Ram Setu should be declared a national monument: Union culture minister Prahlad Patel – Kumar Shakti Shekhar

Ram Sethu: Rama's causeway to Sri Lanka

Kumar Shakti Shekhar“Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests that they are.” – US Science Channel

The ancient Ram Setu, which was once on the verge of getting dredged and demolished, is likely to be declared a national monument. Union culture and tourism minister Prahlad Singh Patel is of the opinion that the Ram Setu should be included in the list of the coveted World Heritage Sites.

In an exclusive interview to The Times of India, Prahlad Patel said, “There is a demand now to declare Ram Setu a national monument. On a personal level, I believe that the Ram Setu has claims to be declared as a national monument. With whatever knowledge we have so far, in fact it should be included in the list of World Heritage Sites. There is a need for extensive research on it and which is already underway.”

However, Patel added that it remained to be seen how a formal announcement would be made in this regard. “I will not comment on it further as the matter is sub judice,” he added. – The Times of India, 25 June 2021

Read the whole Times of India article here.

Kumar Shakti Shekhar is a news editor for Times of India Online.

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