RSS re-converts 200 Agra Muslims to Hinduism – Ishita Mishra

Muslim to Hindu in Agra

Ishita Mishra“‘We have re-converted 2.73 lakh Muslims and Christians in Braj region that includes Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, Firozabad, Etah, Meerut, Mainpuri and Uttarakhand since 2003. The upcoming mass re-conversion event in which some 5,000 Muslims and Christians will be brought back into Hindu fold will be headed by Yogi Adityanath on December 25 in Aligarh,’ said RSS regional head Rajeshwar Singh” – Ishita Mishra

Swami ShraddhanandMembers of at least 57 Muslim families were converted to Hinduism at a ceremony called ‘Purkhon ki ghar vapsi’, a mass conversion jointly organized by Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag, an offshoot of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and Bajrang Dal in Agra on Monday.

RSS regional head Rajeshwar Singh said more than 200 Muslims were “brought back to Hinduism” in the mass event held in Madhunagar area of the city.

According to organizers, the converts will soon be given new names.

Talking to TOI, Singh claimed that around 5,000 more Muslims and Christians will be “brought back into Hindu fold” in Aligarh on this Christmas. “The grand event will be held at Maheshwari College in Aligarh,” he said, daring anyone to stop it.

With saffron flags hoisted on rooftops of makeshift houses in this slum cluster, and mantras being recited by priests, members of as many as 57 Muslim families washed feet of Hindu idols to mark their return to the religion. Long vermillion marks were put on their foreheads and they were given Prasad to eat.

Muslim to Hindu in AgraLater, RSS and Bajrang Dal activists gave them a ‘mantra’ to chant the whole day and prepared a list of all the ‘converts’, to get their voter IDs and Aadhaar cards made, with their new names.

Sharifa, 40, was seen debating the right way of performing an aarti with her daughter-in-law, Afsha, in a small temple that has been erected by RSS men in the slum in Madhunagar. An idol of goddess Kali has also been placed in the temple, as majority of people living in the area hail from West Bengal.

Sufia Begum,76, who is the oldest woman among the converts, told TOI: “I read Quran and offered namaz five times a day. Now at this age, I will read Ganesh aarti. I don’t find any major difference in the teachings of the two religions.”

“The RSS people assured us that they will provide us better place to live, better food and schooling for my grandsons. I don’t mind change of religion, as religion doesn’t give us food to eat.”

Rajeshwar Singh told TOI that RSS spends Rs 50 lakh every month on conversion of an average 1,000 families. “It spends Rs 8-10 lakh per month on fuel costs alone in west UP,” he added.

Yogi Adityanath“We have re-converted 2.73 lakh Muslims and Christians in Braj region that includes Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, Firozabad, Etah, Meerut, Mainpuri and Uttarakhand since 2003. The upcoming mass re-conversion event in which some 5,000 Muslims and Christians will be brought back into Hindu fold will be headed by Yogi Adityanath on December 25 in Aligarh,” Singh said.

Singh also claimed that RSS has taken possession of as many as 60 churches across the state, where no Christians worship now, “as they have all been re-converted to Hinduism”.

“Ek din in girijagharo ki deewarein bhi gir jayengi aur hamara desh sirf hinduon ka hoga (one day these churches will crumble and our country will belong to the Hindus alone),” he added.

Ajju Chauhan, the Bajrang Dal leader who zeroed in on the slum in Madhunagar and organized the mass re-conversion event, was overwhelmed after the puja. More than three dozen RSS and Bajrang Dal members were guarding the pandal to avoid any untoward incident.

Talking to TOI, Aslam Qureishi, prominent Sunni leader of the city, said, “This is just a tactic of the RSS to misguide Muslims.” – The Times of India, 9 December 2014

» Ishita Mishra is a Times of India reporter in Agra, UP


RSS Training Camps

5 Responses

  1. Christian and Muslim converts have been systematically alienated from their country and community. They are not going to feel India is their mother land so long as they are under the influence of priests and mullahs.

    Better they be brought back into the Hindu fold at the earliest if they are willing to return to the Hindu community.

    The BJP lost its Hindu constituency in the past because it did absolutely nothing for them. Both Advani and Vajpayee had reneged on their promise to build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

    If Modi goes the same route of economic progress and development only, without any remedy for the social and cultural loses Hindus have suffered in the past and under the Congress dispensation, he will also lose his Hindu constituency.

    The RSS is a social and cultural organisation best suited for the task of bringing back alienated Christian and Muslim converts to Hinduism. Let them do their work without further hindrance.

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  2. This what I feel about conversion to Hindu religion.This is not the time to do this.In history of free India,for the first time we got the Prime Minister who wants this Nation to a strong Nation.Progress is his main agenda.,We know that after the demolition of the so called BABARI.4 Govts of the Bjp were taken over by the Congress.Was it not a setback to Bjp and thereby to the progress of our nation?So if we are doing such thing again, will it not benefit the Congress SP and other parties.I think we should,instead of indulging in such thing,concentrate winning states like WB. Tamil Nadu etc.Please do not undo what Shree Modiji has done.The success in getting majority is not of Bjp but of Modiji.See this objectively.THe time to talk of Hindu pride is yet to come. Five or ten years is a very short tome in the history of a nation which has a past of not less 5000 years.THINK THINK

    Most of Christians and Muslims in our country are converted,no doubt.Let them be so till the time they feel that this is their mother land and till the time they work for the progress of our nation.Remember that we are our own enemies.Congress, Samajwadi are the first people should understand this.I know that this is not the place to explain all this.There are many Christians and Muslims who are nationalists.


  3. RSS Christmas Reconversion Programme 2014

    The Economic Times – Vasudha Venugopal – ET Bureau – New Delhi – 10 Dec, 2014, 04.40AM IST

    NEW DELHI: This Christmas, the RSS plans to convert at least 4,000 Christian and 1,000 Muslim families into Hinduism under what it calls the ‘Ghar Wapsi’ (returning home) programme. Organisers claim the event in Aligarh will be one of the biggest ever conversion programmes. Among the prominent faces at the event will be firebrand BJP MP Yogi Adityanath.

    It has chosen the city, Aligarh, and the day, December 25, carefully. “Aligarh was chosen because it’s time we wrest the Hindu city from Muslims. It is a city of brave Rajputs and their temples on whose remains Muslim institutions have been established,” said RSS regional pracharak Rajeshwar Singh.

    Christmas was chosen as the day for conversion because the event is a “shakti pariksha” (test of strength) for both religions, said Singh. “If their religion is better, they can stop them. It is a test for both of us. If they come to us on Christmas, it is the biggest rejection of the faith.”

    Read more at The Economic Times


  4. If Christians and Muslims are free to convert Hindus to their respective religions, then Hindus must be allowed to bring back the converted members to the Hindu fold when the opportunity arises.

    If the secular politicians don’t like the process of re-conversion, they should see that the process of conversion doesn’t happen in the first place.

    Christian and Muslim missionaries use deceit and material inducements to gain converts. They cannot then cry foul when Hindu activists expose their false promises and accept the converts back into the Hindu community.

    Reconversion will always follow conversion, even as the Hindu day follows the Abrahamic night!

    Mahatma Gandhi fully supported reconversion to Hinduism. Here are some of his observations about Christian missionaries and conversion to Christianity. His comments apply equally to Muslim missionaries and conversion to Islam.

    — So far as one can understand the present Christian effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from its very foundation and replace it with another faith.

    — It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world’s progress toward peace. Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man? (Harijan: January 30, 1937)

    — I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion. (Harijan: June 3, 1937)

    — I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart.

    Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence? (Young India: April 23, 1931)

    — The first distinction I would like to make between your missionary work and mine is that while I am strengthening the faith of people, you [missionaries] are undermining it. (Young India: November 8, 1927)

    — Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other. India is in no need of conversion of this kind. Conversion in the sense of self-purification, self-realization is the crying need of the times. That however is never what is meant by proselytization. To those who would convert India [to Christianity], might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: April 23, 1931)

    — When the missionary of another religion goes to them, he goes like a vendor of goods. He has no special spiritual merit that will distinguish him from those to whom he goes. He does however possess material goods which he promises to those who will come to his fold. (Harijan: April 3, 1937)

    — If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing. In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink. (November 5, 1935)

    — In the manner in which [missionaries] are working there would seem to be no room for them. Quite unconsciously they do harm to themselves and also to us. It is perhaps impertinent to say that they do harm to themselves, but quite pertinent to say that they do harm to us. They do harm to those amongst whom they work and those amongst whom they do not work, i.e., the harm is done to the whole of India. The more I study their activities the more sorry I become. It is a tragedy that such a thing should happen to the human family. (Harijan: December 12, 1936)

    — Only the other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple, and demolished it. This is outrageous. (Harijan: November 5, 1937)

    — It is my firm opinion that Europe does not represent the spirit of God … but the spirit of Satan. And Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips. (Young India: September 8, 1920)

    — If a person through fear, compulsion, starvation, or for material gain or consideration goes over to another faith, it is a misnomer to call it conversion. Most cases of conversion have been to my mind false coin. I would therefore unhesitatingly re-admit to the Hindu fold all such repentants without much ado. If a man comes back to the original branch he deserves to be welcomed in so far as he may deem to have erred, he has sufficiently purged himself of it when he repents his error and retraces his steps. (Collected Works: Vol. 66, pp.163-164)

    As the Nobel Peace Prize was handed over to an Indian Marxist social worker yesterday in Oslo, we note that Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, and a few days before he was assassinated in January 1948. He did not receive the prize because he refused to be converted to Christianity and severely criticized missionary work in India. His firm stance is an example for us to follow today. India is being subjected to an accelerated pace of evangelization by foreign missionaries through their NGOs – World Vision being the leader – and paid Indian Christian surrogates, with the connivance of corrupt, minority-appeasing State and Central government administrators.

    Refer Spirit of Satan at work in India

    Refer Gandhiji on Religious Conversion: Selected and Compiled with an Introduction by Sandhya Mehta


  5. Agra Conversions Rock Parliament – The New Indian Express – 11th December 2014

    NEW DELHI: Both the Houses of Parliament were on Wednesday rocked by the conversion of Muslims to Hinduism in a public ceremony in Agra, with the Opposition determined to corner the government which passed the buck to the state administration.

    The matter was first raised by BSP leader Mayawati, in the Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour, who claimed that a Sangh Pariwar organisation, Bajrang Dal, had “converted” some Muslim families to Hinduism in Agra on Monday. “This is a serious matter as allurement was given to poor to get them converted,” she said.

    Members from the Congress, Left, Trinamool Congress and the SP joined her and asking for the government to give a reply. “India is a secular democratic republic and it will remain so. If attempts are made to change it, you will not remain but India will remain,” CPM’s Sitaram Yechury said, asking for a reply from the Prime Minister.

    Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi spoke on the government’s behalf, but washed off the Centre’s hand from the incident. “Action has to be taken by state government. Law and order is a state issue and the state government has to deal with it. The Centre has no role in it,” he said. He objected to the name of the RSS being mentioned in the case saying it was not appropriate to take name of the organisation for “political reasons”. The Chair later expunged the name from the proceedings.


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