VIDEO: Their Last Journey: Cattle trafficking to Kerala – Temple Worshippers Society

What is the Temple Worshippers Society?

Temple Worshippers Society was formed with the twin objectives of Temple Protection and Cattle Protection. Since its inception, Temple Worshippers Society has been focussing on the Government’s mismanagement of temples, their properties and endowments, interference in worshipping patterns, total disregard for Gau Samrakshana, etc. We are committed to restoring our temples and its endowments from the evil clutches of the Government, rightfully for management by Hindus themselves. Towards achieving the second objective, this documentary is our first step to stop cruelty to cattle, while being transported in millions to Kerala. It is our earnest desire that viewers should protest strongly through emails and letters to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to stop allowing Tamil Nadu from being a transit point for the illegal cattle trade by the cattle mafia. All that we ask the Government is to enforce the rule of law — the laws pertaining to transportation of animals, true to its words, spirit and content. The Government should rescue the animals and house them in temple lands endowed by generous devotees for running goshalas. Every temple in Tamil Nadu should house such abandoned cattle and nourish them through the rest of their lives in goshalas earmarked as endowments for such purpose.

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  1. Narendra Modi accuses Centre over subsidy for beef exports – DNA – 28 October 2012

    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reiterated the charge that the Centre was promoting beef exports by providing subsidies even while levying duty on cotton exports.

    Speaking at the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Jain International Trade Organisation here, Modi said “The UPA government allows subsidy to open slaughterhouses, whereas cotton farmers are levied duty for exporting cotton”.

    He alleged that to facilitate mutton exports, tax is waived off for five years, but Income-Tax (I-T) notices are sent to companies which want to invest in Gujarat.

    “The union government does not want another green revolution and white revolution, but wants to promote pink revolution,” Modi alleged, adding that he had to approach the Supreme Court to get a law enacted to ban cow slaughter.

    He said that it is possible to bring change within the system if motives are noble, intentions are clear and policies are coherent.

    He said that when he took over as chief minister, the revenue deficit was Rs 6,600 crore and today without raising a single tax, the state is revenue surplus.

    Referring to the grid crisis which plunged majority of states in Northern and Eastern India into darkness, Modi said that even when the media was reporting it, Gujarat received uninterrupted power supply.

    He said that 18,000 villages in Gujarat have been enjoying broadband connectivity for the last three years.


  2. The Temple Worshippers Society (and Cattle Protection) should establish branches all over India.


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