EU Inspection Team To Visit Kandhamal – P.K. Thomas

EU Delegation to India

UPA's new missionary visa encourages Christian missionaries to enter India.It is learnt that a European Union team  will visit Kandhamal to assess the post communal situation. It would be intriguing to know what relation exists between Kandhamal and Europe. Are there any Europeans settled there? If not how is the European Union concerned with Kandhamal? The 2008 rioting was a disturbance between two communities. Europe, Australia, Lawyers Forum of the US or Canada are no way concerned with them. Are there any theocratic states in Europe that are concerned with Christianity or any other religion of Kandhamal. They vouch themselves as world’s top most secular countries and how come they stoop so low communally as to visit Kandhamal for assessment of status of a community that is not any way linked to them politically or geographically or anthropologically.

Have they ever thought of going to Algeria  where people have been butchered like animals. Have they ever tried to visit Xiang province of China  or Tibet ? No. Then why Kandhamal? Because it is India  whose ruling chief is a spineless Indian. There is a proverb in Oriya that says: “Poor man’s wife is everybody’s sister-in-law.” That is the condition of India and Orissa under Naveen Patnaik.  Had it been Modi’s Gujarat, the EU team would have got a fitting rebuff. Barack Obama Barack Obama & Manmohan Singhasked India to accept Chinese mediation  between India and Pakistan. There was no word of protest.  We have lost our self respect and dignity.

Although I am a Christian, I am an Indian first. I feel very much disturbed  over interference by European nations  in the internal affairs of our country. I am a convert but I know under what circumstances my forefathers were converted  by missionaries and the game continues even today because Christians do not believe in coexistence.  To convert people to Christianity is the sacred duty of every Christian. Even Pope in one of the new year speeches has said, “We expect a good harvest  from south Asia this year.” If conversions take place continually, how long can they do it even if they are Hindus?  One day they will rebel and give birth to organisations like  Bajrang Dal and Kandhamal will repeat the violence every now and then.  I only pray God, to give the Indian youth a strong backbone  to counter this mischief to malign India.Letter to the Editor, The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar, 5 February 2010

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  1. […] EU Inspection Team To Visit Kandhamal – P.K. Thomas […]


  2. […] EU Inspection Team To Visit Kandhamal – P.K. Thomas […]


  3. Wilboy: It is Christian missionaries themselves who justify their converting mission by quoting Jesus’s instruction to his disciples to make converts (the exact NT verse escapes me at the moment). There is also a very thin line in India between proselytizing and converting. Missionaries exploit their constitutional right to proselytize and misuse this right to make converts.

    Most Hindus are too ill-informed about the different Christian sects to understand that the pope is not the leader of all Christians.

    You would be better employed telling other Christians not to convert Hindus than by telling us what you think Jesus said about conversion.


  4. I am a protestant christian and I read your article but I have quastion to ask, ” Who said you that to convert people in christianity is sacred duty of every christian.” The writers like you alway mis-guided by other articals. You’re converted to christian by your body only not from your mind. I said that because If you read that bible then in new testament Jesus said to his follower that Inform to the whole world about me and my words so if the person believe in me then he not finished but he got eternal life in me. So it’s very clear that to inform about jesus is sacred duty of every christian not to convert them. If any person convert them by forcely or other similar way then he is not a christian and christians are also hate persons like them. A big mis-understanding of others is that every christian is operated by The Pop. The pop is only holy priest and leader of Catholic christians.


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