Rahul Gandhi’s foreign bank account revealed – Team PG

Barclays Bank
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi must be cringing every time Subramanian Swamy makes a trip overseas! Details of his bank account in England tumbled out along with the revelations that both his “pseudonym” Raul Vinci (allegedly used for security purposes) and his real name Rahul Gandhi reside at 2 Frognal Way, London NW3 6XE. We have covered this in the past about RaGa’s company Backops Limited.

Rahul Gandhi’s British nationality and company details and allegations that he may have received kickbacks in defence deals has been extensively documented in this site and elsewhere. Here is a detailed list on where all things Rahul Gandhi stand as of now:

  1. British nationality of Rahul Gandhi – This issue is now currently in Ethics Committee in Lok Sabha. L. K. Advani is the chairman. The findings are still awaited. In a routinely used strategy, an advocate M. L. Sharma, filed a sloppy Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition on this in the Supreme Court, which was rejected. Congress promptly claimed that because of this, there was no merit in the allegations.
  2. Scorpene submarine deal – Subramanian Swamy had alleged that Rahul Gandhi’s company received kickbacks in the Scorpene deal signed by India with the French company DCNS. There have been no updates on this except for the Navy buying three more Scorpene submarines.
  3. National Herald case, money laundering – In August 2014, it was announced that the Enforcement Directorate would be probing the case from a money laundering angle. The findings are still awaited.

It is easily seen that Mr. Gandhi’s troubles are only mounting by the day. With a new session starting, one can expect Congress to do more of the same, i. e. stall proceedings. It would be interesting to see how the other opposition parties respond.

Coming back to Rahul Gandhi’s British bank account, a letter has been sent to Shri Karnal Singh, Director of Enforcement Directorate by Subramanian Swamy furnishing all the details and the salient pages are shown below:

Dr Swamy's letter to Enforcement Directorate (1)Dr Swamy's letter to Enforcement Directorate (2)Raul Vinci's Barclays Bank Statement for Account No 504664922071640796

Rahul Gandhi

Source: PerformanceGurus, 23 February 2016. All of Rahul Gandhi’s dubious activities have been extensively documented on this website (tag: #RaGaSaga).

2 Responses

  1. Looks like India continues to be run from the UK. thro khangress agents who have total immunity.


  2. Neither the BJP nor the AIADMK is able to get the full details /implications /involvements of their political adversaries! This type of news, true or otherwise is only to silence the crying Babies! “THE ESTABLISHMENT” is too strong; the alternative is only a total Revolution with unpredictable consequences!


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