Kanchi Acharya: No more conversions – Indian Express

Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal with HJS's Shivaji VatkatIn what is understood to be a renewed political activism of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Sri Jayendra Saraswati has taken a serious view of what he termed forcible conversions of people in the war-torn Sri Lanka, and is staying in ‘close touch’ with the happenings in the island nation.

According to the pontiff, the aftermath of a war is always conducive to conversion, particularly to Christianity because the Biblical themes of persecution and exile instantly resonate with them. He is going to oppose “forcible conversions and proselytizing by force, allurement or by fraudulent means,” anywhere because it is against the grain of Hindu ethos.

In an exclusive interview, the pontiff said he was going to sensitize Hindus on Indian spirituality and to achieve that end he would organise a padayatra of madhathipathis and sadhus soon.

The 69th head of the mutt said it would be organised under the banner of a newly formed “Mana Matha Ottumai” society and three slogans:  Manam Maraathey, Matham Maarathey, Panathukku Assaipadathey (don’t change your mind, don’t convert, and don’t fall prey to lucre) would be popularised.

He said when Sri Lanka was recently trying to enact an anti-conversion bill, he was elated, and then his spirit drooped when the imminent internal strife and subsequent election somehow postponed the legislation.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias is the de facto head of the Catholic Church in India.Recalling his inter-faith meet with Vatican’s head for interreligious dialogue, Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran, and Mumbai’s Cardinal Oswald Gracias several months ago, he questioned if the Roman Catholic Pope could give an assurance to Israel to the effect that “the Catholic Church would desist from all missionary and conversion activities among the Jews” why cannot they take a similar stand in India.

In response to a question, he said he could not fault the Centre, or for that matter the Reserve Bank of India through which funds are routed to frontline NGOs in India which, hand in glove with Christian missionaries, are involved in forceful conversions of the poor Hindus.

Asked what the people who fall prey to the allurement of conversion missed in Hinduism, he listed two reasons: untouchability and caste entitlement. “We do not practice untouchability but the people of other castes within the context of Hinduism do practice that for societal reasons,” the seer admitted.

Criticising that neo-Christians are deliberately following the Hindu traditions and rites, the seer said that in Andhra Pradesh, Christians are conducting festivals a la Hindu urchavam with flag hoisting ceremonies.

He said he would like to describe India as a spiritual country rather than a secular country. – The New Indian Express, Chennai, 19 April 2010

Above: See what Christian converts in Goa have done to Hindu dieties and temples.

Below: See what Christian converts in South Korea have done to the Buddhist deities and temples:

  1. Photos of destroyed Buddhist temples and desecrated deities by Christian converts in South Korea: http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/pic1/list.html
  2. Buddhism in South Korea under siege 1982-96 by Christian converts: http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html
  3. Chronology of attacks on Buddhist temples in South Korea by Christian converts 1997-98: http://www.buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html


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  1. I would like to view and refer this site as many times as possible


  2. Times of India, Chennai, 21 April 2010
    Sinning Pope says he leads a ‘sinner’ church

    Vatican City: Pope Benedict XVI admitted to world cardinals on Monday that he led a “wounded and sinner” Church, as he marked five tumultuous years in charge, most recently mired in paedophile priest scandals.

    The pontiff “evoked the sins of the Church”, describing it as “wounded and sinner” to some 50 cardinals gathered for his anniversary, the Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano said. He “feels very strongly that he is not alone”, the paper reported the pontiff as saying, he “has at his sides the whole college of cardinals who are sharing with him vicissitudes and reassurance”.

    Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi defended the embattled pope, telling Radio Vatican the priorities Benedict had defined after his election were being “pursued with coherence and courage” despite “tensions” and “obstacles”. Waves of allegations sweeping the Church in Europe and the Americas had also been the backdrop to a tearful meeting between the pope and abuse victims on Sunday in Malta, one of the latest countries to be hit by sex abuse scandals.

    In his third meeting with victims of child-molesting priests — the other two were during trips to Australia and the United States in 2008 — Benedict had expressed his “shame and sorrow” over the scourge. Lawrence Grech, one of eight Maltese abuse victims who met the pope, said: “He listened to us individually, and prayed and cried with us.” AP

    Indian Paedophile priest faces 14-yr jail

    An Indian priest who confessed to sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl in Italy will face trial in a couple of months and could face up to 14 years in prison, his defence lawyer has said. The trial will happen and it will happen soon, Giovanni Gebbia said on Monday. The 40-year-old priest, named as David, is from Madurai. He was released from prison last week but remains under house arrest in Teramo town, 175 km from Rome. PTI


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