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Sanbeer Singh RanhotraFor anybody to try and draw an equivalence between the RSS and PFI would be a testament to their supreme idiocy. There is absolutely no common denominator that can be found between the two organisations. – Sanbeer Singh Ranhotra

Now that the Popular Front of India (PFI), a radical Islamist organisation has been banned after its top leadership was nabbed and put behind bars, there is growing clamour for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to meet the same fate.

Leaders and parties are actually demanding that the RSS to be banned with as much determination that the PFI was outlawed and crippled. Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is out on bail to ostensibly fly out of the country for medical treatment, said the RSS should have been banned before the PFI. Kerala’s ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) said majority communalism and minority communalism were equally dangerous, which is why the RSS needs to be banned too. This sentiment was echoed by the Congress.

Their logic is flawed, bigoted, ignorant and hilarious all at the same time. To compare the RSS with the PFI is akin to comparing apples to poisonous oranges. There is absolutely no common denominator that can be found, or established between the two organisations.

The PFI is a terror outfit that believes in the supremacy of Islam in a manner that chokes the life out of all other faiths. The PFI has aspirations to turn India into an Islamic state where all other religious communities are vanquished by force if necessary. If they are to survive, they shall do so at the mercy of Islamists, while paying exorbitant taxes for being non-Muslims. That’s the basic reality of any Islamic state.

On the other hand, the RSS is a socio-cultural organisation whose core philosophy is patriotism and service to the nation. The RSS is not mass manufacturing terrorists, and neither is it shipping Indians abroad to fight on behalf of global terror networks that thrive on the blood of innocent people.

The RSS is the world’s largest voluntary organisation.

The keyword here is ‘voluntary’. The PFI, which rides a toxic ideology with open proclivities towards violence might find the term ‘voluntary’ to be alien, especially if allowed to achieve its objectives in India.

Do you think the PFI will give non-Muslims a choice if it successfully turns India into an Islamic state? It would rather coerce them using violence to accept what is, in their minds, the only one true faith.

The RSS has contributed great leaders to India who have created history. Even today, horses from the RSS’s stable are leading the country through tumultuous global conditions with great ease by keeping national interest over and above all other considerations.

Meanwhile, PFI’s national chairman, Abdul Rehman, was the former national secretary of terror outfit SIMI. In fact, SIMI was banned without it being structurally destroyed. It metamorphosed into today’s PFI. That itself disqualifies the PFI from being compared with the RSS.

The RSS is not involved in assassination plots, hate-crimes, murders and racketeering. The PFI has done all of it. In fact, the PFI recently planned an attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bihar. Speaking of Bihar, the PFI module recently busted there revealed the outfit had been running arms training camps under the guise of martial arts training. The Bihar police also recovered documents on an alleged plan to “establish the rule of Islam in India by 2047” from PFI members. In 2018, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) got hold of evidence which suggested PFI wanted to impose a Taliban brand of Islam in India and keep a special attack force to fulfil its objectives.

The hijab row which erupted in Karnataka was also PFI’s doing, as the outfit aimed to spread social unrest with women at the forefront of the protests. From chopping the hands of teachers to trying to importing the Palestinian intifada into India—the PFI has done it all. In fact, the PFI’s map bears a striking resemblance to the map of Palestine and to that of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).

The RSS has been working for decades towards social emancipation. It runs Vidya Bharti schools, and is soon going to set up five universities across the country. In fact, the RSS even has a dedicated Muslim wing, called the Muslim Rashtriya Manch. Does the PFI have a ‘Hindu Cell’, or any non-Muslim representation whatsoever? Not really.

Whenever natural calamities strike, the RSS rushes to serve the people. In contrast, the PFI is very often the sole reason behind artificial calamities striking society. The RSS also works to uplift women and tribals—something which was seen with Mohan Bhagwat’s recent visit to Meghalaya where he interacted with people of the indigenous Seng Khasi faith, who have proudly upheld the pagan culture of the hills despite facing a cash-rich challenger like the church. That itself spoke volumes about the RSS’ commitment to preserving indigenous faiths across India from the advances of Abrahamic cultures.

Finally, the RSS is proud of Indian culture. The PFI, in contrast, abhors Indian values and seeks to bring an Islamic revolution in the country. The PFI has been working to eviscerate Indian culture and superimpose on this land an alien faith and way of life. The PFI, therefore, is an enemy of everything that is Indian, which is why it needed to be destroyed. The RSS, on the other hand, is perhaps the most important organisation that is working tirelessly to preserve Indian culture and protect the country from Islamist hoodlums—the kind of which are produced abundantly in PFI-like militant outfits.

For anybody to try and draw an equivalence between the RSS and PFI would be a testament to their supreme idiocy. The RSS and PFI are poles apart and simply cannot be put in the same basket. One is an organisation trying to break India and inflict terror on it, while the other is striving to restore India’s ancient cultural glory. In one there is purity of mission, and in the other an incessant want to turn India into a clownish, brutal and medieval caliphate. – News18, 28 September 2022

Sanbeer Singh Ranhotra is a producer and video journalist at Network18. He writes on both national affairs as well as geopolitics.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat & Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi

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