VIDEO: Aaj ki Mahabharat: Anna Hazare & Co vs UPA-2 Government – UT Correspondent

Blind SinghPrologue

Bharat Varsha is ruled jointly by Dhrithrastra Singh and Sonia Gandhari. Both are in a sense blind to the political crisis engulfing them – Dhrithrastra Singh, though well-meaning,  is wedded to pedantic, economic gobbledygook and divorced from ground realities. Sonia Gandhari, also well-meaning, is blind by choice — she simply doesn’t seem to care about good governance. Her primary objective is to ensure that her son, Rahul Duryodhana Gandhi, ascends the throne whenever the effete Dhrithrastra Singh calls it a day.

Rahul Duryodhana Gandhi is being groomed by the crafty Digvijay Shakuni Mama to ascend the throne after Dhrithrastra Singh retires. Rahul’s loyalists also include the mendacious Kapil Dushasana.

Five valiant heroes – Dharmaraj Anna Hazare, Swami Bhim Rao Agnivesh, Kiran Arjuni and the two Bhushans – have been demanding good governance for Bharat Varsha from the rulers for a long time. Panchali Ramdevi, the princess of Panchal (co-terminus with modern Western UP) is also wedded to their cause.

Rahul Duryodhana and Digvijay Shakuni mama hatching yet another conspiracy. Sabha Parva: The game of dice

The five heroes along with Panchali Ramdevi are called to Hastinapur for negotiations on all outstanding issues. Kapil Dushasan and Digvijay Shakuni Mama promise to deal fairly with the heroes and also assure Panchali Bhabhi of complete security during her stay in the capital.

However, the rulers treacherously renege on their promises – the valiant heroes are deceived during negotiations.  To add insult to injury, Rahul Duryodhana and his supports led by Digvijay Shakuni Mama and Kapil Dushasan try to violate Panchali’s Ramdevi’s honour.

Who will come to Panchali’s rescue? Watch the video below for the answer. 

» Courtesy of the The Unreal Times, June 8, 2011.