Sonia’s Congress compromising India’s security – Gautam Sen

“India itself is divided as a community because Hindus worship the same gods without any concomitant wider political loyalty towards each other. Their universe is themselves, their families and communities, at best and, with few exceptions, they are willing to betray their own country for personal advancement.” – Dr. Gautam Sen

Sonia GanshiIndia cross-ed out!India’s ruling order has effectively capitulated to foreign forces, with the prevailing Sonia Gandhi UPA dispensation colluding actively to accelerate India’s conquest. India’s mortal and most urgent danger is Christianity and the international political forces that have long utilised it as their ideology of conquest. The reason is that the US and the Europeans, who espouse political Christianity, are ideologically, militarily and economically powerful and able to translate their aspirations into reality.

Hindus unfortunately do not understand Christianity at all. They foolishly and wrongly regard it as just another path to the Divine. But what is happening is that a Catholic dynasty is helping foreign Christians seize India as quickly as possible, before some domestic crisis prompts their ejection from India. And the reason why all Christian denominations are united in this dastardly project, despite their own deeply-rooted sectarian divisions, is because the venture to subjugate India is directly controlled by US government agencies and not specifically by any church. This phenomenon confirms the profoundly political character of Christianity, which has been used by successive political systems, from the time of Emperors Constantine and Justinian to Charlemagne and every late medieval kingdom to the present.

"Allah, mighty and glorious is he!"Indians are also wrongly obsessed with Islam, which, in fact, is politically weak and only able to cause distress when used against them by Anglo-American Christians though China is increasingly active too. By itself, Islam poses a challenge that would be manageable if the Indian authorities adopted robust policies to countervail it. Pakistani sponsored terrorism is devastating for the affected individuals, but inconsequential for India as a whole and would remain so unless its rulers end up facilitating an attack on a nuclear facility through their usual incompetence. The Islamic demographic assault from which India is suffering is primarily a product of the collusion of the Indian authorities in Delhi, Assam and West Bengal with infiltration from Bangladesh. They are in cahoots with illegal migrants in order further divide their region and increase the size of the Muslim vote bank, also demonstrated by their reluctance to confront Saudi-funded mosques militantly opposing contraception. Revealingly, the Congress and its allies have also long understood that terrorist attacks by Islamic jihadis consolidate the votes of anxious Muslim voters in their favour because they fear retaliation. And the Congress offers them unqualified shelter with alacrity, to take advantage whenever terrorist bombings occur. The heir apparent himself has gone on record repeatedly to deny Islamic terrorism is a problem at all and instigated fabricated cases against Hindus through his venal surrogates.

"Saint" Constantine the GreatBoth Christianity and Islam are ideologies for establishing and sustaining political communities in a way Hinduism has never been. Ancient Hindu seers had a tradition of writing treatises on government and politics, but it was Christianity that was transformed into primarily a political instrument of power after the Roman emperor Constantine embraced it. It should be noted his conversion was due to his conviction that the Christian God had facilitated an important military victory and not the result of spiritual awakening. This is not to propose that the individual Christian, especially the evangelist, is not profoundly motivated by faith, even as the church authorities, in conjunction with Washington in the contemporary world, use them for purposes that are entirely political. It so happens that the core conviction of Christianity is the transient nature of the living world of travail, the vale of tears, and the truly meaningful goal being the accession to heaven. The destruction of the existing world and India, by precipitating civil war in the process of trying to convert it, would therefore be unfortunate, but not a cause for surprise or sorrow. Islam was of course, first and foremost, a political doctrine, a lust for power, and the Prophet’s resort to alleged Divine inspiration merely a ruse to justify it.

The foundational, avowed inspiration of Islam is the multifarious ways that the divine enjoins the enjoyment by men of sensual pleasures, mainly sexual since alcohol is forbidden. All other intermediate goals like conquest, slavery, plunder, proselytising, even prayer and charity, are really only functional to this ultimate purpose, which is indeed how the pleasures of heaven (presumably the highest reward of the faith) are graphically described for the faithful Muslim male. As a corollary aside, it needs to be recognised that even if a relatively small number of privileged Muslim men acquire four wives, leave aside large harems, that necessitates raids of conquest by the rest of the male community to capture women, since a shortage of women must, by definition, thereby arise. The paradox remains that within the context of the very mundane Islamic injunctions vindicating crude masculinity, the individual devotee may well experience an inward pining for the divine that is real. That it glaringly contradicts much else professed by the scriptures of the same faith is common to all Semitic religions. Such insurmountable ontological, epistemological and methodological difficulties are subdued in beliefs system not underpinned by the illogic of a set inviolable foundational texts and corresponding obsessions.

British India FlagThe UK never gave up the ambition of subjugating India anew despite handing over power to native rule, which had little to do with Gandhi’s non violent protest. It was Britain’s exhaustion in the aftermath of World War II and bankrupt economy, combined with fear of revolt by its colonial Indian troops that persuaded a malicious flight. However, Britain presided over a bloodbath to establish the Pakistan it had cynically incited, which is now haunting much of the world. The Americans quickly understood how important India was for the assertion of global power with the onset of the Cold War. As Lord Curzon had explained long ago, Britain would be nothing without India and its vast human and material resources. India offers virtually unlimited manpower for fighting wars, increasingly difficult to find from among their own pleasure-seeking citizens. Americans and Europeans also have smaller families nowadays and are therefore unwilling to sacrifice their fewer offspring. In addition, India is large enough to assure vast wealth for any ruling elite, domestic or foreign, even if the majority of the population remains mired in destitution. This has happened throughout Indian history, whether during Islamic, Christian or contemporary déraciné Hindu rule, bequeathing Pharaonic wealth and life styles of luxurious excess for the few and poverty for the many.

Bobby JindalThe subordination of India for the pursuit of world power is therefore a necessity for the incessantly born-again, Christian US and its European allies. Unfortunately, India itself is divided as a community because Hindus worship the same gods without any concomitant wider political loyalty towards each other. Their universe is themselves, their families and communities, at best and, with few exceptions, they are willing to betray their own country for personal advancement. The British had sought to deepen every social, political and caste division within India in order to control and rule it more easily. Initially, they serenaded Hindus to consolidate victory over Islamic rulers, whose grotesque depredations Hindus were mightily relieved to escape, though it was the Marathas, Sikhs and Jats who actually destroyed Mughal ascendancy. The Hindus were encouraged to rediscover their ancient past during this period. But the British took pains to accentuate the divide and rule policy they had deployed in every land they had conquered, from Scotland and Ireland to Africa and Asia. The hapless native fell for it all, the highly educated eventually embracing self-destructive class wars rather than the painful task of building a nation. Many of them eventually found suitable, well-paid employment within the imperialist US and their class consciousness was confined to impenetrably arcane commentaries in journals they alone read! The more underprivileged Indians exchanged a little of their pitiful historic status for free schooling, medical help and small amounts of money from evangelists. And whole swathes of India were quietly and irretrievably converted to a militant Christianity that has completely extirpated Hinduism from the North-east and is advancing relentlessly in India’s southern states. But it is the educated, supposed class warrior, rooting for the destruction of Hinduism that is guilty of treason.

Jawaharlal NehruJawaharlal Nehru was honest enough to confess that he felt like India’s last Viceroy and he ended up espousing Britain’s divide and rule policies to secure his personal authority. As a result, he assiduously hindered the emergence of a politically united India. He apparently concluded that the real threat to his primacy would come from an appeal to unite a diverse India on the only possible basis, which was Hinduism, its pre-existing historic identity. Unsurprisingly, the contemporary detritus of his imported family is practising the same divide and rule policies and demonising Hinduism and all its works to hold on to power. As Christian bigots, they seem to have no compunction seeking to rule India in collaboration with their imperialistic, co-religionists abroad. And as junior agents of foreign powers if that is the only way to protect their own personal positions of power and privilege.

Sri Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti PeethamThe arrest and humiliation of India’s revered religious leaders on fabricated charges that invariably fail in the law ultimately is but one brutal example of the unprecedented violence against Hindus today. Recent events arouse the suspicion that India’s first family is in negotiation with Pakistan’s ISI killers to implicate and ‘fit up’ Hindu accused for terrorist crimes that compelling evidence from the highest investigating bodies abroad has already determined were undertaken by agents of the ISI itself. Dismayingly, while India is losing its sovereignty with alarming rapidity, prominent Indian politicians are becoming complicit in treasonous conduct that will completely subvert Indian independence. Their likely fate in any self-respecting country is easy to imagine.

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