Aarthi Rao alleges death threats from Nithyananda – Deccan Chronicle

Aarthi Rao


One of the key witnesses in Nithyananda case, Aarthi Rao, approached Chennai city police on Friday seeking protection for her and her family members.

Speaking to reporters at the city police commissionerate, Ms Aarthi Rao alleged that her life was under threat and pointed out that two days back some unknown persons visited her residence in Teynampet, Chennai, one after the other posing unnecessary queries.

“An unidentified man was found lurking near my father’s car parked outside the house. I don’t think anyone but Nithyananda would try to threaten me as I am scheduled to attend a court hearing in Ram Nagar court, Karnataka, on Saturday and suspect his involvement,” she said after lodging a complaint with the Commissioner of Police.

It may be recalled that Aarthi Rao, an NRI residing in the US along with her husband, joined Nithyananda’s ashram there. Once, during a visit to Bengaluru, she met godman Nithyananda in his ashram. During her stay, she was allegedly raped by him. Following this incident, Aarthi Rao lodged a complaint with the police who booked a case against Nithyananda.

Counter complaint

Subsequently, Nithyananda filed a counter complaint against Aarthi Rao for her involvement in the leakage of the controversial tape featuring Nithyananda and actress Ranjitha in a compromising position – Deccan Chronicle, 29 Sept. 2012

Download this video today! Nithy’s sex videos are regularly uploaded to YouTube and then taken down. We are not able to keep up with the changes!

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20 Responses

  1. Here’s the shocker, ‘sex guru’ Nithyananda did not undergo potency test – Deccan Chronicle – Bellie Thomas – September 10, 2014

    Credible sources from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), requesting anonymity told this newspaper that Nithyananda, allegedly, did not undergo the ‘potency test’ at the Institute of Nephro-Urology in Victoria Hospital on Monday as claimed and confirmed by the team of medical doctors.

    “Nithyananda did not cooperate with the doctors and refused to take the injection that was mandatory for the potency test citing that he would suffer a cardiac arrest. While the investigating officials were trying to record his statement and wanted him to give it in writing, he refused to do that either” said the CID sources.

    The godman refused to take the very injection that would have set off an erection, which is crucial to determining the potency of an individual, and in the accused’s case, whether he was capable of a sexual act.

    Nithyananda insisted that he would suffer from a heart attack if he was given the injection. He also said that there was no necessity for him to take the injection as it was not mentioned as mandatory in any court order, sources from the CID revealed.

    The sources also said however that they would wait for the results of the potency tests that will be submitted in a sealed envelope by the doctors to the investigating officers in a day or two. “We will have to record the godman’s statements and have to again move the court if we find discrepancies in the result,” added the sources.

    It did not end there. Nithyananda also allegedly played mischief at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Madivala where he was taken for a voice test after he underwent the so-called potency test at Victoria Hospital. The godman apparently popped in some pills and had a swollen jaw by the time he reached the forensic lab.


  2. Sub-court rejects adheenam’s plea against possible takeover – Times of India – 17 December 2012

    MADURAI: The principal sub-judge has rejected a petition filed by the head of madurai adheenam, arunagirinatha guru gnanasambanda desikar against the case filed by the hindu religious and charitable endowments (HR&CE) department.

    The commissioner of HR&CE department had filed a case seeking the removal of Desikar from his post as the 292nd pontiff of the adheenam for violations under the Tamil Nadu HR&CE Act.

    According to it, Desikar had allegedly sold two properties belonging to the mutt at a lower price in the year 1995.

    Besides, he had formed a trust along with Nithyananda without obtaining approval from the HR&CE department.

    In the petition, the commissioner also sought direction to take over the charge of adheenam, until a new head is appointed.

    Seeking a stay on this case,Desikar filed a petition before the judge. When the matter came up for hearing before the judge on last Thursday, the judge adjourned the matter to Saturday for disposal after hearing arguments of both the sides.

    On Saturday, the judge took up the matter and passed orders rejecting the adheenam head’s petition and adjourned the matter to January 17, according to government pleader A Tamilselvam.

    Meanwhile, another petition filed by Nithyananda raising objections over the original suit, filed by Madurai adheenam was also rejected by the principal sub-court, the government pleader said.

    In his suit, Madurai adheenam has demanded that Nithyananda and his followers should not be allowed to enter into the Saivite mutt.

    He also prayed that the sub-registrar of Madurai South should be directed to cancel the registration of the trust that was formed in collaboration with Nithyananda.


  3. You have given this link before and it has been added on this site and the Acta Indica site if I remember correctly. I will have to check.


  4. Madurai adheenam gets new ‘thambiran’ – TNN – Dec 10, 2012

    MADURAI: Senior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam Arunagirinatha Desikar has appointed a new “thambiran” (chief disciple) for the mutt.

    Desikar announced the appointment and introduced Thiruchitrambala Thambiran (36) to reporters at the mutt premises on Sunday. He was earlier serving as thambiran of the Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam. He hails from Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli district and has done a diploma in dairy management.

    It is a pre-requisite that a person who is appointed as junior pontiff should be a Thambiran in the particular mutt. In fact, the sudden announcement of Nithyananda as junior pontiff in April this year, bypassing such norms, had raised a hue and cry among Hindu outfits and other mutts in the state. Eventually, Nithyananda was removed from the position after the Madurai Adheenam faced the threat of being taken over by the state government.

    However, Desikar did not commit as to whether Tiruchitrambala Thambiran would be made his junior pontiff in place of Nithyananda.

    Interacting with media persons here, Desikar said Thiruchitrambala Thambiran expressed his desire to serve in the Madurai Aadheenam after the demise of Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam, Sivaprakasa Desiga Paramachariar Swamigal recently and he was not willing to remain back in the Aadheenam anymore. “Based on his request, he has been made the Thambiran of Madurai Adheenam”, he said. When asked about the prospects of him being made the next pontiff, Desikar said, “It is the will of Lord Shiva and Parvathy”.


  5. Court orders status quo on Madurai Aadheenam affairs – TOI – 27 November 2012

    CHENNAI: In a small reprieve to the trouble-torn Nityananda Dhyanapeetam (ashram) at Tiruvannamalai, which has been issued a show-cause notice by the government with regard to its management and utilization of public donations, the Madras high court has ordered maintenance of status quo as on date.

    On October 11, the government issued a show-cause notice to the ashram under Section 59 of the HR&CE Act. The notice, among other things, called upon the ashram management to explain their activities and the fate of donations collected from devotees and the general public.

    Questioning the legality of the show-cause notice, the Dhyanapeetam manager Nithya Pranananda filed the present petition to quash it as being illegal and without jurisdiction.

    On Monday, Justice K Chandru restrained the government as well as the ashram management from doing anything which would alter the character of the institution from what it is as on date, and posted the matter to December 5 for further hearing.

    Pointing out that the HR&CE commissioner had sought a court order restraining the ashram from altering or changing the nature and character of the institution as on November 5, the judge said, “both sides to maintain status quo as on date.”

    The petition, denying that the ashram was a temple or a place of worship or a Hindu religious public institution, said it would not come under the provisions of the HR&CE Act. “It is a public charity formed with an intention of propagating yoga and meditation worldwide,” he said, adding that no Hindu religious pujas were done in the premises.

    It was just a universal meditation centre where people of all religions participated in yoga and meditation programmes, it claimed, adding that though some idols of gods had been kept there they were no consecrated and hence could not be considered a place of worship.


  6. Arunagirinathar requests court to restrain Nithyananda and his followers from entering Madurai Mutt – The Hindu – 22 November 2012

    The principal sub court here will dispose of on Saturday Madurai Adheenam Arunagirinathar’s plea praying to restrain Nithayananda and his followers from entering the 1500-year-old Saivaite mutt.

    Arunagirinathar had filed the petition before the principal sub court judge seeking restriction on Nithyananda’s entry into the mutt soon after dissolving the trust formed by the mutt in collaboration with Nithyananda.

    The senior pontiff took the drastic action of dissolving the trust and withdrawing Nithyanada’s appointment as the junior pontiff after the State government moved the court through the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR and CE) Department to take over Madurai Adheenam.

    In an original suit filed at the court, HR and CE Commissioner P. Dhanapal said Arunagirinathar, along with Nithyananda, alienated lands belonging to the mutt without the Commissioner’s permission, thereby violating the provisions of HR and CE Act, apart from mismanaging the funds of the mutt.

    Therefore, he sought the removal of Arunagirinathar, opposing Nithyananda’s appointment.

    The HR and CE case will also be heard on Saturday.

    In his subsequent petition before judge Guruvaiyah, the Adheenam said that the court should direct the sub-registrar of Madurai South to cancel the registration of the trust.

    His representations to the sub-registrar to cancel the deed of the trust had not been considered, he claimed.

    He further said that the court should pass orders restraining Nithyananda and his followers from entering the mutt.

    The judge had directed the State to file a counter to the Adheenam’s petition. On Wednesday, the advocate appearing for the State government sought time to file the counter.

    Hence, the judge adjourned the case to Saturday for disposal.


  7. Nithyananda ashram moves HC against govt notice – TOI – 7 November 2012

    CHENNAI: Controversial godman Nithyananda’s ashram has moved the Madras high court against a showcause notice issued by the state government. The October 11 notice, issued under Section 59 of the HR&CE Act, to the Tiruvannamalai-based Nithyananda Dhyanapetam has asked the ashram management to explain its activities and the fate of donations collected from devotees and public.

    When the petition, filed by ashram manager Nithya Pranananda, came up for admission, Justice N Paul Vasanthakumar declined to hear the matter and directed the registry to post it before another judge. The judge was apparently miffed by a fight between Nithyananda’s counsel and the government advocate.

    The petition contended that the dhyanapeetam was neither a temple nor a Hindu religious public institution to come under the HR&CE Act. “It is a public charity formed with an intention of propagating yoga and meditation,” it said, adding that no Hindu religious pujas were done in the ashram. It also said that though some idols of gods were kept, they were not consecrated. The petition said devotees considered it sacred and do pujas there because it was Nithyananda’s birthplace.


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  9. Govt seeks to take control of Nithyananda’s ashram – B Sivakumar – TOI – 31 October 2012

    CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government has issued a notice to self-styled godman Nithyananda’s Dhyanapeetam (ashram) in Tiruvannamalai to bring it under its control. The move comes in the wake of a petition filed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department in a Madurai court seeking control of the Madurai Adheenam and the high drama that ended in the godman being stripped of the title of junior pontiff of the mutt.

    The Tiruvannamalai HR&CE joint commissioner issued the notice to the ashram authorities recently. “Following various allegations against the ashram, the government wants to bring it under its ambit using Section 59 of the HR&CE Act,” said an official. The section empowers the government to bring any ashram or mutt under its control to monitor all financial and asset dealings and ensure submission of annual accounts to the HR&CE commissioner. This is the first time such a notice has been issued. “The ashram has collected donations and the notice seeks to bring the ashram under state purview,” said the official. The ashram has sought 15 days’ time to reply.

    Efforts to reach ashram authorities failed. The ashram, started by Nithyananda in 2006, is located near the Tiruvannamalai temple. The 2.5-acre land, on the base of a hill, was donated by Bhanu Nainar to Nithyananda, a native of Tiruvannamalai, who was earlier Rajasekar.

    “It used to be agricultural land but later became barren. Bhanu Nainar donated the land as Nithyananda wanted to start a branch of his ashram in his native place,” said Sethu, a photojournalist based in Tiruvannamalai.

    Nithyananda visits the ashram often and delivers lectures and conducts meditation class, said Sethu. The Tiruvannamalai ashram has prayer, meditation and dining halls besides rooms for visitors to stay.

    The headquarters of Dhyanapeetam is situated in Bidadi, near Bangalore and cases have been filed against this ashram by the Karnataka government.

    The HR&CE department had filed a petition in a Madurai court seeking to take control of the Madurai Adheenam after protests broke out over Nithyananda’s anointment as successor to Arunagirinathar Desikar, the present head.


  10. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu police search for absconding Nithyananda – 30 October 2012

    Self-styled godman Nithyananda Paramahamsa , who is being probed by the Karnataka CID police for his alleged sexual exploits, has apparently gone absconding. Both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka police are on a lookout for the controversial guru for questioning, however, he is reportedly evading them.

    Nithyananda , who was asked to step down from the position of the Madurai Adheenam Mutt pontiff, had been accused of rape by one of his followers recently. After the victim Arathi Rao contended that she was repeatedly raped by Nithyananda, the Adheenam Mutt senior pontiff sacked him. In addition, the Tamil Nadu government had approached a local court seeking the sacking of Nithyananda from the Mutt on the grounds that his appointment was illegal.

    The Tamil Nadu police have been searching for Nithyananda for allegedly conspiring to sell properties owned by the Adheenam Mutt. However, Nithyananda, who got wind of the police operation, allegedly went underground. The Tamil Nadu police have informed their Karnataka counterparts, who too are monitoring Nithyananda’s ashrama near Bidadi on Bangalore’s outskirts.

    “The Tamil Nadu police have asked us to inform them if Nithyananda turns up at the Bidadi ashrama. Apparently, they want to inquire into one of the cases relating to the Adheenam Mutt. We too are watching his movements,” a senior police officer from the city, maintained.

    Nithyananda has been waging a legal battle with his former disciples, who have turned against him. Nithyananda even went to the extent of lodging a complaint against Arathi Rao, accusing her of blackmailing him for Rs.25 lakhs. He also accused her of morphing CDs and releasing them to the media. Nithyananda shot to limelight after his sex tapes allegedly featuring a Tamil actress were aired by leading TV news channels.

    Arathi Rao recently obtained anticipatory bails from courts in Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu where Nithyananda had filed complaints against her of criminal conspiracy.


  11. Nithyananda-Ranjitha

    Nithyananda-Ranjitha episode in a movie? – Anupama Subramanian – Deccan Chronicle – 28 October 2012

    Muthukumar who earlier directed ‘Thodakkam’ has launched his next, titled ‘Vennilaavin Arangetram’.

    The movie tackles a controversial subject – a sex worker from a red light area who narrates her story and exposes the celebrities who shared her bed with her.

    She specifically dwells on her sexual experiences with a godman at an ashram.

    A source from the production unit said that the director shot the hot bedroom scene in a manner similar to the infamous videotape involving actress Ranjitha and godman Nithyananda, which hit the headlines a few years ago. Even the set resembles the room which was shown in the scandalous video.

    Transgender Moorthy from Kodambakkam essayed the role of a fake godman and Samasthi, a new girl, has acted as Ranjitha.

    Veteran actress Seetha appears in a key role and yesteryear sex bomb Shakeela also plays an important character. Let’s hope the said conflict-ridden scenes survive the scissors.


  12. Madurai adheenam dissolves trust formed by Nithyananda – TOI – 22 October 2012

    MADURAI: The Madurai Adheenam Trust, formed by senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar and self styled godman Nithyananda, was dissolved by the adheenam on Sunday.

    Desikar on Sunday told reporters, “I feel the trust served no purpose.” The alleged violations in forming the trust were cited as one of the main reason by the state government for its decision to take over the mutt.

    The move comes following a petition filed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE) in the principal sub-court in Madurai seeking the removal of Desikar for alleged violations of Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act by forming the trust.

    The petition filed by HR&CE commissioner P Dhanapal stated that the mutt head had violated several provisions of the act by forming a trust and selling the adheenam’s land without prior permission or sanction from the government. The trust was formed on April 23, 2012, with Desikar and Nithyananda as trustees. It was on the same day that Nithyananda was chosen as the junior pontiff of the adheenam.

    Nithyananda announced that he would build schools and colleges in Madurai through the trust. But the HR&CE department contended that appointment of Nithyananda and formation of the trust was in violation of the act. The petition alleged that the objective of the trust was to usurp the properties of the mutt.

    Hindu organisations, who had protested Nithyananda’s appointment, said the dissolution of the trust was a move by Desikar to preempt the government’s attempt to take over the mutt. Desikar admitted that the trust was being dissolved in the wake of the HR&CE petition terming the trust as illegal. Desikar said he had asked Nithyananda’s supporters to remove their belongings from the mutt within two days. Nithyananda had brought several furniture for his personal use to the mutt.

    When reporters asked Desikar if Nithyananda made attempts to oust him from the adheenam, Desikar said it was impossible for a junior pontiff to remove a senior pontiff.


  13. Nithyananda sacked as Madurai mutt pontiff – Deccan Herald – 19 October 2012

    MADURAI: Controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda was on Friday sacked by the senior pontiff as his successor of a 1,500-year old Saivaite mutt here, an appointment which had attracted widespread condemnation from various quarters including Tamil Nadu Government.

    Nithyananda is facing criminal charges, including rape, in Karnataka where his ashram near Bangalore was recently embroiled in a controversy after a US-based woman and some others alleged sexual exploitation, a charge he has denied.

    Sri Arunagirinathar, the 292nd head of Madurai Adheenam, who had named Nithyananda as his successor to the highly revered mutt in April last, showed the door to him as pressure mounted from the state government and other Hindu mutts and outfits besides devotees against the appointment. The move came a day after the state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment department moved a local court seeking removal of Arunagirinathar himself and opposed Nithyananda’s appointment holding it violated rules and mutt traditions.Incidentally, during the day, the Madras High Court reserved orders on a bunch of petitions seeking removal of Nithyananda. Asked why Nithyananda was sacked, Arunagirinathar, who had earlier defended his action, said “You know better. I have sought police help because I feel my life is threatened due to the stay of the disciples of Nithyananda (in the mutt here).”

    The seer told police that he was facing a threat from the disciples of Nithyananda after his sacking. Disciples of Nithyananda who were staying in the mutt also came out. Nithyananda’s controversial appointment led to strong protests from the mutt disciples who opposed him on the ground that he was unfit as he faced serious criminal charges including sex scandal and filed petitions in courts.The self-styled godman had first courted controversy after TV channels telecast sleazy visuals purportedly showing him in a compromising positition with a Tamil actress, leading to his arrest in 2010. He was subsequently released on bail.

    In its plea before the sub-court, HR and CE Commissioner has sought removal of Arunagirinathan as the head of mutt charging that he had failed to perform his duty and had formed a trust along with Nithyananda with the ulterior motive of selling the mutt properties, worth several hundreds of crores. This is the second time Arunagirinathar is sacking a junior Pontiff. He had dismissed a young boy whom he had appointed as the Junior pontiff two years ago.

    Orders reserved on petitions to remove Nithyananda as Mutt head – DNA – 19 October 2012

    CHENNAI: Madras High Court today reserved its order over a batch of petitions, praying for removal of self-styled controversial godman Nithyananda as head of a 1,500 year-old Saivaite Mutt.

    A division bench, comprising of Justice R Banumathi and Justice R Subbiah reserved their orders on the petitions.

    On October 16, Advocate General A Navananeethakrishna had submitted that government was taking steps to take action against the head of the Mutt, as appointment of Nithyananda as its successor was in violation of Section 59 of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act.

    He submitted that two persons cannot be head of the Mutt and appointment of Nithyananda as the next successor was in violation of the Act.

    He also contended that petitions relating to this case cannot be considered as a PIL, since no fundamental right has been violated.

    He said the successor must be a Mutt disciple, be competent enough and follow rituals and procedures being followed right from the days of Thirugnanasambandar.

    Nithyananda is facing charges of rape and criminal intimidation levelled against him in 2010 after some TV channels telecast purported video footage of him in a compromising position with an actress.

    Meanwhile in Madurai, government pleader Tamilselvan informed a local court that Nithyananda’s nomination as the Mutt’s 293rd pontiff was illegal and not proper as per custom.

    He said there were many charges against present pontiff Arunagirinathar, including selling of Mutt property without approval of HR&CE board and forming a trust jointly with Nithyanandha for taking control and management of Mutt properties.

    Mutt counsel sought time to file a counter as documents relating to the charges and the cases were not with them, to which Tamil selvan said all documents were obtained from the Mutt itself and they should have copies of it.

    Judge Guruviah posted the case for further hearing on Oct 29.


  14. Mutt head says courts have no say in Nithyananda issue – TOI – 18 October 2012

    CHENNAI: Arunagirinathar, senior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam, has told the Madras high court that Nithyananda is the most competent person to be appointed his successor and the allegations against him are motivated, concocted and fabricated.

    When arguments on a batch of public interest petitions pertaining to the adheenam (Saivite mutt) and the appointment of Nithyananda as junior pontiff resumed before a division bench comprising Justice R Banumathi and Justice R Subbiah on Wednesday, senior counsel G Rajagopal said the right to appoint the successor vested only with the head of the mutt and courts did not have any jurisdiction or expertise to adjudicate the issue. “Appointing the successor is the right of the head of a religious institution, and it is not subject to judicial review,” he said.

    Denying that any provision of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act had been violated by him, Arunagirinathar’s counsel said the PILs had been filed based on imaginary complaints the veracity of which was yet to be verified.

    Nithyananda had been ranked by a reputed US magazine among the 100 Most spiritually inclined living people in the world, Rajagopal said, adding that Arunagirinathar was fully satisfied with the capabilities of Nithyananda.

    Referring to a counter-affidavit filed by commissioner of the HR&CE department earlier, he said the officer had already declined to interfere with the affairs of the mutt. Nithyananda does not attract any disqualification specified in the Act, he said, adding that he was the most competent person to hold the position. It was submitted that Nithyananda, who was born in 1978, became a sanyasi in 1994 and was awarded the title Paramahamsa. He has delivered 800 hours of lecture around the world, Rajagopal said, adding that the question of his caste too did not arise because he was already a sanyasi. Arguments will continue on Friday.


  15. Steps being taken by Govt to remove Madurai adheenam head – TOI – 17 October 2012

    CHENNAI: Indicating that the days of Arunagirinathar as head of the Madurai Adheenam are numbered, the state government on Tuesday told the Madras high court that steps are being taken to remove the senior pontiff.

    Making the government’s stand on the issue clear, advocate general A Navaneethakrishnan told a division bench of Justices R Banumathi and R Subbiah that the so-called agreement between Arunagirinathar and Nithyananda was illegal and that the real intention of it was to take away the properties of the Adheenam. “Nithynananda cannot be nominated on the ground of morality, decency and public order,” he said.

    He made the submission when a batch of public interest writ petitions pertaining to the legal status of Madurai Adheenam and the appointment of Nithyananada as junior pontiff came up for hearing. Reiterating that Nithyananda cannot be a successor of Madurai adheenam, Navaneethakrishnan said he was facing several criminal cases and that his character was not good. “No prudent person will accept him as a head of an ashram,” he said, adding that as per the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, only one person could be a head of the mutt and there was no provision to appoint a successor. The question of successor would arise only at the demise of the incumbent head, he said adding that a successor of the adheenam should be the mutt’s disciple, and even among disciples the chosen one must be most competent to follow rituals which are in vogue from the days of Thirugnanasambandar, a sixth century Saivite saint associated with the mutt.

    When the judges asked Navaneethakrishnan as to what steps the government had taken during the last six months, he said, “We are taking steps to remove the trustee Arunagirinathar from the position under Section 59 of the HR&CE Act. Removal will be done as early as possible.”

    To this, the judges said: “Why have you been silent for the past six months? Had you acted upon the complaints, a spate of litigation would not have come before us.”

    Meanwhile, a new PIL stating that innocent young women were held at Nithyananda’s ashram against their wish has been filed in the high court. The PIL, filed by Pulavar V Mahadevan of Pallavaram, wanted the court to direct the State Commission for Women to inquire into the matter and forward appropriate recommendations to the government to rescue the women.

    In the name of yoga and meditation, women were being exploited sexually by the mutt personnel, he alleged. The matter will be taken up by the high court for maintainability.


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  17. Madras High Court refuses to gag Aarthi Rao & Lenin Kauppan – DNA – 11 Oct. 2012

    The Madras High Court today dismissed self-styled controversial godman Nithyananda’s application to restrain certain persons from making any public statements on a case involving him filed before a court in Karnataka.

    Nithyananda sought to restrain his former disciples Lenin Karuppan, Aarthi Rao and her father Sethumadhavan from making statements, conducting any panel discussions or interviews, allegations, reports, clippings, visuals either by direct or indirect reference to him and his devotees in the case.

    According to Nithyananda, a criminal case was registered against him before the Cheif Judicial Magistrate Court, Ramanagara in Karnataka, for which a charge sheet was filed in 2010, and Aarthi Rao and Lenin Karruppan are the prosecution witnesses in the case.

    He submitted that whileso, Rao, with a “malicious intention” started giving fake and defamation and visual touching upon the allegation in the charge sheet. Justice K Chandru, in his order, said, “the person who comes to the court seeking for equitable relief like an injunction must come with clean hands. He can’t make the court as a tool to prevent his adversaries or make them silent, when he can be active by posting in the social media.” The respondents have stated that they have not given any particular interviews and had only responded to questions posted in the website. “While so the petitioner has posted 107 questions to Rao. There is nothing wrong in Rao replying to questions. The applicant can’t claim any right to privacy because he is in public domain and his right to privacy is very limited,” the judge said.

    Nithyananda himself even after filing this suit have used the media both print and visual as well as social networking sites and posted several questions for Rao who answered and he has been liberally giving interviews. “A person who comes to the court seeking relief also has to behave himself and not violate principle of liberty for which the relief is sought for, from this court,” the judge said.

    “The charge sheet has been field in 2010 and since then the issue has been discussed threadbare in various media to the length and breadth of the country. There is nothing further to be discussed,” he said.

    The respondents only stated that they have only responded to question to defend themselves when such questions were asked and not with a view to defame the applicant, the judge said dismissing Nithyananda’s application.


  18. Karnataka High Court stays probe against former disciple of Nithyananda – Zee News – Bangalore – October 3, 2012

    Karnataka High Court Wednesday stayed further proceedings before a local court against a former disciple of self-proclaimed controversial godman Nityananda and two others in a criminal case filed against them by an actress.

    Justice H N Nagamohan Das stayed further proceedings in the case before the court at Ramanagara on a criminal petition filed by Ranjitha, seeking quashing of the case.

    In June, the court had issued a non-bailable warrant to Lenin Karuppan and third summons to co-accused Aarti Rao and advocate Sridhar in the case filed by the actress.

    Ranjitha had filed a private complaint on Dec 30 2010 at Ramnagara Magistrate Court in Bangalore against the three, charging them with criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy and outraging her modesty in connection with attempting to link her through a morphed video with Nithyananda.

    The Magistrate took cognizance and issued summons to all three on June 4 2011.

    Lenin failed to appear before the court, following which a NBW was issued against him, while the other two were issued a second summons on August 2, 2011.

    Arathi Rao is a resident of Detroit, USA.


  19. Rules not followed to select Nithyananda as Junior Pontiff at Madurai Mutt: TN Govt. – Outlook – Chennai – 28 Sept. 2012

    The Tamil Nadu government has informed the Madras High Court that the head of the Madurai Aadheenam did not follow provisions of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, 1959, while selecting controversial self styled godman Nithyananda as next trustee to the mutt.

    In a counter to a petiton filed in the court,Secretary of Tamil Development, Religious Endowments and Information Department said “the present head of the math has not followed provisions of the Act (Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, 1959) in selection of succession to the office of trustees of the mutt.”

    The government was also to take action against the present mutt head, it said.

    The counter said the commissioner was contemplating legal action as per Section 59 of the Act for ‘misdeeds’ committed by Sri Arunagirinathar. This Section deals with removal of the trustee of the mutt or specific endowments attached to it.

    In a PIL and other miscellaneous petitions, one M Jagathalapradapan had prayed for a direction to authorities to take interim custody of Madurai Aadheenam Mutt, freeze its accounts and remove Nithyananda from the mutt.

    Nithyananda is facing charges of rape and criminal intimidation levelled against him in 2010 after some TV channels telecast purported video footage of him in a compromising position with an actress.


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