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Pope Francic

Joseph Kalathiparambil“What I understood is that the Pope wishes to visit India next year. An indication in this regard was given to me when I visited him at his residence at Santa Marta in Vatican,”  – Archbishop-designate Joseph Kalathiparambil

Pope Francis, Head of the Roman Catholic Church, is likely to visit India next year, a senior Catholic priest here said today.

Archbishop-designate Joseph Kalathiparambil, who returned from Vatican today, said an indication in this regard was conveyed to him when he visited the Pope at his residence.

“What I understood is that the Pope wishes to visit India next year. An indication in this regard was given to me when I visited him at his residence at Santa Marta in Vatican,” he said.

Kalathiparambil is set to take over as the Archbishop of Latin Archdiocese of Verapoly in Kerala on December 18.

Earlier, there were reports that Pope Francis would “almost certainly” visit India but no dates were specified.

Kalathiparambil said he requested the Pope to visit Kerala and Verapoly Archdiocese, and his response was positive.

Pope John Paul II is the only Pope to have visited Kerala, where the Catholic community has a strong presence. He had visited India for the first time for 10 days in 1986, and again in November 1999, his 89th Apostolic visit outside Italy, for the occasion of solemnly promulgating in the Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Asia, in New Delhi.

During his India visit in 1986, Pope John Paul II had visited the state to beatify Sister Alphonsa and Kuriakose Elias Chavara popularly known as Chavara Achen.

Prior to appointment as the archbishop, Kalathiparambil was serving as the Secretary of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People after being called for the assignment by Pope Benedict XVI in February 2011.

The 64-year-old bishop replaces Archbishop Francis Kallarakal, who has retired. – Business Standard, 24 November 2016

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  1. If Pope Francis wants to visit India, then 100% of the cost of the visit must be borne by the Vatican & the Catholic Church of India. The Indian govt should definitely NOT use taxpayer funds to finance this visit in any way whatsoever. Moreover, any papal visit MUST have the issue of apologizing for the Goanese Inquisitions as its primary objective as well as some form of reparation for the crimes of the Catholic church must be forthcoming.


  2. What Francis the Humble said when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires

    This is the second or third time the Pope (or his henchmen in Kerala) has loudly declared a wish to visit India. This is obviously a ploy to get the Government of India to issue an official invitation.

    The Government should think very carefully about allowing this Jesuit missionary into the country. He is a consummate actor, charismatic and unpredictable, and bound to make statements that deeply offend the majority heathen population of the country.

    The Catholic Church in India is a state within a state, a fifth column that operates with impunity. The Government of India must insure it aligns itself with the people of India and not with their declared enemy.

    Hindus are never going to get from this Pope the promise and apology the Jews got from John Paul II, the promise not to proselytise and convert and an apology for the monstrous crimes of Francis Xavier and the Inquisition in Goa.

    John Paul II, the last Pope to visit India (1999), used India as a platform to proclaim the religious conversion of all Asia to the cult of Jesus. He totally abused the hospitality of the Indian people with this proclamation.

    We cannot expect anything less from this morally deficient Pope who pretends to be a humanist but in fact was the willing servant of a military dictatorship. when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

    Francis has already been officially invited to Pakistan and has accepted the invitation. Is India to be a flying stopover after Pakistan?

    India beware!

    See Pope Francis must right the wrong and tell the truth – Hilda Raja

    Pope Francis was the servant of dictators in Buenos Aires


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