“Hindus have been facing an unprecedented threat from conversions,” says Dr Subramanian Swamy

Virat Hindustan Sangam“People should vote for a Hindu-friendly party in future, if the world’s most ancient (Hindu) civilization are to withstand the onslaught of external forces. People should vote for a Hindu-friendly party in future, if the world’s most ancient (Hindu) civilization were to withstand the onslaught of external forces.” – Dr Subramanian Swamy

Cross Crossed-OutTerming that “induced religious conversions” as a threat to national integrity, senior BJP leader and Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) national president Subramanian Swamy said it was high time that an all-India law banning religious conversions was enacted, but with an exception that “reconversions were not banned”.

Participating in the national convention of the VHS here on Sunday, he said: “People should vote for a Hindu-friendly party in future, if the world’s most ancient (Hindu) civilization is to withstand the onslaught of external forces.”

The majority community (Hindus) must destroy the caste system and revive Sanskrit language to successfully thwart the expansionist agenda of other religions, he observed. On the occasion, Mr. Swamy recalled that the Hindu civilization was among the 46 ancient civilizations listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Kashmir: The forgotten conflict.

“The Hindus have never discriminated against other religions, but it has of late been facing an unprecedented threat from conversions which are highly detrimental to democracy. The whole world raises a hue and cry when something happens to Muslims and Christians, but there is no one to espouse the cause of over five lakh Kashmiri Pandits who are living in exile in their own country,” he said.

Members of the Hindu community in Malappuram district of Kerala have complained that they could not hold a public meeting for 20 years. Such was the persecution of Hindus in India. This is not acceptable, he said.

“We should ensure that the Hindu population does not fall below the 80 per cent mark but that does not mean they should produce more children,” he observed, warning that “a danger was lurking in the form of the new caliphate named as the Islamic State.” – The Hindu, 7 December 2015

M. K. Gandhi

♦ Aggressive evangelism makes ‘ghar wapsi’ pale in comparison

“The Christian percentage of the Indian populace has grown by a staggering 150 per cent. In other words, India now has more Christians than any First World country aside from the United States and Russia according to Pew Research’s Religion & Public Life Project.” – Pawan Deshpande  

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  1. Yes, Buddhists are under attack from evangelists in Sri Lanka, as are the Donyi-Polo in Arunachal Pradesh and tribals in Madhya Pradesh. In some cases, Buddhists and Hindus work together to protect their religious culture from predators. But Hindus are disorganized in India and the institutions that were created to protect them, such as the VHP, are for the most part superfluous. Also secular politics works against Hindu activism. It is a big complicated issue that really has to be tackled by government.

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  2. As someone living far away, may i ask: is it not also the case that all non-abrahamic religions are endangered? (This would only emphasize the urgency in my eyes.) If so, then maybe all these religions might unite against the others. To help one another protect their own people.


  3. Why do we Hindus always have to apologise to ‘other religion’ even before we act in our own interest?

    Do Muslims and Christians apologise to Hindus before they act in their own interest?

    The Mahabharata teaches the principle of reciprocity. When are we Hindus going to learn to apply this principle in our own lives?


  4. Supporting Hindu friendly party does not mean one goes against other religion. I love my mother! Does it mean I hate other mothers? It doesn’t. My fellow Hindus, be united to emerge leaders of World. We have capacity but we do not realize it like Hanuman! Awake! Arise!


  5. As usual Hindus will be complacent.There will be hundreds of Jaichands to help decimate Hindu culture further.


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