Hindu Nepal: Christians send bibles, Muslims send beef – Premji

Bibles for Nepal!

More than 100,000 paperback editions of Gideon Bibles have arrived in Nepal to provide relief for the millions of Nepalese desperate for help following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has struck the country. But the jet loaded with skids of boxed Bibles is being called misguided and “dumber-than-dumb-ass” by rescue groups and world governments alike. “Well, isn’t that just a plane-load full of stupid?” said a shocked and annoyed Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. “It is not a surprise to see the evangelical vultures are playing with the life of the people in distress. This is what they do everywhere when people are suffering.”

“We cannot eat Bibles. We cannot use them as shovels.” “Nepal desperately needs food and medicine and equipment and workers not best-seller books.” “If you are praying for Nepal, we thank you,” said Koirala. “But I humbly ask that you also get up and actually do something, donate, encourage others to donate just please do not send us any more Bibles.”

Wherever disasters happen, the evangelist takes the opportunity to harvest souls. They do not provide food and water or clothes and medicine or shelter to the people who suffer, instead they provide bible and lure and coerce them to convert. Nobody in the world will have this kind of senseless and selfish mentality to exploit the pain and sufferings. The attitude of these evangelists are inhumane and insane.

The senseless, shameless evangelist sees opportunity in every disaster to harvest souls. It is time for the people to spit on the face of these vultures who are mercilessly exploiting the pain and suffering of the people to convert. The senseless evangelists who are preaching for Jesus, provides help and service to the people in distress only if they accept and convert to Christianity. It is shame for the entire humanity. One can find umpteen numbers of hospitals and other service centres run by missionaries, but none of them are accessible to the poor. They mint money in the name of evangelism. These vultures are to be exposed and isolated.

Just for soul harvesting evangelist are ready to go to any extend to exploit the sufferings of the people. They preach miracle healing and the preacher reaches out to medical care when in distress. These kinds of false propaganda by the shameless evangelists are to be stopped. Exploitation in suffering should not be permitted. They should be driven out far away. They do not have the right to be in the midst of a civilized society. – Wishesh, 28 April 2015

Pakistan aid to Nepal April 2015

Beef Masala

Pakistan sends ‘beef masala’ to Nepal’s Hindu earthquake survivors – Premji

Nepal is left with an unsavoury taste in the mouth when it received packets of ‘beef masala’ as part of the relief package from Pakistan. The Hindu majority country treats cows as sacred and there is a blanket ban on slaughtering the animal, the development has the potential of triggering diplomatic acrimony between the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries.

Indian doctors at Kathmandu’s Bir Hospital told that the packets of ‘beef masala’ were sent by Pakistan as part of relief aid to the temblor survivors. These doctors are from Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital, Safdarjung Hospital and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and are members of a 34-member medical team sent to Nepal for treating the survivors.

“When we reached the airport to collect the food items from Pakistan, we found packets of ready-to-eat meals, includes packets of ‘beef masala’. There were other food items too,” Dr Balwinder Singh told.

“Most of the local people are not aware of the contents. When they understand, they avoid it,” said another doctor on the condition of anonymity. He added: “Pakistan has hurt Nepal’s religious sentiments by supplying this masala. Shockingly, it did not care about the sensitivity of the matter.”

Exclusive photographs of the ‘beef masala’ packets supplied to Nepal clearly show that the place of origin of these packets was Nowshera Cantt in Pakistan. These packets also prominently mention that these are not for sale and the contents include ‘potato bhujia’ and ‘beef masala’.

“The matter has been conveyed to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and the intelligence chief. We are also starting an internal inquiry to verify the facts. If the report is correct, we will raise the matter at the diplomatic level with Pakistan. India, being our key partner, will also be informed of the developments,” Nepal government official said.

Pakistan is infamous to be known as the haven of terrorism. They belittle and demean the people of other religions. The ISIS and Taliban has a great influence in the Pakistani Army and ISI which is the main propagators of terrorism and they provide training and shelter to terrorists. Since the Army of Pakistan s incapable to fight from the front, they utilize the services of terrorists against their enemies. In this circumstance Pakistan hurting the sentiments of the people of Nepal who are suffering from the aftermath of a devastating earthquake is not a surprise. Recently a Christian organization also has sent tons of Bibles instead of food, water, medicine or any other aid which is badly needed for the survivors. – Wishesh, 30 April 2015

Soul Vultures

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