Save the Ganga of Hinduism from Scoundrels and Scum – Sadhu Rangarajan

“Without courage of conviction in the heart, without the ideal of honesty, they will perpetrate treachery, O Parrot, and they are chivalrous in blabbering!…..

“They will say ‘Salt’ and ‘Sugar’, and wander talking about Swadeshi cloth, O Parrot, but they do not know what they are doing!

“They will talk about chastity of women and devotion to God, as a lip service, O Parrot, but do not have faith in them!

“When aliens outraged the modesty and committed atrocities on our women, O Parrot, these cowards fled to save their own lives!

“When aliens ransacked the temple of our Goddess, these people hid themselves, O Parrot, thinking that their own lives were more precious!

“Fear and eunuch-nature, slavishness and cheap mindedness—all these are high in them, O Parrot, and they are dumb!…

“Like chanting ‘Siva, Siva’ after pouring liquor into thoughts, they will utter ‘Vande Mataram’, O Parrot, but they don’t cherish it in their mind….” – Subramania Bharati

The Kumbha Mela at Hardwar in the beginning of this year was a massive congregation of seven million devotees from all over the country and abroad who travelled long distances and undertook tedious journeys to reach the banks of River Ganga to have a Holy Dip. The entire pilgrim town of Hardwar, especially the banks of the river, looked dotted with thousands of tents and temporary sheds in which the pilgrims stayed days and nights with meager facilities and comforts. The devotion of the poor, gullible and pious pilgrims was incomparable and made one look with amazement pondering over the fact that even in the twenty first century, faith in God made the believers make all out sacrifice to seek the blessings of the Divine. When millions took dip in the River Ganga with “Jai Ganga Mata, Jai Gange”, jostling with each other to get their bodies wet with the cool and sacred water of Mother Ganga, even the hardcore atheist would have been impelled to sprinkle a few drops of the water on his head so that his blind rationalism could be kept out for the moment. Sadhus and Sannyasins of all sects and Sampradayas poured in from every nook and corner of the country and many institutions, Ashrams and Maths had put up massive camps with hundreds of canvas tents to accommodate the visitors from far and wide. The rich and well-to-do poured out their money into the kitchens run in these big camps to feed thousands of hungry and needy pilgrims. Temples in the pilgrim towns of Hardwar, Rishikesh and other parts of Uttarakhand were crowded with thousands of devotees. All this has gone to prove that the faith, traditions and customs of the Hindus which have come down through ages could never be wiped out by onslaughts of hoards after hoards of alien forces, aggression and subjugation of the country by foreigners for a long period, the imposition of the Semitic religions and their proselytization activities and by the thrust of atheistic ideologies from outside on our people. Hindu Dharma and Samskriti have the eternal strength and vitality to overcome and digest all these external forces.

Haridwar Kumbh MelaA unique event in the Kumbha Mela at Hardwar this year was the meeting of thousands of Sadhus, Sants, Mahatmas and Peethadheeshwars under the auspices of Vishwa Hindu Parishad to pass three important resolutions on behalf of the entire Hindu society—the construction of Ramajanmabhoomi temple at Ayodhya, total ban on cow slaughter throughout the country and the prevention of all activities that tend to stop the free flow of River Ganga and pollute it. The Sadhus and Sants also resolved to spread throughout the length and breadth of the country to carry the message of these three important resolutions and create an awakening among the masses. However, these three great resolves could be translated into action only if the Ganga of Hinduism is cleansed and all the scoundrels and scum polluting it are removed once for all.

Mahakavi C. Subramanya Bharati, the great poet-patriot and freedom fighter of Tamilnadu, addressing a parrot, sang a song, Pseudo-Swadeshis, at the peak of the freedom struggle, a hundred years ago, exposing the hypocrites who had penetrated into the freedom movement:

“Without courage of conviction in the heart, without the ideal of honesty, they will perpetrate treachery, O Parrot, and they are chivalrous in blabbering!…..

“They will say ‘Salt’ and ‘Sugar’, and wander talking about Swadeshi cloth, O Parrot, but they do not know what they are doing!

“They will talk about chastity of women and devotion to God, as a lip service, O Parrot, but do not have faith in them!

“When aliens outraged the modesty and committed atrocities on our women, O Parrot, these cowards fled to save their own lives!

“When aliens ransacked the temple of our Goddess, these people hid themselves, O Parrot, thinking that their own lives were more precious!

“Fear and eunuch-nature, slavishness and cheap mindedness—all these are high in them, O Parrot, and they are dumb!…

“Like chanting ‘Siva, Siva’ after pouring liquor into thoughts, they will utter ‘Vande Mataram’, O Parrot, but they don’t cherish it in their mind….”

The majority of politicians of the present day are glaring examples of the cheats whom Bharati has exposed in his song. Perhaps they excel the Pseudo-Swadeshis in all aspects. The statistics of criminals, smugglers, kidnappers, corrupt and characterless people who have gained entry into the legislatures and parliament of the country show the immense deterioration that the country has seen in this regard. And this class of politicians have succeeded in making the common run also corrupt, because today the votes of people in the present democratic set up in our country are easily available for a price—either in cash, or in the form of Colour TV, clothes and vessels. The votes of an entire village could also be purchased in auction!

Leave alone these politicians and the corrupt people of the country. What is the condition of the so called spiritual leaders in the society? In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna proclaims:

“Yadyadaacharati shreshthah tattathevetaro janaah

Sayat pramaanam kurute lokastatanuvartate”

—“Whatever action is performed by a person considered to be noble, the same is followed by common run; whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, the whole world pursues.”

CashThe Acharyas—those who are expected to set examples through their conduct—are the Sadhus, Sannyasins, Mathadhipatis and heads of religious institutions. In Hardwar, thousands of them had gathered, but not all of them for a holy dip. Many where there to fish in the sea of humanity and enrich their coffers. Every inch of land on the sides of the main roads and streets, especially in the Kumbha Mela Nagar, was occupied by large hoardings, cut outs and wall posters of the so called servants of God—Sadhus and Sannyasins, Peethaadhipatis and Mahamandaleshwars of various institutions, Kathakars and Yoga teachers—in various hues and colours—advertising their merchandise. They excelled the cut outs and hoardings of superstars of the film world exhibited in big cites like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai. If these savants of Hindu culture and spirituality spend even one per cent of the money that they have spent on these publicity materials in the service of the poor and downtrodden in their respective villages, towns and cities, conversion by alien religious organizations could be stopped.

Not all the hundreds of thousands of Sadhus and Sannyasins who had gathered in the Kumbha Mela were spurious. A large number of humble and simple mendicants from various villages, towns and hill areas in the country and even from the mountainous Himalayan region, those who live in remote caves eating the fruits and drinking the water of placid lakes, like the stark naked Naga Sadhus, and many holy men did evoke the respect and reverence of the Hindu laity. Hindu society is a vast lake in which hundreds and thousands of beautiful lotuses do blossom. However, there are also a number of crocodiles who drag and swallow the poor and innocent people who come to drink the spiritual nectar of the lake.

In the recent period, the entire Hindu society, especially the educated and thinking youth, are shell shocked by reading the stories of men in ochre robes taken into police custody for rape, murder, kidnap, financial embezzlement, encroachment of Government lands and many immoral deeds. They have all big Ashrams and institutions and crores of rupees in bank deposits and also followers in countries outside Bharat. The media, not merely the newspapers, but even the TV channels and websites highlight stories of such Sannyasins in different parts of the country, who have cheated the society and perpetrated several criminal acts. Some have been caught and convicted and are cooling their heels in the jails while some others are awaiting the sentences of the courts of law. Many others are still outside not trapped by the hands of law. This has shattered the faith of the youth in religion and god and some prefer to be atheists while others feel that a life of sensual pleasures and indulgence of worldly happiness is much better than the so called religious life.

Rama ThirthaIt may be argued that one in a thousand Sadhus or Sannyasins may be corrupt, criminal or immoral, but the entire spiritual community could not be blamed for that. It may also be pointed out that other religious societies also have immoral and corrupt elements as priests and preachers, mullahs and moulvis, and even the head of a world church has openly apologized for the immoral acts of parishioners belonging to his religious order. This sort of excuse will not hold good. Our great forefathers wanted the spiritual masters of Bharatavarsha to live a life of purity and dedication with the ideals of simple living and high thinking and integrate the whole world under the Aryan umbrella—Krinwanto vishwam Aryam—“Make the entire world ‘Noble’—cultured and civilized, seeing oneself in every being and every being in oneself”. They wanted the land of Bharatavarsha to become the Loka guru—the preceptor of the entire world. The first and foremost qualification of a spiritual leader is that he has to be a first rate patriot. The Vedic Rishis laid great stress on the spirit of patriotism and the Vedas contained hymns in praise and adoration of the Rashtra or nation. Even in the historic period we had great preceptors like Vishnugupta Chanakya, Samarth Ramdas, Guru Gobind and Vidyaranya who infused the spirit of patriotism in the common masses through their preaching. And they all lived a very humble and simple life in remote forests. The modern period also saw patriotic saints like Swami Dayananda, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Tirtha, Sister Nivedita and Sri Aurobindo who all strove to unite the entire nation in the adoration of Bharatamata and proclaimed patriotism as their creed. How many of such Sadhus and Sannyasins do we find today in our midst?

During the Islamic invasions, Hindu temples and Mutts were ransacked and Hindu spiritual leaders had to flee for their lives. Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam at the point of sword. Things were not much different during the rule of the European colonialists. The glaring example is the Goa Inquisition in which lakhs of Gauda Saraswat Brahmins were butchered and put on stakes for refusing to get converted to Christianity. After the Sannyasi Rebellion of 1773, and the First War of Indian Independence in 1857, the British kept a close watch on the Sadhus and Sannyasins as many revolutionaries were wandering in the garb of Sannyasins. Many spiritual institutions were afraid to chant the Mantra of Vande Mataram in their congregations or to promote the worship of Bharatamata openly. Sister Nivedita had the courage to make the children of her school sing Vande Mataram every day in the prayer meeting and prepare a National Flag in Ochre colour with the symbol of Vajrayudha surrounded by the slogans ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Yato dharma sthato jayah’ on it and present it in Swadeshi Exhibition of the Calcutta Congress Session in 1906. She also patronized the revolutionary movement and her abode became a meeting place of freedom fighters. However, immediately after the passing away of the patriot-monk Swami Vivekananda who wanted her ‘to mould a mighty weapon out of the bones of the Bengali youth’ to throw out the British yoke, she was forced to leave the Ramakrishna Mission so as to save the institution from the wrath of the British Government. Though there were lakhs of Sadhus, Sannyasins, Mutt Heads and other religious leaders in the Hindu society, very few evinced interest in politics and to fight against the alien rule.

The Independence of India came along with the vivisection of the Holy Motherland. How many of the Hindu religious leaders came forward to fight against this atrocious act of dividing the Motherland? The very definition of the word Hindu is, Aasindhu sindhuparyetaa, yasya Bhaarata bhoomikaa, pitrubhoo punyabhooschaiva, sa vai Hinduriti smritah—“All those who adore and worship the Holy Land of Bharatavarsha stretching from River Sindh in the North to the Indus Ocean in the South are Hindus”. Only a few genuine Hindu spiritual leaders had the guts to stand against the decision of the Congress leaders who out of greed for power, agreed to appease the Muslims and partition the sacred Motherland.

Bharat MataHow many Hindus in our country chant the mantra, “Samudra vasane devi, parvata sthana mandale, Vishnupatni namastubhyam, paadasparsham kshamaswa me”—O Bhoodevi, who has the seas as Your robe, who has the mountains as Your breasts, the divine Consort of Vishnu, I salute you, please forgive me for the blasphemous act of putting my feet on you” and touch the Mother Earth with all devotion when they get up from the bed in the early morning? Even many of the Sadhus and Sannyasins do not know that. How many of our temples, Maths and Missions have the picture or the idol of Bharatamata in their sanctum sanctorum, though they all display idols of many deities and Gurus carved out of the very stone cut from the bosom of Mother Bharat? They worship all Gods, Goddesses, deities and saints who are born out of the womb of Mother Bharat, but they do not worship the Mother. They have created hundreds of sects and Sampradayas and divided the Hindu society into fragments each keeping a distance from the other and they do not encourage any effort to bring the entire Hindu society under one banner, because the sectarian and Sampradaya leaders are afraid that their individual identity and prominence will be lost if they along with their followers merge into the mainstream of the Hindu society. Some have even claimed a non-Hindu status in the courts of law to keep their identity separate and to enjoy the patronage of rich non-Hindus inside the country and abroad apart from privileges that the minorities get from the present Government. One can never hear the singing of the patriotic national song of Bharat, Vande Mataram written by Rishi Bankim Chandra Cahtterjee, in any of the congregations of these sectarian and institutional groups, because they do not want to displease their secular and non-Hindu patrons. They consider ‘Vande Mataram’ a communal slogan and the song displeases the Muslims and other minorities. The urge for domination on the part of these sectarian leaders has kept the Hindu society divided and disunited resulting in the large scale conversion of the poor and gullible Hindus in the lower strata of Hindu society to alien religions through force and inducements.

When Hindu society is losing large chunks of its population, especially the poor and downtrodden living in the tribal areas and in slums and remote villages through mass conversions, the so called Hindu religious leaders enjoy a life of luxury and comfort in their castles which they call Ashrams. They have time only to cater to the needs of big industrialists, businessmen, corrupt politicians and the rich who could empty their black money into the hundis of these Ashrams and temples. Even the Yoga and spiritual classes that they conduct could be attended by only those who could shell out hundreds or thousands of rupees and not by the poor. They travel in luxury cars with glowing lights on the top and escorted by bodyguards in similar vehicles and when the vehicles with their loud siren noise move through the crowds of people on the roads and streets, they feel as though they are VIPs like the President, Prime Minister and Chief Ministers. The Sadhus who speak about worship of the cow—Go mata —in their congregations are silent when even the temple committees like that in Pandarpur auction the aged cattle and send them to butcheries. Thousands of devout Hindus pour millions of rupees every day into coffers of temples like Tirupati Tirumala, but the money goes into the hands of secular politicians who give liberal subsidy to Haj Yatris, to the University run by the Devasthanam, headed by Christian Vice Chancellor and Christians employed in various offices of the temple administration to the extent that Christian conversion activities became rampant in the temple city of Tirumalai Tirupati. The so called spiritual leaders of the Hindu society have no time to ponder over these grave threats facing the Hindu society and they are busy building their own Ashrams, missions and sects.

The only solution to the malaise afflicting the Hindu society today is that the Hindu spiritual and religious leaders must give up their attachment to their own sects, Sampradayas, Missions, Maths and Ashrams and identify themselves with the mainstream of the Hindu society and stand shoulder to shoulder with other Hindu leaders. They must project patriotism as the highest creed and adoration and worship of the Motherland as greater than the worship of the thirty three crores of Gods in the Hindu pantheon. A militant, dynamic and youthful Hindu society led by self-less leaders under the guidance of true and self-sacrificing spiritual heads can alone save this great nation of Bharatavarsha from the perils that it is facing today from inside the country and across the border.

Sri VidyaranyaWhen Sadhus and Sants move from village to village spreading the message of construction of Rama Janma Bhoomi, ban on Cow slaughter and protection of Mother Ganga, they must also call upon the youth to come out of all the narrow confines of sectarianism and bondage to institutionalized religion and become patriots adoring the Motherland and serving the poor and downtrodden as the real worship of God. This is possible if and only if, the Sadhus and Sannyasins of the present time transform themselves into patriotic Sannyasins like the ones depicted in the Ananda Math of Rishi Bankim Chandra. They must emulate Samarth Ramdas and Vidyaranya who created powerful warriors to protect the country. They must follow the example set by Swami Vivekananda who proclaimed at the top of his voice, “India is the cradle of my infancy, the pleasure garden of my youth and the Holy Varanasi of my old Age” and cry out like Swami Rama Tirtha, “Let me feel I am India, –the whole of India. The land of India is my own body. The Comorin is my feet, the Himalayas my head. From my hair flows the Ganges, from my head come the Brahmaputra and the Indus. The Vindhyachalas are girt round my loins. The Coromandel is my right and Malabar my left leg. I am the whole of India, and its East and West are my arms; and I spread them out to embrace Humanity. I am universal in my love. Ah! Such is the posture of my body. It is standing and gazing at infinite space; but my inner spirit is the soul of all. When I walk, I feel it is India walking. When I breathe, I feel it is India breathing. When I speak, it is India speaking. I am India …. This is the highest realization of patriotism, and this is Practical Vedanta.” Even in the recent period we have seen such saintly personalities in Sri Guruji Golwalkar who renounced renunciation to offer his whole life in the service of Motherland and Swami Chinmayananda who rose above the interests of his organization and stood for the unity and integrity of the entire Hindu society.

Ma Jagat JananiThe crying need of the nation is to produce true spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Tirtha and Sri Aurobindo. We do not want the so called spiritual leaders who market Hinduism’s Vedanta and Yoga and export them abroad for minting money. It is time that we endeavour to save the Ganga of Hinduism from scoundrels and scum polluting it and destroying its sanctity. This is the first step to build a powerful and strong Akhand Bharat and to elevate Mother Bharat to the pedestal of Loka Guru as envisaged by our great forefathers. The youth of the country are waking up and they are conscious of the need to rise above all distinctions of caste and creed and stand for a united and strong Hindu Rashtra. The very sight of lakhs of Swayamsevaks in uniform gathering in every important town and city of the country to welcome the Chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Paramapoojaneeya Sri Mohan Bhagavat, during his recent all India tour after becoming the Sarsanghchalak of the organization and singing in unison the Rashtra Praarthana, “Namaste sadaa vatsale Maatrubhoome…” gives hope that the scum and rubbish in the Hindu society will certainly be cleared and anti-national and treacherous forces in the country will be totally wiped out in the near future and Mother Bharat will once again emerge with all glory as Jagat Janani, the Mother of the entire world!

Vande Mataram!

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