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ISThe Indian leather and meat production industry is a horror story that few Indians want to know about. So a beautiful foreign lady has come to remind us that the slaughter house business is not exactly what we should be engaged in. Where Western meat-eaters use humane killing systems — sort of — to satisfy their appetite for flesh and blood, we ‘vegetarian’ Indians employ children with razor blades to bleed animals to death to create halal products that can be exported to the Gulf States. The great irony is that many of these businesses are owned by religious Hindus and, yes, even Jains! — IS

Pamela AndersonMumbai: Hollywood star Pamela Anderson, who will enter a TV reality show this week, today shot a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging to reject all leather products.

Pamela in a letter to Singh said, “I am calling on people in India and throughout the world to join me in rejecting all leather products in order to help put an end to animal suffering. I am asking every individual never to buy leather shoes, bags, jackets, belts or anything else made of animal skin.”

Pamela is an active member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken up several causes for protecting animal rights.

“Illegal slaughterhouses operate with impunity throughout the country and municipal slaughterhouses have failed to follow the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

The government has also failed to set up any effective scheme whatsoever to address this crisis,” the Baywatch star said.

India’s laws prohibit animals from being crammed onto vehicles in high numbers, ban handlers from smearing chili seeds into cows eyes and breaking their tails, hacking animals into pieces while still conscious, yet all this continues to go on, she said. – Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, Nov. 16, 2010

The PETA INDIA report

That’s why Anderson has fired off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking the government to help cattle who are used in the leather industry.

Anderson took a graphic and unflinching look at India’s gruesome leather trade in a hard-hitting PETA US video. In her letter to the Prime Minister, Anderson points out that despite PETA’s offers of tangible help to the government and Indian leather industry, conditions for animals used in India’s leather trade still remain horrendous.

Cattle are tied together with ropes through their noses and beaten mercilessly in forced “death marches” over hundreds of kilometres. During the marches, cattle collapse from hunger, exhaustion, injury and despair. Handlers force the cattle to continue by breaking the animals’ tails at each joint (the human equivalent of having a finger broken) and by rubbing tobacco, chilli peppers and salt into the animals’ eyes. The cattle are never offered food or even a drop of water. – Peta India

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