But when it comes to saving their skin, they are all united. An all-party meeting was called and all political parties have agreed to challenge the Supreme Court judgement. They are even considering a law that allows them to appoint judges of their choice — recklessly threatening our democracy even further.

    The politicians plans to keep the crooks are starting to be made public. So let’s blindside them now with a massive cry of support for the independence and activism of the Supreme Court — one of India’s finest institutions — and tell the Attorney General and Parliament to back off. Click below to create a media wave of support to clean up Parliament:

    Years ago Avaaz took on a similar battle in Brazil to help clean up its democracy, pushing forward a powerful bill to ban corrupt politicians from public office when everybody said it was impossible. India is a far older democracy and the world’s largest, with millions of people hoping for a change. Let’s get every citizen who cares to join this call to cast out the criminals!

    With hope and determination,

    The Avaaz team


    More Information:

    Government may amend Constitution to counter Supreme Court ruling on convicted lawmakers (NDTV)

    Criminal Charges Raise Chance of Election Win (India Real Time)

    MPs, MLAs to be disqualified on date of criminal conviction (Hindu Times)

    Samajwadi Party takes lead to oppose Supreme Court ruling aimed at keeping criminals out of politics (India Today)

    In India, lawbreakers are lawmakers (Global Post)


  4. ruled are meant for robbing so our rulers are robbing and shall continue to do it even after 2014.rule is in hands of 20%.they dictate the terms and 80%dance to their tune.they throw a bone and cause three divisions of peoples,first not interested in bone and rest second and third ones fight for bone.divided peoples can not be powerful and also happy.


  5. also include Thorium Scam of Rs 60 Lakh Crores.


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