BJP invites Pope to Goa for archcriminal Francis Xavier’s exposition – Cithara Paul

Lady Journalist“‘St Francis is an icon for Goan Catholics. We would be proud to have the Pope in our land for the exposition. We are coordinating with the Church to make it happen,’ said a BJP leader belonging to the Catholic community, who has been assigned the task of dealing with the Church on the matter.” – Cithara Paul

Chief Minister of Goa Manohar ParrikarThe Church and the State are supposed to be natural opposites. However, the BJP’s opposition to Catholic evangelism has not stopped its government in Goa from joining hands with Catholics to lobby with the Vatican to get Pope Francis to make a “historic” visit to Goa in the upcoming election year.

If the Vatican says yes, the Pope will visit the BJP-ruled state in 2014 for the “exposition of Jesuit St Francis Xavier”, a priest who heralded Christianity in Goa in early 1500. Incidentally, he is said to have played a part in the brutal Inquisition of Goa [Xavier invited the Iquisition to Goa and is responsible for its horrific conduct there–Ed] in the 1560s, when Christianity was imposed using force and violence on the people. The Catholic Church arranges for its devotees to see the saint’s relics in a glass-topped silver casket once a decade, an event which is known as the “exposition”.

“We have earnestly requested his Holiness to visit the country for the exposition and have the active support of Goa’s ruling party in this endeavour. We hope that the Pope says yes,” said a priest with the Archdiocese of Goa who wishes to remain unnamed.

Pope Francis SJAccording to him, the BJP leadership has asked the Diocese to route the invitation through the Union Government as the state government, by itself, cannot invite the Pope as he happens to be a head of state. On its part, the saffron party is not keen on remembering the forced conversion issues associated with the evangelist. “St Francis is an icon for Goan Catholics. We would be proud to have the Pope in our land for the exposition. We are coordinating with the Church to make it happen,” said a BJP leader belonging to the Catholic community, who has been assigned the task of dealing with the church on the matter. “The visit may take place after the 2014 elections. However, the very fact that the Pope is visiting a BJP-ruled state will send good vibes to the minority Christian community,” he added. It will also work in favour of the BJP’s global image as the papal visit will hog international headlines.

When asked whether the Church is worried about the BJP extracting political mileage from the papal visit, the coordinating priest said that it has an open policy towards all political parties.

Francis Xavier SJIncidentally, this ‘openness’ between the Catholic Church and the BJP is not a standalone development, but part of a strategy to work in tandem. 

The BJP, it is learnt, has been consistently working on rebuilding its relationship with the Church and has even deputed a Kerala-based party sympathiser to arrange meetings with various   Christian leaders.

The party had a good rapport with the Church when it was in power at the Centre. However, the Church shifted its loyalty when the Sonia Gandhi-headed Congress party came to power. Now, the Church is again keen on reviving its equations with the BJP. “It has sensed that the Congress’ time is over and that the BJP’s chances are getting stronger,” said a Goa BJP leader.

This revived bonhomie was evident when the Church invited Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to visit Rev Moran Mar Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, the head of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, when he had visited Kerala to take part in the Sivagiri Mutt’s silver jubilee event amid high voltage protests by the Left parties. The Cardinal, who was part of the conclave that Francis Xavier's headelected Pope Francis, was said to be ‘keen’ on meeting Modi. The plan was that Modi would drive from the airport to the Church headquarters.

Though the meeting had to be cancelled in the last minute due to ‘other preoccupations’ of the Gujarat CM, the BJP has been holding one-on-one meetings with Church leaders. 

The fact that Modi was the chief guest at the National Consultation of the YMCA Building in Ahmedabad last month is also seen as a pointer to the increased amiability between the Church and the BJP. – The New Indian Express, 30 June 2013

Francis Xavier SJ

Archcriminal Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier’s rotted remains are exposed for veneration at Bom Jesus Cathedral, Old Goa, every ten years. Xavier was an advocate of forced conversion and temple breaking and the first to propagate anti-brahmin communalism. He invited the Portuguese Inquisition to Goa, considered the most brutal and ruthless of all Church inquisitions, though he didn’t live to see the burning auto-da-fés, in which tens of thousands of Hindus perished, in action. The Cathedral of Bom Jesus, where Xavier’s remains are stored, is built over the ruins of the Saptakotishwara Shiva Temple destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

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  1. Sri Lankan Buddhist monks have been for hundreds of years claiming that the body is of one of their own and not any Francis Xavier. The Sri Lankan govt shud pressure the Indian govt to find the truth. Indian govt wont be able to investigate the issue on their own due to obvious reasons.


  2. Looks like the BJP is entering genuine communal politics – soliciting the so-called “minority” votes. Why are democratically elected leaders bending over backwards to meet fascist leaders. There is no dirtier and more evil institution on earth than the Catholic church, which should be shunned by every decent individual of any persuasion. Why the BJP wants a share of the rotten carcass of Francis Xavier is beyond all reason. He would rank high in the world’s top ten villains of all time. Hindu politicians should grow up enough to learn that all Catholic and Muslim lay people are not behind their fascist clergy. What happened to our Common Civil Code?

    Anyway this incident just shows how foolish some of us are to bank on the BJP for any real changes in Indian polity.


  3. Thank you. Every Indian must read this damning report of Pope Francis, then Fr. Jorge Borgoglio, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Superior of the Jesuits in Argentina.

    Here is another link on the same website:

    ‘Dirty War’ Memo Proves Pope Francis Passed Info on Jailed Priests to Dictatorship


  4. Pope Francis & Jorge Videla
    Pope Francis, then Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, giving communion to the military dictator of Argentina, Jorge Videla.

    The Sins of Pope Francis: Jorge Bergoglio’s Shameful Role in Argentina’s US-Backed ‘Dirty War’

    Please read this and then decide.


  5. The BJP has shit on its nose. It is engaged in bottom-kissing and lie-telling in the matter of inviting Pope Francis to Goa. Are there really so many Christian votes available to them at the expense of their Hindu constituency (so-called)?

    If Narendra Modi is a man of integrity, he will dump the BJP here and now and form his own political party.

    The BJP is engaged in semantic slight of hand when they say the Pope is a head of state and must be invited to India by the Centre. The Pope wears two hats, that of head of the Vatican City State and that of head of the Roman Catholic Church. He can switch these hats as needed. If he is invited in his pastoral capacity as a religious leader and head of the Roman Church, he need not be invited by the GOI of the day. It is enough if the Archbishop of Goa invites him. But the BJP, having invited the Pope, wants to be in a position to say that it was the UPA government in Delhi who did the dirty deed!

    The BJP will not build Hindus a Ram Temple in Ayodhya. But it is willing to invite a blood-stained Pope who was in bed with the Argentina military dictatorship for years, to the celebration of a criminal Jesuit missionary, his namesake no less, who was the cause of the conversion or death of crores of Hindus in the 16th century, in order to garner a few Christian votes!

    The papers, specially the christianised Deccan Chronicle, publish long articles about Pope Francis’s simplicity and humility. Don’t be fooled by these Jesuit-created paid-news reviews. The Pope is a Jesuit-trained Christian fundamentalist par excellence whose singular aim, already stated, is to bring the heathens of the world to Jesus. This includes Hindus (for the edification of those Hindus who fancy they are not heathens). He has no other agenda, and the BJP and its constituency will learn that soon enough if he comes to Goa next year.

    How is the BJP different from the Congress party? Where are its ethics and principles? Did it ever have any? When Sushma Swaraj is known to be the author of FDI in the mainstream media, which is now completely controlled by Christian interests outside the country, it is very clear that the BJP has no principles and may be a worse bet for Hindus than another round of the corrupt UPA regime.


  6. A Hindu is naturally broad-minded and is brought up to respect all religions. However, this is invariably turned against him. Mohammedanism and Christianity are inherently exclusivist and expansionist and conversion is an article of faith with them. Many of their so called saints, including some Sufi ones, are those revered for this very conversion activity. Educated Westerners do not fall for the Church’s plan for salvation and church attendance is dwindling there. In the Netherlands alone more than 100 old churches lie abandoned or get converted to other uses like book shops. ISKCON was able to purchase many old churches in the US for use as their temples. Hence Pope John Paul II openly called for “greater harvest of faith” (meaning conversion) from Asia, during his Indian visit in 1999. These activities have since intensified as monetary considerations are involved. While BJP as a political party may keep good relations with all religious groups, why should it go out of its way to invite a Pope to commemorate some one who persecuted the Hindus? Will they next invite the descendants of Mohammad of Gazhni and Mohammad of Ghauri to celebrate their original raids? Then why not hand over Delhi to the descendants of the Mughals? Why should Modi go there? Should pursuit of power lead to such shamelessness and senselessness?


  7. The BJP people are incurable impostors and I have no doubt they will continue to be wrecking Hinduism and making Hindus more and more defenseless in their own homeland. I have always stated this here at Bharat Bharati that Modi ‘s promotion to the post of Prime minister will do no good to the unfortunate Hindus in fact it will do great harm to them as they will become carefree under the false and dangerous notion that BJP or Modi is there to look after their interests. As of now there are no hints from the Bjpwallahs that they are going to build the Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya or they will bring bill to repeal 370 or they will take steps to throw out the Bangladeshis invaders out of India. I am sure nothing of that sort will ever happen.


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