Christian imperialism in India – Gautam Sen

Dr. Gautam Sen“Interfaith dialogue was sponsored early in the 20th century as a vehicle for disarming and neutralising other religious dispensations, especially, pagans, whom Christians intended to convert. They have never recognised the validity of Hinduism and cognate faiths like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. And Christians have steadfastly refused to cease evangelical activity within these communities, or even discuss the issue at their own official interfaith conclaves. Yet they persist in engaging in cynical dialogue with these faiths, sipping tea together and dwelling on the divine, while preparing to destroy them altogether.” – Dr. Gautam Sen

British troops leaving India in 1947.Indian independence was not the watershed naively assumed to be. It was a significant political retreat for the British colonial power, but did not constitute total rout. The colonial authority left behind a venal, anti-national communist front it had comprehensively suborned through the agency of its wartime anti-Nazi alliance with the USSR. Its sole raison d’etre turns out to have been to harass and weaken the Indian State at the instigation of Anglo-American agencies. Indian communism eventually transmuted into grand larceny and criminal extortion, as it committed widespread real estate fraud and robbed public assets, akin to plunder by the Communist Party of China today. The communist leadership at the time of independence was also dominated by Calcutta Brahmos, many of whom harboured a deep-seated scepticism towards Hinduism, having imbibed both Islamic and Unitarian monotheism and abhorrence of idolatry. This subconscious hostility is evident in the tenacious defence of the Islamic conquest and plunder of India and the enslavement of its Hindus by its Brahmo Nobel laureate.

The British facilitated the creation of Pakistan though that was easy enough since the landed Muslim elite of India was not about to live in a country that was run by Hindus. And they were certainly not going to live as their co-equals because of some anti-Islamic, Western claptrap about democracy. Pakistan quickly became the Anglo-American instrument for tormenting India, astutely described as NATO’s second Cold War by Iqbal Singh, a former editor of London’s India Weekly. Pakistan’s military dictatorships were pampered as prized assets beyond reproach and the thorough going Islamisation of the country in the 1980s welcomed as yet another fortuitous opportunity for mischief. Of course it has all gone horribly wrong, with the likelihood of infinitely worse to come since truculent Pakistani Islamists are both quite mad and foolhardy, cheerfully contemplating the erasure of their own civilisation provided they can take the Anglo-Americans with them. And the Sino-American nuclear arsenal gifted to Pakistan for terrorising India and its abominable pagans may have now found unintended targets. Evidently there is an Almighty and justice eventually prevails!

St. Stephen's CollegeAfter Indian independence, major elite schools and colleges in India remained under the tutelage of the Christian clergy and their insidious Indian Christian surrogates. They socialised generations of India’s elite to disdain their Hindu identity and embrace the interests of the very former Christian rulers who had tyrannised them. The strategic goal of taking over the Indian Anglo press to nourish the same pathetic Anglo elites with drivel to ensure they remained indoctrinated was achieved covertly. Virtually all English language newspapers and television channels now have links with the Church and their co-conspirators in Western diplomatic missions in India. They are also largely staffed by products of Indian Christian schools and colleges and Anglo-American universities, who entertain ambiguous political loyalties. Indeed many journalists employed in them are a thoroughly compromised comprador presence in the Indian body politic, not infrequently on the payroll of Western intelligence agencies. This manifest clandestine Christian presence within India has turned out to be devastating for Hindus since its modus operandi of advancing by stealth has proved highly effective.

The Church has vast historical experience facilitating imperial expansion on behalf of Western states, to the accompaniment of genocide and slavery, since the time of the Emperor Constantine, but the two institutions are not synonymous. Indeed there are areas of tension between them on social issues that impinge on religious doctrine and the perceived interests of the Church. But Christianity and the Western imperial system have unwaveringly shared the common goal of world domination for millennia, dutifully giving mutual sustenance to each other when it really matters. One decisive reason for the success of Christian imperialism is the ability to sponsor committed evangelists, which entails using the deep-seated religious yearnings of individuals for their own dastardly imperial purposes. Many of these evangelists adhere to high standards of personal moral conduct and also genuinely believe they are doing the work of the Saviour by purportedly uplifting the weak and poor by providing medical aid, education and employment opportunities, etc.

India Crossed-OutThe provision of medical help is one of the most crucial factors in facilitating religious conversion since it constitutes a form of ‘giving of life’ and creates a an irresistible motive to adopt the faith of those offering such succour. It becomes the unfailing prelude to eventual religious conversion that also ends in a call to arms, as with Baptist Nagaland and Mizoram in India. The Naga and Mizo Baptist Church website proudly proclaims its mission as one to defend the faith, amounting to exactly such a call to arms, as well as evangelize beyond their own regional borders. The Baptists managed to estrange both communities totally from their traditional, Hindu animist moorings and implant profound unease with all things connected to it among the Nagas and Mizos.

The tried and tested techniques adopted by Christian institutions and their imperialist collaborators, Western States, with convergent goals, are manifold. The first has always been to exploit local fault lines and divisions and accentuate them at every juncture in order to devise entry points and identify traitors who will facilitate deeper assault. Exploiting local divisions among the people they encountered in Asia, the Americas and Africa was the basis for the initial 16th century European conquests since their relative military strength was never overwhelming. The weakening of the dominant indigenous authority in place and rendering it dysfunctional, with the assistance of local surrogates, is the unfailing paramount preliminary goal of foreign intervention.

US retreats from IraqIn the contemporary period, the excuses for intervention that precipitates political chaos can range from travails of alleged class struggles, using native Leftists in countries like India as dupes or collaborators, and the incidence of ethnic and religious strife. In recent decades, audacious direct military assault has been justified by resort to the supposed necessity of humanitarian intervention and the complete falsehoods about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. It has resulted in extraordinarily destructive, blood-soaked interventions within tribal and schismatic Sunni and Shia communities of Middle Eastern Islam. In addition, cynical targeted killings by Western intelligence agencies have precipitated veritable civil wars across the entire region. But in India Islam has always been an ally of Christian imperialism because, jointly, they can keep Hindu India off balance while their nefarious campaigns unfold.

In the particular case of India itself, the whole issue of caste, though a pre-existing phenomenon and an internal frailty vulnerable to manipulation, was recast by the British colonial power to divide its people. The historic fluidity of caste relations was gradually replaced by harder, more self-conscious boundaries in the late 19th century that would come to haunt Hindu civilisation. And the idea of an upper caste monster and seeds of virulent racial hatreds were implanted by the highly creative use of Censuses. And in subsequent decades the colonial power pounced to take advantage, arguing the Indian disadvantaged, whom they themselves had exploited ruthlessly earlier, needed their protection, as the Indian independence movement gathered momentum. The Church sponsored the south Indian obsession with the spurious theory of an Aryan conquest of their region and all the evidence to refute this fabrication cannot apparently dislodge the conviction. It has also acquired potent electoral utility, altering the course history of Indian political and social life permanently.

Marxist-Maoist IndiaThe laughable antics of Indian communism about class oppression, allegedly refracted through caste, were always a mere appendage to this larger imperialist conspiracy with which they had become treasonously complicit. The depth of the sheer venality and corruption of the Indian Left stands thoroughly exposed as they flock to Western faculties in New York, Chicago, Cambridge, London and Oxbridge and engage in shameless spectacles on behalf of Church and Western empire with obscene hand-wringing about India’s minorities and their human rights. The size of their salaries and the square footage of their salubrious homes abroad expose the truth about their sordid motives in auctioning their proverbial grand mother to the highest bidder.

In addition, the Church engages in outright bribery of politicians, government officials and journalists and blackmail. Bribery is targeted towards useful individuals and this includes outwardly innocuous tactics like arranging scholarships for their children to study abroad and the possibility of a Green Card for permanent residence in the case of the US. In India, a high proportion of politicians and bureaucrats are also vulnerable to blackmail and pressure because they have engaged in sexually compromising behaviour and other criminal acts. Foreign intelligence agencies and the Church share such information to elicit their compliance and support for legislative acts. This is the likely reason for the rather puzzling reversal of restrictions on religious conversion in Tamil Nadu and the unusual attentiveness of the politician who did so to concerns of the Church ever since. And politicians whose political careers the Church sponsors and also, as a corollary, helped achieve vast wealth through theft then allows bribery to be financed locally, as in the case of Andhra Pradesh. The Church gains access to the stolen resources and uses them to facilitate religious conversion, the i.e. victims of Church subversion end up paying for it as well.

Jesus depicted as a Hindu Yogi.The Catholic Church has always promoted religious conversion through a phenomenon now described as inculturation, although it is as old as the Church of Peter itself. Providing relief to the poor has been a source of huge political strength for the Christianity since its very inception, as even the last pagan Roman emperor Julian recognised, and the basis for its claim to conscience. Along with it, the Church established a tradition of insinuating itself with pre-existing local pagan practice and custom, which has proved extraordinarily adept in deceiving and alluring potential converts to their faith. These are methods that other Christian denominations have also adopted, but the Vatican raised it to an art form of immense efficacy. This is how it managed to turn Korea into a largely Christian country and similar duplicity has been practised across Asia and Africa. In the latter, the number of Christians rose from 90 million at the beginning of the 20th century to over 350 million today. Walking around Bhayander, in the outskirts of Mumbai recently, I came across what appeared to be idols of Radha and Krishna along the roadside, only to discover, on closer examination, that they were, in fact, Jesus and Mary masquerading as traditional Hindu idols.

Nowadays, Christian clergy across India can be seen in the traditional ochre robes of Hindu holy men as well as sporting religious marks on their foreheads and church entrances adorn the sacred Hindu symbol Om. Statues of Jesus and Mary are often placed circumspectly alongside Hindu idols in some Hindu temples in acts of outrageous duplicity. Befuddled Hindus acquiesce because they revere the holy in all its incarnations, even if they prefer their own particular path of worship. But such acts of deception are a prelude to their total extirpation by Christian aggressors and merit violent resistance. Having effectively extinguished European Jewry the Church seeks to destroy remnants of the Hindu intelligentsia, which it regards as an obstinate intellectual and spiritual dissenter against its historical world struggle for domination. In addition, some Christian converts to Hinduism are in fact infiltrators, sowing confusion by duplicitously re-interpreting Hindu scriptures and feigning empathy. And, revealingly, some are advocates of interfaith dialogue, a purely diversionary subterfuge to confound Hindus. More alarmingly, one infamous American supposed convert to Hinduism advocates formal Hindu concordats with the Church to legitimise religious conversion, which would profoundly compromise their ability resist its diabolical machinations within India.

GFCHInterfaith dialogue was sponsored early in the 20th century as a vehicle for disarming and neutralising other religious dispensations, especially, pagans, whom Christians intended to convert. They have never recognised the validity of Hinduism and cognate faiths like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. And Christians have steadfastly refused to cease evangelical activity within these communities, or even discuss the issue at their own official interfaith conclaves. Yet they persist in engaging in cynical dialogue with these faiths, sipping tea together and dwelling on the divine, while preparing to destroy them altogether. Indeed, once they have acquired numerical preponderance they have resorted to legislation, by the state authority, to curb the faith of the remaining non Christian communities, which had been turned into a minority in their own country because of Christian evangelism. This is happening to Buddhists in Korea and indeed secular ideas like evolution are being removed from Korean school textbooks at the behest of the Church. And both Christian and Muslim majority provinces of India only permit Hindu worship at their discretion.

The spread of the tentacles of the Church in Nepal in the past two decades was helped by an archaic and corrupt monarchy and astonishingly semi-literate political leadership. It seems highly likely that Maoism in Nepal became a vehicle to destabilise the country, allowing Christian evangelists to take advantage of genuine local grievances that derived from the total failure of governance and resulting poverty, accentuated by a population explosion. They became the patrons of Maoism, a phenomenon also evident from their human rights propaganda on behalf of Naxalites in India. For Christian missionaries, Nepal and its uneducated and poor, were easy targets for conversion, en masse, like the Nagas and Mizos of India. And the US itself is seeking a foothold in the region as well, adjacent to the Chinese border.

Indian missionary in Nepal.Now foreign NGOs and Christian evangelists have successfully implanted the notion of political rights for ethnic and caste groups across the whole of Nepal and made a national consensus impossible and rendered it virtually ungovernable. Simultaneously, conversions to Christianity are proceeding apace, often through Korean missionaries who can blend easily with the local population owing to their physical appearance. Shockingly, payments were accepted by leading Nepali politicians from the US Kathmandu embassy, clearly on behalf of Christian evangelists, to remove the word Hindu from the Nepali Constitution and declare the country secular. Indian government policy in Nepal also facilitated outcomes sought by the Church and the US through either complete ineptitude or deliberate complicity to end Nepal’s Hindu identity. Of course the adoption of policies sought by the Church could have been enforced by routing them through India’s quasi Catholic Congress party leadership.

» Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians, London.

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  1. This article has very much answered my question about Indian Nationalism, religion and what should I do. Hindu Nationalism is the only solution for a Better Indian. If somebody does not believe this, he/she would after some years of subjugation.


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