The Nithyananda mea culpa interview? – Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra & Nithy the Tantric

Yes, No, Maybe So: The Nithy Mea Culpa Interview?

Is it a confession? Figure it out yourself, but in his latest video on YouTube, Nithyananda Swami, who fled from his ‘ashram’  near Bidadi after his sexcapades were exposed on television, says, “I will not experiment with anything that is not accepted by society.” In the second part of an `interview’  he gave to one of his `disciples’, a man calling himself Rajiv Malhotra, Nithyananda couches what looks like his mea culpa in a protest, saying that “all great masters in the past”  had  faced similar attacks, clubbing himself with Adi Shankaracharya, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Mr. Malhotra pitches in for his ‘guru’ saying that new allegations of rape and cheating were being  made after the media found that there was nothing illegal in the video footage that television channels had aired. It is the first time  Nithyananda and his associates have addressed the videotapes directly. Nithyananda says, “In a way this defamation has taught me lessons about society, life and humanity which I had never thought of before. It has made me more responsible. Now, I have decided not to experiment with anything that is not accepted by society widely.” That is not all. He goes on to say that new allegations were being made against him because society believes that, “If one thing is wrong, then everything is wrong. So, go out and abuse everything. It is the usual mentality of society.” “This has happened to all masters, even to Adi Shankaracharya, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna. When the masters are in the body, they have to go through this. It is inevitable.” – Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 13 March 2010

“In A Trance”

Bangalore: After the brouhaha over a video that allegedly showed him in a compromising position with a woman, Swami Nithyananda said he was “in a trance” when the tape was made.

In an interview to Times Now at Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, where he is staying to participate in the Kumbh Mela, Nithyananda said there was “misrepresentation, manipulation, conspiracy and morphing” in the video. Referring to the actress in the video, he said, “She was, she is and she will be my devotee. In fact, her entire family are my devotees. In December 2006, I was in a deep trance and physically not well. At that time, she had taken care of me.”

“Tape was manipulated, ready for any probe”

Claiming that he was in a trance when the sleaze video telecast by television channels recently was being recorded, Nithyananda Paramahamsa, in an exclusive interview to Times Now in Haridwar in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, neither denied nor confirmed that it was him on the tape. The 33-year-old godman said he was “in a state of samadhi (trance)” when the video, showing him in a compromising position with an actress, was taken. The tape, he said, had been “misinterpreted, morphed and manipulated”. He alleged that the media onslaught on him was without any basis and that he was being held guilty without a trial. Excerpts from the interview:

Was that you in the sleaze tape?

There’s a lot of misinterpretation, manipulation and morphing. Now, we are working to find out which part was recorded and which was manipulated. When that video was taken, I was in a state of trance. My personal life has been misrepresented and my privacy has been invaded. Media has even taken pictures of me when I was changing clothes after a bath. This has been done to defame me.

It is being said that the tape was taken in Dec 2009? Were you sick then?

I was sick for a very long time. Consciously, I was in a samadhi … physically I was not well. Some of the things have been misinterpreted by the onlookers. Or rather it has been misinterpreted by those who wanted to do it.

Has life changed for you in the last two weeks?

In the thirty-three years of my life I have seen fame. I was the most watched guru on YouTube. Now, in the last few days I have been the most watched scandal. Both have taught me many things about life. But what shocked me most is the thought that there is so much enmity against me. The good thing from all this is I am getting millions of emails, phone calls and a flood of support from people who are not even my devotees. My disciples are feeling so bad that someone’s private life has been misinterpreted and abused.

Was the actress in your ashram then?

She has been serving me for a very long time. She was volunteering to take care of me when I was sick. All her family members have been my devotees. There is no denying that she is a devotee.

Many of your devotees say they have been betrayed by your act. Have you advocated abstinence and celibacy?

I have always said it’s an individual’s choice. I have never promoted celibacy or abstinence. I have always said ‘you decide’. As of me, I don’t have any lust in my life. I don’t feel the need for another person in my life.

Did anyone blackmail you with the footage?

I don’t want to say anything now. I have been abused. I don’t want to do the same thing in return. It’s believed that according to law everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In my case, I am guilty until I prove myself innocent. I have been an author, educationalist and even done social service. But I have been branded as a spiritual guru and I have not been given the benefit of doubt. I was not treated in a fair manner. Even before analysing facts, people have passed judgments.

Do you think it’s because of stand-off with people in power?

I don’t have any political ambition. I did not fight with anybody. I don’t want to disrespect anyone.

Why did you leave without clearing the air on the issue as soon as the tape was released?

I was so shocked. I needed a few days to settle down and understand who was behind the attack. Within one hour of the news telecast, eight ashrams were destroyed. We did not know who was behind all this. We did not even know we had enemies. The attack was so strong and sudden that we were not ready for it.

How long will you stay away like this? A court has issued  summons, the police have been wanting to question you …

If I am called I will go and co-operate with the authorities. I was planning to stay here till March 15 for the Kumbh Mela and then organise a press conference. I have received no request from any authority so far. But if they want, I can go immediately. I am willing to co-operate with any enquiry.

Do you think this incident has affected your credibility?

The people who are abusing me now have never praised me. Those who were my devotees are still with me. People have many expectations and impose that on others. And they themselves conclude that the other person has not fulfilled the expectation. Then they try to judge or find some evidence that would prove that their expectations are not fulfilled. – Sunday Times, Chennai. 14 March 2010

Nithy & Ranjitha



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  2. My point is an enlightened master is free to go beyond rules. Please look into Yogavasishtam. Read story of Sikhidwaja and Choodala. Choodala is doing many kinds of experiments. If she were caught on the way, she would have been called a cheat. No one knew the experiment and in the end everything turned well.

    Keep left is the rule in traffic in India. A student should stick to it. But when learning is over he can defenitely go to the other path, according to the circumstances.

    A mumukshu may wear saffron. After his aim is achieved he can desert it or continue to wear it.

    A fraud can act in the way Nithyananda acted in sex. But it is not possible to conclude so especially when going through the depth and clarity of teachings. I request all of you to visit http://www(.)youtube(.)com/user/MetaphysicalSciences#p/search/0/HWmuEIJ2I7E. The subject Nithya talks is more scientific and he is the BEST, world have ever seen.

    He may not be conventional in the way we expect. But we are no way near to judge him.

    In an another angle also, Nithya can not be criticised. Can you show anyone other than Sree Suka, who did not have sex from our mythology ? Why Vatsyanan explored Kamasasthra ? Ours was a culture, where all aspects of life was equally explored. Also the concept of sin was only skin deep so as to wash away with water.

    So before criticising any one , learn our culture with a neutral mind.

    I am strongly of the view that, Nithya did not act out of lust. But as he said as an experiment. Let us allow him to do more experiments in Sex and Tantra since only very rare un conventional enlightend ones dares to do so suceesfully.

    We have to accept the fact that with the spread of internet, the morality in sex of our younger generation is being rewritten. The only way out is teach them the divinity in sex also.Mere saying sex is divine own’t help. Unless someone experiement, how can we teach ?

    I am not a devotee / disciple of Swamiji in particular. I have met him only through you tubes. Just see Secret of Birth with Q&A. A fraud can never imagine such things.


  3. Jai: We are aware of the anti-Hindu bias in the media. But if the tape was corrupt or manipulated, Nithy’s lawyers could have slapped a law suit on Sun TV and Dinakaran immediately after the tape was aired. The fact that they didn’t do this means that they know the video is authentic. Nithy’s ashram now claims ownership of the video! What conclusion are we to draw from this?

    The media reports are straight forward reporting. The New Indian Express has a copy of the “non-disclosure contract” Nithy’s lady friends were required to sign. This contract was countersigned by Nithy’s manager Aiya. This contract and the fact that it was not countersigned by Nithy himself suggests that he was running a brothel not an ashram!


  4. It is true that Nithyananda avoided answering questions related to the telecasted tape, however the journalists tying his comments together to suggest culpability is hardly objective reporting. Rajiv Malhotra has mentioned that news channels also threatened Nithyananda’s team for not providing interviews (see this article). It seems that this page is a compilation of news reports and all of them just report on certain aspects of the case. Not one of them has actually confirmed nor condemned the airing of the sleaze tape, its authenticity nor talked to folks living at the Nithyananda Ashram to get the other side of the story. Is this objective reporting? While this is not a forum for media ethics or lack of thereof, the general audience should be aware of the way India media has worked as there are legal reports on these trial by media that Media has indulged in and done irreparable harm to lives.


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  6. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 21 April 2010
    ‘Tantrik’ Nithyananda ran sex racket in US
    by Ala Chauhan in Bangalore

    Controversial godman Nithyananda Swami was reportedly running a sex racket from his ashrams in Kengeri and the US with his select women devotees with whom he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

    “He lured these women, most of who were divorcees, under the guise of tantra and promised that they would inherit his divine powers if they had a physical relationship with him,” charged an official source.

    These and more damaging statements are part of the alleged testimonies of some of Nithyananda’s devotees before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which on Tuesday issued a look-out notice for the controversial godman.

    The CID has sent teams across the country to track him, Tamil actress Ranjitha, who was in the controversial videotape with him and his close aide Vidya Vishwanathan alias Gopika, who knew everything about his sexcapades. The department

    has even alerted the airports should Nithyananda try to leave the country.

    The CID is probing the criminal charges against the godman and has so far examined over 120 witnesses including his devotees, some of who parted ways with him for various reasons. In their testimony some devotees allegedly told the CID officials that swami did not even spare young men in his ashram and lured them into having sex with him with false promises of divinity and spiritual powers.

    During the investigation, the CID seized several documents from the Dhyanapeetam ashram. They also learnt that he so impressed his devotees with his ‘powers’.


  7. Times of India, Chennai, 3 April 2010
    Godman expose a teamwork: Ex-disciple

    Chennai: Lenin Karuppan alias Nithya Dharmananda, the man behind the leaking of the Swami Nithyananda’s scandalous video, says that he had a group of people working with him in the Bangalore ashram to expose the “wrongdoings” of the godman. Talking to Times Of India, Lenin said that they had used a sophisticated motion sensor camera to shoot the video and it was not fixed inside the room by him.

    “I do not want to reveal the names (of others involved) or how we fixed it there. However, I have been helped by a group in making this video so that I could expose the real face of Nithyananda, whom thousands worship as god. I have got more evidence against him,” Lenin said.

    Lenin said he decided to expose Nithyananda after two ashram inmates told him that the swami had sexually exploited them. “A man and a woman shared their story with me and I was shocked. This was three months before we recorded the video. Then we conducted an investigation and found many others had fallen victims,” Lenin said.

    He said he was now trying to get the two victims, one of whom is still in the ashram, to lodge a formal complaint against Nithyananda.

    For the first time after the leak of the scandalous video, which showed Nithyananda and a Tamil actress, Lenin was questioned by the Karnataka police on Thursday. “They interrogated me for seven hours yesterday( on Thursday). I have given them all the proof I had. Apart from the original CD, I have also given them an audio recording of a phone call made to me by Nithyananda, who called me to arrive at a compromise and later threatened me,” Lenin said. When asked about tarnishing the image of an actress, Lenin said that he too felt sorry for her. “But I had to expose Nithyananda for larger public good,” he said.

    The Chennai city police had registered two cases against Nithyananda following complaints lodged by Lenin and also by a group of advocates. He has been booked under various sections of IPC relating to deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, rape, unnatural sex, cheating, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy.

    However, both these cases have been transferred to the Bangalore police. Nithyananda’s whereabouts are still not known though he has said he wants to live in ‘spiritual seclusion’ after stepping down from his official positions at the Nithyananda Dhyanapeedam.


  8. Rajesh Talwar in Canada posted this comment on Débutante Dharma-Gurus: Violating a civilisational patent at

    Finally Maharishi Om’s demand that Nityananda should apologise to Hindus and also give up his sanyasi clothes supports the stand of these two feisty ladies who have stood firm even when they have been abused on many email groups by 2 or 3 men. Ms. Jain, I live in Canada and I know Nityananda has a large following here. There is a lot of anger and sadness here. But one thing struck me as being queer. Why has there been no coherent defence of this Nityananda from India? I have read several postings on emails from these 3 or 4 men who have abused you and Radha Rajan. From what I could make of them, one is a retired IAS gasbag, one of them is a silly scholar who has only been reposting letters from one group to another, the third was from some slimy swamy something-or-the-other who was circulating mail which are generally foolish and make no sensible arguments he is a disgrace to the name swami for circulating cheap gossip) and the fourth was from a man who quoted some tamil proverbs with a covert sexual meaning. If this is the standard of intellectual discussions from men in India, I am glad I dont live there anymore. And they say in India we worship women. I feel sorry that you ladies are being abused but you know what, you hang in there and continue with your intellectual war. You ladies are doing simply great. Would love to meet you both the next time I am in India. Good luck ladies. If the men are morons, arent there women to speak up for you? – Rajesh Talwar



    Appeal to Nithyananda by Maharishi Om

    Founder of the Rejuvenation Yoga Institute of America and, an institution that has over 200,000 followers learning Vedic knowledge.

    1 April 2010

    tel: ++1.630.699.4038

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    This is a special appeal to Nithyananda. All of you know him very well. Nithyananda, please say sorry to all devotees and say sorry to all sanyasis (monks) because you are bringing a bad name to sanyasis (monks) and also a bad name for Hinduism.

    Your statements, they are very, very confusing. One place you are saying that you are doing an experiment … and you are in samadhi (trance). But, whatever you are experimenting in samadhi (trance) that is not an act of a sanyasi (monk). This is very, very bad.

    In another statement, you are saying that “I did nothing wrong; nothing illegal, at all. And, I have not done anything against the law.” What is legal and illegal for a sanyasi (monk)? Can you please explain?

    In another statement, you are saying that the video was morphed, manipulated, and misrepresented – (of) your personal life. What was morphed? And, what was manipulated? Can you please explain?

    In another interview, you are saying that she (Ranjitha) was your true devotee. She is and she will be your devotee. And, she will remain your devotee. And, she was volunteering, serving, and taking care of you when you were sick.

    We devotees don’t understand these statements at all. (You are) very confused. These statements are confusing and creating frustration in devotees’ hearts. (Your statements are) contradicting (to) each other; nobody knows which one is true and which one is real. What it appears to the general public that the statements are made up, and the truth is not being revealed. Why don’t (you) say sorry? And, say, sorry, again and again? And, say, “I made a mistake, and I cannot live up to the standard of a real sanyasi (monk)?” And, ask for forgiveness? And take corrective measures?

    We, sanyasis (monks) are in great pain and sorrow. With your actions, we request to you, (to) please say sorry to (the) public and correct yourself. You, Nithyananda, need to leave this kavi (holy saffron) cloth immediately.

    We request to the public to keep a close watch on people who misguide and who mislead you. Remember the statement from Kabirdas:

    Guru kijiye jaan ke, paani pijiye chhan ke.

    That means: Understand your guru before you accept him, and always filter the water before you drink it.

    What is the meaning of sanyasi (monk)? Who is a sanyasi and a true guru? Sanyasa means renunciation and detachment from worldly affairs. Sanyasa means tyaga (unconditional detached love), not raga (lust) or anuraaga (worldly love). Sanyasa means love, not lust at all. Swami means the one who has mastered over sensual pleasures. But, it is clearly coming out from your (Nithyananda’s) statements that you are not following the path of dharma (righteousness). Please, admit your mistake and say sorry. Guru means true guide, like a mother.

    I again humbly appeal to the devotees who are following the path of dharma (righteousness) and they are in pain, please remain calm in this difficult time, have faith in God and continue your spiritual journey.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om (Peace within, Peace throughout, Peace Everywhere)


  10. Nithy has made a grave mistake and brought all Hindu Dharma representatives into disgrace. He has an obligation to change his ways and apologize for abusing the trust of his devotees. In another age Naga sadhus would have dealt with him in a very severe manner: they would have stripped him of his kavi cloth and rudraksha mala and given him jal samadhi in the Ganga.

    We don’t advocate jal samadhi today, but Nithy should remove his kavi cloth, shave his head, take a Ganga bath, and humbly apologize to all the people he has cheated.

    There is no other way. And if he is really a man of character, he will do these simple ritual actions to indicate a change of heart and mitigate the great harm he has done to Hindu Dharma.



    Douglas McKellor, an American national and once a disciple of Swami Nityananda, has registered a case with California State Attorney General against the self-proclaimed godman.

    In his complaint, McKellor has accused Nityananda of sexually exploiting the devotees at the ashram, fraud and financial irregularities.

    A resident of San Jose in California, McKeller came in contact with Nityananda in 2007.

    Influenced by the swami, McKellor changed his name to Swami Nityaprabha and later became the head of the California branch of Dhyanapeetham.

    Describing how he got conned by Nityananda, McKeller, in his complaint, said, “I was in the first batch that enrolled for Nityananda’s week-long instant enlightenment programme.

    It was held at the Los Angeles ashram in June 2007, where I paid swami a fee of $400,000 for the workshop and the enlightenment certificate.”

    McKeller added, “During the workshop, I felt abnormally lightheaded. It was like as if some strange drug was causing me lose all my senses.

    Nityananda performed some fire rituals and asked us to cut a strand of our hair. Then, he put the hair in fire along with something that looked like marijuana seeds.

    After the workshop, he issued certificates to everyone claiming that we had attained enlightenment.”

    McKeller also accused Nityananda of sexually exploiting his American devotees. “Nityananda was fond of pretty girls.

    While he was at Sanatan Dharma temple in Norwalk, California, for a two-day workshop on spirituality, he asked me to stand outside the door to ensure no one disturbed him, while he was with female guests,” he said in his complaint.

    He was reportedly fond of striptease parties with pretty girls.

    McKellor added that Nityananda used to eat his meals and rest with young girls in his private quarters at the cult organisation’s Norwalk and Montclair ashrams.

    The swami had named attractive girls ‘flowers’ and used to say that they are a must item for his puja.

    H S Chandramouli, Nityananda’s advocate, confirmed that a complaint has been filed by McKeller. “Those close to swami are discussing about the plan of action. However, noting has been decided yet,” said Chandramouli.


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  14. I find rajeev malhotra has his own agenda. He was corrupting already corrupted nityananda. Both of them pathetic humans.


  15. […] Video: THE NITYANANDA MEA CULPA INTERVIEW? – Rajiv Malhotra […]


  16. Readers note that though the Chennai media give full coverage to the Nithyananda sex scandal, neither The New Indian Express or Deccan Chronicle will touch the Catholic Church paedophile sex scandals that have engulfed Ireland and are now engulfing Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and other parts of Europe. This is not surprising: the Deccan Chronicle is South India’s largest Christian-Congress newspaper and has a personal relationship with the thin white lady who rules over us, and The New Indian Express is edited by a Bihari from Brooklyn, New York who keeps most of the edit page and all of the letters column for himself. Once an independent newspaper, The New Indian Express is the poorer half of the Indian Express in North India which is controlled by a foreign hand called Acts Ministries. Hindu religious leaders cannot expect fair treatment from any of these Chennai newspapers even when they behave themselves. The Times of India is also controlled by the World Christian Council but it seems to be giving more equal-handed coverage to Nithy’s sex scandal than the other two mainline Chennai papers.

    If Hindu moneybags and intellectuals are not able to produce a first class national newspaper that reflects the Hindu point of view, then Hindus have no ground for complaint if the Christian-controlled newspapers and broadcasters go to town on a Hindu godman whenever the opportunity arises.

    See who controls the Indian media at


  17. Let’s cut the crap, Nithy! Even if you were a good boy you are not equal to Adi Shankara or Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. What an insult to the sadhus and saints of Bharata who try to overcome their human nature, from a randy little godman who did not see the all-seeing eye in the a/c air cooler.


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