Tri-Valley University is a Bible college! – Hilda Raja

Tri-Valley University LogoThe Tri-Valley University is accredited only to something called International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries and does not have accreditation from any organization for higher education.

Tri-Valley University claims that some programs may apply for professional accreditions — but don’t have them now. It also says that the university has religious exemption under California law to operate.

In view of this, it is commendable that the US government is cracking down on the seminary/Bible school involved in visa fraud, but despicable that the Indian government is opposing the crackdown and supporting those involved in the fraud.

The Tri-Valley University does not have the accreditation of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, to which genuine California colleges and universities get accredited.

The question, therefore, is are these students Christians or converts to want to study in a seminary? What do they propose to do with their seminary/Bible education? If they are not Christians, what is their interest in studying at a seminary/Bible school? If they claimed they were studying secular subjects, why did they go to a seminary/Bible school and not to a regular university?

The Chennai US consulate’s role is also mysterious because they handed out visas to Tri-Valley University, which has no genuine accreditation for secular education, unless the students declared that they were going there for seminary/Bible education.

S. M. Krishna of the Sonia Gandhi party called the treatment of the students “inhuman.” But in the US it is considered progressive and humane to allow suspects or undertrials to wear the ankle monitors instead of being put in jail. Do Krishna and Sonia Gandhi want people committing fraud left free?

These students are lucky to be given radio cuffs/collars– known here as ankle monitors or ankle bracelets — rather than detained in an immigration service detention center, some of them outsourced to dubious contractors. Many people suspected of visa fraud would be jailed.

In fact, being allowed to wear an ankle monitor is considered a privilege: Lawyers often plead with judges to allow their clients out with ankle monitors instead of being held in jail when bail is refused. Many high-profile people accused and awaiting sentencing get them (and judges get criticized for allowing this rather than jailing them!). And sometimes, they even persuade judges to serve out the sentences at home with ankle monitors.

Bernard Kerik, the Bush Administration nominee to head Homeland Security department — the second-most important job in the cabinet — was among those who wore an ankle monitor pending his final jailing. (He is now in jail serving a four-year term for tax fraud and for lying to officials.)

Hollywood/celebrity business has many on ankle monitors If anything, these students can boast they are like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Tracy Morgan. (It’s affectionately called “leg candy” by some fashionistas and women’s magazines have run articles on how the wearers can make it look fashionable.)

For a bizarre example, there was a Mexican actress arrested in the US for alleged immigration fraud and made to wear an ankle monitor. Her lawyers asked the courts to allow her to remove it because it clashed with her auditions wardrobe!

So why is Krishna calling it inhuman? Is it because a Bible school/seminary is involved?

Visa fraud by people from India posing as students is not all that rare in Australia and the US.