Virat Hindustan Sangam: Dr Subramanian Swamy launches Hindutva outfit – PTI

Sri Ram

Virat Hindu Sangam

NEW DELHI: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday announced the formation of an organization that would push for Hindutva issues like securing the disputed Ram Mandir area for building a temple by persuading Muslims to accept an alternative site.

The outfit Virat Hindustan Sangam will empower the youth to articulate the “values” of Hindutva, like scrapping of Article 370, Uniform Civil Code, Ram temple and beef ban, he told a press conference.

Indicating that the new body will also act as a pressure group on the ruling BJP, he said it would provide a list of candidates to the party for consideration and work closely with the Sangh Parivar.

Asked what will be his priority issue, he said it would be construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

“We will take up from January 1, 2016 the Ram temple issue. I will want the government to follow the Saudi Arabian example of offering the Waqf Board a site across the Saryu river for building a mosque … and leave the Ram temple premises completely for the temple.

“We hope to complete it by the end of 2016 because of our activism both in courts and in terms of pushing the government,” he said, adding that he would have finished most of his legal work in the Supreme Court by then.

He also batted for scrapping of Article 370, an issue put on the back burner, saying it is in the party’s manifesto and it would have to do it by 2019 when next Lok Sabha election is scheduled.

His organization, he said, will be open to Hindus or those Muslims and other Indians who acknowledge their Hindu ancestry. – Times of India, 8 April 2015

3 Responses

  1. I think this is a case of urgent needs and operational ethics colliding.
    While an MMRCA is badly needed in AF asap, the deals that we strike are almost never carried out as expected and end in murky waters eventually.


  2. All experts report that this French plane is over-priced and very costly to operate.

    It does not fill India’s special need to have air craft to match Chinese air craft.

    The scandal of the purchase of these French planes by Sonia-G has been going on for years. Why Modi has decided to buy them is a mystery that Dr Swamy will have to unravel in the courts.


  3. Swamy threatens to move court against new Rafale jet deal between India, France – Press Trust of India – 12 April 2015

    New Delhi: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday threatened to go to court against the deal to buy Rafale fighter aircraft from France if the government does not heed to his warning.

    Terming the deal “corrupt”, Swamy said it will bring bad name to the party. The senior BJP leader said no one in the world is buying the Rafale planes and in the past countries which signed an MoU to procure the aircraft have scrapped the deal.

    “No one is buying the planes in the country. Dassault (Aviation – the company which manufactures the fighter jets) says if India does not buy these planes then they will wind up. Many counties like Switzerland signed an MoU, but later cancelled it,” Swamy said.

    Swamy said that if the government wanted to please France, then it should have bought the company, which is anyway running into losses.

    Swamy added that if the government wanted to please France, then it should have bought the company, which is anyway running into losses.

    “If the government does not agree to this, then I have to go to the court. It is a corrupt deal and can spoil the name of the party.

    “These babus (bureaucrats) are giving wrong advice to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Defence Ministry’s opinion is also not this (to buy the planes).

    Modi had on Friday said in Paris that India will buy 36 Rafale fighter jets in “fly-away” condition from France at the earliest by “keeping in view the critical operational necessity of fighter aircraft in India.”

    + India’s French aircraft purchase and the Italian connection – Hilda Raja

    + Indian Defence Modernisation: Regional status at stake – Rijul Singh Uppal

    + General Singh uncovers arms procurement scam – M.D. Nalapat

    + Letter to Manmohan Singh: Carla Bruni-Sonia Gandhi plane deal – Subramanian Swamy


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