The Media And Hindu Sentiments – Thamizhchelvan, Ram Narayan & G.P. Srinivasan

Hurting Hindu sentiments.


“So in the event of Vijay TV not apologizing on Sunday 22 November, as per its commitment, the concerned activists have decided to proceed further legally and take the issue to its logical conclusion. One hopes Hindu organizations come together and rally behind the activists, as there are many other channels that need to be taken to task as they compete with each other in denigrating Hindu religion and hurting the Hindu sentiments. This is only a beginning and this movement against the hostile media has to be sustained.” – Thamizhchelvan

For context readers may see these articles at Vijayvaani or proceed now to read the article below.

Readers may recall the three-part article titled “Electronic media and Hindu sentiments” that appeared here last month. The backdrop to the article was an episode telecast by the Tamil Channel “Vijay TV”, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s Star Group. As the concerned episode terribly hurt the cultural and religious sentiments of Hindus, a campaign was started by a few individual activists against the channel and the producer and sponsor of the concerned program. The campaign has been successful so far and is likely to reach its logical conclusion in the days to come.

Meeting at the production house

On 3 November 2009, research scholar Gauthaman, professional photographer Srinivasan, advocate Subramaniam Balaji and columnist Haran had a meeting with Antony, CEO of Mercury Creations, which produced the concerned program “Neeyaa Naanaa” (You or Me / Tum aur Mein) for ‘Vijay TV.’ During the conversation, Antony gave the important information that the topics for the program are “chosen” by an “expert panel” constituted by the TV Channel and that the producers (like him) could only give them some suggestions.

The point to note here is that the TV Channel’s so-called expert panel regularly “chooses” topics which are relevant to Hindu cultural and religious traditions and subjects them to debate. The anchor conducts the program in such a way that the subject of debate is derided, demeaned and defamed and projected in such a manner that viewers get confused with a feeling that the concerned tradition is unwanted and unnecessary.

Mercury Creations produces two programs (Neeyaa Naanaa and “Nadanthathu Enna” – “What happened”) for Vijay TV and both programs deal with “Hindu” related subjects quite often. Since the subjects (topics) are chosen by the so-called expert panel, the real and ulterior motive of a Christian Media house like Star-Vijay can be understood. It can also be inferred that other channels must be following the same methodology to select topics for similar programs, as most media houses operate with the common objective of “de-Hinduising” society.

Antony refused to divulge the names of the expert panel. But the four activists found a blackboard (inside the mini meeting hall) on which the titles of subjects for shooting in future were written. Some topics mentioned were:

  • Is it necessary to name newborns with the names of their grandparents?
  • Who are beautiful, North Indian women or South Indian women?
  • Inter-Religious marriages – Husbands vs. Wives
  • Also, the topic debated on 18 October was, “who creates problems for a married woman, sister-in-law or brother-in-law?”

If we go deep into these subjects, see the programs and analyse them, we can clearly identify the motive behind the choice of title and program. One can recognize a “larger conspiracy” to demolish the institution of marriage and the family values entwined with Hindu religion and culture. The alien powers which control and fund our media houses are behind this huge conspiracy of de-Hinduising the nation and they are aided and abetted by ‘secular’ governments and political parties. It is sad and unfortunate that the Hindu majority falls prey to such programs, risking their religious and cultural identities.

During his meeting with the four activists, Antony tried to convince them about commercial strategies, TRP ratings, etc. But they stuck to their guns, demanding a public apology from both the production house and the TV Channel, apart from a commitment that such programs demeaning and hurting the Hindu community would not be produced and telecast in future. Finally Antony agreed to render a public apology during the telecast of the program on Sunday, 22 November, as programs till 15 November had been already shot.

Campaign through “Tamil Hindu” website

Meanwhile, my article in Tamil (more or less a translation of the English version carried here) was published in md, expressing their anger and hurt and their decision to boycott his products in future. Readers were also given telephone numbers (0431-2730047 / 2730191) requesting them to call the company and register their protests. The article ( drew the attention of thousands of Tamil Hindus across the world within two days and hundreds of readers flooded the mailbox of the sponsor.

Concerted move by “Hindu Voice” magazine

Sri GP Srinivasan spoke to Ponnudurai, proprietor of the sponsoring company, for an interview on behalf of the Mumbai-based monthly magazine “Hindu Voice.” Sri Deivamuthu, Editor & Publisher of Hindu Voice, also shot off a letter to Ponnudurai urging him to withdraw sponsorship of such anti-Hindu programs and conveyed his intention to run a campaign against his company through Hindu Voice and other media if he did not withdraw sponsorship.

The letter sent by Deivamuthu:

Kind Attn: Mr. Ponnudurai

This refers to the telephonic talks our Editor, Mr. GP Srinivasan had with you, in connection with the Vijay TV Programme, Neeya Naana, Nadanthathu Enna, etc. All these programmes compered by Mr. Gopinath are prepared with an intention to insult Hindus. He has never taken up a programme concerning Islam or Christianity. It seems he is afraid of taking up issues concerning Muslims and Christians, and is taking up only Hindu issues because Hindus are tolerant.

Since these programmes are sponsored by you, our Editor, Mr. Srinivasan, would like to have an interview with you, so that we can publish it in Hindu Voice – a Monthly published in English and Hindi, espousing the cause of Hindutva. Please give us a date and time when he can come and interview you.

Meantime, we would urge you to withdraw your sponsorship to these programmes which are hurting Hindu Sentiments. Otherwise, we will have to carry on a campaign against Lion Dates, not only through Hindu Voice but via other media too.

I hope to receive your quick reply.

P. Deivamuthu
Mg. Editor, Hindu Voice
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West
Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153.

Realising the gravity of the situation, Ponnudurai sent a reply to Deivamuthu and also shot off individual letters (though stereotyped) to all those, including the readers of “Tamil Hindu”, who sent protest letters to him. In his letter, Ponnudurai said that he understood the hurt feelings of Hindus and conveyed that he had instructed his advertising agency to be careful in future, monitoring each and every program sponsored by his company for each and every channel. He also said that he had expressed his views to the authorities of the TV Channel and that they have given a commitment to him that they would not telecast such programs in future.

The reply letter sent by Ponnudurai:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Ref: The programme telecasted on 11-10-2009

Greetings. We received your mail and understood your feelings about the particular
Mentioned programme telecasted in Vijay TV. We too felt the same way and have expressed our views to the Channel Authorities. And they have promised that in future there will not be any topics in their programmes which will affect the sentiments of any one…

Normally, this programme “Neeya Naana”programme became famous because of its topics involved in social matter and unfortunately this particular programme has crossed borders and affected the sentiments of large number of people.

We hereby like to stress yourself that we are not the Producer of this Programme and only the advertiser of this programme…As a part of our general advertising programme we release our advertisements in many programmes in many channels all over India .

We have strictly conveyed our Advertising Agency –Saroj ad Creators private limited ,Chennai, India- sarojads to monitor all the programmes in all channels where we release our advertisements and especially all the topics discussed in this “Neeya Naana” programme in Vijay TV, and refrain from any controversial programmes in future..

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Lion Dates Impex Private Limited

P. Ponnudurai
Managing Director


If the concerted efforts of a few individuals could elicit such a response, one can imagine the effect of a united campaign by Hindu organizations. Though Ponnudurai’s letter did not have a feeling of regret or a note of apology, the concern and respect he showed to the feelings of those who had written to him was quite visible in his communication.

So in the event of the production house not apologizing on Sunday 22 November, as per its commitment, the concerned activists have decided to proceed further legally and take the issue to its logical conclusion. One hopes Hindu organizations come together and rally behind the activists, as there are many other channels that need to be taken to task as they compete with each other in denigrating Hindu religion and hurting the Hindu sentiments. This is only a beginning and this movement against the hostile media has to be sustained. – Thamihzchelvan


Hey Faizz, is it the National Song that causes hatred or the fatwas against the song? As a student of comparative religion you have made an unconscionable insinuation that was then compounded when it was copied by a very stupid headline writer at The New Indian Express. C’mon man, this is not peace activism but calculated communalism by a mischievous smarty-pants who has brought shame on his garrulous and rather dumb editor. – IS

The letters that follow refer to the recent debate in The New Indian Express concerning the National Song Vande Mataram and the two fatwas issued by the Deoband Islamic seminary directing Indian Muslims to not sing the song. The Muslim side was represented by Faizur Rahman and the Indian side by S. Gurumurthy and Prof. Vaidyanathan. The letter below was to The New Indian Express chief editor Aditya Sinha from retired Chennai school master Ram Narayan and was provoked by the extreme bias shown by the newspaper in its handling of the debate.

Mr. Aditya Sinha
Chief Editor
The New Indian Express

Dear Mr. Sinha,

I have been reading The New Indian Express for thirty years and I feel obliged to say that I am deeply distressed at the way you have handled the Vande Mataram-Fatwa debate. You have shown extreme bias and cowardice in the face of an upstart writer who is under the direct tutelage of Comrade Ram at The Hindu. Faizur Rahman can publish in any Hindu publication and it is incomprehensible that he is given space in The New Indian Express. But in that he is given space, it is deplorable that you have not allowed any serious reply to him except for Gurumurthy and Vaidyanathan.

I am not a Hindutva-vadin and I do not subcribe to the RSS ideology that the nation is greater than Sanatana Dharma. But nevertheless I am very perturbed at the position of the Deoband mullahs and especially at Rahman’s statement “… let not Vande Mataram be used to cause hatred” and your headline “The song should not arouse hatred.” Both you and Rahman have done the old secular trick of turning the victim into the aggressor with this line (did Comrade Ram write it or did Rahman?)

It is not the song that causes hatred but the fatwa against the song that causes great indignation among patriots including myself. You should be ashamed. You have completely perverted the notion of intellectual integrity and civil discourse.

I read The New India Express because I am told it is one of the last independent newspapers in the country. All the rest including the electronic media, are under Christian or Communist control. But your association with Indian Express in the north which is allegedly owned by a Christian outfit called Acts Ministries obviously compromises your newspaper’s independence and your own editorial freedom.

What a sad state of affairs we have reached in this country where the majority community is not even allowed to have an independent point of view.


Ram Narayan

For the record, here are copies of the 4 letters sent to you with reference to the Vande Mataram-Fatwa controversy.

4] Faizur Rahman is being disingenuous when he says “…let not Vande Mataram be used to cause hatred” (“The song should not arouse hatred”, TNIE Nov. 17). It is not the song which has aroused hatred but the two fatwas against the song which has rightly aroused indignation among all Indian patriots (not just the Hindutva-vadins as he suggests).

The fatwa-issuers of Deoband and the fatwa-upholders at the recent JUH meet have made a very grave mistake by advising Muslims not to sing the iconic national song because they have a quarrel with a specific BJP government order.

If the fatwa can be upheld as it has been recently, then it can also be superseded by a new fatwa nullifying or modifying the original order. Why was this not done instead of reinforcing the original Deoband fatwa when the Home Minister and a popular Hindu sadhu were present? The whole affair stinks and its timing is deeply disturbing.

Rahman is even more disingenuous when he seeks to blur the distinction between Islamic monotheism and Hindu monism. Monotheism is violently exclusive (as history shows) and Advaita philosophy is overtly inclusive even to the point of its own extinction.

Anyway, Advaita Vedanta does not represent mainstream Hindu religion which is henotheist in practice (worship of ishta deva) and panentheistic in it conception of God (“I pervade and support the universe with a very small fraction of My power,” says Sri Krishna, BG 10:42).

Lastly, Sri Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ramdev do not officially represent Hindu interests. They represent their own interests and those of their followers. When Muslims are willing to meet with traditional Hindu acharyas who represent the whole of the Hindu community, then the statements made at such interfaith meetings can be taken seriously. Not otherwise.

Ram Narayan reports that when this letter was sent to Aditya Sinha and then posted by him on Express Buzz below the concerned article, within a few hours Faizur Rahman’s article was pulled off of the Express Buzz website along with his [Ram Narayan’s] published comments.

3] With reference to the Vande Mataram controversy, it may be noted that though England is a monotheistic Christian country with an official state Church represented in Parliament, every Englishman will sing the national song Rule Britannia. Britannia is the ancient Roman goddess who is the personification of England and she is represented holding a shield and a trishul. Rule Britannia is the unofficial English national anthem. No patriotic Christian Englishman would ever refuse to sing this song which has been in popular vogue for two hundred years.

2] Kudos to Prof. Vaidyanathan for putting the Vande Mataram controversy into a correct perspective (“A controversy that is often simulated,” TNIE Nov. 13). Gurumurthy should be more careful with his facts and figures as the smallest error or misquote leaves his opponent the argumentative “peace activist” [Faizur Rahman] an opening to stick his knife in and win the debate by default rather than merit.

1] Faizur Rahman has clearly shown in his article “Song against Islam’s monotheistic tenets” (TNIE, Nov 5) that Islamic monotheism is inimical to Hindu panentheism and therefore Muslims are not able to praise the Indian motherland with the national song Vande Matram. Indeed, they cannot praise the motherland at all as Allah is a jealous god who is not willing to share his devotees with Bharatmata. There is no solution to this impasse between opposing world views, and Hindus will again have to concede the exclusive Muslim position to their own detriment if communal harmony is to be maintained in our shared land.

NB: When the above letter appeared in The New Indian Express the important religious term “panentheism” was changed to read “pantheism” and the meaning of the last line was distorted by the letters editor. When this was brought to the attention of chief editor Aditya Sinha he apologised, but refused to publish Ram Narayan’s subsiquent letters.

Gurumurthy’s latest Sunday sermon has come to the aid of an embarrassed Aditya Sinha who didn’t know where to turn after Faizur Rahman’s mischievous last article drew such a negative response. By identifying Jinnah as the original “fatwa” promulgator, Gurumurthy has fully exposed the Deoband mullahs as anti-national, pro-Pakistani, and communal Islamic scholars who have issued one – if not two or three – hateful fatwas in support of Jinnah’s original “fatwa” against the National Song. Jinnah divided the nation and the Deoband mullahs are dividing it further by officially supporting Jinnah’s position and that too when India’s home minister Chidambaram was present at the conference. The whole affair stinks as Ram Narayan has already said in his letter to Aditya Sinha, and Gurumurthy’s belated revelations do not neutralize the smell of corruption and collusion and political skulduggery that pervades the whole affair. – IS

Of course it’s politics, stupid! The mullahs keep telling us that Islam is a “complete” religion. This means there is no distinction between Muslim religion and Muslim politics. Are you trying to make a “secular” distinction, Guruji? – IS


A note to Ram Narayan, N.S. Rajaram, and Rajiv Malhotra from “Hindu Voice” correspondent G.P. Srinivasan:

Fighting the Indian media is not the job of one or two persons. I myself have been fighting the media for the past 12 years . I know in this list, there are persons like Sri. Mohan Iyer has been fighting the idiot media for over 33 years. I know there are people who have left their corporate jobs to become freelancers to take on the bull by its horns.

  1. It is a fact that a small group of individuals are engaged in hand to hand combat with the media. There is my friend Navy Captain Balakrishnan INS Trishul (Retd), is bombarding the media day in and day out . It is my dream one day if some one collects all he has done over the years, it will be voluminous expose on the trash that the Indian media is dumping on our head.
  2. Then we have our doyen’s like Arun Shouries, N.S Rajaram , Dr. Kalyanaraman, who have been doing scholarly works, and in the process also have to rebut the media disinformation, misinformation, mal-information, malifide-information, plain lies, hoot, scoot and run tactics, and expose them while on the run.
  3. Former Director Finance of Coal India Sri Vijayan fires short and effective and pungent salvos that does the job of smoking out the media rats. His attack is hilarious, obnoxious, but even that is not enough to shame the Indian media. If anybody with reasonable and sane mindset in the place of Aditya Sinha, he would have committed suicide.
  4. Journalist Francois Gautier and Swami Devananda Saraswati, and Rajiv Srinivasan, B.R. Haran, Hilda Raja , Radheshayam Brahmachary have done pretty good job over the years.
  5. Radha Rajan’s vigil has played its part in exposing anti-Hindu and anti-national activities of the Judiciary, Police, Media and others.
  6. But this is the the first time any rudimentary sort of apology has come forth from any such activism. To fight the behemoths of the Indian media, both press and electronic, which many of us are doing, for years requires some backing.
  7. As far as my knowledge, there is Dr.Upendra Senoy in Bangalore who has documented all that the media has done over the last 50 years. He has made cuttings from English, Hindi and Kannada media, and developed a decent library Rashtrotana Parishad. This is my information of newspapers.
  8. It requires some sort of organisation, some sort of collection of data, and people to work dedicatedly full time, and some infrastructure for collecting, collating and dissemination of information, and publishing such information in a professional way.
  9. But this is not forthcoming for want of resources and lack of support from any RNI (Resident Non Indian) (mostly Indians) or NRI (Non Resident Indian)!
  10. NRIs are too pompous and like to bash Indians. RNIs are too indifferent (they are bothered by daily chores, food, clothing, and shelter, and above all cricket, movies, serials, and temples).
  11. There are many NRI-haters and there are many RNI-haters and we have to take the middle path .There are many haters of foreigners and there are many haters of desi Indians,and we have to the do tight rope walking.
  12. There are gurus ancient and modern who are not doing anything substantial on the media front to defend Hindus politically and socially and from media abuse.
  13. However the fight will have to go on against the media as it has been going on. With or without, In-spite of or Despite of any RNI or NRI support!

Jai Hind!

Hindu Voice Magazine

3 Responses

  1. Sir,all the Media’s were run by Dravidians, Atheists and the Christians. Only ‘Sankara’ is supports the Hindu Culture. Only money is spoiling our nation. Really it hurts us a lot to hear the media’s getting money and trying to kill the Hindu culture.Had these people ever know, how Einstien, stephen Hawking and many other Physist, Archeologists, Historians, politicians,..etc have appreciated the Indian Culture?
    Hey Vaticans wear a “yellow thread” and see naturally all your Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transexuals ans Sex abuses will go away from your countries.

    People this is time to raise our voice for right thing.


  2. Thank you sir, so much. Hinduism and its culture still lives beacuse of you peoples.Although Gandhiji said it already we were not aware of this, but just now we have started to think.
    Also the below too link made me to wake up sir

    Our country should not be spoiled by these fraud fellows. Great, I really thank you so much for letting us know Sir.

    Really Hindu peoples should join unitedly and raise there voice. Hey, Hindus its we majority paying the taxes but do you know for what purpose they are used for?


  3. Thank you Sri IS for your added comments which I fully approve. The Darul Uloom Islamic Seminary at Deoband is the hothouse that produced the fundamentalist Taliban ideology that was then exported to Pakistan. The seminary should be shut down in the name of national security. The village the seminary is situated in is called Deoband because it had an old Shiva temple in it in the last century when the madrasa was started. What has happened to the temple is anybody’s guess.


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