Video: Manu and the origin of Hindu civilisation – Graham Hancock

Manu and Seven Sages of Sanatana Dharma

This video is a fascinating review of the origin of civilization on the Indian subcontinent. It looks at the undersea archaeology started by Indian scientists in the seas off the coasts of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and includes revealing maps of ancient India after the last ice age. Interviews with Dr B.B. Lal, Dr David Frawley, and Dr N.S. Rajaram are included. Indian civilisational history can be pushed back ten thousand years and more BP with archaeological evidence to support the dating.

Note that the video is misleadingly titled “Ancient Tamil Civilization – Truths Hidden by the Indian Government”. The video concerns all of Indian civilisation with a special focus on the archaeological exploration in the seas off Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. None of the research has been hidden by the Indian government.


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