Video: Jihadi elements in Tamil Nadu influence the ruling regime – Subramanian Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy

In a stirring speech on the menace of jihadi elements in Tamil Nadu, at the Hindu Munnani function in Chennai on 21 Feb 2016, Dr. Swamy starts his address in Tamil and explains why he has to switch to English to address the global audience. He starts speaking in English about one minute from the beginning of the video. He traces how right from 1946, despite being just 6% of the population, Muslims have aligned with whoever is in power to ensure that they can get their space. Video quality is excellent.

Go to and click on Part 3 to listen to Dr Swamy’s speech. Other speakers on the video are Rama Gopalan (Part 4) and Sushil Pandit (Part 1).

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  1. The videos appear to have been taken down.

    If the videos don’t reappear, we will take this page down too.


  2. Videos cannot be found.


  3. In Kerala both left and right are licking the feet of these anti nationalists to catch power.They are not bothered whether Lor R,but they bothered about their well being.That’s Islam intelligence and unity.Unfortunately Hindus are fools,they are not bothered about their well being.They are bothered about Islam’ well being.Now this state is the breeding ground of Islamic terrorism.


  4. Tamil Nadu is becoming a bastion of Islamic terrorism under the rule of Jayalalitha. She is hobnobbing with these anti national elements in her petty vote bank politics for short term gains forgetting that the same evil forces will destroy her very soon.


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