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  1. You should listen to Philip Wollen’s speech on “Ahimsa”. It brought several standing ovations in Australia!!!

    “The most beautiful word ever written in any country, in any language, at any time in human history came from India. In the Upanishads 3,000 years ago.
    Ahimsa . Non-violence to any living being.
    My dream is to make Ahimsa a truly global phenomenon.
    We may be Australian, American, Chinese, or Palestinian. We may be Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain or Jew (or no religion at all).
    But if we are to live a truly authentic life we must share common ground without sacrificing our other beliefs. That beautiful meeting place is “Ahimsa”.
    So I am no longer just an Australian, male, husband, friend, activist, or professional man.
    I am Ahimsan.

    Not because it describes my beliefs . . . my diet . . . . or my lifestyle.

    But because . . . IT DESCRIBES MY CHARACTER.

    It says I oppose violence in everything I do, say or think.

    The food I eat, my shoes, my clothes, my belt, even my watchband, have no animal products in them.

    Nobody suffered to satisfy me.

    The world will soon see Ahimsans as educated, enlightened and elegant people.

    Because I am Ahimsan, by definition, I must also be a vegan.

    I am a vegan – because I am not a killer; not an eco-vandal; and not a fool.

    Is this the video? If not, give me the URL. – Editor


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