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Dalit Christians organised and supervised by their upper caste bishops demonstrate for scheduled caste status (2012).

If it comes about that “Dalit Christians” and “Dalit Muslims” are recognised by the Government as caste entities, then Christians and Muslims will hog all of the benefits with nothing left for Dalit Hindus. – Vigil Online

As of today, Christians and Muslims remain excluded from the benefits extended to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Indians, as their respective ideologies do not recognise caste. However, to get around this constitutional obstacle, the majority or near majority of Christians and Muslims have been classified by their religious and community leaders as Backward Class (BC) or Other Backward Class (OBC) and are enjoying the benefits extended by the State and Central Government to these classes to the determent of the Hindus in these classes. See the following table compiled from the Census of India 1961 and the Sachar Committee Report 2006, Table 10.3:


▫ Around 40% of all Muslims are already enjoying the benefits of reservation under the OBC quota;
▫ The percentage of Muslims and Christians who are cornering the benefits of reservation in the BC and OBC quota vary from state to state;
▫ West Bengal – 2.4%;
▫ Uttar Pradesh – 62%;
▫ Kerala, where the Muslims constitute 25% of the total state population, 99% are classified as OBCs and are claiming reservation quota;
▫ In Tamil Nadu 93.3% Muslims have been notified as OBC by the state government in 2004-2005 whereas in 1999-2000 83% of Muslims were notified as OBC―a steep increase of 10% in just five years!


▫All-India population as per 2001 Census – 2.3% or 24.2 million;
▫ The Christian population is 1/3 tribal. Of the remaining 2/3, around 70% claim backward status;
▫ North-East – 5.3 million tribal Christians which is 1/4 – 1/5 of the total Christian population. The North-east Christians are all tribal people;
▫ Orissa – 8 lakh tribal Christians;
▫ Bihar and Jharkhand – 1.1 million tribal Christians;
▫ Of the remaining 16 million Christians, 60-70% of all Christians in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa are notified as OBCs with percentages varying from state to state as indicated earlier;
▫ Only 10% of all Christians in the country are not availing of any kind of reservation and these would be largely the Goan and the Syrian Christians.

Some hard facts about the politics and religion behind reservations

▫ All-India reservation – total 50%. ST 7.5%, SC 15%, OBC 27.5%;
▫ All-India tribal population stands at 8.2% while all-India SC population is 16.2%;
▫ Christians constitute only 10% of the total tribal population but they corner 90% of all ST reservation quotas in higher education and government employment;
▫ J&K has 11% tribal population but they probably get nothing;
▫ Around 70% of Christians and Muslims have been brought into the quota regime as backward communities or backward classes;
▫ There is no category called Scheduled Caste Christians or Muslims. When the Church demands reservation for so-called Dalit Christians and God forbid that it may ever happen, then the Church will de-notify large segments of the OBC Christian population and re-classify them as Scheduled Castes so that they can corner all the benefits of SC reservation just as they are cornering all the benefits of the ST reservation quota.

This cornering is made possible only because of the constitutional right provided to minorities to start and run educational institutions. There is a move now afoot to equate degrees obtained from Muslim madrasas to the CBSE board so that the Muslims in the OBC spectrum may be enabled to corner another major chunk of the benefits of reservation just as the Christians are doing now.

Tamil Nadu total 69% reservation

▫ 50% BC + MBC – 30% BC, 20% MBC;
▫ 18% SC – 15% + 3% exclusively for Arundhatiyar community;
▫ 1% for ST;
▫ About 90% of all Muslims and Christians have been included for reservation under the 30% BC category;
▫ 70% of all Tamil Nadu population is considered BC, a very unusual and high percentage;
▫ 50% of the 70% BC population is qualified for reservation.

Now let us see how this works in real terms by taking admission to medical colleges as an example. There are altogether 3000 medical seats of which 30% or 900 seats are allotted to the BC, 600 seats or 20% of the total are allotted to the MBC.

Christians constitute 6.5% of the total Tamil Nadu population while Muslims constitute 5.5%. Of the total 6.5% of Christians, 6.1% or around 80% of the total Christian population have been classified as BC. This is 1/9 of the total population. BC Christians were cornering 300 seats out of the 900 medical seats every year; that is 1/9 of the population was claiming 1/3 of the share of seats. And that is why Christian politicians and the Christian clergy met the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to ask him to rescind the order granting 3.5% reservation for Christians. The Tamil Nadu government promptly rescinded the order and allowed the Christians to come back into the 30% BC quota segment which was getting them phenomenal returns. Christians must be removed from the 30% BC quota unless we want a situation someday in the near future when they may rampage across the entire BC spectrum. Giving this super-forward religion even 3.5% quota is bad enough but allowing them to occupy the elephant’s space in the BC quota segment is willful betrayal of the cause of Hindu backward classes.

The same would be true of all professional colleges and in admissions to all under-graduate and post-graduate degrees too. We must not be beguiled into thinking that the remaining seats go to Hindu BCs and MBCs. If we consider the possibility that preference in reservation is given to anti-Hindu, irreligious Dravidian Tamils with marked political affiliations, then we begin to understand what is happening in the Madras High Court and in all other courts of Tamil Nadu. Reservation benefits are being hogged by the minorities and anti-Hindu Dravidian Tamils. Tamil Hindu SCs, BCs and MBCs are being increasingly marginalised and alienated from the mainstream.

The Tamil Nadu government had announced 3.5% exclusive reservation for Christians and Muslims. This 7% minority reservation quota was supposed to have been hived off the 30% BC reservation quota. In the beginning, the Church welcomed the move but soon beat the retreat when it realised that under the 3.5% exclusive quota, Christian BCs were eligible only for 105 seats as against the 300 seats it was snatching from the mouths of Hindu BCs.

Now let us look at the last government deception which is proving fatal to Hindu Backward Class and Castes. According to the 2001 Census report which for the first time was collecting such data on the basis of religion, if we consider urbanization and literacy as indicators or indices of forwardness, then in Tamil Nadu:

▫ Male literacy is Christians 90%, Muslims also 90%, Hindus 81.5%;
▫ Female literacy is Christians 82%, Muslims 76%, Hindus 62.5%;
▫ Urbanized percentage – Christians 56%, Muslims 73%, Hindus 41%.


What can be inferred from this analysis is that Christians and Muslims who do not ideologically recognise caste divisions, have “stolen” most of the benefits meant for Hindu Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, and Hindu Backward Classes and Other Backward Classes. If it comes about that “Dalit Christians” and “Dalit Muslims” are recognised by the Government as caste entities, then Christians and Muslims will hog all of the benefits with nothing left for Dalit Hindus. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hindus will then have to convert to Christianity (or Islam) in order to obtain these benefits. The Indian bishops are aware of this and it is a part of their game plan to decimate the Hindu society in this way.

This analysis was published years ago on the now defunct website Vigil Online. It has been reprinted in Ishwar Sharan’s book, The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple, and is being reprinted here as a reference.

Dalit Christians protest against discrimination in the Church

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