Aarthi Rao alleges death threats from Nithyananda – Deccan Chronicle

Aarthi Rao


One of the key witnesses in Nithyananda case, Aarthi Rao, approached Chennai city police on Friday seeking protection for her and her family members.

Speaking to reporters at the city police commissionerate, Ms Aarthi Rao alleged that her life was under threat and pointed out that two days back some unknown persons visited her residence in Teynampet, Chennai, one after the other posing unnecessary queries.

“An unidentified man was found lurking near my father’s car parked outside the house. I don’t think anyone but Nithyananda would try to threaten me as I am scheduled to attend a court hearing in Ram Nagar court, Karnataka, on Saturday and suspect his involvement,” she said after lodging a complaint with the Commissioner of Police.

It may be recalled that Aarthi Rao, an NRI residing in the US along with her husband, joined Nithyananda’s ashram there. Once, during a visit to Bengaluru, she met godman Nithyananda in his ashram. During her stay, she was allegedly raped by him. Following this incident, Aarthi Rao lodged a complaint with the police who booked a case against Nithyananda.

Counter complaint

Subsequently, Nithyananda filed a counter complaint against Aarthi Rao for her involvement in the leakage of the controversial tape featuring Nithyananda and actress Ranjitha in a compromising position – Deccan Chronicle, 29 Sept. 2012

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