2G Scam: Court allows Swamy to be witness against Chidambaram – TOI

Dr. Subramanian SwamyNEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Thursday allowed Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy to become a witness in his complaint against home minister P Chidambaram in 2G case.

The court told Swamy to appear in the witness box on December 17 to make his statement.

The special CBI court will then decide on Subramanian Swamy’s plea to examine witnesses to establish Chidambaram’s alleged complicity in the second generation (2G) spectrum allocation case.

Swamy has sought to make Chidambaram a party in the case, saying the decision on spectrum pricing was taken jointly by him and former telecom minister A Raja, who is presently lodged in Tihar Jail.

“Charges should also be framed against P Chidambaram. Accordingly, the process for it should be initiated,” Swamy told the court.

He added that the official documents given to him by the CBI following the court’s order establish that four meetings took place between Chidambaram and Raja, in which a decision was taken to keep spectrum prices at 2001 level.

P. ChidambaramHe also referred to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that the then finance minister had consulted with Raja and the two worked out on an agreed formula on pricing of spectrum.

“Raja had recorded on a file and a press note that the then finance minister had permitted the sale of licences to foreign companies – Etisalat of Dubai and Norway’s Telenor – despite both the firms being under the home ministry’s scanner,” Swamy said.

“Swan Telecom and Unitech sold their shares to Etisalat and Telenor respectively. They were under the scanner of the home ministry and the ministry had recommended that these two companies should not be allowed to do business in India,” Swamy added.

Swamy, who is pursuing a private complaint in the 2G scam, had also sought to examine CBI officials concerned “to establish the nexus of accused persons with others, who have intentionally not been made accused by the prosecuting agency”. – Times of India, Mumbai, Dec.8, 2011


Dr. Swamy writes to CBI Director Singh

Mr. A.P. Singh
Director, CBI, CGO Complex
New Delhi 110013.
Dec 7, 2011

Dear Mr. Singh:

Please refer to the Written Complaint that I had submitted on November 28, 2011 to CBI through you, and on behalf the Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI).

This letter is by way of additional information relating to the disclosure of offences committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA).

Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte dated November 1991: Rajiv Gandhi's photo is on the bottom line second from the right.First, is the information from an article published in Schweitzer Illustrate in its November 1991 issue, which magazine is a highly respected and widely circulated magazine in German language, and published in Switzerland. This information discloses that the former Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi (now deceased), had about $2 billion in secret bank accounts in Switzerland, which is clearly disproportionate to his known sources of income as per his affidavit filed with his nomination papers upon becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha elections in 1991. This attracts section 13(1)(d) of the PCA. Although the information is two decades old, but you are aware that there is no time limitation for corruption cases under the PCA. Also even if Rajiv Gandhi is now deceased, his likely beneficiaries are his wife, Sonia, and two children, two of whom are public servants.

The second information is from Dr. Yevgenia Albats, a Russian scholar, holding a Harvard Ph.D and who was a member of the Inquiry Commission into KGB Activities which Commission was appointed by President Yeltsin of Russia. She subsequently authored a book titled: “A State Within a State: KGB in Soviet Union.” In that book, she disclosed the File Numbers contain evidence of the KGB payments to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his family members. This disclosure was confirmed by the spokesperson of the FIS, the KGB’s successor spy agency (equivalent of our IB and RAW combined) in a Press Conference in 1992, and reported by The Hindu, Times of India, and UNI. In 2002, the then External Affairs Minister Mr. Jaswant Singh had taken this matter up with the Russians and was informed by the Russian authorities that the GOI may send a senior representative of the RAW to Moscow to obtain authenticated records of KGB payments to Rajiv Gandhi and family.

Rahul GandhiThird, I have information that Mr. Rahul Gandhi was detained in Boston’s Logan Airport by US law enforcement authorities sometime in the later half of September 2001. He was in possession of $160,000 in cash which he did not declare upon arrival. US Customs require all amounts above $10,000 in cash to be declared, and if not every $10,000 instalment carries a 8 year imprisonment, if convicted. This means Rahul Gandhi was indictable for a prison term of 144 years. However, the then Principal Secretary to the PM, Mr. Brijesh Mishra, to my knowledge, had intervened with US Secretary of State, and arrangements were made get to Mr. Gandhi released.

In his deposition to the US authorities before returning to London Mr. Gandhi had declared that the money was his, and he had drawn it out of his secret account in Pictet Bank, head quartered in Zurich, Switzerland. I may mention here later that while studying in Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, USA, Mr. Gandhi paid his tuition and other fees to the College from his secret accounts.

Hence, if you record these informations as part of the FIR, then after doing the preliminary inquiries that the CBI is entitled to Letters Rogatory may be obtained. The ACACI then would be pleased to assist the CBI in its investigation abroad armed with these LRs. – Janata Party, Madurai, Dec.7, 2011

Yours sincerely,


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  2. Comment has been sent to Dr. Swamy.


  3. Cooment posted by gajanan in first post, It may help Swamy

    The judgement of OP Saini reinterpreted
    Para 61 and 68
    61, However, both of these acts, attributed to him, are not per seillegal or violative of any law. He agreed with Mr. A. Raja not torevise or revisit the entry fee or spectrum charge as discovered in2001. Non-revision of prices is not an illegal act by itself. Thecompetent authority is always at liberty to decide in its discretionto not to revise the prices or fee for any goods or services. The sameentry fee/ spectrum charges continued even after 2007-08. Same is thecase with dilution of equity by a company. It is not per se illegalnor was it prohibited at the relevant time. However, such acts mayacquire criminal colour/ overtones when done with criminal intent.
    “However, both of these acts, attributed to him, are not per seillegal or violative of any law”.
    “However, such acts mayacquire criminal colour/ overtones when done with criminal intent”
    This looks like match fixing of Mohammed Aamir, Salman Butt and Asif. ( 6 mths in jail)
    68. There is no evidence on record to suggest that there was anagreement between him and Mr. A. Raja to subvert telecom policy andobtain pecuniary advantage for himself or for any other person. Thereis no evidence of any substantive act being committed by him. A bit of evidence here and a bit there does not constitute prima facie evidencefor showing prima facie existence of a criminal conspiracy. Anybody and everybody associated with a decision in any degree cannot be ropedas an accused. The role played by the decision maker, circumstances inwhich the decision was taken and the intention of the decision makerare the relevant facts. Intention is to be inferred from the facts andcircumstances of the case. One cannot be held guilty merely byassociation with a decision and a decision by itself does not indicatecriminality. There must be something more than mere association.Innocent and innocuous acts done in association with others do notmake one a partner in crime, unless there is material to indicateotherwise, which is lacking in this case.
    “One cannot be held guilty merely byassociation with a decision and a decision by itself does not indicate criminality”
    This statement in the judgement needs to be analysed. PC obviously is associated with the decison. The judgement reads that there must be more than association. Now what more does the judge wants more than an association.
    Mohammed Aamir was associated with Salman Butt and Asif. he was found guilty even though he was not of mature age. He was given a lesser sentence ( 6 mths in jailL. he has come out now).
    This analogy of match fixing in cricket to this case may sound a bit far fetched.. But if you compare the 2G scam with this famous match fixing scandal then PChidambaram is the Mohammed Aamir of 2G scandal. Aamir was not spared even though he was below the punishable age by ICC and the British courts. PC deserves a CBI inquiry as he is mature enough as to with what and whom he should associate for such decisions.


  4. This comment has been sent to Dr. Swamy.


  5. Swamy had asked in his twitter about


    Swamy39 Subramanian Swamy
    Does any patriotic tweeter know of a sports related company floated by Karthik Chidambaram ?

    house of Kiwi Sports which is promoted by Mr Karti Chidambaram
    line from the article below.

    3 Feb
    Here is a reference for Swamys query. Swamys email not available, plus twitter not operating well. Please pass on to Swamy this


    Down Under Blows its First Candle
    By White Arrow News Service
    Chennai-based family entertainment hub Down Under celebrates its first birthday. down Under is from the house of Kiwi Sports which is promoted by Mr Karti Chidambaram and his associates with the objective of catering to the lifestyle needs of metros.

    Family Entertainment Centres (FEC) as a concept in Chennai is slowly gaining ground. City’s middle and upper income groups have started openly seeking alternative entertainment avenues. Further, the youth of Chennai have emerged as major fun lovers with respect to the entertainment industry. They look for not just entertainment, but entertainment plus. The city trend today is more on interactive games where a wider audience participation is welcomed and is considered fun rather than playing games or watching movies that have limited participation.

    Down Under offers global standard entertainment to the entire metro family in Chennai. Down Under is ideally located at the heart of the city on Marshalls Road, Egmore. The centre is outfitted with a state of art four lane bowling alley. The centre offers multiple entertainment options to the fun seekers which includes pool, snooker, video games, mini golf, karaoke, big screen television, live DJ and a multi cuisine restaurant.

    Down Under which is spread over an area of 6800 sq. ft. adds a dance floor as part of its anniversary celebrations and expansion plans. The discotheque will be a crowd puller to Down Under as it will function on all seven days in a week and it will have day disco too.

    Professional marketing team of Down Under has been implementing proactive marketing strategies. Towards this end, the Centre has long term strategic tie-ups with well established brands, such as, Coca Cola and Nestle. The fun spot has also been associated with leading brands like Pringles, Tropicana, Bausch & Lomb, Adidas, Compaq, Parry, TNT, Amex, Hungamma.com during the first year of operation.

    “Today’s metro entertainment options like cinema, TV viewing and internet are passive and offer nothing for the health and fitness of an individual. At Down Under we want to offer value added international standard entertainment for the entire family which will shape it’s mind and body for the betterment.”, states Mr Karti Chidambaram.

    In order to fulfill the growing health and fitness needs of Chennai, Kiwi Sports has recently tied-up with Precor of USA, the best fitness equipment manufacturers in the world.


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  7. The great BJP egoist Advani has just toured the country and made a lot of noise about black money in Swiss banks.

    But we learn here that it was his BJP government in Sept. 2001 that got the crown prince Rahul-ji released from a Boston jail when he was caught trying to smuggle dollars into the US in a suitcase. The source of the dollars is also known. It is the Pictet Bank in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Now having caught the half-caste spaghetti king-to-be red-handed, why on earth did Vajpayee and Advani go to the trouble getting him released?

    Do the politicos in Dilli have any ethics at all? Is one different from the other? Indeed is one political party different from the other political party?

    And if any one of us gets caught with a bundle of cash the law says we shouldn’t be in possession of, will Advani-ji or his principle secretary come to our aid?


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