Video: Prof Vaidyanathan critiques Modi Sarkar – Rajiv Malhotra

Vaidyanathan critiquing Modi

Prof R. Vaidyanathan explains that there has been hardly any corruption at the top levels and the economic growth rate has been excellent. However, there are several disappointments, such as: black money has not come back from abroad; government still controls temples; conversion is not curtailed; RTE is applicable only to Hindu institutions; US think tanks have too much influence in India; Leftist think tanks are still funded by HRD ministry; no new pro-Hindu think tanks have received funding; there is too much government patronage in areas where government does not belong; government should be downsized in many areas, etc. Click here for video.

» Prof R. Vaidyanathan of IIM Bangalore is one of India’s best management minds. He is known for his work in finance, especially in banking, insurance and capital markets. He is also a National Fellow of ICSSR—in recognition of his contribution to Social Management, Insurance/Pensions, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Financial Markets. 

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