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Zakaria Botros

FrontPage MagazineThis is the Frontpage Magazine interview of the famous Egyptian Coptic priest Fr. Zakaria Botros, who Al Qaeda has  called  “one of the most wanted infidels in the world,” issuing a 60 million dollar bounty on his head. Popular Arabic magazines also call him “Islam’s public enemy #1”. He is an informed critic of Islam and a zealous missionary who is reported to have converted 6 million Muslims to Christianity through his lectures, books and TV appearances.  His two websites are and

FP: In what way can you summarize for us why you think that Islam is a “false” religion?

Prophet MuhammadBotros:  Theologically, as I am a Christian priest, I believe that only Christianity offers the truth. Based on my faith in Christ, I reject all other religious systems as man-made and thus not reflective of divine truths. Moreover, one of the greatest crimes committed by Muhammad—a crime which he shall surely never be forgiven for—is that he denied the grace and mercy that Christ brought, and took humanity back to the age of the law.

But faith aside, common sense alone makes it clear that, of all the world’s major religions, Islam is most certainly false. After all, while I may not believe in, say, Buddhism, still, it obviously offers a good philosophical system and people follow it apparently for its own intrinsic worth. The same cannot be said about Islam. Of all the religions it is the only one that has to threaten its adherents with death if they try to break away; that, from its inception, in order to “buy” followers, has been dedicated to fulfilling some of the worst impulses of man—for conquest, sex, plunder, pride.  History alone demonstrates all this: while Christianity was spread far and wide by Christians who altruistically gave up their lives, simply because they believed in Christ, Islam spread by force, by the edge of the sword, by fear, threats, and lurid enticements to the basest desires of man. Islam is by far the falsest religion—an assertion that is at once theologically, philosophically, and historically demonstrable.

• FP: You always document your discussions with Islamic sources. Why do Muslim clerics and imams have such a difficulty discussing what Islam itself teaches and instead just attack you personally?

Botros: I think the answer is obvious. The Islamic sources, the texts, speak for themselves. Muslims have no greater enemy than their own scriptures—particularly the Hadith and Sira—which constantly scandalize and embarrass Muslims. To date, I have done well over 500 different episodes dedicated to various topics regarding Islam. And for every one of these episodes, all my material comes directly from Islam’s textual sources, particularly usul al-fiqh—the Koran, hadith, and ijma of the ulema as found in their tafsirs.

So what can the sheikhs of Islam do?  If they try to address the issue I raise based on Islam’s texts and sharia, they will have no choice but to agree—for instance that concubinage is legal, or that drinking camel urine is advocated.  The only strategy left them, then, is to ignore all that I present and attack my person, instead.

And when well-meaning Muslims ask their leaders to respond to these charges, one of their favorite responses is to quote the Koran, where it says “Do not ask questions of things that will hurt you.”

FP: So what does it say about a religion whose religious teachers and members have to ignore their own theological texts because they cannot endure what those texts really say? What sense does any of this make?

Botros: Again, this is a reflection of the fact that Islam is less a faith, more a vehicle for empowerment. As you say, what is the point for a person to closely guard and follow a religion that he himself has to rationalize, ignore, minimize, constantly reinterpret, dissemble over, and so forth? The fact is, most Muslims do not know what is in their own texts; at best, they know, and here and there try to follow, the Five Pillars.  This is why the issues I broach often traumatize Muslims—like a freshening slap across the face: a short, sharp, shock.  The stubborn, who take it as an attack of “us versus them,” irrespective of truths, just fume and plot to kill me; the other, more reasonable Muslims, who are really searching for the truth, end up waking up to the biggest hoax perpetrated on the human race in 1400 years, and many come to the ultimate Truth.

A better question is why do the ulema hide these issues from both infidel scrutiny as well as the eyes of the average Muslim? One would think that if anyone is dedicated to the truth it would be the ulema; yet their deceptive tactics reveal the opposite. For instance, it is often the case that, after I quote problematic passages from certain Islamic books, they have a strange tendency of disappearing from the book shelves of the Arabic world.

The bottom line is, many Muslims think of Islam less as a spiritual system dedicated to ascertaining and putting one on the course of the truth, and more a way of life—first and foremost not to be questioned—that if followed closely, will result, not only in future paradise, but earthly success, honor, and power.

• FP: You have pointed to a hadith that instructs women to breastfeed men. What exactly is going on here and what do the ulema (prominent Muslim theologians past and present) have to say? 

Botros: This is a perfect example of what I just said. After I made popular the Islamic notion of rida‘ al-kabir—wherein women must “breastfeed” strange men in order to be in their presence—instead of confronting their own hadiths which documented this, the ulema attacked me. Why? Because they have no answer. Much easier to turn it around and slander me, instead of simply addressing their own texts.

Past and present, the ulema have by and large supported this shameful practice—including Ibn Taymiyya, “sheikh al-Islam.”  Moreover, sometime after I publicly documented rida‘ al-kabir, a top Islamic scholar in al-Azhar—the most authoritative institution in Sunni Islam—actually issued a fatwa authorizing Muslim women to “breastfeed” strange men, to which the Egyptian populace (happily) revolted. Yet when I alone mentioned it earlier, I was accused of “distorting” Islam.

• FP: So Islamic texts command that women must breastfeed strange men. Ok, so who would create such an instruction? For what purpose? Who even wrote this down and thought of it? Let’s even say that I am being open-minded and am ready to accept this as an understandable teaching. What’s the rationale here? Yes, women should breastfeed strange men because. . . .?

Botros: Because Muhammad—“Allah’s prayers and blessings be upon him”—said so. Period. Who created such a practice? Muhammad. Why? Who knows; the texts say he laughed after commanding the woman to breastfeed that man. Maybe he was joking around, trying to see how far people will believe in him as a prophet? The top hadith compilers wrote it down, preserving it for later generations. As for what purpose does it serve, one can ask that question about any number of things Muhammad said: what purpose does drinking camel urine serve? What purpose does commanding men to wear only silver as opposed to gold serve? What purpose does banning music serve? What purpose does anathematizing dogs serve? What purpose does commanding people to eat only with their right hands, never their left, serve? What purpose does commanding Muslims to lick all their fingers after eating serve? Simple: Sharia law’s totalitarian approach serves to brainwash Muslims, making them automatons that never question their religion, or, in the words of their own Koran, “Do not ask questions that may prove harmful to them.”

• FP: Tell us a bit about Muhammed’s sex life as documented by Islamic sources. 

Boys like pearls in the Muslim paradise! Botros: This is a very embarrassing topic for me to discuss; and I only do so out of my love for Muslims—though I know it is painful for them to hear. Yet such is how healing begins, through initial pain and suffering.  In short, according to Islam’s scriptures, Muhammad was, well, a pervert: he used to suck on the tongues of young boys and girls; he dressed in women’s clothing (and received “revelations” in this state); he had at least 66 “wives”;  Allah supposedly sent  him special “revelations” allowing him to have sex with his step-daughter-in-law, Zainab, and to have more wives than the rest of Muslims; he constantly dwelt and obsessed over sex—his first question to a “talking donkey” was if the latter “liked sex”—and he painted a very lurid and lusty picture of paradise, where, according to some top Muslim interpreters, Muslims will be “busy deflowering virgins” all day; and he had sex with a dead woman. There is more, but why dwell on such shameful things? Again, I stress, it is not I who maintains this but rather Islam’s own books—much, of course, not known to non-Arabic readers, as they have never been translated (except, as I understand, by some heroes at a website called Jihad Watch).

• FP: Yes, that’s our friend Robert Spencer’s website.

But wait, here’s the key. Many people right now will point at you and make accusations against you for saying these supposedly horrible things. But again, the issue is not that you are making these allegations. The issue is that Islamic scriptures themselves say it. So if Muslims are offended or shocked by these realities then they must confront their own scriptures and deal with them. They need to confront who wrote them and why, and either accept them or categorically reject them as lies, etc.

For the record, pinpoint some Islamic scriptures for us that detail these ingredients of Muhammad’s sex life so that, once again, we crystallize that the issue is not you making accusations, but simply revealing what Islamic scriptures themselves say.

• Botros: Where does one start? According to the Koran alone (33:37), Allah made it legitimate for Muhammad to marry his own daughter-in-law, whom he lusted after. A few verses later (33:50), Allah made it legitimate for Muhammad to have sex with any woman who “offered” herself to him—a privilege which was allowed for Muhammad alone. Indeed, these “revelations” which granted Muhammad all his sexual desires were so frequent that his child-wife, Aisha, would often say to Muhammad, “My, your Lord is always quick to fulfill your desires!” And to his faithful followers,  Muhammad permitted all the infidel woman that they could capture, as concubines (Koran 4:3).  All this is from the Koran alone; it would take several hours just to go over the hadiths and sira accounts dealing with the sexual perversions of Muhammad. In fact, I have devoted numerous episodes dealing specifically with Muhammad’s sexual depravities—including his sleeping with a dead woman, have a fetish for the smell of menstruation blood, dressing in women’s clothing, and so forth.  (Jihad Watch has translated many of these.)

FP: In your view, who was Muhammad? 

Botros: Well, I have received the answer from Islam’s own books. Ironically, Ibn Taymiyya, who happens to be the hero of the modern mujahid movement, explained the prerequisites of prophet-hood very well.  One of the things he stressed is that, in order to know if a prophet is in fact from God, we must study his sira, or his biography, much like the Christ’s statement that “You shall know them from their fruits.” So, taking Ibn Taymiyya’s advice, I recently devoted a number of episodes analyzing the biography of Muhammad, which unequivocally proves that he was not a prophet, that his only “fruits” were death, destruction, and lust.  Indeed, he himself confessed and believed that he was being visited and tormented by a jinn, or basically a demon, until his wife Khadija convinced him that it was the angel Gabriel—which, of course is ironic, since Muhammad himself later went on to say that the testimony of a woman is half that of a man: maybe over time he realized she was wrong, and that his first assumption was right.

• FP: Fr. Zakaria Botros, thank you for visiting us today.FrontPageMag, Jun 2, 2009

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Zakir Naik

4 Responses

  1. Fr. Botros is an ignoramus with regard to the Christian crimes against humanity committed on the Americas,Africa and Asia.What defence does he have about the Portuguese Inquisition carried out by that diabolical arch criminal st. Francis in India? There are several instamces too numerous to mention here.The Mausoleums/dargahs of the psychopathic perverts like st.Francis and khwajaa moinuddin chisthi do not deserve the misplaced veneration, but only contempt.


  2. You have got it right, dr.

    Leftists and secularists and the witless politicians who govern us always say that Islam—“The Religion of Peace”—is being exploited by fundamentalist and radical elements who do not practice true Islam. They are saying that radicalised Muslims—extrapolated to all Muslims in the public mind—are to blame for Islamic terrorism and not the religion itself or its Prophet.

    This is not true as Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup have tirelessly repeated over and over again. By blaming Muslims for Islamic violence the secularists and politicians are blaming the victim for the crime.

    Muslims the world over are the first victims of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet.

    Islamic jihadists are practising true Islam and following the Koran and the example set by the Prophet to the letter.

    The media, the secularists, the Leftist academics here and in America, the politicians everywhere have got it wrong—either unwittingly or by design.

    Muslims are the victims of their circumstance, a circumstance created by their inherited religion and maintained by the mullahs who control their every deed.

    Because of the subjective nature of religious belief, identity and human psychology, Muslims cannot make an objective assessment of their predicament. It has to be done by outside agents.

    But it cannot be done by outside agents when these agents—social leaders, academics, religious scholars, politicians, media owners and editors, public intellectuals, the non-Muslim neighbour of the Muslim family next door—maintain the easy fiction that Islam is a religion of peace and that wayward Muslims are to blame for Islamic terrorism because they are not practising true Islam.


  3. “Islam cannot be reformed. But Muslims can be informed about Islam if they are willing to put aside their fears.”

    this is the constant proclamation of IS — when the systems cannot be reformed , their adherents should be weaned away , may be with a fight …


  4. Abrahamic Clerics
    “Based on my faith in Christ, I reject all other religious systems as man-made and thus not reflective of divine truths.” – Fr Zakaria Botros

    Fr Zakaria Botros is a learned man and has fairly critiqued Islam and its prophet. But he need not gloat too much about his own religion. Had he read Christian history dispassionately, he would learn that Christianity is entirely man-made including its invented prophet-god Jesus, who has no recorded history outside of the Gospels. At least Muhammad was a real historical person. He would also have to admit that Jesus was not all love and forgiveness but had a violent side—he threw the merchants out of the Jerusalem temple, cursed a fig that did not give fruit out of season, drove a herd of pigs into the sea to drown, and denied his mother at a wedding feast. He also threatened those who did not accept him with eternal damnation. So he was not so different from Muhammad in his ego-centric self-image and evident psychopathic character.

    Muhammad was a caravan merchant who in his travels learned about Christianity from the monks at Palmyra and Damascus (which was the religious capital of Christendom at the time). He learned of their bad habits too—sucking the ‘tongues’ of little boys, raping nuns, and lusting after goats. Indeed the Coptic monks of Fr Zakaria’s homeland, Egypt, are notorious for these practices even today—as are the priests and monks in every other Christian denomination. The difference is that Christian doctrine condemns these activities as sinful, while Islam condones them on the authority of Muhammad’s own sayings and example recorded in the Hadiths.

    Some historians believe Muhammad had a Jewish rabbi as a teacher and certainly he was sympathetic to Judaism in the beginning, copying Jewish dress and hair style and bowing in the direction of Jerusalem when praying.  But the relationship soured and turned bitter when the Jews refused to recognise him as a prophet in line with their own prophets Abraham and Moses. Still Muhammad retained their religious law, Halakha, modifying it to become the Muslim religious law, Sharia. Believe it or not, Muhammad’s law is toned down somewhat and is not as extreme as the Jewish original.

    So while Fr Zakaria has made a valid critique of Islam, he should understand that Islam’s prophet has only copied the Judaism and Christianity that went before him, modifying it to serve his whims and fancies and the needs of his peculiar circumstance. 

    The difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity has had its fangs pulled and has had to change its tactics of aggression, using the soft power of money and social service to gain converts, while Islam still retains its medieval vampire character and greedily feeds off its victims in the most outrageous ways.

    Islam cannot be reformed. But Muslims can be informed about Islam if they are willing to put aside their fears.

    See No way to reform Islam – Varsha Bhosle

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