Baijnath Mahadev: The only Hindu temple built by an English couple in India – Sangram K. Parhi

Baijnath Shiva Temple of Agar Malwa, MP

MartinIn 1883, the Martins donated Rs 15,000 to renovate the Baijnath Mahadev Temple. –  Sangram K. Parhi

The British ruled India for hundreds of years, and built many churches and cathedrals. But in the 1880s, a Shiva temple in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, was rebuilt by Lt. Col. Martin — the only temple ever made by an Englishman in India.

Col. Martin was in the Afghan wars. He used to regularly write to his wife, informing her of conditions there. It was a long war, and gradually the colonel’s letters stopped. Mrs. Martin, who then lived in the cantonment of Agar Malwa, was besides herself with grief, fearing the worst.

Tears of joy and gratitude welled up in Mrs. Martin’s eyes as she read the letter. Her heart was overwhelmed. She fell at the feet of Lord Shiva’s image and sobbed. After a few weeks Lt. Col. Martin returned and his wife told him her story. The couple became devotees of Lord Shiva. In 1883, they donated Rs 15,000 to renovate the temple. This information is engraved on a slab kept in the Baijnath Mahadev Temple.

The Martins sailed for England with the firm resolution that they would make a Shiva temple at their home and pray to him till the end of life. And they did. – The New Indian Express, Chennai, Jan. 8, 2012

» Sangram K. Parhi reports for The New Indian Express.

Festival at Baijnath Mahadev Temple in Agar Malwa, MP