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  1. I read the whole article. I was born and raised catholic. And I agree ot the points and facts the author raises. Good work. Very comprehensive yet simple and factual. I read a lot nowday and tries to make my own opinion. So this is certianly an eye opener.

    But I would like to pointout some other facts too. The majority of the articles posted here are by hindu supporters or based on hindu themes. While they write these article, they present lot of historical facts and try eliminate myth and mystical things from the fact. I appreciate that! But why don’t they apply such logical thinking in their own faith. Isn’t that the way everyone should progress? For example why are educated hindus say protect cows. One article says emission of CO2 and methane by cattle as great factor in exacerbating the green hourse effect and global warming. The author only mentions about the emission from cows we feed, he forgot the cows we milk will emit the same gases. And a cow is not producing milk to give to humans.But we take it without cow’s consent. We are exploiting. That is a fact.

    If exploitation or mistreating of animals is the matter, going vegan is the way. Don’t kill animals don’t use any by product such as milk. Otherwise it is hypocrisy


  2. It is not possible to open it.


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