Was the Una Dalit beating incident a set up? – Jagruk Bharat

Dalits in Una Gujarat

Question MarkSomething is fishy about the Una Dalit flogging incident. Media cries it is one more incident of Hindu fundamentalism, but here are some shocking facts which prove otherwise! – SayNoToSoldMedia

BJP did not raise issue of rapes of SC girls in Kerala, Bihar, West Bengal, and scores in UP. So it is now answering beating of SC men in Gujarat as if it itself organised the beating.


The least it could have done was conduct a proper investigation as there are some points of suspicion:

1) Una is a Congress stronghold.

2) The vehicle used in the incident came in from Daman, which is at least 700 kms from Una. Do people travel 700 kms just to beat someone up?

3) The TV which made this public the first time is a local Telugu TV. What was it doing in Gujarat?

4) Locals say the assailants were a mix of people from different religions.

One cannot rule out the hand of Congress, Communists, or the Church—all of whom have vested interests in maligning the Gujarat government and the so-called majority community of India.

How will they gain?

A) Communists will be successful in wedging a deeper rift between the various Hindu communities, Dalits in this case.

B) Church will gain conversions by showing the ‘majority religion’ in bad light. It’s worth noting on how powerful the Church is in these matters:

Two people were very successful in stopping the conversion of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Gujarat and both are now languishing in jail with some very serious charges on them. One was Asaram Bapu, who’s been charged with the molestation of an underage girl. Another was Swami Aseemanand, who’s been charged with terrorist activities.

What a sweet co-incidence that whoever stops conversion activities in Gujarat, or elsewhere, ends up in jail because of some serious crime. Convenient.

C) Congress will gain politically, of course, as Gujarat has the BJP government. A weak, clueless, helpless, apologetic BJP government. A government which is expert in taking random flying arrows upon itself.

Beware of changes around ourselves. Demography is the destiny. The lesser we get, closer we are to our doom.

Because, inside the womb of a staggering victory with no vision and boundlessly arrogant pride, breathes the foetus of an eternal and absolute self-annihilation. – Jagruk Bharat, 21 July 2016

NB: There are ten tweets in the original article that have not been copied here. They give important background information. Go to the original article to see them.

Una Dalit Beating

5 Responses

  1. Cow was killed by lion, not Dalit men flogged by gau rakshaks: CID – Parimal A Dabhi, Gopal B Kateshiya, Ritesh Gohil – The Indian Express – Una / Rajkot – July 27, 2016

    The Gujarat CID (Crime), probing the July 11 flogging of a Dalit family by gau rakshaks for skinning a dead cow, has established on the basis of an eyewitness account that the cow was killed by a lion, and that it was not a case of cow slaughter as was claimed by gau rakshaks.

    But investigators are still not clear who informed the gau rakshaks about the cow being skinned by Vasarambhai Balubhai Sarvaiya outside Mota Samadhiyala village in Una taluka.

    An entry made at 1.30 pm on July 11 in the Una police station records is attributed to “state control room, Ahmedabad” (the state control room is in Gandhinagar), saying one Naranbhai tipped off an alleged cow slaughter incident in Mota Samadhiyala. But according to the FIR, the attack by gau rakshaks took place at 10 am.

    Vasaram’s father Balu Sarvaiya told The Indian Express that he got a call around 8 am from Najabhai Ahir of Bediya village — it is 5 km from Mota Samadhiyala — who said a lion had killed his cow and he needed someone to dispose the carcass.

    Balu said he sent Vasaram and others to collect the carcass. On their return, Vasaram, his brother Ramesh, cousin Ashok and relative Becharbhai began skinning the dead cow at a place around 2 km from their village. Balu said it was then that a white vehicle passed by. A few minutes later, the white vehicle returned, with another vehicle and 30-35 men on motorcycles.

    Balu said the men, who were carrying sticks, asked them why was the cow being killed. “They abused and started beating them (Vasaram and the others). Someone called me, and I rushed with my wife Kunwar to the spot, only to be beaten up. They refused to listen to us,” he said, adding that the men also took away their phones.

    On Monday, the CID (Crime), which took over the case on July 20, sought fresh custody of the first five accused held on July 12.

    The remand application before a magisterial court in Una states that investigators want to find out who recorded the video (of the flogging) and circulated it on social media, and “whose orders were they following”.

    The Gir Somnath police, who were investigating the case earlier, had also sought remand of the accused to trace the phones that were allegedly snatched by the gau rakshaks, and to track down the other vehicle, motorcycles used during the attack. The police also wanted to identify others who joined the attack.

    Keshavji Saradava, Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID (Crime), who is investigating the case, said it was being probed from all angles. He said on the basis of an eyewitness account, it was established that Ahir’s cow was killed by a lion.

    “We are probing the policemen on duty and the role of the accused. While police papers of the investigation do not mention any post-mortem examination of the cow, they do record that samples have been taken for forensic examination. We are also investigating what happened to an input from the state police control room about beef being transported in Una,” Saradava told The Indian Express.

    The role of the policemen at Una has been found to be flawed though no criminal proceedings have been initiated against them so far. An internal inquiry by DSP Ketan Patel indicated dereliction of duty, especially in dealing with a case involving Dalits. Four policemen were suspended on July 18 and a departmental inquiry ordered.

    Police sources said the state control room message was conveyed to Kanchan Parmar, Assistant Sub-Inspector in charge of the Sanakhada outpost which has jurisdiction over Mota Samadhiyala. She is the officer who is said to have met the gau rakshaks when they brought the Sarvaiya men to the police station. She was “suspended for being ignorant about the goings-on in the area” under her charge and for letting the gau rakshaks take the Sarvaiyas to the police station on their own.

    Before abandoning the Sarvaiyas, the gau rakshaks told police station officer (PSO) Kanjibhai Chudasama that they would return to file a complaint about cow slaughter. According to Balu, some 1.5 km from the Una police station, the gau rakshaks stripped and tied the four men to their vehicle and began to beat them up while some of them made videotapes.

    When police reached the site where the carcass was kept, they found Balu unconscious and called an ambulance to take him to a clinic.

    Chudasama, police sources said, was suspended for “allowing the gau rakshaks to go, after they abandoned the Dalit men outside the Una police station”. A video grab also shows the four men asking for mercy outside the police station.

    Hardevsinh Parmar, head constable of D staff which is responsible for intelligence gathering, was suspended for his failure to report the goings-on. The fourth officer placed under suspension was Una police station Inspector N U Jhala.

    Sixteen people, including a Muslim, have so far been arrested. All are currently in judicial custody.


  2. The comparison with the stone pelters of Kashmir is apt. Hope the BJP is quietly doing its own investigations.


  3. Proper investigation would reveal that the video quality is not from totally amateur person with a cell phone. These people must be like “Paid Stone Pelters” of Kashmir.


  4. Thank you ! I hope the Gujarat government is also doing a thorough investigation into this question.


  5. Various news reports point to a conspiracy.

    1. Attacking Dalits for skinning a dead cow has never been an issue in Gujarat or elsewhere in North India.

    2. Dalits have a right to dead farm animals whose skin, bones, and other body parts are sold by them to make a meager living. The flesh of the dead animal is part of their diet.

    3. What is new in Gujarat, is Dalits being harassed by hooligans for engaging in their traditional work.

    4. Hooligans with various political affiliations now present themselves as gau raksha samitis to avoid interference from the police. Their crimes can be attributed to real gau raksha samitis and other Hindu organisations. The BJP government of Gujarat and the NDA government at the Centre can be maligned.

    5. A thorough CBI investigation should be made into this Una incident to find out the truth.


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