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  1. Anna should not have thrown his weight behind the anti-national Arvind K for such a frivolous and useless idea called Janlokpal. I have no doubt Anna is a publicity hungry man and his siding with Kejriwal was nothing but a publicity stunt. It is a fact that at the behest of the Sonia led central govt., the movement for Janlokpal staged by the duo of Anna and Kejri was meant only to the huge Black money movement initiated by Swami Ramdev.


  2. Thank you very much Keshavji. India would be grateful for your exposure. Though we have read the body language of this AK during Anna Hazare’s fast. On 11th day of fasting, whenever Anna became very weak, somebody asked him to take something to survive, but this AK turned down him saying “nahin, jab tak janlokpal bill pass nahin ho jata, Annaji kuchh nahin lenge”. OMG, that time I switched off my TV and thought what kind of politics is he doing by keeping 75 year old man hungry. And the rubbish he speaks, just unbearable.


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