St. Thomas in India: Tiruvalluvar ‘baptised’ to betray Hindus – B. R. Haran

George Orwell“History is always written by the victors and whoever controls the writing of history books control the past. Without doubt, the most consistently powerful force in the western world over the last two thousand years has been the Roman Catholic Church and consequently history has often been what it wanted it to be.” – George Orwell in 1984

St. Thomas the Apostle of the EastAs rightly expressed in those immortal words by George Orwell, the Indians have been fed with distorted history by the Western Christian elite before independence and the same has been continued even after independence, thanks to the takeover of the nation’s history by the Marxists and Christian stooges, who continued the dark and sinister legacy of Max Mueller and Macaulay. As an important part of the perverted history, which was planted by the western scholars, the so-called St. Thomas’s arrival, life, and death were thrust on South India. This thrust gave a solid foundation to the Church to claim as if Christianity was also an indigenous religion.

Max MuellerThomas MacaulayAs brilliantly shown in the article St. Thomas in India: An IAS officer revisits a 400-year-old history hoax by V. Sundaram, many attempts have been made at regular intervals to impose the concocted history of Thomas on the people, thereby removing the facts from their minds, about the persecution of Hindus and destroying of Hindu temples by the Christian invaders (Portuguese, French, and British) from the fifteenth century onwards.

Mu. DeivanayagamOne such attempt, in the line of Arulappa and Acharya Paul, was made by a writer by name Deivanayagam, who wrote a book titled, Vivliyam (Bible), Tirukkural, Saiva Siddantham – Oppu Ayvu (Comparative Research), which was published in 1985-86 by none other than the International Institute of Tamil Studies, Adayar, Madras, either without any application of mind, or, as a deliberate act of connivance. Shockingly Deivanayagam was also awarded a Doctorate by the University of Madras. Deivanayagam had predetermined to conclude his book with a finding that Tiruvalluvar was a Christian and a disciple of the so-called St. Thomas and most of the Shaiva Siddhantha and the vivid knowledge found in Tirukkural were nothing but the sayings of the Bible. In order to achieve this devious motive, he distorted and misinterpreted the verses of Kural and Shaivite philosophical works and completed the book. Later on, Tamil and Shaivite scholars protested against this and the Dharmapuram Adheenam, a famous Shaivite Math, came out with a book of refutation written by Tamil Shivite Scholar Arunai Vadivel Mudaliar and released it amongst a congregation of Tiruvalluvareminent scholars, who strongly criticized Deivanayagam for his perversion of history. This was done mainly to prevent the usage of such deceitful materials by the future generations for research activities.

The planting of the so-called St. Thomas story was not only to have a foundation for Christianity in India, but also to spread it through out the country. This fabrication succeeded slightly, over the years, in the areas of Madras, Nagappatinam and Pondicherry, mainly because of the fact that the Kapaleeshwara Temple, Mylapore, Vel Ilankanni Amman Temple near Nagappattinam and Vedapureeshwara Temple, Pondicherry were destroyed and Santhome Basilica, Velankanni Church (Our Lady of Health Basilica) and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Pondicherry were built on their remains respectively. Well Swastika flag represents the best of Hindu civilization.known scholars of archeology have established that, the details of the destruction of original Kapaleeshwara Temple could be found in Tamil inscriptions on the walls of the Marundeeswarar Temple in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, even today!

But, the glorious religious tradition and cultural heritage of Sanatana Dharma had been so hugely established that, despite the cooperation from the Dravidian racists, Marxists and the English language media, the Catholic Diocese couldn’t expand beyond a certain limit. As a result, it started indulging in inculturation methods (dressing in Hindu ochre,  pada yatra, calling Santhome Mary as “Thirumayilai Annai”, giving sugar-rice as prasad, etc) to confuse and win over the gullible masses.

At this juncture, there fell on the Indian Catholic head like a bolt from the blue, the categorical statement from Pope Benedict that the so-called St. Thomas never ever visited India! This resounding statement from the Papacy, which shocked the Catholic community, had shaken the very foundation of  Christianity in South India! As the Papacy didn’t bother to listen to the Indian Catholic community and their protests, the Madras and Cochin bishops met in Cochin, Kerala during the second week of June 2008, to find out ways and means of reestablishing the history of the so-called St. Thomas.

Deputy Archbishop of Madras Fr. Lawrence PiusArchbishop A.M. ChinnappaAs a step in that direction, the Archdiocese of Santhome, Madras, decided to produce a feature film on the so-called St. Thomas the Apostle of India, at a cost of Rs. 50 crore under the banner of “St. Thomas Apostle of India Trust”, which has Archbishop A.M. Chinappa, Deputy Archbishop Lawrence Pius, Treasurer of the Diocese Mr. Ernest Paul and Script Writer Dr. Paulraj Lourdusamy as office bearers. The movie will be presenting the life and times of the so-called St. Thomas in South India in general and Madras in particular. The film will have certain supposedly important events like the alleged meeting between Thomas and Tamil sage Tiruvalluvar, the establishment of  Santhome  Cathedral and the alleged killing of Thomas by a Hindu Brahmin priest.

G.U. PopeThe story of Tirukkural containing biblical verses was first concocted by G.U. Pope, a Christian missionary, who learnt Tamil and translated the Tamil literary works such as Thiruvachagam, Naaladiyaar and Tirukkural in English. Missionaries like G.U. Pope, Constantine Joseph Beschi (who took the Tamil name Veeramaa Munivar) and Robert Caldwell have a modus operandi of learning the native language with a motive of distorting history to suit their missionary agendas. The Dravidian racist political party, which always thrived on the bogus Aryan Invasion Theory, took immense satisfaction in glorifying these missionaries by erecting statues for them along the Marina Beach when it ruled Tamil Nadu in the late sixties and early seventies, thereby exhibiting its unholy connection with Christian missionaries. No wonder, the Chief Minister Karunanidhi inaugurated this 50 crore movie-magnum on the so-called St.Thomas!

G.U. Pope lived up to the true tradition of Christian missionaries, by telling that Tiruvalluvar lived in Madras between 800 and 1000 years after the birth of Christ! The Tamils never bought this story and laughed at it. As per the available records it is believed that Tiruvalluvar could have lived during the second century based on the evidence that Tirukkural was included in the group called Pathinen Keezh Kanakku (Eighteen Literary Works) during the Kadai Sangam (Last Sangam) days. Those days, there was a literary-grammatical procedure by which the author would always make it a point to convey to the readers the identification of his guru and patron apart from his own personal details such as name, native place, worshipping deity, etc. But Tirukkural is without such details, and hence, the connection between Tiruvalluvar and Thomas is a mere figment of imagination. 

Whereas, a look at many other literary works written after the second century, say for example Kamba Ramayanam, or Periya Puranam, could lead to the mentioning of Tirukkural or its philosophy in them and none of them would have any information about a religion called Christianity. The glorious rule of Raja Raja Chola was during the 10th century and there was no trace of Christianity then! Also the Santhome Cathedral had the inscriptions of  Rajendra Chola of the eleventh century on its corridor walls! Then what meeting is this Archdiocese talking about between Tiruvalluvar and the so-called St.Thomas?

M. Karunanidhi & Catholic BishopsEven the Chief Minister during his speech at the inauguration function, has not mentioned anything about the alleged meeting between Thomas and Tiruvalluvar. It is a well-known fact that, Karunanidhi, himself being a Tamil scholar and well versed with Tamil literary works, had written his masterpiece Kuraloviyam on Tirukkural. As he had not talked anything about the connection between the Bible and Tirukkural or Thomas and Tiruvalluvar at the inaugural function of the movie, it becomes obvious that the Thomas story is an absolute falsehood! But, he has waxed eloquent on the supposed killing of the so-called St.Thomas at the hands of a Hindu Brahmin priest and went on to say that the particular scene alone is enough for the success of the movie! But for this (Thomas’s killing) also, the Church doesn’t have even an iota of evidence.

Sri RamaAt this juncture, it can be recalled that the Chief Minister had recently questioned the truth of Bhagwan Rama, historicity of Ramayana and existence of Rama Sethu, despite the availability of so much of archeological, literary, cultural, numismatic, geographical and historical evidences. But, he has not exhibited the courage to question the historicity of the so-called St. Thomas, despite being aware of the fact that there is absolutely no iota of evidence. The Chief Minister, who is a well-known expert in Tirukkural, has unfortunately not felt it important to ascertain the truth of the so-called meeting between Thomas and Thiruvalluvar, but conveniently left it untouched at the inauguration function. Though the people are aware of the Chief Minister’s hostile stand against the majority community, it doesn’t augur well for him to openly pander to the minority community accepting their devious machinations.

The Archdiocese talks of three vital places in Madras namely Santhome (Mylapore), Little Mount (Saidapet) and St. Thomas Mount (Brungi (Bhrigu) Malai). While Santhome Cathedral stands on the ruins of Kapali Temple, Little Mount was also built after demolishing a temple and the church on the Big Mount was also built on the ruins of a temple. The Big Mount was called as Brungi Malai named after Brungi (Bhrigu) Maharishi, who sat in penance there invoking Bhagwan Shiva seeking his darshan and blessing. Ultimately Bhagwan Shiva appeared before Brungi Munivar as Nandeeshwara and as clear evidence the Avudai Nayagi Sametha Nandeeshwara Temple stands near the St. Thomas Railway Station, from where one could see the Brungi Malai clearly. This Stala Purana (temple record) can be found in the form of inscriptions on the walls of the Nandeeshwara Temple even today! Even while the Archdiocese has been attempting to establish the fallacy of St.Thomas over the years, it has not exhibited the courage so far to face a public debate despite invitations from learned Tamil Hindu scholars.

San Thome Cathedral Basilica, Mylapore, Madras.The Archdiocese has the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion to propagate its faith, but it cannot be done at the cost of other religious faiths. Freedom of expression and freedom of religion cannot be used to distort history, or christianize the icons of other religions, with a motive of belittling the other faith, which is native in all respects and which has a well-established glorious religious tradition and cultural heritage spanning thousands of years even before the birth of Christianity. Thrusting of falsehood on the gullible masses cannot be allowed. It is not too difficult to understand the aims and objectives of the Madras Archdiocese behind this movie project. So, it would be better for them to understand the sensitivity attached with this project, as they have a social responsibility. The government must also ensure that history is not distorted and the people are not repeatedly fed with fabrications and fallacies.

Dr. Subramanian SwamyIt would be appropriate to conclude with the sensible and courageous words of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,“The church will have to go, and the Kapaleeshwara Temple re-built on that site. Hindus will do it with the help of sane and civilised Christians if possible, without them if necessary, and despite them if forced. When 83 percent Hindus unite, let those who are seeking to debase Hindu icons by bogus history realise that a religious tsunami will wash them away.”

Politics has always been interwoven with religion and history in our nation of diversity and in such a scenario, it would be better to leave this project untouched, for the sake of Unity!

Brungi Malai / Big Mount / St. Thomas MountThe video below is of the Portuguese built Our Lady of Expectation Church on Big Mount or St. Thomas (originally called Brungi (Bhrigu) Malai after the rishi who had lived there). It was built in 1547 when the Portuguese destroyed the Hindu temple on the hill. The church contains an 8th century stone Persian cross that is attributed to St. Thomas. The church also contains a number of paintings depicting St. Thomas being killed by a Brahmin wearing namam. The whole story is a fabrication maintained by the Church and meant to malign and denigrate Brahmins and the Hindu community. – Editor

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  1. You are welcome to your point of view. Now go and tell it to your Christian friends if you have the courage.

    Hindus are eager and always willing to lecture and criticise other Hindus. But they are not willing to face the stark truth of Christianity and Islam or to face Christians and Muslims with the truth of their evil-doing ideologies.

    Have you ever read the history of Christianity in India, of the Goa Inquisition? Have you you ever read how Islam was established in Arabia?

    Both Islam And Christianity pose a grave danger to a liberal democratic India. This website seeks to inform Hindus about this danger based on carefully researched facts.


  2. I am sure my comments are not going to be published but I am still going to try in the hope that you are a true Hindu who is tolerant of opposing views. Eulogizing your seers and castigating other religions is not going to help your religion or you in any way. Who is your God? Lord Shiva or seer Jayendra? I hardly read anything here that praises the Lord. All I read is you praising seers. I am a devout, God-loving (read, not God-fearing) Hindu who also happens to be a self-respecting man and hence will not accept another human being as God and will not bow to him or prostrate in front of him. What do my fellow Hindus do? They discriminate against me and say that I am not a true Hindu. I have several Christian friends and I like Jesus too but I will never proselytize because I love Lord Murugan, Lord Shivan, Goddess Parvathi, and Lord Pillaiyar so much. But, not everyone would tolerate discrimination. You people cannot demand that we worship your seers. I love God and these seers are not Gods, IMO. I read in your blog that you do not have nice things to say about other religions. Please note that there are several other blogs where your seers are trashed as well. We can continue this fight or we can live in harmony. “Religious Tsunami” – lol, Subramaniam Swamy can talk all he wants. There are several of us who will not let anyone lay their dirty hands on our minority Christian or Muslim brothers and sisters.


  3. well said….


  4. Nobody is dam sure of thiruvalluvar’s biography except his excellent literary work and that too does not have any evidence about whom he accepted as God and to which religion he belongs. Every human has his/her own conscience and which can perceive truth and discriminate between good and evil. One who is sure of the righteousness of his faith will never get agitated on others who propogate their faith. Moreover even without any literacy about any religion one can definitely find the true God just by identifying who answers their prayers and guide them in the path of light.


  5. Apparently you haven’t read the article through. Mr. Haran is not blaming a Brahmin for killing St. Thomas. He is saying there was no St. Thomas in India, so his getting killed does not arise at all.


  6. [[Not the mistake of a community as a whole. None of the religions can be blamed for that. Hence, if at all, it was a Brahmin who killed St. Thomas, you don’t have to take it personally, Mr.B.R.Haran. ]]

    Just because you don’t consider it a mistake of the community as a whole does not mean squat. Brahmins have been maligned, denigrated, and demonized for so long that any rubbish said about them is accepted as the gospel truth by those who’ve been brainwashed by all the anti-Brahmin propaganda going on for decades.


  7. St. Thomas is said to have visited India in 52 AD and propagated Christianity to the extent we see today. But there were many writers like Valluvar, Kambar whose works do not mention any such a religion or such a saint. There have been so many kings who have been ruling the country and none of them have been known to have embraced such a religion or such a saint. There have been so many seers like Adi Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva who have analysed the philosophies of religions prevailing in the country. But none of them have even hinted about such a religion or such a saint. How do you explain such inconsistencies friend?
    Caste system was prevalent from Vedic times and in its real sense, there cannot be any society without caste (profession). In medieval times, some people started discrimination based on caste. It was not something which can be attributed to a particular sect of the society (Brahmins). Saints like Ramanuja were Brahmins but still condemned caste-based discrimination and fought such social evils as early as 11th century. So all these are not fabricated stories after all.


  8. Tiruvalluvar was a Tamil, Hindu saint born in Tirumayilai (Mylapore). There is a sannidhi for him in a Shiva temple in Mylapore itself (I’m not sure of the name). It is even suggested that his birthplace is near this temple. His works were even later used by various Acharyas in their spiritual works. Even in Tirukkural, there are mentions of Vedic Gods, Vedic worship etc. All these evidences clearly suggest that Tiruvalluvar belongs to Sanathana Dharma.


  9. We are very much aware that Dalits are discriminated against. But we are also aware that the Church has EXPLOITED this weakness in Hindu society to further its own agenda.

    By converting to Christianity Dalits have only gone from the frying pan into the fire. Read the article by Dalit Christian leader R.L. Francis called “An Unwanted Priest“. The Church is more caste conscious today than any Hindu organization. Dalits should rethink about Christian conversion. It has not helped their community. There are many Hindu institutions willing and able to accept and help the Dalit community. But aggressive Dalit politics are not going to make them welcome anywhere.


  10. You must be blind to say that Dalits are not oppressed and discriminated. Go to their colonies and see how they live. ask what and who is preventing them from living a dignified life. off course ignorance rooted in lack of education but also the greed of upper caste who take advantage of their situation.

    Christians did not invent stories to win them to Christianity but they sacrificially served them to educate and take care of their needs, which a Hindu community would dispense due to the reasons of untouchability and karma. besides Dalits embraced Christianity because they are not to be included n Hinduism and have no part but slavery.


  11. Interesting observation especially the last para. We will publish Dr Koenraad Elst’s essay on the creation of Christianity in a day or two. He also identifies Buddhist sources for much of the Bible along with Greek and Hindu sources.


  12. Roman trade with India through the overland caravan routes via Anatolia and Persia, though at a relative trickle compared to later times, antedated the southern trade route via the Red Sea and monsoons which started around the beginning of the Common Era (CE) following the reign of Augustus and his conquest of Egypt in 30 BCE.
    Source: Wikipedia

    The New Testament (NT), in more or less its present form, is a 2nd century book excluding later revisions. The scribes of the NT were prodigious plagiarists.

    Go to:

    Click on the links along the top edge of the page: CLT, CV for CL, Q = MSV + SDP, et cetera.

    Early 1st century Roman traders most likely carried Tiruvalluvar’s teachings back to their homeland in Europe.

    Without knowing its contents, it is reasonable to assume that the Tirukkural itself draws from the wisdom of India found in the vast and much older Hindu and Buddhist literature which is also the source of the “New” in the New Testament.


  13. This post is just a bit of evidence regarding the efforts that are going on to divide bharat.southern lands are going to be converted as ‘DRAVIDIAN CHRISTIAN INDIA’,this mission has not started in recent years,but right from the arrival of st. Thomas and early British indullogists such as MULLER,who can be named as the visionary to this whole project.when missionaries of this time concluded that this theory is not going to cook there grains,they maligned the DIVINE vedas,raised a new theory named as SUDRAS,this theory speculates that vedic gods(in ramayana,bharatha)have made sudra community as slaves and dethroned sudra kings and dominated them in every aspect… there intention is to attract the schedule tribes and casts community and convert them to Christianity by raising issues of poverty ,social justice ,i can say they have already succeeded in this to a larger extent.
    Not only Dravidian India,north east is under a serious threat of communists and maxis-ts,with a master to enlarge there RED CORRIDOR for Nepal to whole north east, up to Andhra.question arrises who are communists(leftists)they are secular’s, atheists?no they are pseudo secularists,with a missionary zeal.what about northern states,they are safe?….absolutely not?’ISLAMIZATION” is the answer.i am not here to make u afraid or defame,but these are facts,these id s just an outline,more to research and more to explore,try to stop bharat from breaking,save dharma….. dharmo rakshathi rakshitha!!


  14. yes friend once the western funds get stopped than fake miracle of jesus christ will also get closed


  15. Christians are just attacking our religion, just wake up friends


  16. What u wrote here is absolute non-sense! St.Thomas DID COME to India and there are millions of followers in Kerala and Tamil nadu.
    About who stabbed St.Thomas to death:- If you go to central jail, you will see people from all religions there (Christians, hindus, muslims), who have killed people. What they did is their personal choice and personal mistake. Not the mistake of a community as a whole. None of the religions can be blamed for that. Hence, if at all, it was a Brahmin who killed St. Thomas, you don’t have to take it personally, Mr.B.R.Haran. No catholic would have ever said it to “malign or denigrate” brahmins in the community! After all, there are many more “appreaciable” things, like the cultivation of caste system, which brahmins did as a community using their crooked brains, which already serve to malign and denigrate brahmins. There is no need of a “created story” to do that!
    🙂 Or is caste system also a “fabricated story” according to your definitions? ^ ^


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    Your excellent post has been back-linked in

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    – Hindu Online.


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