Opposition to Nithy’s appointment as Madurai Mutt pontiff continues – V. Jagannathan

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TV Ranjitha

Chennai / Madurai: The war of words between controversial Karnataka-based spiritual leader Nithyananda and those opposing his anointment as the 293rd pontiff of the over 1500-year-old Madurai Aadheenam Mutt late last month is turning murkier by the day.

The latest is the decision of actor Ranjitha Menon to file a defamation suit against the Hindu seer Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi for his comments on the selection of Nithyananda as junior pontiff of the Madurai Mutt, a leading monastery of the Shaivite order. The Kanchi seer, who is opposed to Nithyananda’s anointment, told reporters that the tradition of the Madurai Aadheenam is for its seers to tonsure their heads and wear a rudraksha, but a woman by the name of Ranjitha was with Nithyananda.

“Jayendra has said a woman by the name of Ranjitha seems to be with Nithyananda. This comment is certainly unwarranted in the context of his opposition to the choice of Nithyananda as the junior pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam. His comment defames my client and hence the suit,” Murugaiyan Babu, the lawyer for Menon, told IANS.

Jayendra SaraswatiReacting to the Kanchi seer’s views, Nithyananda said Jayendra Saraswathi has no locus standi in the matter as he himself is facing murder charges. The Kanchi seer is facing charges in the 2004 murder of Sankararaman, a Kanchi mutt temple manager.

Those in Jayendra Saraswathi’s camp are calling Ranjitha’s suit a publicity stunt.

Valasai K. Jayaraman, spokesperson for the Kanchi Mutt, told IANS: “Nithyananda needs publicity now. He could have simply said Ranjitha is just his disciple and the matter would have ended there and then. We will face the defamation case.”

He said Nithyananda had met Jayendra Saraswathi recently at Kashi and told him that only the latter had the power to control him.

Ranjitha’s decision has angered Hindu outfits, which are already seething with rage at Nithyananda’s appointment as the junior pontiff.

S. Jaisankar, founder president of the Vijaya Bharatha Makkal Katchi, told IANS: “There is nothing defamatory in what the Kanchi seer has said. It is just an advice to Nithyananda citing the tradition of the Madurai Mutt.”

Two years ago, a video clipping showing Nithyananda in a compromising position with Menon was telecast by television channels.

Soon after, Nithyananda was on the run and was arrested in Himachal Pradesh and released on bail later. Recently Nithyananda had challenged the heads of other mutts to install cameras in their bedroom and said he was willing to set an example.

Madurai Aadheenam is said to be over 1,500 years old. It acquired a halo when it was patronised by the seventh century Shaivaite saint Thirugnana Sambandar, one of the 63 ‘nayanmars’. Sambandar was instrumental in the revival of Hinduism in Tamil Nadu where the popular faiths were Jainism and Buddhism. According to legend, Sambandar brought the Jain Pandya King Koon Pandya into the Hindu fold.

The Madurai Aadheenam is said to own properties worth several crores of rupees though no clear estimation is available.

“The Madurai Aadheenam is intended to spread the Saivaite philosophy. A person is chosen as a head of mutt only to propagate its ideals. Nithyananda is already a peedathipathi, setting up his own peedam or organisation. How can one expect Nithyananda to spread the Shaivaite philosophy?” questions Arjun Sampath, president of the Hindu Makkal Katchi.

According to him, Nithyananda had stayed at the Madurai Aadheenam two weeks prior to his anointment as the junior pontiff.

“At that time we were told that Nithyananda was there to discuss the Shaivaite philosophy. Later the head of the Madurai Mutt went to Nithyananda’s Dhyanapeetam international headquarters in Karnataka,” Sampath said.

On April 27, Sri Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya, the 292nd pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam, declared Nithyananda as his successor at a ceremony held there. Two days later a similar event was held in Madurai.

While the current head of the Madurai Aadheenam stressed his right to choose his successor, Nithyananda termed the ones opposing him as land mafia who were busy enjoying its properties.

Nithyananda also termed the raids by the Income Tax Department at the Madurai Aadheenam office as instigated by the DMK, an allegation which the latter has dismissed. – Two Circles, 14 May 2012

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Madurai Aadheenam

Security blanket thrown around Madurai Aadheenam

Police pickets were posted in and around Madurai Adheenam as some of the Hindu religious outfits, which had condemned the appointment of Nityananda as the pontiff, had threatened to enter into the premises and offer pujas under the banner “Save Madurai Adheenam” on Sunday.

From the day of announcement of the godman Nityananda as the junior pontiff by the present Madurai Aadheenam Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desigar, there has been mixed reaction.

As days passed, apart from the Hindu Makkal Katchi and other religious leaders, many other organisations including the Tamil Nadu Sivanadiyar Thirukootam had condemned the appointment of Nityananda as the 293 pontiff of the Mutt.

A consensus approach by the Madurai Adheenam in the appointment would have been welcome and would not have dragged the Mutt to such needless controversy, the members of Dharmapura Adheenam and those from Thirupanandal Aadheenam, Bharatiya Forward Bloc among others told reporters here on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters, the members said that from Sunday onwards, they would fight under one umbrella unit called “Save Madurai Adheenam”.

Until the removal of Nityananda as the junior pontiff, the members would fight and even seek the intervention of the State government. The Saivaite outfits were pained over the appointment of Nityananda who was under the cloud of sexual escapade with an actor.

Though the newly appointed Nityananda and his supporters denied all the charges as baseless, the Madurai Aadheenam had miserably set a bad precedent in the selection of the successor, they charged.

Meanwhile, at the Mutt, both Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desigar and Nityananda performed pujas and offered darshan to their devotees.

A large number of persons including women devotees had lined up at the Mutt premises.

In a brief address to reporters, the Madurai Aadheenam said that they (the senior pontiff and Nityananda) would take up the issue jointly with the State government to put an end to the misleading statements by some persons.

The Adheenam is also contemplating legal action against some outfits which indulged in mudslinging acts, they warned.

When a group of about 50 persons led by ‘Nellai’ Kannan, under the banner of “Save Madurai Aadheenam” staged a demonstration at North Masi-West Masi Street on Sunday evening and insisted on taking out a procession to the Madurai Aadheenam, situated adjacent to Meenakshi Temple, police arrested them.

Seven other persons who attempted to break coconuts in front of the Madurai Adheenam were allegedly abused by supporters of Nityananda. Police had detained and further investigations were on. – The Hindu, Madurai, 14 May 2014

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63 Responses

  1. Nithyananda hires PR man who handled Hrithik, Priyanka – Hemanth Kashyap – Pune Mirror – 23 Sept 2012

    With his image in tatters due to several controversies, the godman has decided that Dale Bhagwagar, recommended by VVIP devotees, is the man to salvage his sagging reputation

    Bangalore: With his image taking a severe beating due to controversies surrounding him in the last few years, self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda is going for an image makeover.

    He has hired one of the men best qualified for the job — Dale Bhagwagar, the publicist who has worked with Bollywood actors like Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty, besides being a PR manager for big-budget movies like Donand Rock On.

    The swami, who was in the eye of a storm after a sex scandal, managed to become the head of the Aadheenam Peetam in Tamil Nadu, but has faced rough weather since. In an attempt to repair his tattered reputation, he has hired Bhagwagar as his personal spokesperson.

    Bhagwagar, who founded the Dale Bhagwagar Media Group, had worked with the controversial Celebrity Big Brother in London when Shilpa Shetty was one of the contestants.

    Bhagwagar’s media group has been initiating media manoeuvres such as image-building, brand management, crisis management and makeovers in Bollywood. According to sources, the swami was asked to look for someone who could help him maintain better relations with the media.

    His VVIP devotees recommended Bhagwagar’s name to the godman. Apparently impressed with the way Bhagwagar had handled Bigg Boss contestants, including Rakhi Sawant, Kashmeera Shah, Sambhavna Seth, Sherlyn Chopra, and Diana Hayden, the swami had no hesitation in getting him aboard.

    Having decided that Bhagwagar would be his pointsman, the swami has instructed his devotees to stop all interactions with the media and to leave everything to him.

    Acknowledging that he was indeed working with the swami, Bhagwagar told Mirror, “The Nithyananda Dhyana Peetham contacted me and a contract was finalised recently. Now, I am the swami’s personal spokesperson. I will be looking after all his media-related matters.”

    Bhagwagar, who has been in the business for 14 years, and before that, was a journalist for 12 years, said he was happy working with Nithyananda. “I have worked closely with the stars and with the Big Boss contestants. I will also handle Swami Nithyananda in a professional manner,” he said.

    On reports that Nithyananda was appearing on India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss, Bhagwagar said, “It is true the godman has been approached earlier, but it’s too early to either confirm or deny it.”


  2. Nithyananda not entitled to be Chief of Madurai Adheenam, says HR & CE – IBN Live – 28 August 2012

    Chennai: Controversial godman Nithyananda does not have any legal entitlement to function as the head of Madurai Adheenam for the present, the HR&CE has said in its reply to a query from advocate R Krishnamurthy. Nithyananda could do so only if the office of the trustee of the Adheenam fell vacant, the reply added.

    On April 27 this year, Arunagirinathar, chief of the Adheenam, had announced that ‘‘Nithyananda would be competent to function as my lawful successor to deal with all movable and immovable properties of the Adheenam and as successor, he would have absolute right over the properties and function as was being discharged by us.’’

    By a letter dated May 17 this year, advocate Krishnamurthy had urged HR&CE to take over the Madurai Adheenam and take legal steps under Section 63 of the Court of Wards Act.In his reply dated August 22 last, the Additional Commissioner (General) of the HR&CE informed the advocte that there was no provision in the HR&CE Act, except Section 59 for removal of trusee of a math.

    Under Sec 60 of the Act, arrangements could be made by the Assistant Commissioner whenever vacancies occurred in the office of the trustee and there was dispute regarding the right of succession to such office, or when such vacancies could not be filled up immediately. Sec 63 of the TN Court of Wards Act said that it was the court to decide on the issue.


  3. Govt. can take final call on permission for individuals to file suit for removal of Nithyananda : HC – Mohamed Imranullah S. – The Hindu – 28 August 2012

    It is for the State government to take a final call with regard to according permission to private individuals for filing a civil suit for removal of Nithyananda from the post of junior pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam if the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department fails to take action, the Madras High Court Bench here has said.

    Justice K. Chandru made the observation while dismissing a writ petition filed by Tamil orator and television personality S. Nellai Kannan seeking a direction to the HR and CE Commissioner to consider an application made by him and another individual on June 11 seeking permission to file a civil suit against Nithyananda’s anointment as 293rd Aadheenam.

    The judge pointed out that as per Section 59 (1) of the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act 1959, either the HR and CE Commissioner himself or any two or more people interested in a math could file a civil suit for the removal of its trustee after obtaining written consent of the Commissioner.

    Such a decree for removal of a trustee of a math or a specific endowment attached to a math could be sought for if the trustee was of unsound mind or if he was suffering from any physical or mental defect which rendered him unfit to be a trustee or if he had ceased to profess the Hindu religion or the tenets of the math.

    The other valid reasons for such removal could be the breach by the trustee of any trust created in respect of any of the properties of the religious institution, waste of funds or properties of the institution or the wrongful application of such funds or properties for purposes unconnected with the institution. The Section further states that leading an immoral life or otherwise leading a life which was likely to bring the office of the head of the math into contempt could also be a reason for seeking removal of a math head. In the present case, the writ petitioner had precisely accused Nithyananda of involvement in immoral activities.

    Section 59 (2) states that if the HR and CE Commissioner refuses to give permission for filing a suit, the applicants concerned could file an appeal to the government which, after making necessary enquiry into the issue, could either confirm the Commissioner’s order or direct him to give his consent in writing. “Therefore, the scheme of things is very clear that the power to grant consent solely vests with the Commissioner failing which the State government will have to be satisfied,” the judge said. In the present case, the Additional Commissioner (Enquiry) had returned the petitioner’s application pointing out certain deficiencies.

    The petitioner was told that he had not paid appropriate stamp duty and process fee for serving the papers to the heads of the math. It was also stated that the petitioner had not made the senior as well as junior pontiff of the Aadheenam as parties to the dispute and did not enclose additional copies of his application to be served on them. Not finding any illegality in the deficiencies pointed out by the Additional Commissioner, the judge said that the officer was legally right in making such demands as such power had been conferred on him to ensure that frivolous cases were not filed against any math. The Commissioner should not exercise the power mechanically without a detailed enquiry. Rejecting the petitioner’s contention that the head of a math need not be included as a party at the stage of seeking permission for suing him, the judge said that he would be at liberty to resubmit the application after rectifying the defects. .


  4. Nithyananda’s disciples shifted out of ancient Saivite Mutt – PTI – 21 August 2012

    Madurai, Aug 21: Two disciples of self-styled godman Nithyanandha, whose appointment as head of an ancient Saivite mutt here triggered a controversy, have been shifted out, officials said today.

    Madurai Adheenam (Mutt) officials said while one disciple Swaroopanandha had been shifted to Chennai, Pandiselvam was shifted to the mutt’s Anna Nagar branch here.

    They said senior mutt pontiff Sri Arunagirinathar Swamy had sought explanation from Nithyanandha regarding various issues including printing of mutt letter pads having pictures of Nithyanandha alone.

    Nithyanandha was also accused of not practising the age old traditions,customs and practices of the over 1500 year-old Mutt. Nithyananda’s disciples were also disrespecting the senior pontiff, they said.

    “There was a heated exchange between Sri Arunagirinathar swamy and Nithyanandha today morning,and Nithyanandha has left for Kodaikanal in a huff”, officials claimed.

    The senior pontiff had reportedly said those who did not listen to him could not stay in the Mutt.

    Cases against appointment of Nithyanandha as junior pontiff was pending in Madurai bench of Madras High Court.

    Various fora had objected to Nithyananda’s appointment as the 293rd pontiff of the Mutt by Arunagirinathar.

    The self-styled godman is facing a CID probe into allegations of rape and criminal intimidation levelled against him in 2010 after some TV channels telecast purported video footage of him in a compromising position with an actress.

    Out on bail after his arrest in 2010, he had courted fresh trouble on June 8 when police booked him and his followers for allegedly assaulting a mediaperson during a press meet at his ashram at nearby Bidadi.

    The press conference was held in the backdrop of a US-based woman alleging that he had sexually abused her for five years. Nithyananda was granted bail on June 15, a day after his re-arrest on charges of disturbing peace and lodged in Mysore Central Prison.


  5. Unfortunately until these court cases against him get any conviction he will continue to use the courts – media – and pr spin people to make him look like the victim rather than the victimizer. And he will continue to go forward creating more victims daily thinking he is always going to be beyond the law. He is even finding a way to spin the laws to his advantage. When will it end ? When will he be held accountable on any level ? Even clear video of his actions and scamming ways are apparently not enough proof ? Do the courts actually have to be in his bedroom before their eyes are opened ? Or would they even then be in denial and allow him to yet again spin some fabricated story around that ? Absolutely heinous. He is going to drag that Mutt down as well in his corruption.


  6. CCIC Mumbai

    Swami Nithyananda may take action against guerilla defamation – Tapa Menon – Oye! Times – 17 August 2012

    The controversial Swami Nithyananda may soon approach the government’s Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) to intimate them of select websites indulging in what his publicist terms as “guerilla defamation.”

    Speaking about the same, the spiritual leader’s PR specialist Dale Bhagwagar revealed, “There have been a select group of websites which seem to be regularly indulging in false and defamatory articles about Swami Nithyananda.”

    He referred to a new attack on Nithyananda’s reputation this week, by four websites BharatOne, Gulte, IdleNRI and CineVedika, which called the spiritual leader a “conman” involved in “mismanagement of funds,” without any proof or valid reason.

    “Such articles may not only incorrectly influence mass media opinion and turn dangerous for a person’s reputation, but also spread false news, hurting the fabric of society,” said Bhagwagar, making a point.

    “A few websites have been continuously fabricating and concocting terms and articles, maligning Nithyananda’s image in a clear violation of our country’s defamation laws,” he added. “Moreover, many of these are strangely operating in a guerilla fashion, having no clear contact info about themselves on their sites or elsewhere,” stated the PR specialist. He remarked that he was unaware if such sites are operating from India or whether they have their servers abroad.

    “Unable to touch base with the sites in a credible manner, Nithyananda may be left with no other option but to approach the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell to request action,” added the publicist, wondering if CCIC is empowered to block domains of sites indulging in such illegal guerilla defamation.


  7. Sex IQ Test

    Nithyananda’s disciple Vikram Dravid accused of rape – IBN Live – Mumbai – 8 August 2012

    Mumbai: A disciple of Swami Nithyananda has been accused of rape by another follower of the guru. A 32-year-old NRI woman based in the US has accused 37-year-old doctor Vikram Dravid of raping her over the course of four years. The victim registered a complaint at Colaba police station on Monday.

    As per the complaint, in March 2008, Dravid ‘brainwashed’ the victim, who is married, into having sex with him. The victim said, “He would tell me that he is Shiva and I am Parvati. He would lace my drinks with drugs and rape me.” The duo, both NRIs, would frequent one of Nithyananda’s ashrams in Los Angeles. The accused allegedly continued raping her till 2009.

    “We have arrested Dravid,” said Sanjivrao Mandlik of Colaba police station. Dravid was produced at a magistrate’s court and has been remanded in custody till August 10.


  8. For a day, Nithy doesn’t have to prove manhood – DNA – 8 August 2012

    The high court on Tuesday granted an interim stay, till Wednesday, to self-styled godman Nithyananda from undergoing medical tests, as sought by the CID investigating into a sex scandal involving him.

    Nithyananda had approached the high court seeking exemption from medical tests as directed by a court at Ramanagar.

    The Ramnagar court had on June 20 granted permission to the police to subject the godman to a medical test, on CID’s request. The investigative agency had sought permission to subject him to medical tests, including blood and voice test. These tests were to ascertain whether he was potent or impotent.

    Nithyananda has contended that even if the medical examination were to indicate that he is capable of having an intercourse, it does not indicate that there exists evidence with regard to the commission of offence of rape.

    Nithyananda has also filed a memo stating that the investigating officer DySP (CID) MN Ramalingappa, who had filed a report in the Ramnagar court regarding medical test, does not have authority, since he was directed to hand over the case to DySP (CID) BN Ambiger for further investigation.

    The godman is facing a CID probe into allegations of rape and criminal intimidation levelled against him in 2010. Some TV channels had aired a purported video footage of the godman in a compromising position with a film actress.


  9. As you know this thumbing the nose at the courts would not fly in the US. If you don’t show up for a court date then a warrant is put out for your arrest. Apparently in india the courts are issuing invitations and not actual ordered appearances. What message does this show offenders and their victims. The victims have less rights than the offenders. If you have money you can stall – buy your way out – and just go off to do whatever you please as the courts are only serious about detaining the poor. It is sad that the courts are not taking this seriously and are basically only handing him more fuel to his already overblown ego in giving him carte blanche to dictate his terms from his throne. He slanders those who bring a case and then calls foul at every turn and wants gag orders issued against them. Yet he is allowed to spin and spin and yet spin some more propaganda from his p.r. firm. Yes religious persecution is taking place but it’s his war on hinduism in throwing out all morality and proclaiming his dark deeds light. In taking over the mutt and taking down all former heads pictures he is dishonoring all that has come before. He has no intention of following through on keeping it going his intention is clear to gain access and then proclaim it his own. Provocative dancing by the women there etc. Shameful. Adding drugs to the water again Shameful and underhanded. He is the worst type of blight to any religion.


  10. Yes, the police could hold the passports indefinitely as they were found in the possession of an unauthorised person. But Nithy will not be arrested until the Bangalore court issues a warrant for his non-appearance for the sex test (which he has already avoided a number of times). So far the court does not seem interested to pursue the issue.

    It is reported that there is a warrant(s) for his arrest in in the US. If that is true, then he cannot travel there as US authorities will pick him up at the airport itself.

    Because he has become such a scandal, the Indian government could withdraw his passport. It has been done before with dubious Indian godmen who travel abroad. But such decisions lie with the Home Minister in New Delhi.


  11. That makes sense. In any rate it’s an opportunity for the police to confiscate his passport since he has blown off a court order. Not being indian here most certainly had to have all documents in order before traveling to nepal. Maybe this gives the opening police need to pick him up and to say you aren’t calling the shots and you need to be back here now for the court ordered mandates. And let his followers find out he is not god and their trip is now not going to go forward. It might be the wake up call they need. This could potentially work out well. Also his claims of going to america and being on the ocean the end of december. Let his passport be rescinded now.


  12. Indians do not require a passport to enter Nepal. But the dummy probably didn’t have his Chinese visas (and couldn’t get them in Kathmandu). So the passports may have been sent back with a messenger to get Chinese visas (whether real or fake we don’t know) in New Delhi. Whether the Chinese will issue visas in bulk to a group they haven’t seen or verified is very doubtful.


  13. So does this mean that conveniently he *can’t* leave the country because he doesn’t have a passport to get back into india ? How did they get into nepal without the required stamps ? Is he now going to claim it is all some evil plot ? Are they trying to sneak a way to get visas to leave the country entirely ? Isn’t it time to head him off and put him right back behind bars awaiting trial ? I only wish the police had the passports in hand and that he and his followers are rounded up before he thumbs his nose yet again at the law – the courts – religion – and all the victims he continues to taunt.


  14. Mystery of Sex Swami Nithyananda’s passport – Faizan Haider – Hindustan Times – New Delhi – 2 August 2012

    The passports of Nithyananda and a Tamil actress he is accused of raping have been seized from a man at the Capital’s Indira Gandhi International Airport even as the self-styled godman is on way to Mount Kailash in Tibet via Nepal.

    The customs department seized 32 passports in all
    from Nitin Kaushik on Tuesday evening. Of these, 30 are believed to be of Nithyananda’s supporters.

    Officials said the passports appear to be genuine. Kaushik, travelling from Kathmandu to Delhi, has been detained.

    Nithyananda was required to appear for a medical test in Bangalore on July 30 in the 2010 rape case of a Tamil actress. Investigators wanted to conduct a potency test on Nithyananda as he had claimed to be impotent.

    Nithyananda hit the headlines in 2010 when a CD purportedly showing the godman and the actress in a compromising position went public.

    It was Kaushik’s baggage that got the customs department suspicious.

    “Kaushik, who was coming from Kathmandu on Indigo flight 6E-032, was stopped for checking. He was asked to open his bag after an X-ray screening,” said a source.

    Kaushik told interrogators the passports were given to him by a person in Nepal.

    Person who was to receive passports holds key – Faizan Haider – Hindustan Times – New Delhi – 2 August 2012

    The person who had come to receive the consignment of 32 passports, which the custom department found, holds the key for police. The police are clueless on how Swami Nithyananda’s passport reached Delhi though he is in Nepal. Sources said that Nitin Kaushik, who was nabbed with
    the packet of passports, including that of the controversial godman, has claimed that someone was waiting for him outside the airport.

    “That person was waiting for him with a placard in his hand. We identified the man with the help of closed-circuit television footage and his details have been given to the police,” a source said.

    The sources said Nithyananda’s passport has been found along with that of Ranjitha, who was with him in a scandalous video that raised a storm two years ago. The other passports belong to Nityananda’s supporters.

    Security agencies claimed the passports appeared to be genuine.

    “The mystery of the passports has not been unravelled yet. The passports are genuine but there are no visas attached. There are few unanswered questions like how the passports reached Nepal and why they were being brought to Delhi. We are taking help of Bangalore police,” a police officer said.

    The sources said Kaushik’s statements were contradictory and he had not given the details of the person who had handed him the packet. Kaushik works with a travel agency that arranges travels of prominent persons.


  15. Required for sex test, Nithy heads to Kailash – Utpal Parashar – Hindustan Times – 29 July 2012

    KATHMANDU: He is required to appear for medical tests in Bangalore on Monday in connection with a two-year-old rape case. But self-styled god man Nithyananda is heading to Mount Kailash in Tibet via Nepal.

    As police officers wait for him, the controversial guru is in Nepal on way to a 15-day Kailash-Mansarowar ‘yatra’ leading a group of over 200 international devotees on spiritual pilgrimage.

    The 34-year-old is accused of raping a Tamil actress and since Nithyananda had claimed that he was “not a man”, the CID sleuths want to conduct a potency test on him.

    As the god man has failed to appear earlier for such tests, the police had obtained a court order for the same in June and sent a notice to him this month asking him to appear for the test on July 30.

    But a release by PRWeb and a news item in http://www.nithyananda.org, confirm that Nithyananda is on way to Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake, two of the most sacred sites for Hindus and Buddhists, located in Tibet.

    “Paramhamsa Nithyananda is in Kathmandu at present and will be traveling to Kailash from there. But I have no idea where he is staying,” said an employee of the Bangalore-based Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam over phone.

    En route to Kailash, the group will be visiting the sacred Hindu temples of Pashupatinath and Muktinath, the site states while adding that the god man will return to India in August.

    Nithyananda hit the headlines in 2010 when his former associate made public a CD where he was shown with the actress. The god man has maintained that he is impotent.

    The CID branch in Karnataka has formed a panel of medical experts and asked Nithyananda to appear before it at the Victoria Hospital in Bangalore on Monday to undergo tests.

    Last month, Nithyananda had spent a night in jail after some of his followers attacked journalists at a press conference.


  16. Arunagirinatha Desikan

    Senior pontiff unhappy with Nithy’s disciples – IBN Live – 22 July 2012

    Madurai Jul 22 (PTI): The head of the ancient Saivite Mutt here, Sri La Sri Arunagirinathar, has reportedly rejected junior pontiff Nithyananda’s invitation for the proposed ‘Kailash Yatra’ on July 27, sources close to him said today. Speaking to newsmen on the condition of anonymity, they said the senior pontiff was not happy with three disciples of Nithyananda removing portraits of the earlier Mutt heads, including his own portrait, from the mutt premises. He was also unhappy with the three disciples interfering with property issues of the Madurai Adheenam (mutt), and asking some occupants of mutt properties to vacate, the sources said. He had also asked Nithyananda to explain why he had not been informed about a Karnataka police summons to him ‘for a masculinity test’, they said. Karnataka CB-CID Assistant Inspector Chandrasekharan had delivered the summons to a disciple of Nithyananda today. Nithyananda is camping at Kodaikanal where he has been giving religious discourses for the past three weeks. Various fora had objected to Nithyananda’s appointment as the 293rd pontiff of the over 1500-year-old Madurai Adheenam by Arunagirinathar. The self-styled godman is facing a CID probe into allegations of rape and criminal intimidation levelled against him in 2010 after some TV channels telecast purported video footage of him in a compromising position with an actress. Out on bail after his arrest in 2010, he had courted fresh trouble on June 8 when police booked him and his followers for allegedly assaulting a mediaperson during a press meet at his ashram at nearby Bidadi. The press conference was held in the backdrop of a US-based woman alleging that he had sexually abused her for five years. Nithyananda was granted bail on June 15, a day after his re-arrest on charges of disturbing peace and lodged in Mysore Central Prison.


  17. Nithy hard on

    Nithy will undergo tests to prove he’s impotent and can’t have sex with women – Pune Mirror – 19 July 2012

    Bangalore: After declaring his impotency, Swami Nithyananda has been playing cat-and-mouse with the CID, ignoring umpteen letters and not appearing for medical tests. Not any more.

    With the court’s go-ahead, the CID has chosen July 30 to put the controversial godman through a battery of tests at Victoria Hospital to prove (or disprove) that he is capable of indulging in sex, a CID source said.

    The doctors will have no restrictions and will be allowed to conduct any test they feel necessary on Nithyananda, another CID source said. “A notice has already been served to Nithyananda to be present on the morning of July 30 at the CID headquarters, from where he will be taken to Victoria Hospital under tight security.
    If he fails to turn up for the tests, the CID will have no option but to move court to cancel his bail. So, we are sure that he will turn up this time,” the source added.

    What are the tests a man has to go through to prove he’s impotent? Considering the sensitivity of the case, details pertaining to the panel of doctors who will be carrying out the tests on Nithyananda are kept highly confidential to check any attempts to influence them, sources said.

    Normally, along with the blood samples, the bone marrow is also tested to assess the hormone levels. But in Nithyananda’s case, it could go beyond this and several tests will be conducted over three-four days.

    These include: Blood test, supplemented with semen analysis, thyroid analysis and the use of erectionstimulating drugs. Nithyananda will first undergo a physical examination which will tell doctors if his sexual organs have been operated on. “Then, they will look at the possibility of erectile dysfunction.

    Then comes the semen analysis in which semen motility, semen count and semen appearances are tested. The sperm count and quality will throw light on whether the person is impotent. If he meets minimal standards in each of these tests, he will be considered potent,” Dr K Shastri, a city-based physician said.

    An analysis of the thyroid – a major regulatory hormone – will also throw light on his infertility. “Injecting erection-stimulating drugs is another important way to test if one is potent. An impotent person will never develop an erection even if he is injected with such drugs,” Dr CAshwath, a physician, said.

    Testosterone, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone) are some other tests to determine impotence.

    The results of these tests will be produced in court and will determine the course of investigation into the case filed against him by onetime confidant Lenin Karuppan. “If the tests do not prove his impotence, Nithyananda will be in trouble,” another source added.

    Not impotent, had sex with 15 women admits Nithyananda – Face-n-Facts, 10 March 2011

    Chennai: Sex-scandal hit Swami Nithyananda, who had called himself impotent, has admitted to having sex with over 15 women disciples.

    According to the CID interrogation, Nithyananda admitted that he had sex with the actress. Initially Nithyananda claimed that he does not get sexually aroused as he is neither man nor woman, but after the CID screened the controversial video for him, he told the investigating officer that it was indeed him in the video.

    The self-styled swami said that he was not impotent, but only had an erectile dysfunction, swearing that whatever he told CID officials during the interrogation was only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Elaborating on his sexual life at his ashram, he admitted that, apart from the actress, he had sex with more than 15 other women, but did not remember their names. He admitted that what he did was wrong and that sometimes he chose female devotees to have sex with, and sometimes they were already willing to do so themselves.

    Justifying his misdeeds, the disgraced swami said that he had done nothing illegal, although his deeds might be socially and religiously wrong. He said that he might have had sex with many people, but never did he force anyone and all the encounters were voluntary. He also said that he just wanted to come out his present mess.


  18. Steps sought to oust controversial godman Nithyananda from the Madurai Aadheenam – TOI – 18 July 2012

    MADURAI: An orator and an advocate have filed a petition in the high court bench here seeking a directive to the HR&CE Board Commissioner to permit them to file a suit in a subordinate court for removal of controversial godman Nithyananda as head of the Madurai Adheenam.

    In their petition, Nellai Kannan and advocate V P Ganesan said Nithyananda was not qualified to become junior head of the aadheenam, which was in existence for over 1,500 years and had a great tradition. His appointment had come as ‘a bolt from the blue’ for the Vallala community, who are Saivites and emotionally attached to the mutt, they said.

    They contended that Nithyananda had not followed any of the steps required traditionally to head the mutt, one of which was to acquire a certain type of ‘sainthood.’ On attaining this status, he should visit all Shiva temples and be made ‘Kattalai Thambiran’ (personal assistant to the priest) after the latter felt he had acquired sufficient knowledge in Saiva tenets.

    He would later be given blessings with mantras and adorn Vedic beads and renounce all worldly connections. He would then be given a ‘Spatika Lingam’ which he should worship daily.

    Pointing out that only a Kattalai Thambiran should be made junior pontiff, they said the Madurai Aadheenam could have got someone from other aadheenams and not Nithyananda, against whom there was a pending case in California over alleged misappropriation of funds and cheating.

    The petitioners said one leading an immoral life or in a manner likely to bring the office of the head of the aadheenam into disrepute could be removed from the post as per the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act. Nithayananda was absent from the mutt for three months when he faced criminal cases and was arrested in Bangalore, they said. After claiming to be head of the Bidadi Mutt near Bangalore, he could not assume charge of the Madurai Aadheenam, they said.


  19. Well i have a couple of videos out addressing this little statement of his. Let’s just say am still here and say to him point blank — go for it — give it your best shot. The only way he could turn anyone to ash is if one of his blind devotees burnt your house down around you. But Nithyananda is a balloon of hot air and has no powers except the very large power to continue to deceive himself and his band of deluded followers.


  20. Nithy's Non-Disclosure Sex Contracts

    Nithyananda says, I will destroy those making fun of me – T. Raghavan – India TV – 14 July 2012

    Bangalore: Another video has surfaced in which self-styled ‘avatar’ (incarnation of God) Swami Nithyananda has threatened to declare a “war against negativity”.

    The video was posted on Nithyananda’s website on February 6, 2012, in which the self-styled godman says: “I will now launch a war against negativity. We will fight this negativity.

    “We will not keep quiet any more. We will always win”, says the godman to huge applause from his devotees.

    Nithyanand says: ” I have taken incarnation to purify the soul of my devotees. Now I will prove my incarnation by destroying those indulging in negativity.

    “I am Kal Bhairav. I am Mahakali. Anybody who makes fun of us, I will turn them into ashes”, thunders Nithyananda, as devotees break into applause.

    There has been several cases against Nithyananda, including that of a sex CD scandal.

    His devotees beat up mediapersons outside his Bidadi ashram recently, and on the direction of Madras High Court, a Madurai court has taken up the case of a devotee who has alleged that the godman is giving drug-mixed water as his charan paduka (holy water washed with his feet).


  21. Lenin

    Nithy exports antiques illegally says Lenin – Deccan Chronicle – 8 July 2012

    Former follower of Nithyananda, Lenin Karuppan, who shook the godman’s spiritual empire by releasing CDs containing alleged sex acts of the swami with an actress, has come out with a fresh set of allegations.

    He told the media on Saturday Nithyananda is involved in illegal export of ancient idols made out of pancha loha which are sold for crores of rupees in the international market. But the authorities, who have been informed about such illegal activities, are not taking any action. Mr Karuppan said he was facing a threat to his life after exposing Nithynananda’s immoral activities. “Thirteen cases have been registered against me across the country. I am facing a threat and I have informed the TN government about it.”

    He said the Forensic Sciences Laboratory has confirmed that the CD he released is genuine. The CD’s contents were disputed by Nithyananda, saying it contained morphed images. “Hundreds of devotees of Nithyananda are mute spectators to his illegal and immoral activities. I quit my business which was earning me Rs 50 lakh per month and sought peace at the Nithyananda Ashram. Later I was disillusioned and wanted to expose Nithyananda as he is not a saint,” he said.

    He urged Nithyananda to undergo tests to prove his claim that he has the body of a five-year-old boy. “He is not ready for any tests. This proves that he is lying,” he said. “I am a Hindu, but Nithyananda has been misleading the media, saying I am a Christian. After joining his ashram, Nithya renamed me as Shri Nithya Dharmananda,” he said.


  22. Nithyananda in payment row – Deccan Chronicle – 5 June 2012

    In yet another allegation against Swami Nithyananda, who came into the limelight for his alleged sex scandal a few years ago, a 40-year-old businessman and his wife from Thiruchengode filed a cheating complaint against him with the district collector on Wednesday.

    T.A.S. Senkothavel, 40, and his wife Suganti, 35, said that they had run the IT firm Janani Infotech Company and were both disciples of the spiritual guru. “We admired his oration and yogic skills and agreed to set up a website for the ashram to lure prospective students for his yoga training course,” Senkothavel said.

    Following approval from Nityananda, Senkothavel designed and developed a website promoting the yoga course that was being conducted at the organisation.

    “During the time of building the website, they agreed to pay us Rs 4,730 for each membership got through the website. However, we have not got any money from the firm as yet,” the complainant said.
    Senkothavel claimed that the ashram owed him approximately Rs 14 lakh for the work they had rendered.

    “When we approached the ashram officials, they chased us away and refused to make any payment. Even the police whom we approached asked us not to pursue this case any further and said that they were too big to fight,” Senkothavel said.

    “We were also threatened by the goons hired by Nityananda,” he alleged.Namakkal SP Sathyapriya told Deccan Chronicle that they had received the complaint from the Collector and a team headed by a DSP was making preliminary investigations.


  23. Lenin Karuppan & Aarthi Rao

    Nithy seeks to gag his critics – TOI – 29 June 2012

    CHENNAI: The self-styled godman, Nithyananda, has sought to gag his disciple-turned-bitter critic, Lenin Karuppan, and another woman disciple who has now levelled sexual harassment charges against him, S Arathi Rao.

    The godman has filed a civil suit in the Madras high court to restrain the two, besides Arathi’s father Sethumadhavan, from giving interview in electronic, print and broadcast media against him.

    Justice R Subbiah, before whom the matter came up for admission, has issued notice to Lenin Karuppan, Arathi Rao and Sethuraman, on Thursday.

    In his application, Nithyananda, ‘earlier known as Rajasekar’, claimed that a ‘malicious propaganda’ was launched against him by some vested interests in the year 2010, and that video footages with his morphed pictures were telecast.

    He said the manager of his mutt had initiated criminal proceedings against Arathi Rao and Lenin Karuppan, and that the former had been absconding, evading arrest by the CBCID( Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department).

    While the probe is still on, the two had been issuing press statements and giving interviews against him, thereby bringing disrepute to him, Nityananda said. Describing their allegations as false and malicious, he said they had created an atmosphere of hatred against him.

    Apprehending telecast/publication of more such interviews targeting his reputation, Nithyananda wanted the court to restrain them from doing so. If they were not restrained, it would seriously prejudice his reputation and hamper administration of justice, he said


  24. Why weren’t the police called during the event? When there is the drug-laced water in hand, that is the way that a culprit is caught. Not making an assertion afterwards as the evidence at hand is already been cleaned up. Look this guy is as slippery as an oiled snake. And why wasn’t there any arrest when one of Nithyananda’s henchmen kicked and slapped that old man that wanted entrance into the temple? The film on that is brutal and are they going to claim that is a figment of peoples imaginations? How much longer is it going to take before actual action is taken rather than these token and petty day long jailings. Isn’t it time for justice?

    Video posted by editor.


  25. Are you really surprised nothing was found? It’s only announced before giving plenty of time for them to stash the goods. Why don’t the police actually make a surprise entrance rather than announcing what has been seen and that a raid is scheduled — we are coming so get everything stashed. It’s as if they don’t actually want to bring him to any justice as time and time again whatever is going to happen is announced giving them plenty of time to put another show on stage. And he is all about the current show. Maybe next time think about actually doing a raid and not a pre-announced visit.


  26. Madurai police raid Madurai Aadeenam

    Madurai Aadheenam raids yield nothing – Deccan Chronicle – 27 June 2012

    Four days after registering a case against controversial godman Nithyananda for alleged possession of tiger skins and elephant tusks in the Madurai aadheenam, a special team raided the 1,500-year-old Saivite mutt on Tuesday.

    A team comprising police, bomb squad personnel, revenue staff and representatives of the public searched the mutt for about three hours but returned empty-handed.

    Both senior pontiff Arunagirinathar and Nithyananda were present during the raid.

    Vilakkuthoon police had on Friday registered a case against Nithyananda and his followers actor Ranjitha and Vaishnavi under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972, following a complaint by Solai Kannan of HMK that he was found seated on tiger skins with elephant tusks wrapped in a red cloth lying beside him in the presence of the two women.

    He had also complained that he was served holy water mixed with drugs and asked to dance to an English tune by the godman and his team at the mutt.

    Police, however, did not register a case against this complaint saying they could not make out a case on these charges.

    After obtaining a search warrant, the special team raided the premises on Tuesday. Inspector A.Kathirvel, who headed the team, claimed they could find only printed cloths resembling tiger skins. He said the report on the raid would be submitted to the court.

    As CrPC demands the presence of public witnesses, the raids were carried out in the presence of local councillor Kumar and Ganesan, brother of former councilor Mahamuni, the official added.

    Melmadurai VAO Muniyandi, headman Samayan and BDDS sub-inspector Anuradha were also in the search team.Three almirahs were broken open with the consent of senior pontiff.

    “But there was nothing except kaavi clothes,” a cop said, adding that besides the two pontiffs, 20 persons including five women were found staying at the mutt.

    In the capacity of being its junior pontiff, Nithyananda had shifted his base to the Madurai aadheenam on June 16 after his ‘Dhyanapeetam’ at Bidadi in Karnataka was sealed earlier this month.


  27. Nithy camping it up for the camera!

    Nithy in police case for allegedly mixing ‘holy’ water with drugs – NDTV – 22 June 2012

    Madurai: The Tamil Nadu police have registered a case against controversial self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda and two others for providing devotees ‘holy’ water allegedly mixed with drugs at the Madurai Adheenam, the oldest religious centre in South India.

    When the case came up for hearing before a Madras High Court bench today, the government advocate said police had registered a case under relevant sections against Nithyanandha and two others on a complaint by petitioner M Solaikannan of the Hindu Makkal Katchi.

    Mr Solaikannnan said he had filed the petition as police had not acted on his complaint to test the nature of the water given to the devotees and to take necessary action.

    The self-proclaimed godman had shifted base to Madurai recently after his Bangalore ashram was sealed earlier this month.

    He first ran into trouble in 2010 when a sex tape allegedly of him with an actress aired on local channels. He was arrested on charges that include unnatural sex and was later given bail. More recently, an American woman said he had sexually exploited her for several years at his ashram.

    Meanwhile, security has been tightened around the near 1500-year-old Madurai Adheenam following a bomb threat.

    Police said the letter, written in Tamil, was received by the authorities at the religious centre on Thursday and it threatened that a bomb would go off on June 27.

    The authorities handed over the letter, signed by one Parisutham, to the police.


  28. Film maker claims Nity tried to bribe him.

    Double whammy for Nithy: Rs 68 crore found – Bangalore Mirror – 21 June 2012

    Cops investigating the case of Swami Nithyananda have found a staggering 68 crore in cash and other valuables in his ashram’s different bank accounts in and around Bidadi and Bangalore. This will be referred to the IT department, sources in the department said.

    There was more trouble brewing for the controversial godman when a Ramanagara court hearing a complaint filed by his former driver, Lenin Kuruppan, gave CID the go-ahead for medical tests, on Wednesday.

    Nithyananda has not co-operated so far despite being summoned several times for the tests. Instead, he has been submitting reports from various medical institutes, but these were more like validations of his claims.

    “Hence we moved court and now that the court has given permission, he is bound to be present for the medical tests,” another source said.

    Department sources said this will mean that all medical test reports submitted by Nithyananda so far will be null and void.

    The tests will be conducted very soon, a senior CID official told Bangalore Mirror.

    “This will certainly spell trouble for Nithyananda as the true facts will come out,” a source told Bangalore Mirror.

    The hidden treasure
    Meanwhile, cops investigating charges against Nityananda and his ashram about alleged irregularities which forced the state government to act, have stumbled on treasure stocked in different banks.

    They found valuables and cash worth 68 crore. This staggering amount will now be referred to the I-T department, sources said.

    Meanwhile, in another twist to the tale, Nithyananda is said to be gearing up to visit Spain, say sources.


  29. It’s about time — and let him be re arrested and kept in jail until he complies and when that is done the noose will be firmly around his neck. But of course that can’t happen because next he will claim to not be a mortal man that has no neck. Some of his brainwashed devotees will actually believe it. Let his tech woman cry out he is a child have pity on him (she wants to follow a child?) So one moment he is a God and the next a poor pitiful child who is not culpable for his actions? Let’s see how many curses he spews out while awaiting his psych evaluation – his voice tests (which will prove the video is not morphed (yet again)). They will find him to be (oh horror) a man. Yes fully capable of the act of sex as stated in his tantric documents. It’s time for his charade to come to an end. Let him be charged for having tiger skins and elephant tusks just as anyone else would be. What is the hold up ? How many can his lawyer buy off and for how long ? Let the illegal buildings be razed and hand him the bill for the demolition and clean up. Why is he continuing to be allowed to thumb his nose at laws? How many more of his tantrums are going to be allowed? When is he going to quit being able to call the shots around the jail system. Put him in the regular jail and let him experience that he is not going to be handled with kid gloves and he can scream to high heaven – threaten – or do whatever it is that he is going to do and it will avail him nothing. Be done with courting him. Hasn’t he been given enough rope yet to securely hang himself?


  30. Cops allowed to subject Nithy to medical tests – Deccan Herald – 21 June 2012

    The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Ramanagara, V Pashupathy, on Wednesday permitted the police to subject self-styled godman Nithyananda to a medical examination and voice sample tests as sought by the CID in connection with a sex scandal case of 2010.

    The CID had sought permission after he refused to undergo the tests even after being issued eight notices. The court also directed Nithyananda to co-operate with the investigation.

    Nithyananda is facing a CID probe into allegations of rape and criminal intimidation, after some TV channels telecast footage of the self-styled godman in a compromising position with an actress.

    Out on bail after his arrest in 2010, he had courted fresh trouble on June 8, when police booked him and his followers for allegedly assaulting a mediaperson during a press
    conference at his ashram in Bidadi.

    The press meet was held in the backdrop of a US-based woman alleging that Nithyananda had sexually abused her for five years, triggering protests by Kannada groups.

    Nithyananda was arrested on June 13, after he appeared before a court to surrender in the assault case. On June 14, he was slapped with a fresh case of disturbing peace, leading to his arrest for the second time.

    He was granted bail by the deputy commissioner (also the district magistrate) on June 15.


  31. Latest Updates Here

    Godman Nithy at Mysore Jail

    Mysore jail bends rules to release godman Nithy at night – Hemanth Kashyap – Pune Mirror – 18 June 2012

    It is a well-established prison rule that no inmate is to be released from custody after sunset even if a court issues orders for his/ her release.

    But, this rule was relaxed by Mysore jail officials in the case of Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Perhaps, someone in authority feared Nithyananda’s curses or perhaps it was his very presence which instilled the fear of god in a high-ranking official. Whatever the reason, the controversial godman was released on bail at 9 pm on Friday.

    “We have released him from custody at night as a special case,” admitted S Ravi, DIG (prisons). “Nithyananda’s bail order was communicated to Mysore jail officials at 6.30 pm. After that, they took two hours to verify it and release him.”

    Releasing an inmate after sunset is a courtesy that is not extended to ordinary prisoners due to several reasons. But Nithyananda was no ordinary inmate. The godman had threatened to curse prison officials on Wednesday after he was denied permission to keep his `Shivalinga’ with him. Nithyananda had also claimed in the past that misfortune had befallen those whom he had cursed.

    The executive magistrate and deputy commissioner of Ramnagaram district in whose jurisdiction Nithyananda’s Bidadi ashram is situated, passed orders for his release on bail on Friday at about 5 pm. The order was typed and signed only at 6 pm. Nithyananda’s advocate then carried the orders by road from Ramanagaram to Mysore — a journey of about 90 minutes.

    According to sources, Nithyananda’s lawyers reached Mysore jail at around 8 pm. The paper work was then completed and he was released at 9 pm, according to a jail official.

    “Some back room dealing was done to get the Swami out of jail in the night itself,” the official revealed. “Nithyananda’s advocate was first told that his client cannot be released in the night. His release after sunset was done only after a senior officer intervened.”

    Nithyananda was then whisked away by his devotees to Madurai by road in a convoy. The manner of his release, however, is a clear violation of a well-established prison rule.

    As per Karnataka Prison Rules Act 1974, no prisoner, either convict or accused of some charge, is to be released from jail after sunset. The reason: An official count of inmates is taken at this time and the inmates are then locked in the barracks. The barracks are opened only the next day after sunrise when another count is taken. Only after all inmates are accounted for are they allowed to go around the prison.

    “It is difficult to identify a person after dark in a vast place like a prison which is not properly illuminated,” a prison department official said. “Moreover, there is plenty of paper work, like ascertaining the genuineness of a court order, before an inmate is released. So, we ask people to come the next morning and take the inmate out if there is a bail order.”

    But these rules and well-established practices were relaxed for Nithyananda, who has filed a suit against chief minister Sadananda Gowda seeking Rs 10-crore in damages. It was Gowda who had directed the police to arrest Nithyananda.

    Another DIG in the prisons department said, “Usually, we do not release anybody after 6.30 pm. But in few special cases, we adopt a practical approach and relax the rule. In Nithyananda’s case, we felt it was better if he was released immediately, so he was released.”

    Incidentally, in 2007, Akram Pasha, who was jailed on an attempt to murder charge was granted bail by a Bangalore court in the wake of his mother’s death.

    The orders were taken to Parappana Agrahara Jail at 6.30 pm due to a major traffic jam on Hosur Road. The jail official refused to release Pasha that night citing prison rules.The funeral had to be postponed to the next day.


  32. Nithy being taken to court in Ramanagara

    Nithy is a baby, spare him: MIT graduate – Deccan Chronicle – 16 June 2012

    “He is a baby, please spare him,” pleaded a young woman scientist and a graduate in nanotechnology from the prestigious MIT.

    She was pleading for controversial godman Swami Nithyananda’s release, who walked out on Friday from Mysore jail after he was granted bail by Ramanagaram Deputy Commissioner Srirama Reddy.

    The scientist was not alone wanting to see Nithyananda released.

    “Another woman – a doctor – said Swami Nithyananda was their ‘deity’ and begged us to release him. There were highly qualified women and men including scientists, corporate honchos, doctors, techies and chartered accountants, who wanted to see their guru and were worried about his safety,” said the IGP Bhaskar Rao.

    Bhaskar Rao was the officer, who was handed the additional charge of IGP, Central Range in the absence of incumbent officer Malini Krishnamurthy on Thursday, to handle the law and order in Ramanagaram when Nithyananda was being released on bail.

    It is learnt that he headed to Madurai immediately after he was released around 9 pm from the Mysore Central Jail.

    The Deputy Commissioner, who also hold magisterial powers, heard the arguments for bail at his office between 3 pm and 4.25 pm.

    Public Prosecutor Nagaraja Reddy opposed the bail petition, but the DC, who had reserved his order on the application for 30 minutes, finally granted bail to Nithyananda around 5 pm on Friday. The godman was asked to furnish a personal bond for Rs 1 lakh and surety of like sum.

    “The DC obtained an undertaking from Nithyananda stating that he would be held responsible for any public disturbance in the next one year. Any breach of this undertaking would result in his arrest again”, said sources.

    The godman was granted bail by the Ramanagaram JMFC Court on Thursday. But, soon after he was released, the district administration exercised Sections 107 and 151 of CrPC to take him into preventive custody and lodged him in Mysore jail.

    In jail, Nithyananda spent most of his time in meditation and refused upma served for breakfast and lunch on Friday. But he had fruits in the afternoon and asked for curd rice for dinner on Friday, but had puliyogare and dry fruits from his ashram, Mysore Central Jail Superintendent Jaysimha said.

    He was housed in the new building along with two other prisoners. The room had an attached bath, TV and a fan, Jaysimha added.

    “Dinner is served till 7.30pm in the jail, but Nithyananda had finished his dinner by the time he came here on Thursday. He finished his morning routine by around 8.30 am and asked for certain puja items including an idol, kumkum, vibhuthi and flowers, which was provided to him. His health is perfectly fine”, Jaysimha said.

    A KSRP platoon was deployed for security outside the hail, he added. Two devotees who accompanied him, were not allowed to meet him. “Some Bajrang Dal members too wanted to meet him on Friday, but we did not permit them”, he said.

    I don’t mind going to jail: Karnataka CM

    With Nithyananda filing a petition in the high court claiming Rs 10 crore from the state for alleged damage caused to his ashram property, Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda on Friday said he would not mind going to jail to safeguard the interests of the people.

    “I would not mind going to jail to protect people’s interest. I will perform my chief ministerial duties even if there are thousands of cases filed against me”, Gowda told reporters. The CM said he did not take any decision against Nithyananda in haste and did it after collecting details about his activities in the ashram.

    Nithy seeks Rs 10 cr as damages from govt; says drugs and condoms found in ashram not his – DNA – 15 June 2012

    Nithyananda has filed a new petition in the high court, seeking Rs10 crore as compensation from the government for damaging his ashram’s property. He has also requested that the government be asked to lift the siege on the ashram.

    The government recently took over the ashram—Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham at Bidadi in Ramanagaram district—and launched search operations there to look into the allegations that some immoral activities were going on there.

    In his petition, Nithyananda requested that the government forgo the custody of the ashram and pay Rs10 crore for damaging its property in the name of search operations. The petition said that Nithyananda developed the ashram on his own, without taking any help from the government. Yoga, meditation, spiritual discourses, free healing for people and other noble activities take place at the ashram. The swami contended that he also fed the poor and the needy free of cost.

    Nithyananda said that liquor bottles, drugs and condoms that were “found” at the ashram were, in fact, planted there and videographed by vested interests to malign him.


  33. Nithyananda being arrested at the court in in Ramananagara

    Nithyananda granted bail in assault case – Times of India – 14 June 2012

    BANGALORE: Controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda, arrested in an assault case, was today granted bail by a Ramanagara court.

    Judicial First Class Magistrate Komala granted the bail. Nithyananda was sent to one-day police custody yesterday after he surrendered before the court in Ramanagara, about 40 km from here. He had later filed a bail petition.

    The self-styled godman, already facing criminal charges including rape and out on bail after his arrest in 2010, courted fresh trouble when police on June 8 booked him and his followers for allegedly assaulting a mediaperson during a press conference at his ashram at Bidadi near here.

    The press meet was held in the backdrop of a US-based woman alleging that Nithyananda had sexually abused her for five years, a charge that triggered public outrage and protests by Kannada groups.

    A search warrant was issued by police against him even as a high-level team of officials and police continued their searches at his ashram.

    Couple claim son is held captive by Nithy – Times of India – 14 June 2012

    MADURAI: An aged couple from Orathanadu in Thanjavur district lodged a complaint with the Madurai police alleging that their 27-year-old son was held captive by Nithyananda.

    The youth, however, turned away his parents claiming that he was with Nithyananda only on his own will. Still, the parents alleged that when they went to Madurai Adheenam to take back their son, the devotees of Nithyananda chased them away and hence their son could have been under threat to stay there.

    The couple, Thirupathi and Poornam said they were searching for their son Ragavan (27) for the past three years in the ashrams of Nithyananda at Bidadi (Karnataka) and Tiruvannamalai, but could not meet him. “He completed mechanical engineering in Singapore and returned to Thanjavur in 2009. He visited the yoga camp conducted by Nithyananda at that time in Thanjavur. Later, some people from the Nithyananda ashram took him to Tiruvannamalai and later to Bidadi in the name of further yoga training. However, we could not meet him after that,” claimed Thirupathi.

    The husband and wife said that they had learnt that their son was in Madurai Adheenam after Nithyananda was anointed as the 293rd pontiff. “Since there are reports that Nithyananda might be arrested (Nithyananda has since surrendered, we wanted to rescue our son at least now,” Thirupathi said. He also claimed that it was Ragavan who telephoned them few days back to come and take him back.

    Police probed whether the youth could have been held captive as alleged by his parents. “But the youth said that he was with Nithyananda wilfully and had no intention to return home with parents. We informed the parents about their son’s stand,” a police official said.

    Swami Nithyananda to appear before Ramanagara district court today – India Today – 14 June 2012

    Self-styled godman Nithyananda Paramahamsa, who went missing for five days after fresh charges of rape and confinement were levelled against him, was sent to jail for a day by a court at Ramanagara, 30 km from Bangalore on Wednesday.

    The tainted guru, who had gone into hiding prompting the Karnataka Police to launch a massive manhunt to trace him, surrendered before the Ramanagara district court judge on Wednesday evening. Judge Komala sent him to jail for a day, directing him to appear before her on Thursday to hear his bail plea.

    On Tuesday, the police had evicted the occupants of Nithyananda’s ashram in Bidari on Bangalore’s outskirts and searched the premises. They were horrified to find a dump of condoms and ganja in the corner of a compound. The police sealed the ashram for further investigation.

    A team of the police had gone to Madurai (Tamil Nadu) in search of Nithyananda as he was recently anointed as the 293rd pontiff of the Adheenam Mutt.

    On Tuesday, Chief Minister D. V. Sadananda Gowda ordered the arrest of Nithyananda after several of his followers had appeared on a private Kannada TV channel and accused the godman of exploiting them.

    Arathi Rao, one such follower, gave a detailed account of her fiveyear “experience” with the guru. She alleged that Nithyananda repeatedly raped her and threatened her with dire consequences if she revealed it to anybody. Arathi claimed it was she who had secretly filmed Nithyananda’s sex tapes with a Tamil starlet.

    Though Arathi, fearing repercussions, had not lodged any formal complaint with the police, it was sufficient for the government to order a probe against Nithyananda. Initially, his followers tried to bravely defend Nithyananda by accusing Arathi of carrying out a slanderous campaign against their guru. Things went out of control when the followers threw out a journalist of the Kannada TV channel (which aired Arathi’s interview) from the ashram after allegedly beat him up.

    The attack on the media prompted several Kannada organisations to vandalise Nithyananda’s ashram. The police registered an FIR against the godman and his followers on the basis of a complaint lodged by the media.

    Nithyananda had approached the high court seeking to quash the FIR filed against him. The court has adjourned hearing into the matter to Friday.

    Nithyananda may have flouted building laws as well. Questions have been raised whether he had obtained requisite permission to construct buildings, including multi-storeyed one, at his ashram. The government is also probing the ownership of the land.

    This is the second time the godman had gone into hiding. After the sex tapes went public in April last year, he had moved into a secret location in Himachal Pradesh from where he was apprehended.

    Last year, the public mounted pressure on the government after it was revealed that Nithyananda had forced some of his followers to sign a ‘non-disclosure agreement’ to experiment with ‘tantric sex’.

    Nithy arrested at District Court at Ramanagaram – The Hindu – 13 June 2012

    In an unexpected development on Wednesday afternoon, the Ramanagaram police arrested self-styled godman Nithyananda when he appeared in the Ramanagaram Judicial Magistrate First Class court even as the police continued searches at his ashram in Bidadi, near here.

    The police arrested him after the Judge, Komala, instructed him to come to the court on Thursday as procedures had to be observed. Since a search warrant had been issued against the accused, the police arrested him following directions from the court.

    A team led by Ramanagaram Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal arrested the godman on the charge of assaulting a journalist and took him to an undisclosed place under tight police security for further investigation. Mr. Agarwal said that Nithyananda had come to the court to surrender.

    ‘Searches will continue’

    Even though the godman was arrested, the police continued to search Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. “We may have arrested the accused, but we cannot suspend the search operation until we receive an order from the Karnataka government,” a top official of the district administration told The Hindu.

    Earlier, Nithyananda, who was believed to have taken shelter in Tamil Nadu, arrived in a Kerala State-registered car.

    In Bangalore, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bangalore unit president Vijay Kumar Reddy alleged that there was a conspiracy behind allegations of sexual harassment against Nithyananda and said unseen hands were working against him. He, however, failed to answer a number of queries posed to him on the activities of Nithyananda.

    Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court on Wednesday asked the State government to file its response, without being guided by media reports, to petitions filed by Nithyananda seeking quashing of the First Information Report registered against him in connection with the incident that occurred at his ashram in Bidadi.

    Justice Subash B. Adi made these oral observations during hearing of the petitions when the prosecution sought time to file its response to Nithyananda’s petition. Further, hearing on the petition has been adjourned till Friday.

    The Kamraj National Congress has urged Karnataka Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda to review the government’s action against Nithyananda.

    In a press release, party president M.S. Rajendran has questioned the government’s right to indulge in such acts and has said that human rights groups will not tolerate the manner in which the inmates of the ashram were driven out.


  34. Inmates and staff exit Nithy's ashram under police escort.

    Protests, chaos as cops raid sex swamy’s ashram – Daily Bhaskar – 13 June 2012

    Bangalore: The controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda continues to remain absconding even as the police conducted searches for the ‘sex swamy’ at his Bidadi ashram on Tuesday.

    Already facing criminal charges including rape, the 32-year-old godman has been absconding since June 7 after police filed an FIR on charges of assault and threat to life in the wake of an altercation between his supporters and a regional TV reporter and activists of a Kannada outfit in his ashram at Bidadi.

    The sex swamy is still on the run. The whereabouts of the 32-year-old godman are not known as he has gone into hiding since the incident.

    According to reports, the police are likely to arrest all those named in an FIR, filed after an altercation between the media and his followers.

    Ramanagar District Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal said the search was for arresting those named in the FIR including Nithyananda.

    “We are searching for Nithyananda. As of now we don’t think he is absconding, but if he is not in the ashram, we will look out (for him). If we find him we will arrest him on charges of assault and threat to life,” he told reporters outside the ashram.

    Deserted Ashram turns chaotic

    Chaotic scenes were witnessed outside the ashram, which wore a deserted look until police conducted search raids on the premises. Meanwhile, peeved over the search operations for their ‘guru’, Nithyananda’s followers staged protest outside the Dhyanpeetam ashram.

    There were reports that there were heated arguments between the locals of Bidadi and scrap dealers who eagerly picked up torn posters and hoardings of Swamy. Worried parents were reportedly seen searching for their children, who came to the ashram for becoming Nithyananda’s disciples. However, they were denied entries.

    Notably, in the backdrop of high drama at Bidadi Dhyanapeetham ashram on Friday, government on Monday had ordered arrest of Nithyananda and closing of ashram till the investigations are completed. Following the orders, hundreds of devotees started leaving the ashram. Several kitchen helpers, gardeners and security guards were among those who vacated the ashram on Monday.

    It was learnt that 10 cooks of the ashram and over 20 security guards too were staging protest outside the ashram for their salaries. Reports said that the security personnel did not recieve their salaries for the last three months.

    Nithyananda ashram buildings illegal – The Asian Age – 13 June 2012

    There’s more trouble in store for the self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda Swamy who has run away from his ashram and is being pursued by the police. Several buildings on his 42-acre estate at Kallugopanahalli, off Bengaluru-Mysore highway, may face the axe because they are illegal.

    Karnataka Chief Minister D. V. Sadananda Gowda has ordered that the ashram be taken over, but several buildings on it are unauthorised. The Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta located at survey number 21/7 of Kallugopanahalli falls under the jurisdiction and the planning authority of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA).

    According to highly placed sources, section 10 of the BMRDA Act makes it mandatory for the ashram authorities to obtain the building plan from the planning authority, but this was never done.

    The ashram has a multi-storied apartment complex with at least 50 units, nearly 20 cottages, about 20 independent houses and another multi-storied apartment which is under construction – all of them unauthorised.

    “The government has all the power to initiate action against such unauthorised construction and raze down the structures. The BMRDA can issue notice to the authorities seeking a reply within a week. The notice will be pasted on the door of the ashram if there are no claimants for the notice. If the ashram
    authorities fail to respond or reply within the stipulated time, the BMRDA can bulldoze the structure and recover the cost from the owner of the property,” said a source.

    The authority might also investigate Nithyananda’s owning agriculture land and if he complies with the Karnataka Land Reforms Act. According to section 109 of this Act, a non agriculturist must obtain exemption for owning agricultural land.

    Manhunt begins for Nithyananda

    The Ramanagar police launched a massive search for Nithyananda, the self-styled godman, on Monday evening. He is wanted on charges of assault, threat to life and abetment.

    “Two cases, of assault and threat to life and abetment, have been registered against Nithyananda and several others. We are searching the ashram premises for the accused number one, Nithyananda,” said Ramanagar SP Anupam Agarwal.

    There has been a 28-hour delay in taking the arrest forward, but Mr Agarwal says that was because of certain legal hurdles. Now they will not leave any stone unturned to look for the accused, he said. “We will be searching the premises room by room.”

    An entire team of police officers has been roped in. Additional Deputy Commissioner Archana, who started off the search operations, took along a videographer. “We will be recording the entire operation, as later, it will be useful for the investigations,” Agarwal said.

    It’s two days since CM D.V. Sadananda Gowda announced that the Bidadi ashram would be shut down, but no order has been passed. C.P. Yogeshwar, minister for forests, said that they have not been able to get the required approval from the magistrate as there are some legal hurdles.

    “We have sent the report to our legal cell and after going through the report, the next course of action will be planned,” he said.

    According to sources, following the order from the CM, the DC had rushed to the magistrate to get his approval for sealing the Bidadi ashram. The magistrate, however, was unimpressed by the argument of the State government that the Nithyananda issue was causing law and order disturbance and hence to run the affairs of the State it was necessary that the ashram be shut down.

    “If the government can’t keep law and order in check, how can it expect to run the affairs of the State properly?” the magistrate asked. Following this rebuttal from the magistrate, the DC is said to have rushed to Chief Secretary S.V. Ranganath for further orders.

    A team of officials from the revenue department visited the ashram and carried out a survey of the whole campus. A pro-Kannada outfit has threatened a major protest across the State if the government doesn’t take stern action.

    “The government seems to be delaying the legal action to give Nithyananda e nough time to escape. From tommorow we will start a hunger strike outside this ashram,” said president of KNNS-Bengaluru unit, K. Shivaraju.


  35. Nithy's disciples protest

    Timeline and background to the Nithyananda scandal – Hindustan Times – 11 June 2012

    Timeline and background of the Nithyananda sex scandal

    * On June 8, 2012, police had lodged criminal cases against him and his followers for allegedly assaulting pro-Kannada activists during a press conference at his Ashram.

    * The FIR was filed on complaints from activists of Nava Nirmana Sene in connection with an altercation at the ashram the previous night.

    * On a counter complaint by two followers of Nithyananda, police also registered two FIRs against a TV reporter and Sene activists for alleged outrage of modesty, physical assault and threat to life.

    * June 7 2012: The followers of Nithyananda allegedly attacked on a TV reporter and others.

    * On June 8: Tension at Nityananda Dhyanapeetam in Bidadi. Members of some organisations allegedly tried to barge inside the Ashram and the police resorted to lathicharge to control the situation.

    *Following the incident, the police have clamped prohibitory orders around one kilometre radius of the Ashram till June 13.

    * Meanwhile, based on two complaints alleging physical assualt and threatening life against Nityananda and his disciples by the reporter and a member of Nava Nirmana Sene, the police arrested eight disciples of Nityananda. 16 members of the Sene are arrested.

    * From June 8, Nithyananda again went absconding fearing arrest and sought bail in the Ramanagar court.

    In 2010

    * On March 18, 2010: The Bidadi police of Ramanagar district registered case against Nithyananda under seven sections agaisnt the holy man.

    * The charges were imposed on the basis of the details filed by Central Crime Branch (CCB) police of Chennai and Coimabatore in Tamil Nadu and also the statements given by the former devotee of Nithyananda, who surrendered before the Tamil Nadu police.

    * This was following the claims of Nithya Dharmananda alias K. Lenin, car driver of Swami Nityananda who claimed reponsibility of shooting the holy man in a secret affair with a devotee who was identified as Tamil actress Ranjitha. He had claimed to have used an airpurifier embedded with a camera the recording was made.

    * Nithyananda then escaped and hide in Himalaya region. Nithyananda, who had been on the run for almost one-and-a-half months, was traced through the SIM card he was using after the CID received a tip-off.

    * On April 21, 2010, A team of the Karnataka State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested Swami Nithyananda in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.

    * On June 12, 201, the self-styled Swami Nithyananda was released on bail by the High Court, after spending 53 days in Ramanagara jail.

    * The vedio clippings recorded by Lenin, who was once the car driver, that showed the tainted Swami Nithyananda with a Tamil actress have been established as original, as per the CID investigation.

    * The CDs of the video clips were sent to the Hyderabad Forensic Science Laboratory, which verified that the video was genuine.

    * Tainted swami Nithyananda allegedly forced his devotees to indulge in sex on various occasions. This was the statement given by one of his devotees with whom the Swami got intimate in the name of ‘enlightenment’ that was submitted to the Ramangaram court with the chargesheet.

    * In January 2007, the self-proclaimed godman visited Ardh Kumbha Mela with a huge group of people from the Ashram. Since his secretary did not travel with him citing ill health, the devotee was given the primary responsibility or taking care of Nithyananda’s personal arrangements in Allahabad.

    * In the Kumbha Ghat, the Swami called her to his tent one afternoon and got intimate with her and asked her to perform oral sex on him. She stated that when she resisted by telling he was violating the sanctity of the sacred place, he reportedly said that he want her to do that as he was going into Samadhi too often.

    * He also told her that this would help him stay in his physical form and that by doing so, she was doing the greatest service to her master and herself. Nithyananda is also said to have told her that this was a technique that many great masters of the past had used to stay in physical form and to thus stay away from the super-conscious state of the Samadhi.
    According to her statement, in April 2005, the swami asked the devotee to visit him at St Louis and even arranged her flight ticket. There, she shared the room with his personal assistant. She stated in her statement that Nithyananda called her a few times to his room and asked me to press his feet, while he continued to brainwash her by talking about enlightenment.

    * She stated the swami tried to get intimate with her by saying, ‘You are are being enlightened, I can see already you have become so light. You are my Radha, my most beloved. Drop your mind and accept this reality. If you continue like this, you will become enlightened very soon.” He used to call himself as ‘Shiva’ and the victim as “Parvathi”.

    Nithy's chelas leave the Bidadi ashram

    Is Bidadi ashram land the real target? – Deccan Chronicle – 12 June 2012

    A sustained four day campaign by local news television channels against self-styled godman Nityananda brought enough pressure on Karnataka Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda to declare on Monday that the government will arrest the godman, take over the administration of his Dhyanapeetham ashram in Bidadi, and throw a security ring around it.

    The CM’s announcement triggered an exodus from the ashram, with some 30, Indian and foreign nationals and their children, leaving the premises.

    Speculation is rife that the anti-swami campaign was a cover for a land grab of the 20 acre spread off the Mysore-Bengaluru highway.

    The negative media glare on the swami —sparked by a TV journalist attempting to deliver a copy of a court summons in a sexual harassment case to the godman — whipped up sentiments and prompted the CM to act.

    Police are on the lookout for Nityanada, who is absconding.

    “We have registered cases under Sec 323, 506, 504, 324 and 149 in Bidadi police station against Nityananda. We are not going to revive previous cases pending against him. Right now, it is on developments that took place on June 7,” Ramanagar SP Anupam Agarwal said.

    Devotees exit in droves, Police on hunt for Nityananda

    Just hours after chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda announced the government’s intention to take over the ashram of Nityananda, over 30 devotees left the ashram near Bidadi on Monday.

    The police till late Monday evening had not taken charge of the ashram.

    Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Ramanagaram SP Anupam Agarwal said, “We have received certain orders from the chief Minister and will follow the orders. But we need to complete certain formalities before taking charge. Ashram inmates can leave the ashram whenever they wish, but have to go through a screening by the police. As there have been no orders from higher authorities to restrict their movement, we cannot stop them from going out.”

    Earlier, the police had registered two cases against Nityananda and others in connection with an altercation between his followers and a section of media during a press conference at his ashram on June 7.

    Nityananda is already facing criminal charges, including rape, after a slew of complaints were filed against him in 2010 after local TV channels telecast purported videos of the self-styled godman in a compromising position with an actress.

    On Monday, a lot of disciples, mostly foreigners, left the ashram fearing trouble.

    Godman ‘not in Madurai’

    In Madurai, the high court bench ordered notices to Nityananda, actress Ranjitha, an employee of Madurai Adheenam and Tamil Nadu DGP, besides the city police commissioner, in connection with a petition filed by M. Solai Kannan of Hindu Makkal Katchi alleging obscenity and violation of Forest Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act inside the adheenam.

    Kannan claimed he witnessed obscene acts by Nityananda and more than 10 wet tiger skins were brought to the place with elephant tusks.

    A police officer said the swami left Bengaluru Friday but did not come to Madurai. “He generally uses two cars for travel. One is missing. We are not sure where he is.”

    Shimoga protest

    Nithyananda & Ranjitha get notice from HC – Times of India – 12 June 2012

    MADURAI: Even as the Karnataka government has cracked its whip on Nithyananda, the opposition for the self-styled godman’s ascent in Madurai Adheenam, one of the oldest Hindu organisations in the world, continues unabated in Madurai.

    On a day when the whereabouts of Nithyananda was shrouded in mystery, the Madurai bench of the Madras high court has ordered notices to him on a petition filed by a Hindu outfit alleging that immoral and illegal activities were carried out in the mutt premises. Hindu Makkal Katchi’s Madurai district president M Solaikannan alleged in the petition filed before the high court bench that women devotees of Nithyananda, including actor Ranjitha, were involved in objectionable acts in the name of meditation and prayers. The petitioner also contended that tiger skins and elephant tusks were found in the mutt premises in violation of Forest Act.

    Hearing the petition, Justice A Selvam ordered notices to the DGP, Madurai city commissioner of police, inspector of Vilakuthoon police station, Nithyananda, Ranjitha and another devotee Vaishnavi. The judge later posted the hearing for June 22.

    Meanwhile, senior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam, Arunagirinatha Desikar brushed aside the accusations made in the petition as well as allegations levelled against Nithyananda in Bangalore. “Nithyananda has not gone into hiding. There is no need for that. He is very much in Bangalore,” he told reporters in Madurai. “The Bidadi ashram of Nithyananda is a private property. The government cannot take over it as is made out. The government cannot even interfere in the activities of the ashram. There is no room in law enabling the government to seize the properties of a religious institution,” he said.

    But the senior pontiff appeared to be a futile attempt at pacifying the opponents of Nithyananda. Solaikannan, who was opposing the entry of Nithyananda into the Madurai mutt ever since he was anointed as the 293rd pontiff by Arunagirinatha Desikar in April this year, had stated in the petition that he himself witnessed the “objectionable” activities going on in the mutt on May 12.

    “During my visit to the mutt, Nithyananda urged me to drop the protest against him. Later, he invited m e to the evening prayers where senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar, was present. At the prayer hall in the mutt, I was offered ‘holy water’ by the devotees. Moments after drinking it I felt dizzy. Other devotees who drank the water were also in a similar state,” Solaikannan claimed.

    He alleged that as many as 10 tiger skins were spread on the floor and elephant tusks were placed on it. He also charged that actor Ranjitha and another woman devotee resorted to objectionable dance movements. Solaikannan claimed that he lodged a complaint with Vilakuthoon police, but no action was taken.

    Karnataka Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda

    Karnataka Chief Minister orders arrest of Nithyananda – The Hindu – 11 June 2012

    BANGALORE: Karnataka Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda on Monday ordered the arrest of Nithyananda for the recent attack on media persons, allegedly by his devotees, at the Dhyanapeetam ashram where they had gone for a press conference convened by him.

    Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Home Minister R. Ashok and Law Minister S. Suresh Kumar about the incident at the ashram at Bidadi, on the outskirts of the city, Mr. Gowda said that Nithyananda was absconding after the incident. He had ordered his devotees to remove the representatives of a television channel from the press conference venue.

    Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Lal Rukoma Pachau briefed the meeting about the events at the Dhyanapeetam. Nithyananda got angry when a television reporter asked him whether he refused to accept a court warrant and prevented police personnel from entering the Dhyanapeetam to serve it.

    There was an exchange of words and he asked the devotees to remove the reporter. This led to protests by local Kannada activists demanding his arrest and the closing down of the ashram.

    The Chief Minister said that the Regional Commissioner, Bangalore Division, Shambulal Meena, would hold an inquiry into the incidents and submit a report to the government for taking legal action against Nithyananda and the devotees.

    Mr. Gowda also said that the ashram would be locked till the inquiry was completed or action taken.

    Though he did not mention on what specific grounds Nithyananda, who is accused number one in the first information report, would be arrested, officers accompanying the Chief Minister said that it was related to the attack on the media personnel.

    Mr. Meena, when contacted for details of the inquiry into the incident, said that he had not yet received orders from the government. He would start work after receiving the terms of reference.

    Godman Nithyananda is in trouble again – Deccan Herald – 11 June 2012

    The State Government on Monday ordered the arrest of controversial godman Nithyananda and directed the Ramanagara police to lock his ashram, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, at Bidadi, near here.

    The tainted godman is at large, and police are expected to seal the ashram on Tuesday.

    Nithyananda has been in the eye of a storm since he faced charges of sexual exploitation of women two years ago. He reportedly fled his Bidadi haven after protesters from various quarters demanded his arrest following the ashram inmates manhandling a journalist at Nithyananda’s instance on Thursday. The incident sparked off a series of protests by a number of organisations, pressuring the government to take action. Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda announced the decision at a press conference after holding a meeting with Law Minister Suresh Kumar and Home Minister R Ashoka. Gowda said police have been asked to seal the ashram immediately.

    “The directions have been given to arrest Nithyananda wherever he is. Officials have also been asked to maintain law and order in the ashram area. The deputy commissioner of Ramanagara has been asked to take possession of the ashram. Also, the government will move court opposing anticipatory bail sought by Nithyananda. The regional commissioner has been asked to probe into the allegations against Nithyananda and activities of the ashram,” Gowda said.

    The Congress and the JD (S) have been vocal with their demand for the ashram to be closed, ever since some women on television accused the godman of sexually exploiting them.

    Trouble for the godman started brewing in 2010 after a Tamil TV channel aired a sting operation purportedly him and actress Ranjitha in a compromising position. He went underground thereafter, even as the State police registered cases against him. He was arrested by a team of the State Criminial Investigation Department from Solan district in Himachal Pradesh and was released on bail two months later.

    Nithyananda lay low for over a year. Of late, he reopened his ashram in Thiruvannamalai, from where he began, and the Bidadi ashram, too, began buzzing with activity. However, occasional TV coverage of the bizarre devotional ‘dances’ by women at the ashram have only brought him ridicule and now punitive action by the government.


  36. Shoes for Nithy!

    Mutt heads back Anti-Nithy stir – Deccan Hertald – 11 June 2012

    Pressure mounts on govt to arrest pontiff, take over Bidadi ashram

    Pressure is mounting on the Karnataka government to take over the swank ashram of controversial godman Nithyananda near Bidadi on the outskirts of the City, in the wake of allegations that the campus was a hub of illegal activities.

    The ongoing protest against the controversial head of the Nithyananda Ashram got a shot in the arm with leaders of various religious organisations and mutts supporting the demand for his arrest. The ashram has been under seige from protesters for the last three days, who have been demanding an investigation into the activities in the ashram.

    Members of a number of organisations took part in a procession from the Kothi Anjaneyaswamy temple at Manchanayakanahalli village in Bidadi to the Dhyanapeetham.

    The police prevented the protesters from entering the swank ashram as the Ramanagara district administration has imposed prohibitory orders till June 13.

    Addressing the protesters, Kalika mutt pontiff Rishikumar said Indian culture held women in high esteem, alleging that Nithyananda brought disrepute to women by exploiting them. The government and the police should resist pressure and must arrest him by June 14, he demanded.

    The Kalika mutt seer demanded immediate release of the members of various associations arrested and lodged in jail for protesting against Nithyananda. He warned that a hunger strike would be staged from June 14, if their demands were not fulfilled.

    The Muzrai (temple administration) department should lock up the ashram and take charge of its affairs by 3 pm on Monday, he demanded.

    Bheema Shankar Patil of Karnataka Nava Nirmana Vedike said the Dhyanap­e­e­tham had been converted into a centre of illegal activities. The protestors demanded that Nithyananda be externed from the State.

    Anupam Agarwal, Ramanagara Superintendent of Police, said he would bring the demands of the protesters to the notice of the deputy commissioner and would act as per his directions.

    Responding to instruction from district in-charge minister C P Yogeeshwara, the district administration and the district police had submitted to the government separate reports on advisability of the government taking over the ashram.

    The reports detailed the developments that took place in the ashram since it was founded in 2003, Agarwal said, adding that the government would take suitable action by June 14.

    Meanwhile, the district administration began removing the banners and flexes of Nithyananda on the Bangalore-Mysore highway in the presence of tahsildar Ravi M Thirlapur.


  37. Nithy crowning Ranjitha

    Govt to take over Nithyananda’s ashram, says Karnataka law minister – DNA – 10 June 2012

    In the backdrop of high drama at Swami Nithyananda’s Bidadi Dhyanapeetham ashram in the last two days, the state government is preparing to take over the ashram, spread over about 12 acres.

    Law minister S Suresh Kumar told reporters in Dharwad on Saturday that the government had taken note of a series of incidents related to Dhyanapeetham and would announce its decision on appointing an administrator, to take over the ashram’s affairs, by evening.

    “Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda will make an announcement soon on taking over the Bidadi ashram. He had already sought a comprehensive report by the home department. Gowda and home minister R Ashoka will meet and take a call,” Suresh Kumar said.

    On Friday, a clash broke out between the swami’s disciples and pro-Kannada activists on the ashram premises and 15 disciples of Nithyananda were taken into custody by the Ramanagara police. Nithyananda has gone into hiding since the incident.

    Ramanagara SP Anup Agrawal said that before taking action against Nithyananda, the police have to establish his role. He also said that he, along with deputy commissioner, had visited the ashram on Saturday to take stock of the situation.

    Meanwhile, forest minister CP Yogeshwar, who had defended Nithyananda on Saturday morning, saying there is no convincing proof against him, changed his stance by afternoon. Yogeshwar maintained that BJP government would initiate strong action against the ashram.

    “I have personally spoken to the chief minister. He had assured me that by next week necessary action will be taken,” he said.
    Anti-Nithyananda protests

    Protests were staged across the state on Saturday by various organisations, urging the government to arrest Swami Nithyananda. Kannada Navanirmana Vedike activists staged protests in Belgaum, Mysore and other places.

    Nidumaamidi Veerabhadra Channamalla Swamiji from Shimoga criticised Nithyananda and said that vicious people were occupying spiritual world. It is painful to see the rise of such swamijis, he added.

    Nithyananda clarifies

    Meanwhile, Nithyananda spoke through his website and claimed that he was on a tour. “I am away from Bidadi ashram for past one month, after taking over as Madurai Aadheenam. I came to Bangalore just to take care of important work and to clarify matters to the media. I heard about the problems caused in the Bidadi ashram by the anti-social elements, but thanks to the timely intervention of the Bidadi and Ramanagara police, the matters are under control,” he said.

    Further, Nithyananda told his disciples that nobody could stop them from doing good work. “I have faith in the divine, and in the law, and in the people of Karnataka. I know for sure that the Karnataka people are not opposing me, only the anti-social elements are doing this for their own vested interests and cheap publicity. We cannot fight lawlessness with lawlessness. We will conquer lawlessness with law. Ultimately we will get justice,” he explained.

    Prohibitory orders

    The police have clamped prohibitory orders till June 13 in the areas around the Bidadi ashram. Ramnagar court judge V Pushpavathi has granted interim bail for Raghunanadan, an activist of Navanirmana Vedike who had scuffled with Nithyananda’s disciples.

    The trouble began when Arathi Rao, a former disciple of Nithyananda, appeared on a private channel and narrated about mental and physical torture she underwent and heaped abuse on the swami. Nithyananda’s followers targeted mediapersons in the press meet called by the swami to clarify on Arathi Rao’s allegations.


  38. Nithy charged with assault

    Fresh assault charges against Nithyananda – Firstpost – 8 June 2012

    Bidadi, Karnataka: Two fresh FIRs were lodged against controversial godman Nithyananda. The Karnataka Police has registered two cases of physical assault against him and his followers again.

    The FIRs were filed on complaints from a regional TV channel reporter and activists of Nava Nirmana Sene in connection with an altercation at Nithyananda’s ashram in Ramanagara District last night, police said.

    New cases of assault were reported against Nithyananda.

    On a counter complaint by two followers of Nithyananda, police also registered two FIRs against the reporter and activists of the Sene for alleged outraging of modesty, physical assault and threat to life, they said.

    “Four FIRs were lodged in the Bidadi police station in connection with an altercation at Nithyananda’s ashram last night,” Anupam Agarwal, superintendent of police, Ramanagara, told PTI.

    Nithyananda is facing criminal charges including rape, based on complaints made by former disciples last year. He was arrested and later released on bail. The reporter in his complaint against Nithyananda and four of his followers alleged that he was assaulted and threatened after he asked a question at a press conference convened by the god-man to clear the air on charges of sexual abuse levelled against him by a US-based woman.

    Later, some activists belonging to the local outfit “Nava Nirmana Sene” staged a protest in front of the ashram protesting the ‘assault’ of the reporters.

    Meanwhile, some activists belonging to Karnataka Rakshana Vedike today allegedly barged into the Ashram and protested against Nithyananda, leading to a verbal altercation between them and the followers, police said. However, police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.

    Nithyananda ashram tense following clashes – The Hindu – 8 June 2012

    Tension prevailed at the Nithyananda ashram, off Bidadi, in Ramanagaram district for the second day on Friday when activists of some Kannada organisations and ashram devotees clashed for over three hours.

    The police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the warring groups. The Bidadi police arrested 20 activists of Kannada organisations. Ten devotees have also been taken into custody and their role in the clash and Thursday’s unruly incidents is being probed, Ramanagaram Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal told The Hindu.

    Activists of Kannada organisations created a ruckus at the ashram while protesting against Thursday’s alleged attack on visual media journalists during a press conference addressed by Nithyananda, the police said.

    During the press conference, Nithyananda is said to have instructed his supporters to “throw out” Ajith S. Hanumakkanavar, a reporter from a private Kannada news channel who posed questions about the reported summons issued by a court in the U.S. against the self-styled godman. The “summons” is said to have been issued following a complaint by an NRI, Vinay Bharadwaj.

    After the press conference ended abruptly, the devotees and some journalists had heated arguments and they even exchanged blows. Later, around 6.30 p.m., activists of the Nava Karnataka Nirmana Vedike stormed the ashram to protest against the alleged attack on the media.

    Mr. Hanumakkanavar has lodged a complaint of assault against Nithyananda and his devotees in the Bidadi police station. Nitya Achalananda, an ashram devote, too has filed a police complaint stating that Mr. Hanumakkanavar and his colleagues had assaulted and threatened her of dire consequence.

    Similarly, devotees have filed a complaint that ashram administrator Atmaprabhananda suffered injuries after he was hit on the head with stones by vedike activists, who had come to the ashram with news channel crew late on Thursday evening. The ashram, in its website, has alleged that the attack was sponsored by the television channel.

    The vedike has lodged a counter complaint that the devotees assaulted its activists when they went to the ashram to protest against the alleged attack on journalists.
    FIRs registered

    Based on the complaints and counter complaints, the Bidadi police registered two first information reports (FIRs) on Thursday — one against Nithyananda and others, and another against Mr. Hanumakkanavar.

    Meanwhile, the police have heightened security around the ashram by deploying additional forces.

    Ramanagaram Deputy Commissioner Srirama Reddy is said to have sought a report on the episode from the Superintendent of Police.


  39. So no one is allowed to bring proof to his *spin* journalist sessions! He denies all and when proof is brought the journalist gets thrown out – abused – and threatened. Yes this is the calibre of charlatan that the courts are protecting and what is trying to take over as the *head* of a mutt!

    When will people wake up? Why do journalists even go when it is clear that ALL he is going to do is continue to lie – spin – and show just how devious he is? When are the courts going to lock him up rather than allowing him to continue to sit on a throne while condoning and authoring abuses – threats and violence against any that are willing to speak up in truth against his ongoing lies and deceits? i know that the courts move slowly in India but they have no trouble locking up the ones that are trying to reveal the truth while they aide the abusers by keeping everyone tied up in endless court cases, simply because they are not going to keep silent about his crimes.

    And yes a so called Guru and professed Sanyasi that creates non-disclosure agreements about having sex with him is a criminal. He is not going around as a Tantric he is claiming to be a celibate beyond sex. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is by his actions hurting the very foundation and long standing tenants of Hinduism with his flagrant misdeeds at every turn.


  40. Aarathi Rao

    Journalists walk out of Nithy’s press conference – DNA – Bangalore – 8 June 2012

    Controversial godman Nithyananda is in trouble again after his devotees attacked journalists on Thursday and allegedly threatened them with dire consequences.

    The incident happened at his ashram during a news conference arranged to clarify on sexual harassment allegations levelled against him by one of his former devotees.

    While Nithyananda was addressing the media, Ajith, a reporter from a news channel, asked him about summons served on him by a US court. When Nithyananda denied knowledge, the reporter took out a copy of the ‘summons’ and tried to hand it over to him.

    Nithyananda then backed off asking his devotees to send the reporter out, and said that journalists could not visit his ashram with summonses. The devotees followed his order and pushed out the reporter.

    Objecting to this, other journalists walked out of the conference venue. Later, the reporter filed a complaint with the Bidadi police against Nithyananda and his followers for assault and criminal intimidation. “They threatened to kill me, besides hurling abuses,” the reporter said in his complaint.

    Tension prevails at Nityananda Ashram over US court summons – Daiji World – 8 June 2012

    Bangalore, June 8 (Agencies): Tension prevailed at the Nityananda Dhyanapeetam ashram near Bidadi on Thursday when the godman’s disciples tried to force out the reporter of a news channel from the press conference called by Swami Nityananda to clear the air about allegations levelled against him by one of his former disciples, Aarathi Rao (photo above). The reporter produced a summons issued by a US court against Nityananda and sought his reaction. At first, Nityananda denied any summons was issued by the US court. When the reporter reminded him that the summons had been issued thrice and the Ashram staff had not told him about it, he still denied the existence of any summons. “If I did not receive the summons, the court could have issued a non-bailable warrant,” he said.

    A lawyer accompanying the reporter showed the summons, which angered Nityananda, who immediately directed his disciples to send both the reporter and advocate out of the press meet. Some of the assembled journalists opposed the move and were abused by the disciples. The reporters later walked out. The TV reporter later filed a complaint against Nithyananda and four of his followers alleging of physical assault and threat to his life, police said.

    The press conference was called to respond to the allegations made a few days ago by Aarathi Rao in a TV interview, that Nityananda had sexually harassed her for years. She claimed she had exposed the sex scandal by placing a camera inside his rest room. Nityananda alleged that Ms Rao suffered from herpes and had come to the ashram for treatment. “I do not know much about her. She is not attending the court hearing regularly and the court has issued summons against her. Now, she is simply making baseless allegations against me,” he said.

    “I will produce all the documents related to her in the court of law. I have enough documents to show that her allegations are baseless,” he added. He said Ms Rao had been making these allegations since the last two years. “Same is mentioned even in the CID chargesheet against me. All are baseless and aimed at tarnishing my image,” he said. “Ms Aarathi Rao made allegations to stop Madurai Adheenam, Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya from accepting me as his Uttaradhikari”, he added.


  41. The matter of Nithy and the Madurai Mutt has been politicised. The Chief Minister of the State has transferred Nithy’s dear disciple the former Collector of Tiruvannamalai to Madurai to assist Nithy with the takeover of the Madurai Mutt.

    If you look at earlier posts in this column you will find one concerning the transfer of Collector Anshul Misra to Madurai.

    This means there will be no early solution to the problem of Nithy.

    This website does not/not support Nithy in any way. He is a disgrace and an insult to Hindu Dharma.


  42. It’s an outrage that the one that blows the lid off of nithyananda’s criminal acts is the one that has been spending time in jail on trumped up nonsense. When is the one that is the actual culprit going to be jailed ? And now Saivites not allowed at the temple grounds and ONLY those wearing a photo of nithyananda the scoundrel were allowed in? This is really becoming a case of a criminal getting rewarded at every turn and the whistle blowers being punished time and time again. When is it going to end? When will the courts and populace put an end to nithyananda’s charade as it is he and he alone that is hurting religious sentiments. The courts are persecuting the wrong ones. Am glad lenin is out but look forward to the time that justice actually takes place.


  43. Lenin Karuppan

    Lenin Karuppan, Nithy’s ex aide granted bail – ZeeNews – 6 June 2012

    Chennai: The Madras High Court on Tuesday granted bail to Lenin Karuppan, a former aide of controversial self-styed godman Nithyananda, arrested in March alongwith some others in connection with a criminal case filed against them.

    Granting the bail, Justice M M Sundresh directed Lenin to furnish a personal bond for Rs 10,000 with two sureities for like sums to the satisfaction of the Eleventh Metropolitan Magistrate and appear before the Crime Branch-CID of the Tamil Nadu police daily, until further orders.

    A close aide of Nithyananda had filed a criminal complaint against Lenin, who blew the lid off the alleged sleaze activities involving a film actor and the godman in March 2010, accusing him of criminal intimidation and demanding Rs 60 lakh and blackmailing.

    He had been charged under various IPC sections for wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, robbery and voluntarily causing hurt among other things.


  44. No entry to Madurai Mutt for Saivites – Deccan Chronicle – June 6, 2012

    With the controversial self-styled godman Nityananda having taken over as the junior of Madurai aadheenam, the ancient mutt remained out of bounds for the Saivites wanting to participate in the gurupooja celebrations of the Tamil poet-saint Tirugnana Sambandar, who established the mutt 1,500 years ago, on Tuesday.

    In accordance with the ritual, the administration of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple had made arrangements for the saint’s gurupooja which included a procession of the idols of 63 nayanmars.

    Early in the morning, senior pontiff Arunagirinathar and junior Nityananda went to the temple and offered worship. “Though Nityananda insisted on temple honours, we denied him as only the senior pontiff is entitled to respect according to tradition,” an official told Deccan Chronicle.

    The procession which commenced from inside the temple was carried out peacefully but amidst heavy police protection.

    “The idol of Sambandar was taken inside Madurai aadheenam on South Aavani Moola Street and poojas were performed. Neither the heads of other mutts nor sivandiyars participated in the celebrations unlike previous years,” said a temple employee who walked along with the procession.

    Anti-Nityananda groups were denied access to the mutt by the police. K.C. Tirumaran of Madurai Aadheenam Retrieval Committee said, “We have been participating in Sambandar’s gurupooja celebrations at the mutt for the last nine years.

    This year, the police citing law and order problem allowed only 50 persons including a few sivanadiyars to offer worship only near Jhansi Rani park and that too just for a few minutes.”

    He claimed that only those who wore pendants carrying Nityananda’s picture were permitted inside the mutt and the rest sent back by the staff. Later in the day, kanagabhishekam was performed for 74-year-old Arunagirinathar.

    Only on Monday, RDO R.Durairaj conducted an enquiry against 12 persons belonging to both pro and anti-Nityananda groups for speeches that disturbed public tranquility after which they executed a bond for keeping peace for a period of one year.

    The inquiry came in the wake of police referring the cases against both parties under section 107 of CrPc a few days ago.


  45. Shaivite seers held for protest against Nithyananda – TNIE – 30 May 2012

    THANJAVUR: The Thirupananal Police on Tuesday arrested seven persons including Dharmapuram Aadheenam and Thirupanadal Kasi Mutt seers on charges of instigating violence on Nithyananda’s disciples.

    On Tuesday, Nithyananda’s disciples Nithya Hamsananda (29), Nithya Brahmananda (31) and a few others from the Madurai Aadheenam visited Kanjanoor temple.

    Sources said, the disciples and Aadheenam officials asked the temple officials to furnish details of the temple’s properties and financial details, but the officials refused to oblige.

    As news of the arrival of Nithyananda’s disciples spread, people affiliated to the temple staged a protest inside the temple demanding that the disciples leave the premises.

    However, Nithyananda’s disciplies lodged a complaint with the police stating that they were attacked by the villagers. They also claimed that they had lost nearly Rs 1 lakh cash and a mobile phone.

    The disciples then got themselves admitted to the Kumbakonam GH. Based on the complaint, police arrested village assistants Thanga Natarajan, Prabhu, Manikandan, Kasi Murugan.The police also arrested Dharmapuram Aadheenam and Thirupanandal Kasi Mutt Seer and DMK union assistant secretary, Annadurai, for instigating the attack.

    Subsequently, Kannaiyan, a resident of Kanjanoor filed a complaint with the Thirupanandal police and alleged that he was manhandled and threatened by two unknown disciples of Nithyananda. The Tirupanandal police has initiated an investigation.

    Nithyananda, after the anointment as junior pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam, had visited Kanjanoor Agneeswarar temple near Kumbakonam.

    On Saturday, Kanjanoor villagers staged a one-day fast against entry of Nithya-nanda into the temple.


  46. Anshul Mishra

    Anshul Misra is new Madurai collector – TOI – 29 May 2012

    MADURAI: Anshul Misra, who took charge as the district collector of Madurai on Monday assured the residents that he would provide a fair and transparent administration. Misra, who took over from U Sagayam,
    who has now been transferred as the managing director of Co-optex, promised that he will be accessible to them for any genuine public grievances.

    Addressing media persons after taking charge, Misra said that he was glad to work as the collector of Madurai as he was familiar with the district. The welfare measures and the special schemes implemented by the government will be carried out in a fair and transparent manner and all the efforts will be taken to put the district ahead in the state of implementing the government schemes, he said. “The good works of my predecessor will be continued and the model villages and other schemes initiated by him will be followed,” he mentioned.

    Misra also sent out a strong message against the speculation that he was the disciple of Nithyananda, the junior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam. A few days back, Nithyananda had claimed that Misra used to visit him in his mutt in Tiruvannamalai. However, the collector denied visiting him or his mutt in Tiruvannamalai. When asked whether any legal measures would be taken against the adheenam as many Hindu outfits are demanding the intervention of the government, he said that he will go through the complaints and take action, if necessary.

    On granite quarrying in the district, which was speculated as the reason for the transfer of the previous collector, Misra said that quarrying and any other activity should be carried out in purview of the law. “Illegal quarrying and any other violation in that regard will be dealt with stringent action,” he warned. On law and order issues, Misra said that he will work as a team with city police commissioner and rural SP to provide a good administration.

    He also said that dengue-control measures will be intensified and the standard operating procedures drafted by the state government will be implemented. Fogging and source reduction operations were taken up by health officials and local bodies, he mentioned.

    Later, the new collector presided over the public grievance redressal day meeting held in the collectorate.

    Anshul Misra, a 2004 batch IAS officer had earlier served as district collector of Tiruvannamalai and as Coimbatore corporation commissioner. He had also served as project officer, DRDA, Madurai. He had completed his masters in MA International Relations and M Phil in American Studies.

    Meanwhile, even as the previous collector, Sagayam was leaving the office on Monday, few outfits still staged a demonstration demanding the government to revoke his transfer and retain him in Madurai. Nomadic tribes in the district like ‘Sattaiadippor’ (whippers) and ‘Boomboom Mattukarars’ (bull charmers) performed outside the district collectorate expressing their agitation.

    Before handing over the charges, in an informal interaction with media persons, Sagayam said that he was glad to work in the district for an year though he expected the transfer immediately after the assembly election works. “It was a great experience working as the collector and I could provide welfare measures to many deserving in the district,” he quipped.


  47. Mutt to seek HR&CE permission for godman’s Meenakshi Temple entry – Madurai – 27 May 2012

    MADURAI: The Madurai Aadheenam will write to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration to permit Nithyananda up to Arthamandapam in Meenakshi Amman temple, recognising his position as junior pontiff of the Mutt, said Arunagirinatha Desigar, the 292nd pontiff of Madurai mutt.

    Speaking to reporters on Saturday after inaugurating a medical camp, he said the pontiff and the junior pontiff have traditional right to worship in the Arthamandapam. “On an earlier occasion, the temple authorities denied permission to Nithyananda to enter Arthamandapam. Hope it will not happen again,” he said.

    Nithyananda said since the Joint Commissioner of HR and CE department did not respond to the invitation of the mutt, the administration will write to the department about his entry to the Arthamandapam. “If they denied permission in writing, we will pursue the issue legally,” he added. Responding to a query about the new case filed in the Madras High Court against his anointment as the 293rd pontiff of the Mutt, Nithyananda said, “We will face it legally.”

    He said two doctors from the USA have donated 47 dialysis machines, each costing `6 lakh, to the Mutt. “We will establish a free dialysis centre at near Melagopura Vasal at Madurai as and when the occupant of a property of the mutt vacated the place. “The mutt do not have any long lease agreement with the occupant,” he added. There were 140 illegal occupants in the Mutt’s properties.

    The houses built at Kanjanur, Tiruppurambiyam, Kachanam and Pannatheru as guest houses for the heads of the Aadheenam were being converted to health centres. “A hospital with 300 beds is on the cards for the welfare of Madurai people,” he added. The Medical camps would be a regular feature in Madurai mutt till a dispensary is opened on the premises, Nithyananda added.

    Meanwhile, in Thanjavur, residents of Kanjanoor observed a day’s fast on Saturday demanding the removal of 292nd pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam Nithyanada.

    Around 200 villagers, part of the Kanjanoor temple rescue group, from Kanjanoor, Kottur, Thugili and Mana loor went on a fast a week after Nithyanada’s high profile visit to the Kanjanoor Ageeswarar Swamy temple.

    The villagers, while con demning the senior pontiff Arunagirinathar of Madurai Aadheenam for anointing Nithyanada, demanded the immediate removal of the newly-appointed Aadheenam head. Earlier this month, Nithyananda along with senior pontiff Arunagirinathar visited Kanjanoor and announced a slew of development projects.


  48. Villagers Stage Fast Demanding Nityananda’s Removal -PTI – Kumbakonam – May 26, 2012

    People of four villages around Agneeswaraswamy temple at nearby Kanjanur, managed by Madurai Adheenam, staged a fast here today demanding removal of Nityananda as its head and also that the state government take over the temple.

    They said appointment of Nityananda was not acceptable as he has been charged in a rape case and so he should be removed immediately.

    Madurai Adheenam had appointed Nityanandha as junior Adheenam.

    The agitators demanded that the state government take over the temple as its management has not provided any facilities for devotees but were just intent on taking their offerings.If no action was taken, more agitations would follow, they said.

    The appointment of Nithyananda as head of the 1,500-year old Madurai Adheenam has triggered protests from several quarters, including heads of different mutts in the state, in view of pending criminal charges, including rape, against him.

    The villagers had recently shown black flags to the adheenam Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya and Nityananda during their visit to the temple in protest against the godman’s appointment and later formed a protest committee.

    The fast today was presided by members of the committee.


  49. Madras High Court

    Plea in HC urging govt to take over Madurai Adheenam – TOI – Chennai – 24 May 2012

    CHENNAI: A new public interest writ petition for the takeover of the Madurai Adheenam by the government ‘in the interest of Hindu religion, culture and discipline’ has been filed in the Madras high court.

    A vacation bench of Justice V Dhanapalan and Justice B Rajendran, issued notice to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department and adjourned the PIL, filed by advocate R Krishnamurthy, to next month to be heard along with similar petitions pending before the court.

    In his PIL, Krishnamurthy questioned the anointment of Nithyananda as the next head of the adheenam and said his character and conduct, mode of sermon, worship and blessings were all totally against the tenets of Hindu religion and Tamil culture. He said that Nithyananda’s anointment by the current head of the adheenam had hurt the religious sentiments of lakhs of devotees.

    Krishnamurthy said the anointment and the subsequent events unfolding at the adheenam had created resentment and unrest among residents in Madurai and other places, and stated that he had submitted a representation to the HR&CE department seeking take over of the adheenam by the government, on May 17. He wanted the court to direct the government to consider his representatione and take over the control and administration of Madurai adheenam.

    HC notice to TN Govt on PIL against Nityananda – PTI – May 23,2012

    Chennai, May 23 (PTI) Madras High Court today ordered notice on a petition seeking a direction to Tamil Nadu Government to take action on a representation for removal of controversial godman Nityananda as head of an ancient Saivaite mutt in Madurai and urging its take over by the state. Issuing notice on the PIL petition by advocate R Krishnamurthy, a bench comprising Justices V Dhanapalan and B Rajendran posted it for further hearing on June 6 with a direction that it be tagged along with connected matters. Alleging that Nityananda was ‘unfit and incompetent’ to be the pontiff of the 1500-year old Madurai adheenam, the petitioner claimed the godman was controversial person with several allegations against him pertaining to sexual offences and cases were pending in courts. Krishnamurthy said on May 17, he had met the Joint Commissioner, Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment, and presented a memorandum to her seeking removal of Nithyananda, recently appointed successor of the present head of the mutt, and take over of the mutt by the government. There was a delay on the part of the official to take action and hence the present petition for a direction to the HR & CE Commissioner to consider and dispose of the representation, within a time frame, after giving him an opportunity of personal hearing, the petitioner said. The appointment of Nityananda as his junior by Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya has triggered protests from several quarters, including heads of different mutts in the state, in view of pending criminal charges, including rape, against him.


  50. Will ensure transparency in mutt’s functioning – DNA – Mumbai – 21 May 2012

    Controversial self-styled godman, Nithyananda, whose appointment as head of the Madurai Adheenam in Madurai has triggered a controversy, has said he would ensure complete transparency in the functioning of the ancient Saivite mutt.

    Talking to reporters in Madurai on Monday, he challenged other pontiffs in the state to bring similar kind of transparency in their functioning.

    He claimed that as many as 50 organisations, including Hindu outfits, have come out in support of his appointment and decided to fight legally against the ‘Madurai Adheenam Retrival committee’ speardheading protests against his appointment.


  51. Background of Arunagiri, Madurai Adheenam – Ramani’s Blog – 17 May 2012

    The gentleman, who calls himself as the Madurai Adhhenam, who crowned sex-tainted Nityananda as his successor to Madurai Adheenam, was known as Arunagiri, before he became the Madurai Adheenam.

    He was closely associated with DK and DMK who are self-styled atheists, whose main pastime is to insult Hinduism.

    He was participating in the meetings of DK and DMK, when he was Arunagiri.

    When there was a rift between Karunanidhi and Veeramani – temporary, of course, these two make up depending on who gain mileage out of whom – this Arunagiri used to offer his services as a mediator and has participated in DK meetings as well.

    When both of them threw him out, he was with Natarakan, husband of Sasikala, a one time confidante of Tamil Nadu CM, Jayalalithaa.

    When Jayalaithaa threw Natarajan out, Arunagiri started praising Jayalalithaa.

    He was a known member of the DMK.

    (It is a different matter he praises Jayalaithaa, at the time of appointing Nityananda as his successor, non sequitur )

    He first came to limelight when he started driving about in a car fitted with siren, which is prohibited.

    The reason he gave out was that he the Head of an Adheenam and therefore was beyond the law.

    Even now he has submitted in court that he will not be able to attend the Court in connection with a case filed on his appointing Nityananda as the Madurai Adheenam head stating that Adheenams were exempted from person appearance in the Court.

    This was nailed by Dharmapuram Adheenam who said that when they they were asked to appear in court they did so and there is no reason for Adheenams refusing to obey the Court.

    In the next instance he brandished a revolver in public and a case was filed and he was subsequently let off with a warning.

    When the DMK built their party head quarters ‘Arivalayam’ in Chennai, he donated all the gold rings he wore to the fund.

    He also appointed his distant relative as his successor some time earlier and revoked it.

    The boy who was appointed lodged a sexual advances case against him.

    He is reported to have bought a house for one Vaishnavi, who doubles as the PRO of the Adheenam and accountant.

    When the IT people raided him he was in jitters and pleaded that the money of one crore promised by Nityananda did not reach him.

    This is the background the man who appoints an Adheenam.

    My query is, on what qualifications has he been appointed?

    Because he was hobnobbing with atheists like DMK?

    Or his known views of supporting LTTE and Prabakaran?

    Or is it because he denigrated Sanskrit and the Brahmin community in public?

    He must remember that he is in his seat established by a Brahmin, Tirugnana Sambandar.

    Caste has never been in the minds of Saints, nor politics.

    The first head of Adheenam was Mangayarkarasi, who was the sister of the Pandyan King Nedumaran.

    Mangayarkkarasi’s husband Kulachcheriyaar was Nedumaran‘s minister and close friend known for his valour and Nedumaran was a close friend of the great Raja Raja Chola, who built the Tanjore Big Temple.

    Thirugnana Sambandar, at the instance of Thirunavukkarasar, a great Saint, cured the incurable stomach pain of Nedumaran, induced by the Jain Monks.

    Such an illustrious post is being occupied by Aruanagiris and Nityanandas!


  52. Black Flag

    “Nithyananda, you are not welcome here!” – TOI – 17 May 2012

    Kumbakonam/Chennai: Self-styled godman Nithyananda, who was recently anointed as the 293th pontiff of the Madurai Adheenam, on Wednesday visited the Kanjanur Agneeswarar temple near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district. However, the controversial godman’s visit to the Madurai Adheenam-owned temple, which is also known as Sri Sukran temple was marred by protests as about 200 people protested his entry into the temple by showing black flags.

    Nithyananda was accompanied by the adheenam’s senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar. The protesters gathered under the leadership of Thirupanathal DMK’s panchayat union councillor Annadurai in front of the temple since morning and started raising anti-Nithyananda slogans as he and Desikar came in the same car.

    Slogans like “Nithyananda, go away, do not enter the temple,” and “Nithyananda, you are not welcome here,” were raised by the protesters. Anticipating trouble in view of his visit, the district police headquarters had already deployed around 300 police personnel under the supervision of superintendent of police Anil Kumar Giri. Police said that the anti-Nithyananda protests began as the protesters were expecting him to be accompanied by a number of women priests, including foreigners.

    Annadurai charged that Nithyananda, as head of the Madurai Adheenam has not given anything to the temple. The Sukran temple with a rich heritage had for long maintained by the villagers of Kanjanur, Kottur, Manalur and Thugali and Madurai Aaheenam took all the wealth from this temple to build guest houses in the vicinity, he claimed. “This is precisely the reason we opposed Nithyananda’s entry into the temple,” Annadurai said.

    Despite the protests, Nithyananda entered the temple and was there for about one hour. After performing the pooja, both the swamis left for Madurai. Interestingly, another group, which was pro-Nithyananda, had also gathered under the leadership of AIADMK’s former Thiruvidaimaruthur MLA Bharthi Mohan, and raised slogans welcoming both pontiffs to the temple.

    Meanwhile, actress Ranjitha recorded her statements before a city magistrate court in connection with her defamation complaint against Kanchi Sankaracharya, Jayendra Saraswathi. Deposing before the chief metropolitan magistrate Nizar Ahamed,

    Ranjitha said the Kanchi acharya had made malicious statements attributing indecent motive to her relationship with Nithyananda. The magistrate then adjourned the matter to June 6. when another witness cited by Ranjitha will be examined and his statement recorded. Once that formality is over, the court could issue summons to the Kanchi seer, directing him to appear in court.

    Ranjitha’s complaint was returned on Friday last as she was not present when her case was called by additional chief metropolitan magistrate V P Ravindran. She again returned on Monday and presented her complaint.

    In her complaint, Ranjitha said Jayendra Saraswathi had given media interviews criticising the fact that she accompanied Nithyananda wherever he went. Ranjitha contended that she was a strong believer and she used to attend several religious conferences and discourses. She said she became a disciple of Nithyananda after listening to his discourses. The actor said she had suffered mental agony and stress due to Kanchi seer’s “malicious statements.”


  53. We know from the graphic evidence of the video that Nithy is not a transgender.


  54. The lady protesteth too much!

    No spiritual person would bring a charge against the Kanchi Acharya because he expressed his views however critical.

    These people are using threats of law suits and intimidation to tone down the negative reviews even though they can buy all the media space they want.

    Nithy has no guru or diksha. He has no mantra. He is not a sannyasi but an impostor in kavi clothes. If the Egmore magistrate does not see through all the humbug, then it is a sad day for law and dharma.

    Here’s a link to peruse: Stand Up For Dharma

    And another one: Ramani’s Blog


  55. Vijayendra’s younger brother is the trouble-maker in the math.

    Sannyasis are not supposed to keep family members with them or even see them according to the Dharma Shastra.


  56. iS

    No aware of the family is with Vijayendra. Temple decontrol from govt should be actively purused. The last I read was only Subramanian Swamy seems to be doing something about this.


  57. Ranjitha at the Egmore Magistrate's Court

    Ranjitha files charges against Kanchi Acharya – IndiaGlitz – 15 May 2012

    Ranjitha on Monday (May 14) appeared before the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court at Egmore in Chennai and filed a complaint against Kanchi Sankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, alleging that he had made defamatory remarks about her.

    The actress, who is a disciple of Swami Nithyananda, could not complete the defamation proceedings formalities on Friday because of her late arrival in court. She was well on time on Monday to present her complaint to Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate V P Ravindran.

    Coming down heavily on the pontiff who gave unfavorable statements against her, the actress has sought to initiate defamation proceedings.

    According to her, Jayendra Saraswathi, in an interview, cast aspersions on her relationship with Nithyananda. Denying the allegations, Ranjitha said they were made intentionally by the Kanchi seer to defame her. She added that she had suffered immense agony and stress due to the malicious statement.

    The actress along with her advocates came to the Court to file the case. Speaking to reporters later, Ranjitha claimed there was no truth in the comments made by the Kanchi Seer.


  58. Transgenders in Tamil Nadu

    Transgenders extend support to Nithy – TOI – 16 May 2012

    MADURAI: Days after mutts and religious outfits formed a ‘Madurai Adheenam Retrieval Committee’ demanding the removal of self-styled godman Nithyananda from the ancient Saivite mutt, a ‘Madurai Adheenam Protection Committee’, has been formed by the newly-appointed pontiff to counter the former.

    Meanwhile, Nithyananda got a shot in the arm as a group of transgenders led by Bharathi Kannamma visited the Madurai adheenam premises and extended their support to the godman due to the controversy over his appointment. Nithyananda said that in future transgenders would be incorporated into the functioning of the mutt.

    “This committee would fight against all forces geared up to demean the Adheenam. The committee would also stage protests against the so-called retrieval committee,” Nithyananda told reporters in Madurai on Tuesday. Nithyananda also warned that he would initiate legal action against those who signed in the “defamatory” resolutions adopted at the conference by the retrieval committee held on Sunday. The protection committee comprises 40 Hindu outfits, Nithyananda claimed.

    Slamming the members of the retrieval committee for staging protests demanding his removal and allegedly terming him as a transgender, Nithyananda said that the state government should take legal action against them as they have not only denigrated him but the entire transgender community.

    “A private television channel was spreading derogatory information as news about the mutt and the women devotees. I would sue that channel,” he warned.

    Later in the day, a group of Nithyananda devotees visited the district collectorate and submitted a petition to collector U Sagayam seeking protection for the mutt. Senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar said that since they were facing threats from certain forces, they wanted protection from armed policemen.

    Meanwhile, the police arrested a 61-year-old man identified as Hariram of Anna Nagar for allegedly hurling slippers at the members of the retrieval committee on Sunday last. Hariram’s son, Muthukrishnan was also accused of hurling the slippers when those opposed to Nithyananda attempted to gain entry into the mutt premises to perform poojas for Thirugnanasambar.

    It may be recalled that the self-styled godman had landed in controversy after a video footage purportedly showing him in a compromising position with an actress was telecast by local TV channels in March 2010. He was arrested on April 21 from Solan in Himachal Pradesh and granted bail on June 11 the same year by the Karnataka high court.


  59. Comparisons are odious.

    Two acharyas are two different persons living in two different times. The chela cannot be expected to be a carbon copy of the guru.

    What would be the use of a shankaracharya today who refused to ride in a car?

    Guru and chela are faced with different problems at different times and are offered different solutions by different people with very different motives. What are they to do in this kind of impossible circumstance?

    Nobody ever tells the truth to a sannyasi. They tell the sannyasi what they want the sannyasi to hear in order to get the response they wish the sannyasi to give them.

    Having known both acharyas for some 30 years, and the history of the Kanchi Math for much longer, I feel Jayendra should be supported in his efforts to sustain Sanatana Dharma in a very difficult time.

    It is the silent Junior Swami who should be censored. He has family members in the math with him which is entirely against the sannyas tradition. It is these family members who are at the root of many math problems.


  60. Comparisons between Mahaperiyavar and Shri Jayendra Saraswathi

    Mahaperiyavar, the Guru of Shri Jayendra lived during the tumultous time of Indias independence and the rise of immoral and unholy dravidian politics. He lived 100 yrs, but he did not indulge in gossip and media talk. His was a true Sanyas in action. There was also notorious Godmen during His time. But through positive action He stemmed the crisis in TN when the Dravdian parties were in ascendancy.

    Shri Jayendras tenure as a Sanyasi is a bit disappointing. Agreed the arrests were all trumped up, but Shri Jayendra must not comment on frivilous matters like the one reported. Right from the time he left his dand and then came back to the Mutt, he has been a passing comments. What Sanatan Dharma requires is a Sanyasi who can give margdarshan. One aspect which he can take seriously at the all India level, is the decontrol of temples. One feels he must ignore all this silly stupid frauds masquerading as sanyasis and get into action for a good cause. Vijayendra Saraswathi the junor Sanyasi does not indulge in gossip. One has never come across his statements.


  61. Madurai Collector Sahayam

    Collector says he will act on petitions for Nithyananda’s removal – TOI – Madurai – 15 May 2012

    MADURAI: Continuing the war against the anointment of self-styled godman Nithyananda as the pontiff of ancient Saivite mutt, the ” Madurai Adheenam Retrieval Committee” has submitted a memorandum to the Madurai collector on Monday demanding the state government to take over the mutt administration.

    Collector U Sagayam said that he had received similar petitions in this regard and that he would forward them to the state government and act accordingly. The committee comprising various other Saivite mutts in Tamil Nadu, religious outfits and scholars has taken a series of initiatives demanding the removal of Nithyananda. Besides organising a conference to mobilise public support, the committee has knocked the doors of the high court bench here and submitted a memorandum to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (HR&CE) department.

    K A Muruganji, founder president of Bharathiya Forward Bloc, one of the members of the retrieval committee, said in the petition to the collector that there was a threat to the properties of Madurai adheenam gifted for centuries by various people, including kings. “There are criminal cases pending against Nithyananda in Tamil Nadu as well as Karnataka. The state government through the HR and CE department should announce as null and void the anointment of Nithyananda as the successor of the mutt,” Muruganji urged.

    Besides, he also wanted the senior pontiff Arunangirinatha Desikar to be removed. “The state government should take over the administration of the mutt,” he urged. He also warned that on June 5 – the guru pooja day of saint Thirugnanasambandar who founded the mutt – the retrieval committee members would lay siege to the adheenam premises.

    Bharathiya Forward Block will stage agitation against Nithy on June 5th – IBN Live, 15 May 2012

    MADURAI : Bharathiya Forward Bloc (BFB) along with the constituents of the Madurai Aadheenam Retrieval Committee has decided to stage a picketing agitation on June 5 [guru pooja day of St. Thirugnanasambandar] demanding the removal of Nithyananda from the post of junior pontiff. A delegation of the party along with another organisation, Annai Meenakshi Amman Pillaigal, met Collector U Sagayam here on Monday and handed over a petition to this effect.

    K A Muruganji, the founder president of the party, who led the delegation, said Nithyananda was anointed as the 293rd pontiff in violation of traditions of the mutt. His anointment was not accepted by the heads of Saivite institutions, including Dharmapuram and Tiruvavaduthurai mutts, he added.


  62. Nithyananda and his band of thugs – how is it that whatever takes place it’s done in order to defame him? And yet it is one of his thug devotees that is throwing shoes – hits a police officer and get’s spirited away by another of Nithyananda’s hench men devotees and there is no arrest in sight. How long is Nithyananda and his thug devotees going to be tolerated? He is STILL with Ranjita she still does his dirty work and the rest have been known to promote and act in violence at every turn and then he has the nerve to call foul and act the victim. How long will it be until this starts getting righted ? One watches this and is appalled that Nothing and i mean Nothing is being done to stop this Blight from continuing to tarnish Hinduism – and also stain the tradition of Guru and Sadhaka. This isn’t a Guru or spiritual path it is a cult of thugs and liars – and the worst of societal disgrace. Shame on Nithyananda and the rest that think the ends justifies the means and that they are above the law and any decency -just to wear the robes of a Sannyas and claim to be a Guru (dispeller of darkness) while pulling all this is beyond measure the worst. Isn’t it time for people to Stand UP and take back Spirituality to say enough is enough isn’t political corruption enough? Does it have to extend to Spirituality? How long will a blind eye be turned to what is taking place and people sit by and watch Nithyananda and his gang continue to thumb their nose at conventional tradition while laughing behind the scenes – having sex – then threatening any that would come forward to expose his dirty dealings? How many others must be conned into sex or raped – how many lands must be stolen – how many other atrocities will it take before people get their heads out of the sand and are willing to stand up for what is right! The golden age of hinduism vanished the Rishis are few and it has been infiltrated with those who are seeing the cloth as a way to hide their devilish deeds. Anyone can speak sweet words but WATCH the actions. Sweet words on one hand and violence – denial – lies – corruption – and the rest negate any word that has come – this is not a light but one that only parrots what genuine adepts have truly obtained. Nithyananda and his gang makes a mockery of Guru-Tradition and Hinduism it’s self.


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