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Rahul Gandhi

PGurus IconAfter the Somnath Temple entry register controversy, it is time for Rahul Gandhi to declare his identity to the nation, as he is expected to head the Congress party soon. – Team PGurus

After the Somnath Temple entry controversy, the question that is topmost in everyone’s mind is the real identity of Rahul Gandhi. Is he a non-Hindu? After the temple registry controversy, Congress Chief Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala went one step further by claiming Rahul is not a simple Hindu but a janeu dhari Hindu [sacred thread-wearing Hindu].

There is already a lot of chaos about Rahul Gandhi’s identity including his citizenship. In his own secret British company’s registers, he declared that he was a British citizen. This declaration of British citizenship was exposed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy[1] and Rahul Gandhi already received notice from Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee. The matter is also pending before Home Ministry which is expected to seek clarification from Rahul.

And in the British company—Backops Limited—registers, Rahul Gandhi declared his address in the United Kingdom at 51 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH.

The mysteries of Rahul’s identities don’t end here—In 2004 Lok Sabha election affidavit, Rahul Gandhi produced his education certificate which shows his name as Raul Vinci. While Rahul Gandhi kept silent, Congress managers said that this nickname was given because of security concerns. But how did the nickname appeared in his MPhil Certificate from the University of Cambridge? Earlier, in Rollins College register, Rahul declared his religion as Catholic.

Raul Vinci operated Barclays Bank account

In 2016, Subramanian Swamy came out with the details of secret bank account of Rahul Gandhi in London’s Barclays Bank in the name of Raul Vinci[2].

“With this letter, I am enclosing some bank records of the Barclays Bank which shows that on page 5, a Raul Vinci having the same date of birth as that of Rahul Gandhi has been maintaining a current account in Barclays Bank bearing number 504664922071640796.”

“The name ‘Raul Vinci’ is widely used by Rahul Gandhi while traveling abroad claiming that it was necessary for security purpose. In fact, he enrolled in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK under the same name,” said Swamy in his complaint to the Enforcement Directorate. This account was opened in 1994 and closed only in December 2014. The bank account’s address was 2, Frognal Way in London. This address was the first address of Rahul’s secret company Backops Limited[3].”

Now after the Somnath Temple entry register controversy, it is time for Rahul Gandhi to declare his identity to the nation, as he is expected to head Congress, the Grand Old Party of India soon.- PGurus, 30 November 2017

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