Will chief minister Rosaiah continue the christianizing of Andhra Pradesh? – Ishwar Sharan

Konijeti Rosaiah

The following statement by the former AP chief minister Rosaiah – he is now Governor of Tamil Nadu – appeared in the Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, on Oct. 28, 2009.

I believe in the Almighty. I am a firm believer in the existence of God. I believe that without the existence of God there would have been no creation of the universe. I cannot see the Almighty, rather I cannot imagine Him. But I can definitely feel his presence and strength everywhere.

I don’t believe in any particular God like Vishnu or Shiva. I also don’t worship a particular God. But at the same time, I don’t disown the rituals.

I understand that if one has compassion for every living creature, one can see the sacred light of divinity in everything. In a larger sense , this divine power is manifest in all that exists.

Whenever I visit temples in my capacity as a politician, I participate and perform the pujas. Everyday I pray to God as I believe there is an invisible power, shakti, that is responsible for the creation of this universe.

God it like a benevolent father for all of us. I have no doubt about his love for all. In return I love Him and am loyal and faithful to Him. Through my conscience, and my knowledge of His word [the Bible], I know what He wants and I try to do that? – K. Rosaiah as told to L.V. Reddy.

Is Konijeti Rosaiah a Christian? It would appear that he is from a analysis of the interview above. Look closely at the terminology. It is a Christian politician’s carefully worded statement. Does this mean that the overt christianizing of Andhra Pradesh that took place under YSR’s corrupt regime will continue? Yes it does. A Christian can do nothing else but seek to create more Christians into perpetuity. It is his religious duty. It is how this alien theocratic system and its fanatic adherents perpetuate themselves.

Is Christianity a religion or spiritual system? No. It is an imperialistic political ideology that claims to have divine sanction. Its sole objective is world domination,  based on an absurd and sinful world view.

The spread of Christianity is against the Indian national interest. And if it continues unabated, Hindus, now a second class majority in their own land, will soon become a persecuted minority in their own land. Do not ever doubt it. Christianity has 2000 years of political experience behind it when it comes to undermining and subsuming the civilization it wishes to overthrow. And today Hindu civilization is the target.