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  1. http://www.sunday-guardian.com/investigation/ndtv-juggles-funds-shares-abroad-avoids-tax

    NDTV juggles funds, shares abroad, avoids tax
    JOYEETA BASU New Delhi | 5th Dec

    This 5th Dec report


  2. NDTV-ICICI loan chicanery saved Roys
    JOYEETA BASU & PRAYAAG AKBAR New Delhi | 4th Dec


    Prayaag Akbar is MJ Akbars son.


    NDTV CEO gives reply and Guardian responds
    New Delhi | 4th Dec

    The Sunday Guardian found these replies to be inadequate at best, particularly since they chose to ignore the truly culpable elements of the story. This is our response to their clarification.

    See the response to NDTVs reply right below the response of CEO of NDTV.

    This seems to be the only newspaper/site which has reported this so well.


  3. Media persons have informed that in fact the media is afraid of NDTV because of its Sonia Gandhi / Christian connection.

    So much for fearless investigative journalism in India!

    The media doesn’t even have to investigate. The details are sent to their in-boxes free of charge and without condition.

    So far Jain-TV is the only news channel to publish this petition on-line. See it at http://www.jaintv.com/2011/11/26/business/income-tax-commissioner-files-petition-against-ndtv-in-2g-scam-4/


  4. Birds of the same flock fly together. It is not question of being affraid of. Just
    a distorted professional sympathy and ethical mores. It is common in India unlike the developped countries. It is these mores that are a cause and scourge of our malaise and corruption. Here they are united. The entire anglical media are anti Hindu in this respect because they see a good meat in it for their conversion industry. Another thing is, unlike the fear of death for apostates in Islam, Hinduism leaves it open for anybody to come or go like a bus stand where there are neither restrictions nor licensing for entry.

    This is a stealth conversion technique. This is why the West is so obsessed for democracy. It affords them an easy way to intrude into your even kitchen in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc. Human rights are not universal as it is proclaimed. Most of the major Indian media are anti Hindu in India. If you see about the truth of Godhra scandal. Nobody talks of the Hindus burnt by the Lashkar instigated burning of the Hindus in Sabarmati Express. But they are obsessed by the Muslims burnt. Even Ms Teesta Setalvad, a Hindu turned Muslim is so obsessed against Modi is unbelievable. This is a funny world. Could you call it a Museum instead of a country with all sorts of specimen on display?

    I hope and I fully support Dr Swami in his fearless relentless endeavour to keep exposing these thugs. Incidently it also reminds me of our beloved Italian Bahu Ms Soniaji. Have you anytime heard about her on the media? Nobody utters a word against her. This was the main reason that She went to US for her five star treatment and the complete silence by the medias in India in the mere pretext of privacy. Yet they are busy in maligning Anna team at the slightest opportunity. I wrote a column on her medical crusade. Who cares? All the communication channels, internets, facebooks etc are controlled by them. Nobody will hear your voice.

    As conscious citizen of the country, it is our duty to keep raising our voice irrespective of the fact. As we say, even the walls have ears! I keep reminding myself the slok of Geeta, where it says that the Lord Krishna incarnates from time to time whenever there is over flow of sin. ” …tadaatmaanam srijyamyaham”. You would know this slok (4:7). Keep our fingers cross.


  5. What is interesting is that the media is totally silent on this petition. If it was against another company other than a huge media company, they would be jumping up and down. What is the media afraid of? Telling the truth?


  6. IS, thanx, I had some faint idea and have been remarking it frequently about the Indian medias. But this gives an insight into this hienous nexus. But the point is, “What to do”? How to counter it. That is the million dollar question in the first or last place. Rupert Murdoch’s recent fallout about their nasty modus operandi did reveal a little bit of their iron grip on politicians.

    Sex, money and muscle is controlling the entire world civility. Vulgarity has become synonymous for Modern Art. Only a divine superpower can redeem it. You have further strengthened my point.

    Hindus have to insidiously keep at both recieving and hitting ends, This lends an important responsibility on the Hindus living abroad to do this job. West is the ruling monarch through its WMDs and their sex industry that lures the millions in their fold. Money making is another common person’s basic need that controls the behavior of the grassroot society.

    It is a difficult situation. Today we have sold ourselves to Italian white skin and can you guarantee that we shall not be selling ourselves to Spanish Colombian glaze of international druglord.

    As I have argued, “Sex and Religion are two deadly poisons that are at their best on the platter”. If you have money, can buy it ad lib. God bless


  7. Here is the information I have on NDTV (2006):

    “Allegedly funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain. Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because the Pakistan president has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of India.”

    See “Who controls the Indian media” by Gautam Sen


  8. very informative news. thnx.


  9. I am sure NDTV is deeply in the muddy water. I had watched the last major press conference of Mr Caesar’s Wife where Pranav Roy kept sitting watching as lame duck. It surprised me. He was so meek that was unbecoming of him as a pressman. I even commented about his abnormal behavior.

    It also further confirms the media and Government nexus in UPA. Padma Shri Ms Barkha Datta (disgrace) is now well known to everybody for her involvement in Radia scandal. UPA is corrupt from top to bottom. That is why they are not wanting Anna’s tirade to succeed. All good intentioned people in India should openly support Anna’s movement. They harrassing them with petty fault finding mean technique.

    They will get over it by bribing the CBI and UPA Gang Lady. You will see that after a few day’s hallagulla, it has died down. You will see that Ms Sonia has also partenered in it. NDTV is a very rich house. The proliferation of medias in India with a Niira Radia nexus type business must be more. We have come to know only one Niira Radia. If probed further properly, I stress properly, Barkha Datta will be no less than Niira Radia. After the scandal, her glaze has improved, her hairstyle has changed.
    God bless


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