Excusing Muslim terrorists and blaming Hindus – David Frawley

Acharya David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri)Muslim preachers like Zakir Naik are afforded respect even when teaching intolerance and excusing terrorism. Hindu gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on the contrary, are criticized and even sued for promoting world peace and the unity of humanity. And this is occurring in Bharat, which is not an Islamic country. – Dr David Frawley

Muslim preachers like Zakir Naik are afforded respect even when teaching intolerance and excusing terrorism. Hindu gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on the contrary, are criticized and even sued for promoting world peace and the unity of humanity. And this is occurring in Bharat, which is not an Islamic country.

Hindu gurus are kept in jail without bail, made the subject of long court cases, dragging out for years. The media presumes them guilty and does not ask for their release. When their names are eventually cleared, as in the case of Pujya Jayendra Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, no apologies are offered for the derogatory stories published against them.

Hindu Sadhvi Pragya, accused of involvement in a terror attack, can be kept in jail for years without bail, drugged and tortured as a matter of investigation. This would not happen with a mullah or with a priest.

A Hindu politician like Kamlesh Tiwari can be held without bail for allegedly insulting Islam, while those insulting Hindu Dharma are excused or turned into media heroes, like the student protestors from JNU’s communist student union who denigrated Ma Durga—or for preachers like Naik who routinely demean Hindu deities, practices and theology on television shows.

A handout picture released by the King Faisal Foundation on March 1, 2015 shows Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz (L) presenting Zakir Naik, president of the Islamic Research Foundation in India, with the 2015 King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam in Riyadh. Naik was honoured for being one of the most renowned non-Arabic speaking promoters of Islam. He founded the Peace TV channel, billed as the world's only channel specialising in comparative religion. Inventing the Idea of Hindu Terror and Excusing Islamic Terrorism

Though there are numerous terrorist attacks by radical Islamists all over the world against various peoples and governments, including in Muslim majority states, Bharat’s media likes to blame Islamic terrorist acts in Bharat on Hindus for oppressing their Muslim minority. It attributes these horrific acts to poverty and discrimination, and will not associate them with Islam as a religion or speak of Islamic terror, in spite of such Muslim preachers as Naik for whom Islamic militancy is a matter of pride. On the contrary, Islam is taught as progressive or egalitarian, as if jihadist violence never had anything to do with it.

When very rare and questionable cases of terrorism are brought against Hindus, these are immediately labeled “saffron” or “Hindu terror”, as if the Hindu religion itself were the cause. The suggestion is that Hindu terrorism is on par with global jihad that has cost the world tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in wars and protective measures. This negative approach continues though there have been no convictions for so-called Hindu terrorism in Bharat, or in any other country in the world, only allegations, while Hindus have frequently suffered from terrorist acts against them.

Hindu Dharma is said to be backward and in need of reform, but not Islam or Christianity. Hindu Dharma is identified with caste, oppression and social injustice, and its progressive and spiritual sides are ignored or belittled. Bharat’s leftist media is hesitant to promote Yoga Day as if Yoga were regressive or communal. While pride in Islam or Christianity is respected, for Hindus to express pride in being Hindus is deemed as communal and intolerant.

Salman bin Abdulaziz al-SaudNeed to Recognize Danger of Global Jihad

Mainstream Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia, are among the most intolerant and oppressive nations in the world. While looking at Islamic violence in Bharat, the roots of radical Islam outside of Bharat are not considered, as if there were no connection or communication between them. When the role of Pakistan in Islamic terror is brought out, Bharat’s media likes to blame it on extremist factions in Pakistan, though such radical groups often have government and military support.

ISIS, though it calls itself the Islamic State, is described by the media as following policies that are not Islamic, as if Islam of any sort was not part of its agenda. Yet ISIS follows a similar type of Islam to Wahhabis, whose Saudi-funded madrasas are common in Bharat and seldom regulated. While Saudi has of its own accord destroyed most of the mosques in its own country, Bharat’s media will not report such actions. But if a mosque is damaged in Bharat, great outrage is expressed and Hindus blamed. Destruction and defacement of Hindu temples under Islamic rule was conveniently erased from Bharat’s history books by Marxist historians.

When the current BJP government seeks to address the issue of terrorism, it is criticized for being anti-Muslim and pro-Hindu, though jihadi terrorism is the main global danger today. Meanwhile, a Congress Party leader such as Digvijay Singh can praise intolerant preachers like Naik in public programs and attend a book release on the 26/11 terrorist attack in Bharat for a book that blames this well-documented Pakistan-based jihadi attack on the Hindu RSS!

Zakir Naik & Digvijaya SinghContinuation of Old Anti-Hindu Policies

Such policies of Bharat’s Congress-backed media are nothing new and have been occurring for decades, ever since Nehru and his Congress Party began to rely on an Islamic vote bank. Keeping Muslims afraid and Hindus divided insured an en bloc Muslim vote for Congress and a division of the Hindu vote. Since then many left-oriented political parties have adopted the same vote bank strategy.

Given the dangers posed by global jihad, one would think that these vote bank and appeasement policies would come to an end for the safety of the entire country. But this does not seem to be the case given the political alliances forming for upcoming elections. Fortunately, the Bharatiya electorate is no longer accepting the old anti-Hindu propaganda. – Hindu Post, 9 July 2016

» Dr David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) is a Vedacharya and includes in his wide scope of studies Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta and Vedic astrology, as well as the ancient teachings of the oldest Rigveda. Tweet him at @davidfrawleyved.


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  1. Government moves with caution on Zakir Naik, eyes water-tight case – Bharti Jain – TOI – TNN – Jul 12, 2016

    NEW DELHI: As the home ministry scans the recent speeches of Mumbai-based Salafist preacher Zakir for inflammatory or pro-terror content, top officials have ruled out any action against him until they have irrefutable evidence to prove his role as a terror instigator and inspiration behind past jihadi attacks. Such “evidence” may include statements from terror accused conceding that they were inspired by Naik’s and speeches to carry out attacks.

    The ministry feels it may not be easy to nail Naik , for his speeches have contradictory content. While in some he appears to be justifying jihad and terrorism, in others he can be heard condemning the same. “We have to study the speeches in totality. If we cite only the pro-jihad and communal speeches while booking him, his legal team will bring up other speeches condemning terrorism and outfits like the Islamic State. We have to guard against this and ensure that our case against Naik stands judicial scrutiny,” said an officer.

    Sources said the home ministry is looking at going beyond just Section 153A of IPC (inciting communal hatred), under which he has already been booked in the past, and examining the possibility of slapping the more stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) against him. The home ministry is going through every aspect of evidence against Naik to see if a case is made out under UAPA, and only then will it initiate action against him, the TOI has learnt.

    Meanwhile, the home ministry has already stepped up probe into foreign contributions received by Islamic Research Foundation, the NGO run by Naik, to see if there were any violations of the Foreign Contributions Registration Act (FCRA).
    Top Comment

    “One clear violation noticed is that though registered as a ‘social and cultural’, it was receiving funds for religious purposes, which is a clear violation of FCRA. A notice under FCRA may be served on IRF once we have studied its activities and accounts for any violations. We have to build a water-tight case that will stand in a court of law,” a ministry officer said.

    Sources said Naik, who was due to return from Saudi Arabia where he had gone for ‘Umrah’, appears to have indefinitely put off his arrival in view of the scrutiny mounted on him ever since it was disclosed that two of the Dhaka attackers were inspired by his sermons. “However, in reality, even after he returns, we may not immediately go for his arrest and will wait to compile enough material to build a water-tight case against him,” said a top officer of the security establishment.


  2. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Zakir Naik

    Must read critique of Zakir Naik and his monotheism: Punya Bhumi and the bleak landscape of one god-ism – Vijaya Rajiva


  3. No Elected Democratic Government can do Justice to the (H)Indus! We are at the receiving end for every thing, which we ” WANT”! We have proliferated from 25 Crores or less to over 125 Crores of people! Numbers mean nothing as far as our problems and solutions!! The elite youngsters question each and every thing as if they are super duper and are Scientific! They are given reasonably good salary and positions by the MNCs and UN organizations-with a definite purpose, ie. to weaken and get rid of our Culture and religion; the education, Laws, the NGOs are structured for that; the older Elites do not have either the Spiritual or Financial or Physical Capacity or mental Commitment for our Culture, Religion; on the other hand, they are eager to “ENJOY” modern day Comforts; so they compromise with the youngsters and are too willing to let go things! The so called Social Reformers, Parties and the ” MEDIA” can do no good Positive work to retrieve our glorious past! They are highly effective in only whipping up hatred between the Vast non Elite Population and the Elites; all the foreign Governmental and Non Governmental organizations work and pressurize in these directions, suggest to us on Secularism, Equality, Democracy, Marketability, Latest and so on; Our own NGOs like the RSS, the VHP and the like have to get funds from the Business People / organizations, who / have to compromise!! And so, it is obvious that it is either Nature;s / GOD’s will that the Sanatana Dharma has to yield to its own variants!! What a misery that after yielding a sizeable land mass to them, we are not allowed to be our own either!! Russia may like to help us to be our own; but, all the West are against us! And China too, out of jealousy, is ever eager to create problems from us and support Pakistan! And in this situation, will Russia support us or Pakistan or SriLanka? The only Solace is Modi is very firm to bring about the Desirable changes; but his Lieutenant Jaitley, like his predecessors Chidambaram, Pranab and Dr. MMS, has not been able to take any firm non Conventional Initiative to make every Indian a productive person; looks like that Modi has no alternate to this! Unless the (H)Indians are woken up, we may discuss among the Elites; but, as has been usual, we shall become tolerant!!


  4. Dodging police? Zakir Naik cancels return to Mumbai, may issue video message – HT Correspondent – Hindustan Times – Mumbai – Updated: Jul 11, 2016 12:30 IST

    Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who was supposed to come back to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia on Monday morning, has cancelled his return and may issue a clarification through video conferencing, police sources said.

    Naik has come under the scanner of the Indian government after reports emerged that two among a group of terrorists, who killed 22 people in a posh Dhaka café last week, were allegedly inspired by his speeches.

    On Sunday, Bangladesh banned Naik’s controversial Peace TV, claiming it incited the recent attack on the Dhaka café.

    However, there is no substantial evidence that suggests that Naik or his sermons indoctrinated, influenced or radicalised any of the youths wanted or arrested for terrorism.

    His name first cropped in 2002-2003 amid a series of blasts in Mumbai and led Mumbai crime branch to Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) that Naik founded and serves as its president. Naik was questioned extensively but Mumbai Police could not gather any evidence that linked him to any act of terrorism.

    “But since then Naik has been under continuous surveillance of the intelligence units and agencies,” a senior IPS officer who questioned Naik, said.

    “There is little possibility that Naik would try to influence youths using a public platform like Peace TV. What is of question is, if Naik met any of the youth, who joined ISIS or any other terrorist organisation, behind closed doors,” he added.

    Read: Zakir Naik unfit to preach, Muslims should avoid listening to him: Darul Uloom

    It comes in the backdrop of claims from the parents of two brothers from Kerala, who converted to Islam, that they had travelled to Mumbai and met Naik on more than one occasion. The brothers are among 20 missing youth from the state who travelled to the Middle East, and are suspected of joining the Islamic State (IS).

    Mumbai Police sources said that the special team constituted to probe Naik has gathered details about his properties, funding and other activities and is expected to question the preacher.

    Apart from monitoring social networking websites, police officials led by former special director of the Intelligence Bureau and now Mumbai Police commissioner DD Padsalgikar are sifting through interrogation reports of various accused to see if any of them were influenced by Naik’s speeches, or had met him in person.

    The Mumbai anti-terrorism squad (ATS) arrested one Feroze Deshmukh, who was allegedly involved in Aurangabad arms haul case and worked in the IRF’s library. Deshmukh is currently out on bail.

    Soon after Deshmukh’s arrest another accused in the case, identified as Grant road resident Rahil, fled India and is said to have taken shelter in Bangladesh. Deshmukh and Rahil were in touch with each other before the arms haul.

    A Malwani man, Ayaz Sultan, who slipped into Afghanistan and joined the IS, also worked with IRF.


  5. Excellent article. Will Hindus take notice ?


  6. And all this in Modi’s India, where supposedly a right wing Hindu nationalist party is a the center.


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