We now have concrete proof for love jihad – Balbir Punj

Balbir Punj“How from such gullibility the victims are led on the path to either adopt Islam or if already Muslims, to join the ISIS or other Jihadi outfits, needs to be studied for developing adequate immunity socially against such viruses. The success of ISIS, despite its horrifying mass killings and individual beheadings and throat slittings, is also a warning for civilised societies against complacency of any sort.” – Balbir Punj

A stupid Hindu girl riding to disaster!After several instances of young Muslim boys enticing Hindu and Christian girls in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and several other parts of the country with the show of wealth and promises of marriage and then, ferrying them to Kashmir and other places, converting them and recruiting them forcibly into Islamist Jihad came to light, concerns at this Love Jihad were raised. But, our so-called secularist lobby started dismissing these concerns as myths and communal propaganda. What happened last week when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) deported to India a Hyderabad resident lady on charges of secretly working as a recruiting agent for the ISIS through a concealed identity has blasted the secularists’ apology on the charges of Love Jihad. On her arrival from Abu Dhabi, the National Investigation Agency took her into custody and is unravelling her past life as a recruiter for the barbaric killers in the name of religion that the Syria-Iraq based militant movement has turned out to be.

The story of Afsha Jabeen from Hyderabad turns out to be a mix of 26/11 recce agent of Pakistan’s state-supported militant organisation of Hafiz Sayeed and the several Love Jihad Islamist teenagers who were engaged by jihadi organisations for recruiting unsuspecting girls from non-Muslim communities to the Islamist cause. David Headley, who toured India collecting details for staging the 26/11 massacre in Mumbai, claiming to be a Christian and a businessman, was actually a Muslim. He assumed a Christian name to mask his identity and gain unsuspecting access in India. Pakistan’s ISI and Hafiz Sayeed’s JuD were his real handlers. As we know now, he was unmasked while in the US and is currently in jail. American authorities have agreed to share with India much of the details they have gathered after his arrest. In the US itself, he was probably a double agent pretending to work for the anti-terrorism agency but actually was working all the time for the Islamist cause in Pakistan.

The plot in the case of the Hyderabad lady is the same but it is the woman who now assumes a Christian name to hide her real identity and carry on recruitment for the ISIS by luring unsuspecting young men to marry her. It has now come to light that she also pretended to be a British resident settled in the UAE so she could carry greater conviction and persuade her intended victims that they stand to gain by getting to move to the UAE. Her virtual life on Facebook and other social media was so effectively secretive, even her husband — a Hindu working in Abu Dhabi, himself a victim of her charm and had converted to Islam to marry her — was not aware of her secretive work carried on the social media by pretending to be a Christian.

She assumed many Christian names, mainly Nicole Joseph, to make her victims believe that they were getting into a relationship with a British national  and therefore, have a chance of landing up in the UK. The intended victim, knowing her only on the social media, would be wheedled into the ISIS camp through her machinations. After an electronic engineer, a Muslim himself, was lured by her and was persuaded to come to Syria, his attempts to get a visa to that country got the IB to zero in on her.

Afsha Jabeen“She used her false identity to attract non-Muslims to take up Islam like her,” the IB has been quoted in the report about her arrest as soon as she landed in Hyderabad following her extradition from the UAE. The IB was following the lead obtained from the Hyderabad engineer, who was seeking to go to Syria, for the last six months to provide enough documentation of her being an ISIS agent and compel the UAE police to extradite her. The treaty that India has with the UAE  makes it mandatory to send back to India suspected criminal elements from here seeking refuge in the UAE from the law here. Too clever by half, she had withdrawn from her virtual life once her intended victim boasted about his intention to go to Syria and thus, drew attention to such clandestine activities through the Facebook.

The IB could trace her work back to 2008 when she launched a Facebook group called “Islam vs Christianity”, the title being innocent in itself till the intelligence agencies dug up and found much dirt. “Even her husband, Devender Kumar Batra, himself a convert to Islam, was not aware of her virtual life as a recruiting agent….” the IB is quoted as saying in newspaper reports.

Now the IB is watching several people in J&K, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other places who were her recruits for various jobs as ISIS agents. How far the penetration of this dangerous Islamist organisation has gone will be known only when this lady is investigated fully. It should be noted that the Hyderabad electronic engineer Salman Mohiuddin, who got lured by Jabeen, was under the impression that she was a Christian and a British national and was ready to marry him.

How from such gullibility the victims are led on the path to either adopt Islam or if already Muslims, to join the ISIS or other Jihadi outfits, needs to be studied for developing adequate immunity socially against such viruses. The success of ISIS, despite its horrifying mass killings and individual beheadings and throat slittings, is also a warning for civilised societies against complacency of any sort.

From this event, it is quite evident that for our own safety we cannot take lightly the reports that several young people here are getting lured by religious ideology, hopes of landing up big deals abroad, marriages with persons of Islamic faith to gain access to the oil riches of the Gulf or other attractions.

Love Jihad could be a plot that could be played by not only teenage Muslim boys displaying high lifestyles to attract gullible girls from other communities, it could also be Muslim girls with concealed identity as non-Muslims but cleverly trapping unsuspecting men into Islamist ideology. This is more so, when we see European nations, especially the UK, Germany and France are finding plots after plots being hatched by Islamists in their territory. The frontrunners in these plots are late converts from the dominant Christian community in Europe who fall for the Islamist ideology. That in the UK one such convert beheaded a British soldier some months back in a public place in broad daylight is a sharp reminder of how far this ideology could go in making beasts out of human beings. – The New Indian Express, 21 September 2015

» Balbir Punj is a BJP Raja Sabha member and commentator on political and social issues. E-mail: punjbalbir@gmail.com

This is what happens to stupid Hindu girls who run after Muslim boys with money!

Intelligence agencies believe that the number of Indians who have joined ISIS has gone up to 30.

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  1. ISIS recruiter has data of 25,000 Indian Muslim youth – Abhinandan Mishra – The Sunday Standard – New Delhi – 19 Sep 2015

    Afsha Jabeen, a key ISIS recruiter, who is currently being interrogated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Hyderabad police, following her deportation from Dubai to India on 11 September, had built up a vast data bank of Indian Muslim youth, many of them working in the Gulf, for possible recruitment. Jabeen, 38, was even successful in motivating around a dozen youth from India to join the ranks of ISIS, the Hyderabad police said after interrogating her for six days. These youth are from Hyderabad and the surrounding districts of Nalgonda and Nizamabad. Some others are from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Jabeen, who had gathered the email addresses of around 25,000 Muslim youth, reached out to them through Facebook and Twitter, and provoked them with stories on how Islam was under threat all over the world and how an Islamic Caliphate based on the Sharia was the need of the hour.

    As per the details submitted by the Hyderabad police before a metropolitan magistrate court in the city on Tuesday, Jabeen opened more than a dozen Facebook pages. She would delete them once they became popular. For instance, her Facebook page “Moderates vs Liberals” had drawn around 25,000 followers. “Who is real Islamist?”, “Daula Islmic” and “Real Jihadi” were her other pages.

    “On the surface, her pages contained regular academic discussions. She posed questions like why capitalism under the US failed to wipe out inequalities in the world or why Sunni Muslims were targeted all over. At the same time, however, she was collecting personal emails and mobile numbers so that she could persuade the youth to join ISIS,” said an officer with the airport police station.

    Jabeen, who used the pseudonym Nicky Josepha for the clandestine activities she carried out from Abu Dhabi, came under the scanner of the NIA and the Hyderabad police following the arrest of a techie, Mohammad Salman Moiuddin, who was about to go to Turkey from Hyderabad to join the ISIS. After the police detained him at Shamshabad International Airport on 17 January, Salman told them that he was introduced to the ISIS ideology by a woman from the UK, Nicky Josepha. He also showed them his email interactions with Josepha. The NIA and a Special Branch team of the Hyderabad police kept an eye on Josepha’s activities and by April-May, they established that her real name was Afsha Jabeen and that she was from Tolichowk in Hyderabad.

    However, the NIA’s request to the UAE to deport Afsha went unanswered until Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Emirates in August and made a personal request. Following this, the UAE deported her to India for interrogation.

    Jabeen was born in Hyderabad in 1977, but her father Abdus Salam, a small-scale businessman, migrated to Abu Dhabi in the early 1990s along with his family. Jabeen returned to the city of her birth to study BCom from the Shadan Women’s Degree College in 1999.

    After finishing her degree she married a Hindu man, Devendra Kumar Batra, a resident of Hyderabad’s Himayatnagar. Batra embraced Islam and changed his name to Mohammad Mustafa. The couple has three children who live in Dubai. Sources said that Jabeen shelved her plans of becoming an entrepreneur in order to spread the cause of Islam, which according to her, is under threat from the US and Israel.

    So far, three teams of investigators, one from the NIA and two from the Hyderabad police, have quizzed her and are likely to seek a few weeks’ custody so that she can be interrogated about the moles who are recruiting Muslim youth into the ISIS. As of now, she is included as “Accused no. 2” in the case filed against Salman Moiuddin, under the Unlawful Activities (prevention) Act.

    An NIA team is trying to gather information about all those who were in touch with Jabeen and Salman Moiuddin. At least 500 Muslim youth from Hyderabad and Karnataka were in touch with them in the last three years.

    The Hyderabad police has gathered the details of four or five youth who are suspected to have left for Syria to join the ISIS. The police is trying to bring them back with the help of Jabeen.

    The NIA is planning to bring Salman Moiuddin, currently in Chennai, to Hyderabad and question Afsha in his presence. Four other youths from Nalgonda and Hyderabad, who were in touch with Jabeen since 2013 and who also deposited some money in some specific bank accounts to facilitate ISIS work, are likely to be questioned along with her, said sources in the police.

    A top police officer handling her case claimed that Jabeen was repenting her decision to work for the ISIS, which she said had deviated from the true spirit of Islam. The officer further said that she was ready to turn approver and confess all her activities in the last four years. “But we are focused on interrogating her,” the officer stressed, requesting anonymity.


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