“Tantrika” Nityananda arrested in Himachal Pradesh – Media Reports

Nithy’s personal bank account has 70 lakh – 7.1 million – dollars in it!

Bangalore, 22 April, 2010: Controversial godman Nithyananda, who had gone underground in the wake of the sex scandal that broke out over a month ago, was arrested from the house of a businessman in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district on Wednesday.

The arrests were made by a joint team of the Karnataka CID sleuths and the Himachal Pradesh police. An associate of Nithyananda, Nitya Bhaktananda alias Gopal Seelam Reddy, was also arrested.

The two were produced before the local magistrate, and the CID personnel obtained a body warrant against them. They will be brought to Bangalore on Thursday afternoon.

CID chief Dr. D.V. Guruprasad said a team conducted a search on the ashram on Tuesday and seized important documents, including hard disks. However, he refused to elaborate on the contents.

Asked under what charges Nithyananda was arrested, Guruprasad said it was in connection with two cases. “After the case was registered against him at the Bidadi police station, Nithyananda went absconding. We want him in both cases,” Guruprasad said. SIM card helped cops track godman

Bangalore: Controversial godman Nithyananda and his close aide were arrested on Wednesday after the authorities tracked a mobile phone having a Himachal Pradesh SIM card to establish their location, Solan superintendent of police Prem Kumar Thakur said.

Nithyananda has rejected the sex scandal allegations against him. He resigned in March as the head of ‘Dhyanapeetham’, which he had founded near Bidadi on the outskirts of Bangalore.

See video below:Lenin's Dharmananda's interview with Nakkeeran.After the controversial tapes of Nithyananda with a Tamil actress were aired on television on March 3, the godman’s former aide, Kuruppan Lenin, filed a complaint with the Chennai police commissioner. Another case was registered at Coimbatore by one Vishwanath for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. The Bidadi police registered the cases based on these two complaints. The case was handed over to the CID, after which sleuths started getting complaints from overseas through e-mail.

One Nataraj from Bangalore also filed a complaint, saying that Nithyananda had cheated him after promising to cure his skin disease.

Before handing over the case to the CID, the Bidadi police had registered a case under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 120B  criminal conspiracy, 506 (threat to life) and 420 (cheating). While this was based on a complaint by Kuruppan Lenin, another one was registered in Coimbatore by Vishwanath, saying that Nityananda had hurt religious sentiments by indulging in such acts.

Nithyananda’s lawyers have said that they were ready for a legal battle. A legal team is working on the case and will move the appropriate court in Bangalore on Thursday. – Times News Network

Nithyananda being blessed by Ranjitha.Earlier report dated 21 April 2010.

Absconding ‘sex-tainted’ Swami Nityananda was arrested in Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday (April 21, 2010).

The spiritual guru, who has numerous cases registered against him from rape to fraud, was picked up from a hotel in a small town named Arki, after several days of surveillance carried out in a joint operation by the Himachal Pradesh and Bangalore police.

A non-bailable arrest warrant had been issued by a magistrate court in Chennai recently. The case had been handed over to the CID for investigation. Sriperumbudur District Munsif-cum-Judicial Magistrate S Gunasekhar on Monday had issued directions to the Superintendent of Police, Rama Nagar in Karnataka where the godman’s Bidadi ashram is located, to execute the warrant irrespective of whether or not he is available at his address. He also directed the SP to form a special team, if necessary, to arrest the godman and produce him before the court by May 20.

After his arrest in a police raid on the hotel he was staying in, Nityananda is expected to be produced in the Solan district court where police will seek his transit remand and then transport him back to Karnataka.

Nityanand is accused in under many sections of the Indian Penal code, including murder, sexual molestation, rape, unnatural sex offences, hurting religious sentiments, fraud, threatening a life (a complaint by Dharmananda, the man who carried out the sting operation that first implicated the swami) and other sections. The cases are pending in multiple courts in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and one has been slapped even in California on the complaint of a formal disciple.

Facing increasing negative publicity following a video sting operation exposing the ‘celibate’ swami’s sexual indulgences and then several more serious complaints, Nityananda announced he was quitting as head of his ashram in Karnataka to lead a life of ‘spiritual seclusion’ – which in his case meant playing hide and seek with the police in an attempt perhaps, for the controversy to die down.

See video below: Nithyananda's conversation with Lenin Dharmananda.In an interview to TIMES NOW in Uttarakhand while he was ostensibly in hiding, he maintained that there was no concrete proof to back any of the charges against him; however his refusing to surrender himself for questioning till now had been a major an obstacle to progress in the probe. His arrest now paves the way for a proper investigation, and he can be questioned by police in connection with all these cases. – Times Now

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  1. […] Nithy arrested in Himachal Pradesh – Media Reports  https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/tantrika-nityananda-arrested-in-himachal-pradesh-medi… […]


  2. […] Nithy arrested in Himachal Pradesh – Media Reports  https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/tantrika-nityananda-arrested-in-himachal-pradesh-medi… […]


  3. Well definitely the swami is NOT supposed to indulge in sex..but I like the asana he is doing in the video..is that the secret power for sexual prowess?..if not why should he do that?


  4. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 2 May 2010
    Ranjitha likely to depose before CID

    Tamil actress Ranjitha, who allegedly featured in the controversial video tape with Swamy Nithyananda, may depose before the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) in Bengaluru on Sunday — a day before Nithyananda’s bail application comes up before the court in Ramanagaram, on May 3.

    Ranjitha’s decision comes after CID sent her a notice through her newly appointed lawyer Prashant Mendiratta on April 29 asking her to appear before them in Bengaluru on or before May 2.

    Ranjitha is a crucial link in the investigation of the criminal charges against the tainted god man, now lodged in Ramanagaram prison under judicial custody. She was reportedly close to Nithyananada and had on occasions travelled with him — a charge she denied two days back.

    “We have received the notice from CID and my client has agreed to cooperate in the investigation of the case. If required she will also appear before the CID,” said Mr Mendiratta.

    Mendiratta, however, declined to specify the day and time when she will appear before the investigating agency.

    According to official sources, they sent two notices to Ranjitha at her lawyer’s email and office address on April 29 — the day she ‘came’ out in the public denying that it was she, who was featured in the videotape.

    She had ‘disappeared’ after the alleged sex scandal became public on March 2.

    Several attempts by the CID to trace her failed till Mr Mendiratta on her behalf issued legal notices to Google and Youtube asking them to remove the videotape from their websites by May 2.


  5. Times of India, Mumbai, 30 April 2010
    Godman Nithy says he is not a man, so …

    BANGALORE: “I’m not a man. There’s no way I could have indulged in sexual activities with women. Do a potency test on me”. That’s the sum and substance of Swami Nityananda’s startling statements to CID sleuths soon after he was brought to Bangalore after being arrested in Himachal Pradesh.

    However, CID sleuths decided to ignore him, believing he was only trying to sidetrack the investigation. The swami’s passport clearly mentions his gender as male, not transgender. The CID plans to take a call on this after receiving the report of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad, on a CD that has 36 video clips of Nityananda with at least five different women. The CID had sent the CD to Hyderabad for analysis and hopes to get the report on Friday, sources said.

    The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) issued a circular to all airports to check items carried by the godman when he travelled in and out of India. According to information collected by DRI, Nityananda would carry gold-plated worship material like kamandalas and slippers to the US.

    While returning, he would bring back 24-carat gold of the same size and weight. The look-out notice mentions his gender as male, sources said.


    CID sleuths are also searching for Nityananda’s associate called Nitya Gopika, who hasn’t been seen after the salacious videos were aired by the media. Nitya Gopika was his close associate and always travelled with him to the US and handled his personal belongings.

    Sleuths haven’t been able to establish her identity. They suspect she was one of the girls who signed Nityananda’s non-disclosure clause. Sleuths suspect Nitya Gopika initiated the video recording after she began to feel insecure when Tamil actress Ranjitha become rather close to the godman. She used his driver Kuruppan Lenin to expose Nityananda’s activities, the sources said.

    The sources also suspect that Nitya Gopika is an NRI with a doctorate from the US. After coming to the ashram and signing the non-disclosure agreement, she divorced her husband.


  6. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 30 April 2010
    Ranjitha slaps notice on Google – Bala Chauhan

    Bangalore: After almost two months Tamil actress Ranjitha, who allegedly featured in the controversial videotape with Nithyananda, on Thursday broke her silence and denied that she was in the tape with the tainted godman. Ranjitha has also sent legal notices to Internet and video giants Google and Youtube asking them to remove all the clippings of the videotape from their websites in the next 72 hours failing which she will file criminal and civil suits against them. She has also rebutted claims in a section of the press that she had deposed before the Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department or given interviews after the videotape was aired on March 2.

    Her lawyer — Prashant Mendiratta — told this newspaper from Delhi that he has served legal notices to Google and Youtube through fax and courier on Thursday.

    “We have asked them to take off the controversial video clippings by May 2 failing which we will file charges against them under the IPC and the Information Technology Act,” said Mr Mendiratta.

    He said the videotape was shot with a “body double” of Ranjitha.

    “My client is not a devotee of Nithyananda but has met him. The allegations that she may have signed the non-disclosure agreements are false and malicious. It is not Ranjitha in the tape. The entire tape is edited and will not stand as evidence in the court. The entire controversy has devastated her,” said the lawyer.

    Regarding Nithyananda’s alleged statement that it was Ranjitha in the tape, Mr Mendiratta said,” if Nithyananda is not in the tape how can he vouch for the lady in it?”

    Ranjitha may also file a defamation case against Lenin – the former devotee of Nithyananda – who lodged a complaint against his guru. On her whereabouts, he said that she was in a “safe” place with her family.

    See also: https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/sex-lies-a-feature-film-nithy-and-ranjitha-kunal-m-shah/


  7. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 29 April 2010
    Nithyananda seeks bail in three cases
    DC Correspondent

    Controversial godman Nithananda, who apprehended arrest in connection with three cheating cases registered in Chennai and Puducherry, on Wednesday filed petitions in the Madras high court, seeking anticipatory bail.

    These three petitions are likely to come up for hearing tomorrow.

    According to Nityananda, on March 5, 2010 one Aladi Mahendran and few others who were claiming themselves as advocates practicing in Puducherry had submitted false complaint with the police alleging that he had cheated the general public under the guise of Sanyasi and amassed huge properties and insulted the religious feelings of Hindus.

    Without proper verification, the police registered an FIR. The complainants were neither affected nor aggrieved by his alleged misconduct, he added.

    Meanwhile, a Karnataka court on Wednesday extended by two more days police custody of self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, arrested on criminal charges including rape.

    A sessions court at Ramanagaram, 40 km from Bangalore, extended the custody on a plea by criminal investigation department, seeking more time as Nityananda’s questioning had to be halted after he was hospitalised for a day.

    The controversial swami was produced before judge Hungund amidst tight security.

    Meanwhile actress Ranjita, who was allegedly seen in a compromising position with Nithyananda Swami in the videotape, will reach the Chennai on Thursday to file her statement before the CID sleuths, sources said. – PTI


  8. Times of India, Chennai, 28 April 2010
    Nithyananda’s driver grilled, comes up with new charges

    Bangalore: CID sleuths on Tuesday grilled Kuruppan Lenin, controversial godman Swami Nithyananda’s former driver and complainant in the case.

    “We wanted to cross verify the statements of Nithyananda and so we summoned Lenin. He was here with us for the last three days and he has come up with new charges against Nithyananda. However, he was sent back today as the questioning was over,” sources said.

    Meanwhile, Nithyananda, who was admitted to hospital on Monday evening after he complained of chest pain, was discharged on Tuesday noon after doctors found no problem with his health. They conducted ECG, echo and blood tests. On Tuesday morning, doctors put him on the treadmill. All the reports showed negative results.

    The interrogation began at around 3.30 pm. “By and large he was co-operative,” said an investigating officer. – TNN


  9. Timers of India, Chennai, 27 April 2010
    TROUBLE CONTINUES: What did Nithyananda do in Himachal? by Jagdish Bhatt | TNN

    Shimla: Controversial godman Nithyananda’s deeds while he was in hiding in a remote Himachal Pradesh village would be out soon, with the owner of the house in which he hid for almost a month agreeing to divulge the details to the state CID.

    Before his arrest last week, the self-styled godman was holed up in a Delhi-based businessman’s house at Momlik in Solan district since March 27. ADGP (CID) I D Bhandari told TOI that the businessman, fearing that the police are closing in on him, called the CID on his own.

    “He has requested anonymity and wants to come and meet us soon. We’re expecting to get vital details from him,’’ Bhandari said.

    Bhandari said the businessman has so far revealed that he allowed the godman to stay at the house after a friend and Nithyananda’s disciple requested him to allow one of his friends to put up there. “It appears that the businessman didn’t know that the godman, who was on the run, would be staying there,’’ said Bhandari.

    Bhandari said Nithyananda had earlier stayed at Haridwar for some days during the Kumbh, shifting from one ashram to another. But fearing that law may catch up with him, he decided to move out and took his disciple’s help in arranging his stay away from the public gaze in Himachal Pradesh.

    The godman’s location was traced when he used a Karnataka mobile number that was under surveillance. He was forced to use the number after the people he was calling didn’t respond to calls made from a Himachal number.

    Nithy hospitalised

    Godman hospitalised Bangalore: Nithyananda has been admitted to the Jayadeva hospital after he complained of chest pain while returning from Ramanagaram to the city on Monday. Earlier, a local court on Monday extended Nithyananda’s police custody by two days and remanded his associate, Nitya Bhaktananda alias Gopala Seelam Reddy, in two-day judicial custody. Nithyananda’s counsel objected to the extension, saying there was nothing more for the CID to probe as his client had cooperated with the investigating officers. – TNN


  10. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai. 24 April 1946

    Bangalore: In what may be a clincher in the Nithyananda Swami sex scandal, the CID police probing the case have found that an Indian-origin man based in the US divorced his wife after Nithyananda lured her into his tantrik sex experiments and made her sign his now infamous ‘non-disclosure agreement’.

    Sources in the CID said the woman, whom they refused to name, had abandoned her husband and her job in the US to join Nithyananda in India three years ago and had stayed close to him until recently.

    The woman was a topper at the KREC, Surathkal (now, NIT) and had married a distant relative. Her husband too was a topper at an engineering college in Delhi.

    “The woman became a ‘devotee’ of Nithyananda when he visited the US and she joined his ashram there.

    Subsequently, she abandoned everything and joined Nithyananda in India and was his close associate till very recently,’’ a senior police officer said.

    CID officials on Friday grilled Nithyananda through the day on the non-disclosure agreements. They also questioned him about allegations made by a US citizen. Californian Douglas McKellor has lodged a complaint before the California State Attorney General accusing Nithyananda of indulging in act of unnatural sex, fraud, financial irregularities and physical abuse of devotees in the US.

    Mr Douglas was renamed as Swami Nithya Prabha in the US. But Mr Douglas stated in his complaint that he was once allegedly made to stand guard outside the swami’s room while he was with a lady guest. Mr Douglas also reportedly stated that the swami took away the savings of his devotees and abused ashramites.

    Meanwhile, the CID office on Palace Road, where Nithyananda is being kept in custody, saw heavy security on Friday with entry being restricted for outsiders. C CORRESPONDENTS BENGALURU pril 23: The Criminal nvestigation Department CID) office on Palace oad, where controversial odman Nithyananda wami is being kept in cus dy, saw heavy security on riday with entry being stricted for outsiders.

    After a bystander threw a slipper at the swami in Amanagara on Thursday, the officials are taking no chances with his security.

    Sources said Nithyananda, who spent most of his time in prayers, was given curd rice on Friday. Nithyananda had requested the Ramanagara magistrate on Thursday that he be given food without chillies and onion.

    The CID officials grilled Nithyananda through the day at the CID headquarters.

    “He did pray for some time during the day and was gen erally calm. However, we interrogated him and will continue questioning him over the weekend. He is cooperating with the inquiry,” a senior CID official said.

    The CID, which had seized two laptops and hard disks from the godman from his hideout in Himachal Pradesh and his ashram in Kengeri will send them to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Hyderabad for a detailed analysis. “The seized material will throw more light on his activities, especially the non-disclosure agreements with his select devotees for sexual tantra practice and his funding,” said an officer.

    The CID flew him in to Bengaluru from HP on Thursday evening along with his devotee and another accused swami Nithya Bhaktananda, who is sixth in the list.


  11. PTI, Apr 23, 2010, 11.50am IST
    Onlooker flings shoe at Nityananda

    BANGALORE: A man hurled a slipper at controversial self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, arrested for his alleged involved in a sex scandal, as he was being taken in a police van after being produced before a court in Ramanagara, 40 kms from here.

    The incident took place as 32-year-old Nityananda was about to sit in a police vehicle after being produced before a judicial magistrate, who remanded him to police custody for four days last night, police said.

    About 50 to 60 onlookers had gathered outside Judicial Magistrate Puspavathi’s home and as soon as Nityananda came out and was about to sit in the vehicle, an onlooker flung a slipper and yelled at him, hurling expletives, a police official said.

    Nityananda, along with his close aide Nitya Bhaktananda, who was also arrested and brought from Solan in Himachal Pradesh, was taken away by police, he said.

    The duo have been lodged in a special cell at the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) office in the city.

    After remaining elusive for more than a month, Nityananda was arrested along with four associates in a joint operation by Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh police teams in Solan district on Wednesday.

    Tamil Nadu police had registered cases for various crimes, including rape, against Nityananda before transferring them to Karnataka police.

    The cases were registered after TV channels telecast purported video footage showing Nityananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

    Nityananda, however, has denied the allegations and announced he would lead a life of “spiritual seclusion” after quitting as head of his ashram in Bidadi in the outskirts of Bangalore.


  12. It won’t be right for people to infer that those who participated in Nityanand swami’s tantric sex experiments were not exploited. They were bound unfairly by an illegal agreement. The fact is that the cash-rich young swami wanted to have some real fun. Since it is difficult to run a ‘spiritual exercise’ of this nature in total secrecy, he must have come up with the idea of a non-disclosure agreement to save himself from legal tangles. However, I don’t think he will ever be in trouble – even if he had not entered into the agreements – because it will be very difficult for the ‘so-called’ victims to prove that they were exploited.


  13. The New Indian Express, Chennai. 23 April 2010

    Swami Nithyananda, who was arrested in Himachal Pradesh, was escorted to Bangalore on Thursday by the Karnataka CID team and produced before a magistrate in Ramanagara.

    CID SP Yogappa led team that took Nithyananda and his aide Nithya Bhakthananda into custody at Solan district of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday from a private house. After getting a warrant from the local court in Himachal Pradesh, the team brought the godman to Bangalore by air. Both Nithyananda and Nithya Bhaktananda were wanted in connection with two cases registered at the Bidadi police station. The godman was given police protection from Devanahalli airport to Ramanagara. A huge crowd waiting for him at Devanahalli airport and Ramanagara shouted slogans against him.

    Non-disclosure contract signed by Nithy's sex partners - TNIE
    Non-discllosure contract signed by Nithy’s sex partners – TNIE

    The New Indian Express, Chennai, 23 April 2010

    Learning tantra may involve nudity, physical intimacy and sounds of erotic nature, the non-disclosure accord said

    WHY have ashramites of beleaguered Swami Nithyananda, who was allegedly caught on camera in a compromising position with an actress, not filed any police complaints against the godman?

    Perhaps because they ended up signing a non-disclosure agreement while enrolling for the `Learning from the Master’ programme conducted by the Nithyananda Dhyana peetham, according to CID sources.

    So, what is the big deal? Devotees had to accept six conditionalities, which included (picture) agreeing on “learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure…”.

    The document said that “these activities could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of sexually oriented and erotic nature, etc.” Express has a copy of the agreement.

    Once enrolled, the devotee would get a new nomenclature: volunteer.

    According to CID sources, the godman could have cheated many women ‘volunteers’ in the name of ‘tantric sex’. “The agreement copy was confidential,” a officer said.

    The CID, sources said, has been receiving e-mails from female devotees complaining about sexual harassment from the swami at the Bidadi ashram here. One of such e-mail also claims that many VIPs used to frequent the ashram.

    “A volunteer had to declare that he/she is voluntarily offering his commitment of time and effort to serve, to volunteer, and to spread the mission of Nithyananda,” the officer said. “The volunteer clearly understands and accepts full responsibility for all his/her actions during his/ her association with the leader and the foundation. Volunteer also waives any and all rights that he/she may have to bring any law suit or claims against the leader or foundation or anyone else not specifically mentioned here, but directly or indirectly involved in the management and conduct of the program,” the fine print of the agreement said.


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