Angola bans Islam, destroys mosques – OnIslam

Angola destroys mosques, ban Islam.

No Islam!According to several Angolan newspapers, Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and Muslims, taking first measures by destroying mosques in the country.

“The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice,” Rosa Cruz e Silva, the Angolan Minister of Culture, was quoted by Agence Ecofin on Friday, November 22.

Silva comments were given during her visit last Tuesday to the 6th Commission of the National Assembly.

She asserted that the decision was the latest is a series of efforts to ban ‘illegal’ religious sects.

According to the minister, the action was necessary to fight relentlessly against the emergence of congregations whose worshipping is contradicting with the customs of the Angolan culture.

Same as Islam, other faiths which were not legalized will face closure of their houses of worship.

“All sects on the list published by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in the Angolan newspaper Jornal de Angola are prohibited to conduct worship, so they should keep their doors closed,” she was quoted by Cameroon Voice.

“In addition, we also have a long list of more than a thousand legalization applications,” she added.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos: No Islam in Angola!Recurrent

The anti-Islam comments were not the first by Angolan officials.

“This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country,” President José Eduardo dos Santos was quoted by Osun Defender newspaper on Sunday, November 24.

Last October, Muslims from the urban municipality of Viana, Luanda, attended the destruction of the minaret of their mosque Zengo.

The provincial governor of Luanda, Bento Bento, has also said on the airwaves of a local radio that “radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.”

He added that Muslims were not welcome in Angola and that the government would not legalize the presence of mosques in the country.

According to CIA Factbook, 47% of Angolans practice indigenous beliefs, 38% Roman Catholic and 15% Protestant. – OnIslam, 24 November 2013

Destroyed mosque in Angola.

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  1. Muslims praying in the streets of Moscow.

    No new mosques for Moscow, says mayor – World Bulletin – 22 November 2013

    The mayor of Russia’s capital city Moscow said that there would be no new mosques built to serve the increasing Muslim population of the city.

    Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin has declared that no new mosques will be built in his city, despite the cities four mosques being inadequate for the huge influx of Muslim workers who have settled in the Russian capital as of late.

    Two million migrant workers now live in Moscow, with most of them being Muslims from central Asia and the Caucuses. On Fridays and Islamic holidays, most of them are forced to pray outside on the streets due to insufficient space in the few mosques available.

    Although admitting that Moscow could not survive without them, Sobyanin told Komsomolskaya Pravda in an interview that no new mosques would be built in the city, saying that the city had no responsibility to cater for outsiders.

    Illegal immigration of outsiders to the city is stirring ethnic tension among the predominantly Slavic people of Moscow, the mayor warned.

    Around 20% of Russia’s population is Muslim, and under the post-Soviet constitution drawn up in 1993, Muslim citizens are supposed to have equal rights with the other three founding religions, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. However, most Muslims are situated outside of the capital city, and the recent influx of Muslims to Moscow in order to fulfill its need for cheap, unskilled labor has left Slavic Muscovites in a dilemma.

    Rushan Abbyasov, the chief of staff of Russia’s Council of Muftis, complained that there are not enough mosques in the city to serve the Muslim population, adding that the current amount should at least be doubled. Sobyanin disagrees, saying that the four mosques are sufficient.


  2. Finally A country eradicating Terminal Cancer from its soil


  3. Angola ‘Bans Islam’, Dismantles Mosques, According To News Reports – IBT – Connor Adams Sheets – 24 November 2013

    Nov. 25, 2013 Update: Officials at the Angolan Embassy in Washington, D.C., denied Monday that the nation has banned Islam and dismantled mosques, disputing published news accounts and stating that they cannot authenticate comments reportedly made by top Angolan officials that support the claims. Read more here.

    A number of news outlets have reported that Angola has “banned” Islam and started to dismantle mosques in a bold effort to stem the spread of Muslim extremism.

    Weekly French-language Moroccan newspaper La Nouvelle Tribune published an article on Friday sourcing “several” Angolan officials, including the Southwest African nation’s minister of culture, Rosa Cruz, who reportedly offered the following remarks, which have been translated from French: “The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Their mosques would be closed until further notice.”


  4. The article does not speak about the status of christianity. The president appears to be a christian who is among the 53 % of the population. They do not want muslims to grow. They want to proselytize the people with indigenous beliefs, so that they are the majority. Dirty religious politics.


  5. indeed bold decision.


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