Vande Mataram: Once Again A Battle Song – Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan.

Bharat Mata

Bharat Mata by P.S. Ramachandran Rao

Veteran freedom fighter, Gandhian and one of the founders of Free India, Acharya J.B.Kripalani, in his inspiring foreword to VANDE MATARAM by V. Rangarajan, first published in 1977 to commemorate the Vande Mataram Centenary Celebrations, says:

“Sri V. Rangarajan has done some original work in giving the history of our National Anthem, Vande Mataram. It was necessary because thousands of our pre-independence patriots had to suffer grievously in uttering and singing this song which before independence was considered the National Anthem. Some of them lost their lives for singing this song. Every patriot from Khudiram Bose to Bhagat Singh and Rajguru died with the mantram of Vande Mataram on their lips. It had become spontaneously the National Anthem adopted by the mass of our people.

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838 - 1894). Author of Vande Mataram.

“It is therefore strange that after independence instead of this anthem, the present one, Janaganamana by our great poet Rabindranath Tagore, suddenly came to be recognized as our National Anthem. The adoption of a national song was never considered as it ought to have been by the Constituent Assembly. It was only announced by Rajendra Babu, the first President of our Republic. National Anthems are not adopted by the nation like that. They are to be recognized by the people. Even as it is, only the first two paragraphs of Vande Mataram are sung. The rest of it is omitted, the reason obviously being that the Muslims objected to the mention of the Indian Goddesses in the song though every goddess is the personification of some divine virtues and all this is explained in the song itself. Even now it will be desirable to have Vande Mataram as the National Anthem along with Janaganamana. Also the whole song must be sung, because the portions that are left out express the most beautiful and poetic sentiments about the Motherland.”

Vande Mataram has been adopted by the Government of India as a National Anthem equal to Janaganamana, and approved as a national song. No Indian citizen has the right to reject it or refuse to sing it. If he or she does so, that person should be prosecuted for dishonouring the National Anthem and the law of the land should operate against that person who should be treated as a traitor.

P. Chidambaram

Home Minister P. Chidambaram at the JUH conference in Deoband. He will never become prime minister and need not waste his time appeasing Muslim leaders and condoning their anti-national sentiments regarding Vande Mataram.

The Deoband national congregation of Islamic clerics has committed a treacherous act by issuing Fatwa against the national song. Jamiat and the Muslim Personal Law Board have abetted the crime by supporting the fatwa. Home Minister Sri Chidambaram, who claims that he was not aware of the resolution which was passed in the congregation in which he participated cannot escape the responsibility, because he has not condemned the resolution even after coming to know about it. He does not deserve to be the Home Minister of the country, a post occupied first by an iron man, Sardar Patel, who took bold action in wiping out the Razakars of Hyderabad who refused to accept the sovereignty of Indian Nation. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must uphold the honour of the country and its national song by outright condemnation of the fatwa. Patriotic Indian citizens, to whichever religion they may belong should come forward to participate in a direct action against the Union Government if it fails in its duty to uphold the national honour

Two prominent Muslim groups of Madhya Pradesh, All India Muslim Tehwar Committee and the National Secularism Front of India, claiming to have translated the song into Urdu, have declared that “it is not against  Islam or un-Islamic” and “several Muslim freedom fighters chose to lay down their lives singing Vande Mataram.” Patriotic Muslims in the country must also come forward to reject openly the fatwa of Deoband.

Patriotic Hindus must view this fatwa of the Islamic clergy in the background of increased Islamic terrorist activities planted inside the country by Taliban and Lashkr-e-Toiba from outside and the recruitment of jihadis for these outfits through the Islamic clergy in various madrasa and masjids in India. The majority of the people in the Hindu society today are spineless, selfish and an utterly coward lot, unconcerned about the freedom and integrity of the nation. Hindu politicians in all the recognized political parties in the country today are shamelessly power-hungry and after accumulation of wealth by hook or crook. They are prepared to fall at the feet of anyone and play any role which will serve their selfish interests.

At this juncture, it is for a few lions in the Hindu Nation to wake up and roar. If Russian and Chinese inspired communists can promote terrorist outfits within this country to destroy our governments, if Christian militants receiving millions of dollars from European and American evangelical missions to destabilize India and make it once again a colony of the West, if Islamic fundamentalists can set up terrorist outfits and carry on blasts with the support of aggressive alien Islamic countries, it is the bounden duty of the patriotic Hindu forces to set up a more powerful and aggressive Hindu outfit to defend the freedom and sovereignty of this great nation. Genuine sadhus and sannyasins of this land will shower their blessings on the warriors for the cause of Hindu Nation and a time will come when patriots in the armed forces of the land, now under the thumb of corrupt politicians, will free themselves from the bondage and come forward to defend the honour and integrity of the nation. The spiritual power of the holy men combined with the might of the warriors among the Hindus will once again reestablish the glorious Hindu Nation on this sacred soil.

India Flag & Baba Ramdev

Are Hindu Swamijis Afraid of Hinduism? Click the photo to find out.

The sadhus and sannyasins, like Yogi Ramdev who has been so liberal minded even to attend the Deoband congregation and glorify Islam as a noble religion in spite of the Koranic injunctions of  jihad to wipe out the kafirs or non-believers in Islam through war, violence and rape, must now wake up from delusion. They must now prove that they are true godmen and children of Mother Bharat by coming forward to fight and give up their lives for the honour of their Motherland like the sannyasins of Ananda Math of Rishi Bankim Chandra. It is time for us to remember the sacrifices of great martyrs and patriots who laid down their lives at the altar of Motherland with Vande Mataram on their lips.