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St Thomas and Hindu assassin

First edition of The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple › 1991

This 68-page book contains the original essay on the St. Thomas in India legend written by Ishwar Sharan in 1991. The essay was a response to C.A. Simon’s article “In Memory of a Slain Saint” in the Dec. 30th, 1989, Madras edition of the Indian Express. As the newspaper refused to publish Ishwar Sharan’s rejoinder, Sita Ram Goel of Voice of India, New Delhi, published the essay as a small hard cover book in February 1991. The author is making the book available here for researchers and students of Indian history. For interested readers, all editions of The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple are available free to the public through the Internet Archive portal.

Old Kapali Temple

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  1. some body should take up this issue of syriyan chiristians via DNA tests to confirm whether they are from syria or from the low caste as claimed by samuel matteer.


  2. Stealing Hindu children by Christians and christian NGOs and Christian adoption agencies are going on , on a massive scale in India. There is a custom among the Syrian Christians of Kerala for adoption of a son-in-law. The so called Syrian Christians are not from Syria but are low caste Hindu Pulaya converts in Keral, but they created fake history of immigration and conversion stories from the upper caste. Read the book of a British prist M L Mateer who lived decades in Kerala. The book ‘Native life of Travancore’ by Rev. Samuel Mateer F L S Rev. Samuel Mateer F L S published the book in 1883 in London called Native Life in Travancore ISBN: 8120605144 / ISBN-13: 9788120605145 shows that the Kerala Syrian christians are christian converts of the untouchable Hindu Paraya community of Kerala. He found that none of the converts known as Kerala Syrian christians have no idea of Jesus Christ or cross. Where there are no sons, the husband of the youngest daughter is taken in adoption under Syrian Christians of Kerala custom. Mostly they adopt from poor Hindu family in earlier days and bring them up as Christians. Kerala Christians went to TN and made fake Thomas story and fake Syrian Christian story so that they will be called Syrian Christians instead of Paraya Christians. Christians destroyed the original Kapaleeswara temple in Chennai and constructed the Santome church over it. Velar Kanniamman temple has become the fake Velankanni church of the Keral chrisitans. Mostly kids just born are stolen by organised groupts in India and these children are bought and given away to foreigners by the christian adoption agencies of India. Often senior christian policemen are part of this racket in India and even in the rank of IG was seen in Hyderabad are a member of this gang. These groups are paid by the christian missionary organisations in the west and they are making their best effort to dilute the adoption rules in India so that Hindu children can be exported to the west to be brought up as sex slaves, organ trade and also to bring them up as Christians. On 3-5-2005, Chennai police arrested five people for kidnapping and selling about 350 children to an adoption agency in Chennai. There was an adoption scandal in AP in 1999. Women agents who act as Christian social workers, buy Lambada girls, for Rs 2000 and sell them to adoption agencies for Rs 20000. One Christian Sanjeeva Rao and his orphanage, ASD and another Christian Peter Subbaiah, who ran the Good Samaritan Evangelical and Social Welfare Association, were involved in this child trafficking to West. The Lambada were a traditionally nomadic people,in AP, now settled in various places are poor labourers. Lambada believe the third, sixth, and ninth child was, if a girl, is inauspicious and sell their kids. Kids are very fair making them more attractive to foreign parents. These christian orphanages sell the kids to foreigners for Rs one to two lakhs in intercountry adoption racket. Another AP Christian adoption agency called Action for Social Development used to sent kids illegally to USA.,,,,,,,,,,,


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  4. Padre Michael Dresbach is a Catholic missionary priest in Panama.

    With reference to the St. Thomas in India fable, he writes:

    “As far as the Acts of Thomas is concerned, I don’t think any of it is true; it’s a third-century romance novel, so it doesn’t present any theological problems for me. It’s not a theological document anymore than the Harry Potter series is a theological treatise.

    “I don’t give a good ding-dang what Pope Benedict thinks about anything!”


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