Driver claims Nithyananda is threatening him, trying to buy him off – Media Reports

Lenin KThere was high drama at the Press Club on Bangalore Thursday afternoon when Kuruppan Lenin, former driver of controversial godman Swami Nityananda, met mediapersons. He is also a complainant in the case against the godman.

Lenin told reporters that Nityananda had sent him feelers, inviting him back to the ashram and offering him whatever he wanted. Lenin played an audio tape, claiming it was a conversation between him and Nityananda. Lenin reiterated his statement eight months ago that Nityananda’s associates had threatened to kill him. Also, Nityananda offered him Rs 20 crore to stop him from giving salacious video tapes to the media.

Over 10 women devotees of Nityananda barged into the press conference. Lenin had come with police protection and the police asked them to leave the venue. Later, the women devotees collected details of the conference from reporters. “We were just 10 unarmed women and wanted to hear what Lenin had to say. After all, he thinks he was saving us from Swami Nityananda. We don’t understand how we are a threat to his life,” said a devotee Nithya Priyananda.

Meanwhile, one person repeatedly posed questions to Lenin. When someone asked which media organisation he represented, he could not give a proper answer. The police whisked him away in a jeep.

The press conference took place just after the CID filed a charge sheet against Nityananda. The CID also expects more people to come forward and testify against Nityananda. The Times of India, Bangalore, Dec. 10, 2010

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