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  1. When I was in Goa for the job, I have visited that site and asked local Goan hindus about it. The answer from them was that the cross on the top of the church could not stand for long time. I have not found any specific there.But many Goan knows this fact.


  2. Thank you for this comment.

    We are aware that the site of Bom Jesus Church was originally that of Goa’s most important Shiva temple, destroyed by the Portuguese.

    It is said that a cross cannot be kept on top of the church. It always falls down. Is it true?


  3. The body of Francis Zeviour is kept at a place which was originally Shiva temple (Saptakotishwar) destroyed by Portugese. Zeviour was spanish and not died or buried in India. The body of Zeviour shown in Goa is actually a body of a priest from Agashi(Near Virar,Mumbai) and that priest died nearly 200 years after the death of zeviour.


  4. Indira = Moumina Begum. Feroze Khan = Feroze Gandhi. Then we are still struggling over the issue of true paternity of esteemed Pandit JLN, Sheikh Abdullah, Sanjay aka Sanjiv Gandhi.

    Roberto aka Rajiv, Rahul aka Raul, Biyanka aka Priyanka, truth behind the murder of Roberto and the role of his high profile wife Antonia Sonia Maino Vinci and the late night meeting of Quottrocchi with the French Intelligence officers in Paris just prior to his assassination and its link to LTTE; apart from the mystery behind the illegitimate extension of Lord Mountabatten till June 1948 after August 1947 (and the cause of Lady Edwina’s Platonic love with JLN) and then why was Mountabatten not kept till 26 January 1950 when Raja Rajgopalachari was instituted during the interim period, why?

    Indian curious mind is still seeking answers to these hidden questions. A Hindu of today is too meek, coward and taken for granted. Malcolm Muggeridge is correct to my mind in saying that the British left a spiritually bankrrupt India aka Hindu. Hindu is completely ignorant of its history.


  5. A Hindu mind as on today is too submissive and easy to win over. That is why Nehru said, “I am Hindu by accident and his lone debauch daughter said, “OOOh… marry …. Hindu…..??? No wonder why Narendra Modi is hounded by this dynasty till date. I am not sure of its remedy but the current Hindu race is now too polluted to revert to its ancient glory. It will need a revolution.


  6. The Church prospers in India only because Hindus support it. It is the same as in politics. We are ruled by a foreigner because Hindus support her.


  7. http://www.zimler.com/dLivro.php?id=11&m=14

    From the highly acclaimed author of The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and Hunting Midnight comes a sweeping tale of persecution, devotion and vengeance in colonial Goa . By the time the 16 th century was drawing to a close in the Portuguese colony of Goa , the Catholic Inquisition was making excellent progress. ‘Sorcerers’ – whether native Hindus or immigrant Jews – who refused to betray others or give up their beliefs were either strangled by executioners or burnt alive in public autos-da-fé . The Zarco family manages to stick firm to its Portuguese-Jewish roots until, as the children reach adulthood, both father and son are betrayed to the Inquisition. Gradually, the truth of the family’s destruction is revealed. The consequences are devastating. Impeccably researched, Guardian of the Dawn is both a riveting historical mystery and, in its exploration of the nature of evil, a powerful reinterpretation of Othello. This is Richard Zimler at his imaginative, energetic – and insightful – best.


  8. One Hindu ex student of St Xavier’s College Calcutta has donated Rs. 5 Crores this year as a mark of his gratitude.


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