Sri Ramajanmabhumi and the Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Report – Ashok Singhal

“O Arjun! Yield not to unmanliness for such an attitude is not worthy of you. Casting aside your weakness of mind, therefore arise, O scorcher of enemies, and get ready for the battle.” – Sri Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita

Sri Ram threatens Ocean.

“[The Liberhan Report] is a document of falsehood,” –  B. Satyanarayana, UP governor in 1992.

“The report is politically motivated and illogical. I have no regrets over the demolition of the desputed structure in Ayodhya,” –  Kalyan Singh, UP chief minister in 1992.

“The Babri Masjid demolition on Dec. 6, 1992 was a day of national pride,” – Kalyan Singh

“Reports like that of the Liberhan Commission come and go. But the Hindu culture that takes pride in its heritage and protects its places of worship has been in place for ages and will remain so forever. Any symbolic structure left by an invader in Bharat is a national shame,” –  Praveen Togadia, VHP leader

“No question of the Sangh regretting demolition of the Babri Masjid,” – Mohan Bhagwat, RSS leader

“It is an idiotic report … that 17 years of public money should have been wasted on this gentleman and his staff! It is a crime…. [The report]  has the most elementary errors. I went through the report and there are so many howlers in it, like the kar sewaks cannot be identified but they were this, that … you can’t identify them, [but] you know their character,” –  Arun Shourie, BJP’s Raja Sabha member

“The Liberhan report is a political document for character assassination. There are factual errors in the report. It is a bundle of factual errors” – Rajnath Singh, BJP president

“To say that the 6th December episode was pre-planned is far from truth. Putting the name of Brahmalen Param Pujya Deoraha Baba in the list of indicted persons by the Liberhan Ayodhya Commission report is an insult to the whole Sant fraternity. His indictment has hurt the entire Sant fraternity and the crores of his followers. This game of naming by the Liberhan Commission is potentially provocative to the Sants and the society. Probably the Commission is provoking the Sants so that they get violent and radical. Mentioning of Atalji as a co-onspirator is also a sign of mental bankruptsy of the Commission.” – Ashok Singhal, VHP International President

It is a compilation of howlers and a tragedy of errors. He errors on basic facts … gets the date of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination wrong … puts M.A. Jinnah’s words in the mouth of Deen Dayal Upadhyay and you want the country to take the report seriously?” – Arun Jaitley, BJP leader of the Opposition

“Get lost. Are you challenging my character? Get lost from here!” –  Justice M.S. Liberhan the author of The Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Report

Yes, Your “Honour”, we are challenging your character AND your credibility. It took 17 long years for you to write a lugubrious, dubious, and politically motivated 1000-page report that has cost the Indian taxpayer 8 crores of rupees. For what? For nothing! And as Indian judges are now revealing their assets, will you reveal how much of those taxpayer’s 8 crores got into your pocket in 17 very prosperous years? – IS

VHP Secretary Ashok Singhal

Ashok Singhal says …

In order for the reconstruction of a magnificent temple at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi, the Sant fraternity of Bharat and the entire Hindu society and Vishwa Hindu Parishad that follow its lead are resolute and geared up to offer any sacrifice. Sri Rama Janma Bhumi is a matter of our national pride and self-esteem and Dharmic certitude, faith and pan-Bharatiya cultural centripetality   and integration of the national society. Somnath temple reconstruction was given a go ahead by a cabinet decision under Nehru. Taking a cue from this precedent, all the political parties should now pass a law in Parliament and handover the Sri Rama Janma Bhumi – birthplace of Lord Sri Ram – to Hindus. The Jihadi invaders destroyed thirty-thousand temples in Bharat. The Hindu society has been asking for return of three of them only, viz., Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi. The objects & entities that stand as riotous statements showcasing our national slavery and disgrace, those symbols of shame and dishonour must be purged and the places reclaimed by the national society as a matter of struggle for cultural freedom. Only the withdrawal of claims of Muslims on these sites and the handing over of these places to Hindus by a law of parliament can ensure strength for real Hindu-Muslim unity.

Maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Sri Ram is a national hero by virtue of the veneration and faith He commands from the national society of Bharat as He was a saviour of the world who liquidated in His age the formidable kingpin of global terrorism, wickedness and sensuousness. Gandhiji’s utopia was “Ram Rajya” where righteousness, nature & environment friendly rural charm combined with urban facilities would be the rule.

It has been substantiated and demonstrated on the bases of Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPRS) and archaeological excavations that a pre-existing grand Hindu temple was in evidence at the site before 1528 CE which the Jihadi megalomaniac invader Babur got demolished and then got superimposed with a structure symbolising slavery and humiliation of the indigenous culture. He did not choose to go in for a virgin land, but in accordance with the Jihadi policy, targeted the birthplace of our national hero and cultural icon. The Baburi structure was, therefore, nothing but a political statement by an invader. The Hindu society never ever accepted this symbol of our disgrace and in order to reclaim its religio-cultural freedom went into battle 76 times since to liberate Sri Rama Janma Bhumi and lakhs of our compatriots became martyrs.

That signature structure of national disgrace was deconstructed on 06th December, 1992. Bhagwan Sri Ram Lala (Baby Sri Ram) had been Viraajmaan (sitting) there for long ever since His miraculous appearance at the place which event had brought immense delight & joy to the Hindu society. The Court of Law passed an order allowing prayers and ritual worships to the Viraajmaan Bhagwan at the site. Since then there remained neither any trace of mosque at the site nor was there any Namaz offered there. The site of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi has ever been a Dharmasthan of Hindus and shall ever remain so. The events of 6th December removed a structure that was on its last legs and broadened the avenues for reconstruction of a grand temple befitting the glory of Sri Rama.

The Hindus lodged a case in 1950. The case of the Muslim Waqf Board was lodged in 1962. The case ran for 40 years in the district court. It has been going on for 20 years now in the High Court. But still nowhere appears to be the end of the tunnel. Lifetimes of delay in solving this single case is a classic case of justice delayed is justice denied. Even today the case is being unduly dragged for vested interests. The delay being made by the government under the pretext of the matter being subjudice is again creating annoyance, anger and frustration in the national society. The Hindu society is tolerant, but patience also has its limits.

The passing of a High Court judgment was scheduled prior to 6th December, 1992 in a case concerning the 2.77 acres of surrounding land, excluding Sri Rama Janma Bhumi, acquired by the Uttar Pradesh government in 1991. Justice Raza – one of the members of the three-member bench of Hon’ble High Court – kept his judgment reserved and in abeyance. This act provoked the lakhs of Karsevaks present at that time in Ayodhya and the spontaneous reaction of the pent-up feelings saw the 06th December events happening. It is a moot question as to whose conspiracy it was to have the judgment reserved? Was it possible to do so without a nod from the then central government? Even as the central government has been treating this issue as very sensitive, then how come was there such a lapse on its part? The hearing of the case concerning the 2.77 acres of land, excluding the Sri Rama Janma Bhumi, had concluded on November 04, 1992. If the central government and Justice Raza had willed, the said judgment could have been spelled prior to 06th December, 1992. A timely judgment would have been the right move for a different scenario.

Devraha BabaTo say that the 6th December episode was pre-planned is far from truth. Putting the name of Brahmalen Param Pujya Deoraha Baba in the list of indicted persons by the Liberhan Ayodhya Commission report is an insult to the whole Sant fraternity. His indictment has hurt the entire Sant fraternity and the crores of his followers. This game of naming by the Liberhan Commission is potentially provocative to the Sants and the society. Probably the Commission is provoking the Sants so that they get violent and radical. Mentioning of Atalji as a co-conspirator is also a sign of mental bankruptsy of the Commission.

We appeal to the Venerable Sants to remain ready to offer leadership to the movement. We appeal to the youth to remain ready for struggles and sacrifices. We would counsel the political parties to declare to trash the Liberhan Ayodhya Commission report and pave the way for re-construction of a grand temple at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi by a law of Parliament, otherwise the Hindu society would be compelled to recommence a huge nationwide movement after a decision to this effect is taken at the forthcoming Haridwar Purna Kumbha.

Proposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya. The stones are cut and ready but Hindu leaders still dither and delay and make excuses for doing nothing.

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  2. Yes, Ji, but why didn’t the BJP build a temple when it was in power? Can you expect a government led by a Christian lady from behind the curtain, and a crypto-Marxist home minister who has just returned from an important Muslim conference that issued a fatwa in support of Jinnah’s “fatwa” against the National Song Vande Mataram, to now pass a law to build a Ram Temple in Ayodhya THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BUILT YEARS AGO WHEN YOU WERE IN POWER i.e. the BJP was in power?

    Sometimes Hindus find that their friends and leaders are worse than their enemies.

    Oh yes, we will have a temple, and the fact that the Muslims will not in a spirit of goodwill and patriotism hand over the land that they falsely claim, will not be an impediment ultimately. But our Hindu leaders will be an impediment as they dither and politic and wring their hands and write books claiming Jinnah – Jinnah, mind you! – was a secularist.

    Should we pray to Jinnah for the Ram temple?

    We are guided by idiots and we have become idiots ourselves. Jai Sri Ram!


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